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  1. Scrolling through the internet and ran into an interesting headline in tag hobby BANDAI 2020年5月發售: DX超合金 YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie Full Set may re-re-release?
  2. Howdy, the Arcadia PF weathered VF-0 is nearing release, does anyone know when In December it is actually supposed to come out? Used FromJapan and paid upfront for this already.
  3. Likewise with me, but my order number is in between (#700850)and i am still waiting for the notice.
  4. Just some stuff I got off the internet and used PowerPoint to assemble and print into photo paper....
  5. Thanks!!! So, these are modified IKEA Klingsbo cabinets, they sit on a TV stand i got from Amazon. I actually wish i had gone with the Detolf’s way back when as it took quite a bit of effort to take a metal saw to the curved bottom portion of the cabinet legs. The Detolf also gives more clearance between each shelf than these.
  6. Appreciate the comments, Led strips line the inside of the two front sides, and i made display cards for each to resemble the collections and displays i always see pictures from the different toy fair events.
  7. I was finally able to get stuff arranged
  8. Any news on the VF-1 fast packs? Hadn’t seen a product detail pop up on the tamashii site yet. Wasnt it up for pre-order later this week? Regular release (madness) or exclusive?
  9. So, how about them fast packs? The order is latter in the week? Will it be another round of this madness, or a more straightforward tamashii exclusive sale? Can someone please confirm?
  10. Me too....did the markup NY after getting to payment screen at original PO price and having it crap out. Got two spinning screens at HLJ proceeding to checkout, been an hour and still spinning
  11. Way late to the party on the Moscato set for the ride armor.... i realize its a stretch, but if someone has a spare set....
  12. I had not seen that before....where can i find this?
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