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  1. Just going through my Steam collection and remembered I bought the remastered versions a while back, then saw that this was available and google pointed the no.1 search to here. Looks like I might be doing a bit of Macross game play later.................................. Except Steam wont let me install the mod, it just says I need to subscribe to download. did that !! now wheres my Macross fix darn you.. Added another mod and ... there it is all installed and waiting PC / Steam oddness
  2. That is several kinds of awesome. My head hurts even trying to work out how you’d go about building it.... obviously we all want one now.
  3. This build is going to be sooo good. Anyone out there that has the pilot casting that can make a recast to make this build complete ? Makes me sad that i missed out on this order.
  4. Wow Shawn and Graham in the same thread..... is that allowed or safe, like crossing the streams on a proton pack..
  5. Good tips that screwdriver and plumbers grips method scales up too
  6. Just interested, where did you get the stl for the fan racer, and what scale is it supposed to be. All the ones 8 found are quite low rez and too small for my liking.
  7. Yes the two model shops near me are only interested in trains or tanks. Next nearest is an RC shop that sells models as thats what they did since the 80’s. Sad to think that back in the late 90’s I was sponsored by a model shop ( for RC car racing) and often worked there to cover and get more kit to race with. I never abused the suppliers to get any iconic kits, just bought if it was on the shelves. I did try and get the UK Hasegawa suppliers to get me some Macross kits but was declined several times. My friend actually worked at another shop, sadly now gone, and cleared a load of old imai kits when they switched suppliers...... should.... coulda.....
  8. This machine needs it own thread on here I think. It looks awesome.
  9. 3d print them. I have several packs of the Wave joints bought the last time I was in Tokyo. But so as to not “waste” them have printed some at various sizes. Seems to work well, not up to constant toy play standards but for display and occasional moving, more than up to the job.
  10. Back in 1985 they had these in my local toy/model shop. Never did get the money to buy em then someone came in and bought everything in one go..........
  11. I have done work for others precisely twice. First time the paint was to spec and I even gave them a choice of finishes with examples.job accepted and paid for... cue phone call a few days later saying the paint came off. I wasn’t told the wanted to keep it in the bathroom.... WTF. Second time it was a freebie exchanged for some other work. It got put in a cupboard and was seen on eBay a little while later, it didn’t sell then was left behind when they moved house. I might not be the best but I’m far from the worst, so commissioned work is a pass for me too. Unless it’s 3D printings where you finish your own work off.
  12. Well Dobber, your holiday from modeling has not dulled your skill level. Nice work. Always loved the B wings.
  13. LOL Im still at the go into the attic and locate the box with my Matchbox Macross stuff in stage.
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