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  1. wwwmwww

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    I'm in for 2. Carl
  2. wwwmwww

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    I'm in. Is this the thread to throw my hat in? Or the general Mospeada thread? I didn't see one specifically for this upgrade set project. Maybe I missed it.
  3. wwwmwww


    Not any more. I think I got the last Rey. Thanks so much for the link. They still have Stig (at the moment). Carl
  4. wwwmwww


    Just spotted this... is it too late to join? I was in on the original issue but being a huge fan I cannot pass on seeing what improvements are planned. So when do we see the Moscato Beta? Carl
  5. wwwmwww

    Legos, anyone?

    I too am in the LEGO VIP program with a little saved up due to the Saturn V model. I see several sites stating that 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon will go on sale September 14 to VIP members and go on sale to the general public on October 1st. I've not purchased something that was released early just for VIP members before. I also don't see anything about the September 14th release date when I log in on the LEGO site using my VIP login. Anyone know the exact procedure for ordering this on September 14th if they are a VIP member? Thanks, Carl
  6. wwwmwww


    There are modernized versions of all the variations in this Mospeada Dojin. From Comic Market 91 by Kurobousidan circle Here are the Rook and Lancer versions. If you can read the text would you be so kind as to post a translation? If anyone is interested in translating the entire Dojin (it is 16 pages) please contact me. Enjoy, Carl
  7. wwwmwww


    Is this actually available for pre-order somewhere? If so I'm in as well. Carl
  8. wwwmwww

    Macross on BluRay

    All, I'm a long time Macross Fan but life and work have kept me further way from Macross then I'd like for about a decade. I'm wanting to get caught up as I've missed most of Macross Frontier and Zero and I haven't seen any of Macross Delta yet. I would like to get some high quality copies on BluRay (4K is good too but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere). I don't speak or read Japanese so I need some good English subtitles. I have looked and seen at least part of what is available but it has created a fair bit of confusion on my part. So some questions: I spotted this set on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/252755680153 which I think contains everything except Macross Delta. It sold and I don't see it available anywhere else. Can anyone point me to another source of this set? What exactly is this https://www.amazon.com/Macross-Zentora-mori-Blu-ray-Box/dp/B00DU6JES0 and how does it differ from this http://www.ebay.com/itm/252755680100 ? I searched the forums for "Macross F Zentora" and didn't get any hits. I see Macross Delta is available on BluRay but it appears to only be available in releases of 3 episodes at a time. Are there any box sets of the entire thing? If not I would hope that there is likely to be one eventually. Where is the 30th Anniversary set mentioned here http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/44279-macross-f-30th-anniversary-box/ available? Or is this the Macross F Zentora set? I read somewhere that there were scenes edited (blurred out or cut) to remove gore or graphic scenes from the 30th Anniversary set. Is this true? I don't know if they were talking about the set I mention in (1) or (4) or both above. What is in this set that makes it so expensive http://www.ebay.com/itm/122149874063 ? I note Macross Plus on BluRay is just a small subset of what one gets in the 30th Anniversary set mentioned in (1) above and even that costs less then this set. I enjoy good artbooks too so those are certainly a plus but my main focus is to get high quality copies of the episodes with accurate English subtitles and ideally I would prefer they be unedited. Added content doesn't bother me near as much as removed content. This initially started off as an attempt to get caught up on Macross Zero, Frontier, and Delta but I don't have any of the rest on BluRay yet either so something like the set in (1) above sounds appealing, if it weren't for some of the editing comments I've read. So what set or sets would people here recommend? Thanks, Carl
  9. wwwmwww

    Macross F 30th Anniversary Box

    Is this the same thing? https://www.amazon.com/Macross-Zentora-mori-Blu-ray-Box/dp/B00DU6JES0 I don't see mention of 30th Aniversary, the box looks different, and the word Zentora in the title is throwing me for a loop. If not can you point me to where you got your box set? Thanks, Carl
  10. All, Years ago I was interviewed by Toy Fare Magazine and it resulted in this short piece. I haven't been able to locate my copy and I cannot remember what issue it appeared in. Does anyone here know? If so, I'd like to track down another copy. I know I was working for Texas Instruments at the time so this was sometime before September 2003. Thanks, Carl
  11. wwwmwww


    I love the idea... and I for one would die to have a 1/32 Tread. If this ever goes anywhere PLEASE PM me as I'm not near as good at keeping up with the forums as I used to be. Carl
  12. Looks like Bruce Wayne goes to Mifune Moters to get the new Batmobile. I wonder if the gun turret on the front is an upgrade from the saw blades that come standard. Carl
  13. wwwmwww

    [R.I.P.] Alan Rickman

    Well I want to say he is still eligible for a sequel but that is a bit too demented even for me. He truly was one of the best and will be missed. Carl