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  1. Ridden001

    1/48 decals?

    You can grab Hasegawa 1:48 vf-1 models pretty cheap and the decals are incredible.
  2. Mine Came with a little condiment of Milia. A Japanese candy thing. Whoops on the typo.
  3. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    just looks too plain when compared to the flashback version. I can’t unsee how plain it looks. I would have bought it if it was released first.
  4. The Ultimate EX from Toynami is massive. My 4yr old can use the sword as a hand held toy. I know Toynami has their issues, but their strategy of designing the lions first and letting the combined mode look however it would with accurate lion sculpts really paid off in my opinion. I think the EX Voltron from Toynami is the best looking in Lion and Combined mode. That’s just my opinion, other Voltron releases also look pretty badass. The major Con of the Ultimate EX in my opinion is the looseness of the legs in combined mode. I wish they had done ratcheted joints.
  5. Thanks a lot, it worked. That process isn’t in the instructions, I wonder how many people snapped the neck joint. Thanks again.
  6. Need some help from the group. My blue and yellow lion are in “leg” form and the heads are now locked and I cannot lower them to the lion form position. Can someone help me unlock these? Do I just apply force or is there a process to release the locked heads. I attached a photo to show the current position the head and neck are currently locked in. Again, I’m trying to get them lowered back into the original lion position but they are locked.
  7. Just bought the Xamel. I will get all of the 0083 line for sure but am unloading all of my other Robot Damashii Gundam lines from the other series. I truly enjoyed the 0083 series, it was gritty, real, and had great combat scenes.
  8. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I will be a little nervous if nothing gets announced in October.
  9. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    Sh900 has the best results in custom HMR.
  10. Absolute vision here. This is Art. I mean, I could actually imagine seeing this displayed as Art or as a professional display for Bandai. This is incredible creativity.
  11. That was an instant buy for me. Just preordered it.
  12. DL will likely release waterslides well ahead of Bandai and their decals are great quality. Start checking on eBay and they will begin showing up soon, usually right after release.
  13. I think they missed the RG concept on the thighs. No lines or separated parts whatsoever. That I will say is a big miss.
  14. Effect part that shows the 55mm shell casings being ejected from the gunpod. For me, that is more iconic in Macross than the actual muzzle flash.
  15. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I think there is a market for Macross toys being released with the cell shaded anime effect.
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