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  1. big F

    Hasegawa replacement decals in the US?

    I feel your pain, I just found out my storage shed at my folks house has a leak in the roof we’ve had some heavy duty rain here in the last few weeks , they never go in it and didn’t know, it’s leaked enough that the floor is like a pool and all my tools and motor bike and vintage car bit are soaked and some may be too far gone. Years ago when I worked at a friends model shop we tried to get Hasegawa to send us some decals for a VF1, they declined as despite having a store mostly full of their kits, it was “not allowed outside of Japan” but strangely we did get a couple of VFs as a promo ? I think the best bet is to get someone in Japan to do the deal and send them on.
  2. big F

    Macross in the weirdest places

    Owe noe Hunungy Gauwd will be all over that wanting their cut.
  3. Kyle remeber "Alexa is Skynet"
  4. We are all one step away from it all getting way to much like eaither the matrix or mega zone 23. AI idols are only round the corner.
  5. big F


    Just came across this thread, wow is about all I can say. I wish I had the 3d skills needed and I would have a way of making all the parts and figures I have always needed.
  6. big F

    Chara works & plastic cretins 1/144 models

    Nice, its easy to forget how small these actually are. Great work, I love the high detail stuff like the Chara works Valks, this is great cant wait to see it finished with suitably small decals.
  7. big F

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Looks like a great tool, did you read the instructions posted on some of the ebay auctions, they look like they got put through google translate twice.
  8. big F

    Macross in the weirdest places

    So I kinda have two here, in the UK there is a cartoon on one of the kids channels that have planes that transform into Gerwalks, its kind of a cross between the cartoon movie Planes and Macross. Cant remember its name though. I really hope that come the 29th of March we can post that Macross appears in the Film Ready Player One. Its in the book of the same, mentioned as both Robotech and Macross, and features in the end battle
  9. big F

    1/60 Valk kits ??

    Its just one of the traditional things, that has stuck. I read somewhere that the original scaling was down to the old Imperial measurement system. If it were done fresh now adays it would likely be more like 1//10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/75 with a lot of things being built using metric measurement devision is simpler. 1/10 is in in use in the RC industry it also uses 1/12, the whole thing is a mess, remember before 1/60 there was 1/55, that was something tried and binned largely. I suspect shelf space comes into play nowadays. Smaller scale = more purchases and more money for the vendors.
  10. Im interested to see how you take this on. I have this fabulous kit in my collection and some day will actually get round to. Building it.
  11. Are they scaleable ? They are great at that size but I was thining of scaling down to add figures to my planned Macross chess set, I have a few figures already. I also wondered about scaling up to see if I can get a 1/72 scale of the zentran power armour.
  12. These look great. Are you planning to print them to sell?
  13. That looks great, I nearly made a Pc case the same as Sharon a few years ago. I always thought a Pittie Cola machine would be cool.
  14. big F

    Moscato 1/72 Glaug - Mike Salzo Edition

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. It was one of the Moscato kits I regret not being able to buy at the time.
  15. big F

    Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    Count me in please for seated and standing.