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  1. Yup, that's where I'm at with it. I've collected long enough to realize what I value, and how much certain products are worth to me. I'm fine with paying up to $250 shipped for a DX 1/48 (I haven't had to pay that yet, but I feel like that is about what it is worth to me). Anything more than that, and I'll personally feel like I overpaid, and it will hurt my enjoyment of the purchase. So I just won't pay that much. But that is my personal line in the sand, and that is just for this particular product. I've paid over $500 for an SDF-1, and been very pleased with my purchase, and paid less than $100 for an HMR, and felt a little bit disappointed. It's all about personal value assessment, and realizing what things are worth to you individually.
  2. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    There is a 0% chance they do that. You might be able to come to some compromise on a smaller box, but I doubt it. The shipping is always the problem with the Monster. You can usually find it at a decent mark-down, but getting it out of Japan is costly. If you're patient, your best bet is to try to find someone here that is selling one, as they generally "eat" most of the shipping cost for you. I got mine for $175 shipped from a member on here a few years ago, and I've seen others sell in the sub $200 range (shipped) on this site. It sounds like you already purchased, though. So maybe just a word of advice for anyone else that might read this that is interested in the Monster.
  3. Remember, there's like a 99% chance we will be getting a DYRL Roy. A TV VF-1S Hikaru is also pretty likely. So if you're weighing paying inflated prices for this release, keep in mind that you'll have 1, maybe 2 more chances at scoring a PO on a very similar toy. I know some people want every single release in this line, but if not, you've got a couple more chances at scoring a Skull Leader (just sand display-stand) at pre-order prices.
  4. Sorry, I misread your post, I thought you asked about SSP the first time. The only missile sets they have "in stock" are crazy marked up, so I dunno what they are doing for people that pre-ordered a in the second wave. How did you get DHL shipping from NY? I've asked about DHL specifically, and they just said they do UPS
  5. They've had them for a while, it seems like. If you're in the US, they won't ship them to you unless you use their (expensive) UPS option. EMS is detailed to the US, so it seems like they are not even bothering to ship those out yet. Ferry might be an option, but I haven't seen anyone say they have had theirs shipped via ferry yet.
  6. Nevermind.
  7. Bandai: Puts TV Roy up for pre-order Also Bandai: Reveals TV Hikaru with super parts at event a few days after pre-order Is that something they would do? I think the answer is yes.
  8. Logging in is one of the easier tasks to automate. Overall speed is one of the biggest issues. Also, I'm 90% sure the major retailers intentionally change things (like IDs/labels) on their site to combat botting. So how often do you want to manually update your bot vs just ordering yourself is a legitimate question, for those of us that are only interested in a handful of products.
  9. Just adding to @SpaceCowboy, as I helped him with his bot and used it as well. It basically confirms everything I said earlier; every individual retailer needs it own special bot, and they need to be constantly updated to have a chance at being successful. We had to update ours like 3-4 times between inception and use (and we only focused on HLJ). There is also the very real question of how "competitive" a homemade bot is. Finding an item and completing an order is one thing; having it do it faster than a human on PO madness night is another. Of course you could run multiple bots, but how many different accounts do you really want to have? The takeaway for me is that most of these things are actually being bought by humans, despite some people believing otherwise. Where bots are involved(and I do believe they are involved), they are made and maintained by "professional" scalpers that buy way more than Macross stuff, and do this on a scale your mere collector/enthusiast cannot keep up with. Just my experience, a theory and my 2 cents.
  10. Roy_preorder.gif Good luck tonight, all.
  11. As far as I can tell, she doesn't say thing about the red triangles specifically in the narration. She doesn't really say anything about the paint except that it has skull markings because he is skull leader, is the best I can make out. But I'm definitely still learning japanese, so maybe someone else can pick something out. I think the actual answer is something along the lines of basically (literally?) every other TV valk has red shoulder triangles, so when people who are used to coloring TV valks go to do the triangles, they make them red, without realizing that Skull Leader (generally) has yellow triangles, But that is just my theory.
  12. He has red shoulder triangles during the transformation animation. Lol, it continues.
  13. Yeah, that's fine.
  14. This one took a little longer than I hoped, but I guess Roy deserves it. Roy ready to wreck our wallets on PO night:
  15. Based anime accuracy was always so close: I was actually just working on something else Macross-meme themed in PS, when I checked this thread (so I just put that together real fast). Hopefully I'll finish what I was working on this weekend.
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