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  1. Wow has it been 10 years already? I remember reading about it and I put my preorder ASAP when they had it. Then they kept on delaying it, because they wanted to start over and make it better, I was like take your time. Thank you Animeigo, now they need to release it on bluray.
  2. WOW!!!!!!!! Awesome job!! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see the finish product!
  3. The ending to Grave of the Fireflies, can only watch the movie once.
  4. Noooooooooo more stuff to buy
  5. Anybody wants to play me, my PS ID is macross08
  6. DrunkenMaster2 = macross08 I play alot of Street Fighter 4 so if you want a good match hit me up.
  7. Wow looks good I may have to try that marker technique, good job, I'm liking what i'm seeing!!!!
  8. I have three airbrushes 1 Paasche and 2 Iwata, I use my Iwata more then my Paasche. I highly recommand Iwata easy to clean and made of steel parts.
  9. I like using Tamiya, found it easier to clean up, been meaning to try out Mr. Color, is it worth it?
  10. So true they need real "stands", but hey it's only HG figures so you can do so much.
  11. I have this set and yes Michel/Mikhail is far the worst figure in this set. Alto looks ok but we already have a alto need different characters, where's my grace figure? Only 2 worth getting is ranka and sheryl you can put them together to make it look like the CD cover. The new stands do look horrible wish they stuck with the clear stand.
  12. WOW !!!!!!!!! That's Frakking awesome!!!!!!!!
  13. Of course everybody knows this set, because it just came out. Macross F HGIF vol. 1 Macross F HGIF vol. 2 (release in March) Then this set which will be release this month, which has klan klan.
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