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  1. Wow..... random indeed. I knew from the out set this place would be nowhere near the western world! Humungy Gawd and Paramount would have been all over it. Dont think I will be going though it gets terrible reviews
  2. The Creality printers are so versatile. My Ender 3 has easily paid for itself several times over. A few choice mods make it so much better than its starting point. Its a great printer straight out of the box.
  3. The really great thing about 3D printing is the ability to print something that would have normally taken me days to produce by hand, then cast if I wanted more than one. Now I just design and print, come back in a few hours and its ready, no fuss . Also if I got it wrong in someway, I didn't waste hours of my time. Since getting a printer my thoughts are “can I print it” when ever i need a solution to something.
  4. Don’t feel bad. At the price difference on AliExpress I am very tempted to buy it and some others
  5. Wow that must have taken an age to print. Very impresive work.
  6. As long as they dont keep banging on "I used to be a man" that will get old quickly. The whole female empowerment thing is fine by me but the current trait of ramming in the face of the populous, is at best a distraction to story lines at worst a complete turn off in the viewing sense. I wonder how long it will be till Holly Weird adjusts its current passion for reboots and filmised versions of TV series and starts a reboot but everyones gender reversed rewrite of all the "classics" Jesus of Nazereth, is Jenny of Nazereth The A team but all strong female rolls instead B.A Baracus is Barbara Anne Baracus and hates boys, not planes. Starbuck is a girl..... Oh wait they did that and it actually worked....... You get the idea
  7. Well working backwards, the theme music works very well, I am not 100% but im sure I heard somewhere the BBC Radiophonic workshop were on board with it. I heard so many bits of the old themes in there. I liked it. Massive nod to the Tom Baker credits too visually. So I agree a female Doctor works, I saw bits of Capaldi, Baker (both), Pertwee and Tennant\Smith in the character. Im sure that her character will develope. Im interested to see how the story developes considering the end of the episode.
  8. 5 min delivery anywhere on or near the planet :)
  9. Humungy Gawd needs to be served a cease and desist.
  10. 9 hour drive, ironically about the same amount of time it would take me to fly to Chile. is it wrong that I want this company to go global, so I stand a chance of getting to eat at one.
  11. I wonder if the owner is a Macross fan. I wonder if they opened a mega store version would they call it SDS Macross... Super Dimensional Supermarket....
  12. Wtf...... that is so blatant an IP rip off Big West and Humungy Gawd should be all over them. cool though. Beats Tesco or Walmart
  13. Not quite Macross but near enough to say the producers or concept team must be TF or Macross fans. . Transforming planes that help people, all have a Gerwalk mode. Its obviously aimed at kids and cashing in on the movie franchise of Cars and Budgie the helicopter. I see this as an excellent route into Macross for my little one. My wife is not keen on Anime, shes one of those who still thinks cartoons = kids.
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