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  1. 1/60 Valk kits ??

    Its just one of the traditional things, that has stuck. I read somewhere that the original scaling was down to the old Imperial measurement system. If it were done fresh now adays it would likely be more like 1//10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/75 with a lot of things being built using metric measurement devision is simpler. 1/10 is in in use in the RC industry it also uses 1/12, the whole thing is a mess, remember before 1/60 there was 1/55, that was something tried and binned largely. I suspect shelf space comes into play nowadays. Smaller scale = more purchases and more money for the vendors.
  2. Im interested to see how you take this on. I have this fabulous kit in my collection and some day will actually get round to. Building it.
  3. Are they scaleable ? They are great at that size but I was thining of scaling down to add figures to my planned Macross chess set, I have a few figures already. I also wondered about scaling up to see if I can get a 1/72 scale of the zentran power armour.
  4. These look great. Are you planning to print them to sell?
  5. That looks great, I nearly made a Pc case the same as Sharon a few years ago. I always thought a Pittie Cola machine would be cool.
  6. Moscato 1/72 Glaug - Mike Salzo Edition

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. It was one of the Moscato kits I regret not being able to buy at the time.
  7. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    Count me in please for seated and standing.
  8. Shame is I doubt it will do anything to get imports of Macross to the U.S and Europe going officially. Not unless they do a deal with Humungie Gawd any how.
  9. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    that should get you started. Iirc all the molds John had were sold to various parties so there could be chance of seeing some again.
  10. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    Oh yes he did, they are things of greatness.
  11. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    What are these like compaired to the Captains offerings ?
  12. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    You need a big cat Zentradi mice are the size of cows.
  13. R2KF 1/72 Gnerl Fighter

    NICE !!!!
  14. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    I think your space fold drive has gone a bit faulty.
  15. R2KF 1/72 Gnerl Fighter

    I wish someone would so a 1/72 scale Metran power armor.... Hint Hint!!