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  1. I have been looking at Cricut and have been wondering if printing one blank then printing the sticky out bits separately then sticking them on etc. It would mean slightly redesigning some parts to allow them to have recesses etc. The ironic part is when I started this thread I was working for a company that has several of the printers we need to do this as they print credit cards. They probably wont do it as a custom job, and I think I would rather burn all my Macross stuff than go back there and ask them. So we are where we are.
  2. You are on to the road to recovery now that you have admitted you have a 1/20 addiction. These kits have me interested..... just need to finish the workshop and office build to have somewhere to make and the n display them.
  3. This is not dead, still keep coming back to it. Several suppliers who I contacted have now gone out of business. But I am searching for one that can print it on 2mm styrene. Quite a few have said they can then cant. Some can but the price they want I coukd have a go at building a printer and print my own and still be better off.
  4. Great work, and great photos.
  5. I dont recall one being released. Sham though, as you say one of the popular hero characters and hero mecha.
  6. Yes that the kinda thing. I always wanted a 1/6 scale to allow me to place an Action Man (GI Joe) in just think of the detail level required to pull that off correctly..............
  7. Oh yes. The bigger it is the more you can fit in.
  8. My thoughts too. When I saw it I thought oh special products devision variant. There is as much detail in the diorama as the AT-ST. Top work.
  9. Thinking bout the scale of this if printed at 100% its about 1/72 scale X 3 its around 1/20 this got me thinking at that scale lights and extra details and gimmicks are a real possibility. Frankly with a big enough printer-bed or clever slicing up of the stl files to fit your printer you could build one the size of a toddler. That gets me thinking...............
  10. Im sure that many here would love to see what you could do with other Macross mecha.
  11. Yes admittedly I have had some issues with orientation. Sometimes a print will go fine then the next time I print the same thing with the same filament it goes wrong. I put it down to room temp, but for me it often highlights my orientation was not optimal in the first place. I have some really fine nozzles that help with the after work required but substantially increase print time. You cant win at that no matter how dialled the printer is. Recently Every-time I get things dialled, something changes and I need to fine tune again. My placing of the printer doesn't help as its near a door so is likely affected by temp. My work shop is not complete so I live with the issues for now, untill it gets its new location and I can control the environment its in.
  12. Very nice. As soon as 3D printers became a thing, I knew I would need one and at some point would be using it to make Macross stuff. Now I have one, it has so many uses. Why spend hours making a little bit of plastic to repair some item when you can print one it in 10 mins. scratch building takes on a whole new level of I can make that, vs the before of I would love to make that but cant.
  13. So much detail...... you did this kit proud.
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