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  1. I’ll take it, I budgeted for one of these if it ever came up. Please shoot me your PayPal information.
  2. If the trend continues, they have been releasing figures in order of appearance with Stardust Memory. That would mean we may start tinder the DOM R2 space type released as we have already seen the EFSF space mobile suits for Stardust Memory get released.
  3. Im starting to think something is coming in regard to MG Zaku’s. It’s based on the following but it all could be wrong: The GFF Origin Zaku series has been wildly successful. The panel lining and molding is incredible. MG Zaku 2.0’s are all up significantly in price. Standard High Mobility Zaku’s are now in excess of $100.00 shipped when during their normal condition a Johnny Ridden or Tri-Star was around $50.00. The Ridden R-2 is now between $80-100 and the Tri-Star is almost $140.00. Chars 2.0 Zaku used to be $35-45 and is now almost $60-$70. I did see COVID-19 push all MG gunpla up in price as many wanted to build during quarantine, but the Zaku’s specifically jumped tremendously in price. This price increase is likely due to supply dwindling. I’m starting to wonder if they are holding off reprints because a Zaku 2.5/3.0/Origin is coming in order to offer panel line details throughout and different proportions.
  4. Hi everyone: I’m looking to buy the Parts to assemble the backpack and backpack frame and thrusters for the MS-06-S 2.0. If you have these parts, please let me know as I really need it for a project.
  5. I lost my job and was blessed to have my own business to fall back on. Anyway, I know what you are experiencing. And because of that, if you promise to keep it, I’ll buy one off of you but you can keep it at your place for permanent display forever. No BS, just let me know.
  6. **NEW UPDATE** DX TV Super Parts are up for Pre-Order. Red Tipped Reaction Missiles included. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31626-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-super-parts-set-for-tv-edition-vf-1.html
  7. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    HMR would be the very last thing I would ever let go. The DX VF-1’s, I have two of each and love them, they are incredible. But something is different about the HMR, they are just fun I guess. Fun as hell.
  8. I got a VF-1S TV version and overcame COVID-19. I feel like a badass.
  9. The VF-1S. The Valkyrie with upgrades engines that allowed it to travel from earth and into outer-space while carrying a VF-1D Fuselage. And it did not need any atmospheric booster like other Valkyries. On another note, I wonder when they are going to release those TV style super parts they showed off earlier in this thread. It had the correct arm armors, etc. It was one of the photos that had the DX Vf-1J in front of a grey grid wire with the TV Supers and other options around it.
  10. I’ll try for the pre-order. If I don’t get one, I’ll just pay the slight mark up from an eBay seller doing preorders or grab it on release day. I’ve accepted that 330 is sometimes what you are just going to pay if you want it. NY will crash immediately on the pre order opening bell. It happens on every single non- exclusive Macross release.
  11. There’s one on bbts now, I cancelled mine, I thought it would be larger.
  12. I bought a VF-31 Messer, but everytime I looked at it, I thought of how terrible Delta was.... I literally sold it because of my memory of trying and failing to be able to watch the series. but it is a badass plane. I wish I had been able to separate the two.
  13. Do their cases come with the Lights installed?
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