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  1. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I like it with the head slightly down, looks like a futuristic IRST.
  2. That is cool, I’ve never seen one displayed in flight with the landing gear down, looks like it’s landing.
  3. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    HMR is so damn cool.
  4. Yes it happened. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1464975/Vintage-footage-man-getting-sucked-jet-engine-survives.html
  5. I’m in between on this, sometimes the paint on this things just looks... thick. I don’t know how to explain what it is that I see. Sometimes it’s not there but sometimes it just looks too thick. It may just be my eyes though and I mean that. It may not be anything at all.
  6. I feel like the pilot should be looking the other way in hover mode, then the propulsion from the feet pushes it forward and the cannons can be used. I know it’s line art accurate the way they have it but it looks completely backwards. It doesn’t make sense that the turret points forward in the assault mode, but is backwards and unusable in hover mode? its a pass for me, it looks just like matchbox pretty much except with some more articulation. If they want support from the community with our purchasing power, they need to produce something more on the level. The competition is high and nostalgia only goes so far when you are going to charge $200-$300 for a toy. I guarantee this thing will be at least $200. If they want it to sell: add more panel lines and detail, get the legs laying flat like they are supposed to and not angled in hover mode which is only as good as the simple mods people are already doing on the matchbox. Effect parts go a long way also and the proportions need tuned. It really just looks like the matchbox.
  7. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    Let’s not forget one of the most significant implications of that episode. Roy was such a badass that he was able to fly into space with no booster while even carrying another VF1 fuselage. Other pilot wimps needed boosters to reach space, not Roy.
  8. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    Well, I can give feedback on the bandaionline store. It looks shady, but they shipped their 1D the day after cdjapan shipped their 1D. It says nothing about service after the item arrives, but if you want to know if your item will arrive, my VF-4 and the 1D orders both shipped on time.
  9. I think the VR-38 will be the coolest and most surprising. When you really take a look at it, it’s pretty deadly and has one of the most lethal weapons. Think about it: The VR-38 was the most nimble and quick platform. It was then given a devastating armament in the form of the Heavy Rocket Launcher. The VR-38 mission and capability alone would be a highlight to watch in combat within its universe. I am a huge fan of the 38. I hope that rocket launcher looks badass and believe that it will look badass. Although I critiqued the VR-41 pretty hard about the tabs on the blades, when I see what is being released, the VR-41 is something they should be very proud of. I’m confident that execution will spill right over to the VR-38.
  10. Damn you. Now I may keep it.
  11. Agree with you. also I don’t see this coming down ever. They are all going to be $300-350. The brown biggie may be lower but it will still pull $250 guaranteed. They will always be available but they will always be $300-$350. When you think about it, we paid almost $300 for premium VF-1’s from Arcadia so these are actually even better priced when you factor in scale.
  12. I need to know if I’m going to sell my NIB DX YF-19 to pay for another DX Max. Does anyone know if the YF-19 missiles fit the DX VF-1? I don’t want to open it to find out but I likely will if the question takes a while
  13. Nippon Yasan is not even allowing for the pay later option. Hikaru’s 1J was able to be paid later. This has effected me enough that I’m not going to sell my 2 new premium VF-1 Fokkers by Arcadia. There is a real chance the DX release may be unattainable responsibly. It could get released higher than premium O-S prices. To be fair to Nippon Yasan: They always relist the day after at a mark up, it’s not new. What is new is that the demand and prices of the 1-J caused this release of the 1A to get listed at such a higher markup. If anyone is to blame for the condition we are in, It’s Bandai for not printing enough. No. Actually its Harmony Gold, if they could sell Macross in the US, then the largest economy in the world would be contributing and influencing Bandais print rate which would be much higher. F Robotech. Even though it led me to Macross. watch Toynami release another run of their junk masterpiece VF-1’s thinking they can get in on this action.
  14. Eating my words here. Paid $315 shipped EMS just now on Nippon Yasan. if Fokker is not a tamashii release, we are all screwed.
  15. They usually list 1-2 hours late
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