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  1. Thanks!!! Carl
  2. Has anyone been able to download the LDD instructions? When I click that link I just get the message "Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for." Not sure if its a problem at my end or the other end. Carl
  3. I recognize the drop ship and the APC in the above picture. What is the mech? I don't recall seeing that in Aliens. Carl
  4. I'm pretty sure this Legioss was designed with a future Tread planned. Note the stand they are using, it makes use of the Tread's connecting boom. So they already have that part molded. While I agree that its eventual release may depend on how well the Legioss sells, I tend to think that if they make one Tread that they will make all three. At that point the expensive molds have already been made, it is trivial just to pour a different colored plastic into them. Carl
  5. Agreed... it looks like they loaded their 3D model upside down before applying the super-deformed transformation.
  6. Hey... you guys making fun of my ride armor? Carl
  7. Like!? I love it. I don't suppose you have any plans to make instructions. I'd buy a set if they were available. Great job!!! Carl
  8. Thanks. Have we seen a VF-1 with a fold booster? I don't recall ever seeing one. If we have, would someone post a picture? Carl
  9. Just getting into these myself and haven't been able to read all 391 prior pages of this thread so sorry if some of this has been brought up before. Anyways, I'm curious how Bandai determines which VF-1 to release next or what add-ons/accessories to make. Do they accept suggestions? If so, I'd assume you'd likely need to be in Japan for it to mean much. Anyways, seeing all the crazy armors they have made for the 1/60 line I am hoping they show the same love to the 1/48 line. I assume the GBP armor is a given at some point. I hope they also do the VT-1 and VE-1. And thinking about some other options they could include. Do you think they would consider the Stampede? What about the atmospheric booster? Or the Gerwalk armor? I'd love to see this sitting next to the GBP armor on my shelf someday. Or what about the Thunder Hummers armor? I don't think this is considered cannon but that didn't stop FEXT from making their OWL One accessories. Any other add-ons you guys want to see considered? Is it worth trying to get someone in Japan to make these suggestions through official channels? Thanks, Carl
  10. That is never stated in the movie. That was just the only way I saw to explain why they were blowing up all across the galaxy at the same time. The only place we actually saw any combat was around the planet the Emperor was on. Yet we saw several Star Destroyers crashing elsewhere, Jakku, Cloud City, etc. Agreed about Lando's creepy line at the end. My daughter-in-law told me that was to set up some spin-off Lando series. Not certain if she's actually read that somewhere or is just reading that into the way it was presented. It certainly felt very forced and out of place... and if you think about it for more then 2 seconds... creepy. Carl
  11. Just saw it myself and wasn't certain about spoilers either so I'll play it safe. Over all I enjoyed it far more then the last one but there are just so many questions about the end. Below are some of my questions and comments on the movie... if there are answers to some of these questions please share. And one general comment that I have about the space ship physics used in all 3 movies of the latest trilogy. I described it to a friend by saying it just makes space feel far too small, all the turns too tight, and very small pans from one point of action to the next. My friend agreed saying that yes, it all looked to him as a kid swooping toy models around as he held them in his hand, which I agree may be a better description. I remember reading that some of the scenes in the original Star Wars, A New Hope, were actually modeled after real combat flight footage from World War II. True or not the shots certainly felt far more real to me in the earlier movies and at least felt like they had some real world physics behind them. In this last trilogy I don't get a sense of any real world physics and the movements appear to be limited in the same way a toy would be since it must stay within arms reach of the child holding it. Did anyone else get that impression? If so was that done intentionally, or just an indication that the special effects were rushed to get done in time? Thanks, Carl
  12. Thanks... I'm in no rush. I've been waiting since April already. I was just worried that something might have gone wrong as so many were getting theirs and I hadn't even seen a shipping notice yet. All makes sense now... Carl
  13. I see many of you have received your Yellow orders. Thought I better check on mine. I placed my order with BigBadToyStore back in April and I've not seen any shipping notice or anything. I logged into my account there and see it listed as a pre-order with "Estimated Arrival: December 2019". Has anyone with an order from BBTS received theirs yet? Trying to determine if I should be worried or not. I'm guessing no as I think most of the ones posted were shipments direct from Japan but thought I should verify. If that is the case, any educated guesses as to when BBTS will start making shipments? Carl
  14. Could you please post a link or an image? I cannot recall seeing this detail in the line art at the moment. Could you post a link to this 'fan art' image? I'd love to see what they revealed.
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