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  1. Yea I have need watching the thread for a couple weeks with all that has been said. I'm over here just quietly thinking how what we have seen isn't even the final design........
  2. I was also surprised by the payment request from NY.
  3. I have one on order I placed on Friday at 1999 and one I placed a order for on Sunday at Amazon.jp. both orders went through but I have not been charged for either yet. Why would that be you guys think?
  4. I was able to get one off of HS at 3am on the 20th but they have not charged me yet even though the order says "preparing order". I have not ordered from HS before, do they typically have a delay in charging you?
  5. That makes more since to me as I was told in the past it's a whole "new" thing which I interpreted as being not just finished better but also reengineered
  6. I've been known to be dense, lol, but I hear that this one is a brand new design and what not but when I look at it it seems to transform the same way the yam one did. What am I missing? I mean if we are talking about stronger hinges and stuff I get that but to me (again, dense) it seems to transform the same.
  7. Man I was looking for this thread yesterday and could not find it! I chalk it up to user error lol. So just to review, am I to understand that Arcadia re-engineered the whole bird?
  8. Do you have proof it was scalpers? Most Macross collectors will double and triple up.
  9. got one at amiami
  10. So the strike pack is up for pre-order on June 7th, Correct? Am i to understand that will NOT be a pre-order madness situation? Thanks,
  11. jrhudson311

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Will the armour parts get listed on NY?
  12. jrhudson311

    Bandai DX VF-31

    got mine at amiami and its still up, hit refresh guys.
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