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  1. Hi everyone. Do we know what type of batteries are used in the MB Sinanju? I want to make sure I have them on hand when it arrives.
  2. This is the best photo and use of these that I have seen.
  3. ECOAS is actually intercepting your package.
  4. Sinanju is available at show-z right now.
  5. Never mind, just checked and they have shipped. I am truly excited for the Sinanju.
  6. Where did you order it from, I ordered 2 from show-z and it hasn’t shipped yet.
  7. Just asking because I bought from show-z that shipped with two tracking numbers, does it come in two different packages?
  8. Now that I’m used to HMR and the DX, when I look at Yamato super parts now, those arm armors are soooo long.
  9. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I hope they start more releases. I bought the DX 1-S for a large display but HMR is the primary line I want.
  10. I didn’t think Heavy Arms came with waterslides, that’s usually only Ver Ka releases.
  11. I’m buying a Sinanju and then I’m going to shoot it with my KSG on video.
  12. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    Tipping the cup to anyone who has a loved one who is no longer here. Merry Christmas everyone.
  13. Damn it. I bought the Sinanju. Now it’s making sense to buy the Steel Legends. I will hold out for a few more hours, but I know I am going to cave.
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