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  1. Same plan here. A 15-20% mark down might be enough for me to bite. I'm not a big enough fan of the SV-51 to buy at the current price.
  2. HardlyNever

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yeah, NY has the listed "release date" for the armor as Aug 23rd. Not too worried yet. And honestly, I have some issues with NY in general, but I have always gotten what I've ordered from them eventually, even the TWE stuff.
  3. The Matrix is one of, if not my favorite movie of all time. The sequels... are not. While I don't hate them as much as most people seem to, (they seemed to make more sense to me than most), I still wouldn't call them great movies. So as a fan of the franchise... I don't really care about this. And that has got to be a problem for the success of this movie. I'll probably see it eventually, but probably not in theaters, unless it looks a lot better than I expect. The first matrix is one of those movies that should have just been left alone. But Hollywood has gotta Hollywood.
  4. De nada. Hay una seccion en espanol aquí. We generally stick to English on this part of the forum, but I don't think it is a hard and fast rule. Anyhow, to answer to your question, the DX Chogokin uses high quality ABS plastic, and is definitely a quality piece. That said, in my personal opinion the plastic on the Arcadia products feels slightly higher quality. This might be personal preference rather than something objective about the material itself, but I prefer the feel of the plastic Arcadia uses over Bandai's. But they are both good quality ABS, and you won't be disappointed with the plastic quality on the DX chogokin line, imo.
  5. But it isn't a screenshot lol. It's the actual html from the translator (you can interact with it in real time). So... yeah, I dunno. I originally thought it was a bot, and it might still be. But if not, that is an impressive... thing to do. Edit: Probably not a bot, just posted again. @Elkan_013 No copie todo el traductor. Solo copia el texto.
  6. Anymoon has a list that is updated fairly regularly. The thing with pre-ordering the Bandai stuff (especially the DX line) is that it is generally a pretty short window between announcement and pre-order (for the standard releases). An announcement will be made, and the pre-order will go up like a week to 2 weeks after that (and pre-ordering standard DX Chogokin stuff is insane, hence "pre-order madness.") So you need to be pretty on-top of the announcements in order to know when the pre-order date is. The HMR stuff works in a similar fashion, but the preorder night usually isn't as crazy, and you can generally get a preorder in within the first week or so of it going up. If you're interesting collecting the Bandai stuff, you really have to check this forum every day or 2, or you might miss the pre-order window. That's just the most effective way of keeping up with that information, unless someone wants to start compiling that info in a single place. But the window between announcement and pre-order is pretty short, so they would really have to be on top of things. The Tamashii web exclusive stuff (aka "p-bandai"), in theory, is open for pre-order for much longer, but we've seen some exceptions (the DX strike parts needed a second wave, for example). Pre-ordering the Arcadia releases is generally much easier, where you have months to pre-order between the date pre-orders open and the actual release. You can often pre-order pretty close up to the release date, and they are generally readily available at or near MSRP when they come out. So to answer your question, no, not really. There are some lists that are kind of what you are looking for, but they generally aren't updated often enough to be used as a real-time tool to know when you need to pre-order. You just have to keep checking places like these forums.
  7. HardlyNever

    Bandai DX VF-31

    NY has their release date for the armor parts as Aug 23rd. I don't think I've seen any place have Aug 16th as the release date. Do you have a vendor saying that?
  8. Glad you found this, as I kept hearing things like this but couldn't find any good sources. So yeah, there are people out there who are reversing yellowing by only putting it out in the sun. Nothing else. No retrobrite, or salon care products (which generally involve leaving it out in the sun for a while, see a trend?). Literally just the sun light. Which is supposed to be the entire reason this stuff is yellowing to begin with, right? The amount of misinformation and conflicting information regarding this topic is absolutely absurd. I guess that is all I want to say at this point. I won't pretend to have the answers, but I think the takeaway here is that there is no single culprit or solution to the issue. I think the last 3 minutes or so of that guy's video has a decent explanation of what might be going on (years of exposure to indirect sunlight and non-UV light, vs direct exposure). So that might be why sunlight seems to be both the cause and "solution" to the problem. Does it make the plastic more brittle? I have no idea, but plastic will always degrade over time, regardless of light exposure. So it might be the correlation of older plastic being brittle and yellowed, so when people try to reverse the yellowing, they notice it is more brittle, because it is older.
  9. I think it is exactly the same mold as the earlier yamato/arcadia vf-4 releases. Only the pilot is a new/different mold.
  10. Well, it happened. And it didn't take too long: Lil Draken set (12k yen) SV-262 (12k yen) Obviously, condition is a factor here. But that is still pretty insane.
  11. I can't speak much for Toysource or Bandai direct, as I don't really use them. But with regards to BBTS versus just using the usual import retailers, it is often cheaper to just use the import retailers, especially if you don't mind slower shipping. Compare the Mafex Wolverine from AmiAmi or HLJ, vs BBTS. The cheapest you could get it form BBTS is $99 shipped. While it is ~$70 UDS, before shipping, at the import places. So as long as you're ok with shipping that costs less than $30 (i.e. slower shipping), you're going to get it for $5 to $10 cheaper, maybe just a little later. And ordering from BBTS you're going to have to wait for them to get it from Japan, then ship it out to you, then local shipping to get it to you, so it really isn't much faster. You can make this comparison with a bunch of import stuff that is allowed to be sold in the US (mafex, figma, other bandai stuff), and the result is the same. I'm not trying to here, but this idea seems to persist, when we have tons of examples that show otherwise. The "domestic" retailers are just serving as another middle man, in most cases. I think it also speaks to how efficient international shipping and trade has gotten, at least for some country combinations. Now Bandai Direct might be an exception, since we could pay less of a middleman fee. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll never find out for sure.
  12. I got a set for 11k yen late last year. If you don't care about box condition (mine wasn't bad, just a little worn), there are some good prices that pop up every now and then on Manda. Will we every hit a point where the Lil Draken set and the sv-262 itself are at the same secondary market price? It seems like it could happen.
  13. HardlyNever

    Macross figures

    They could be left overs from the "second wave" that never came for that game, but they look more detailed than the minis the game comes with. I would assume they are just a separate figures made for whatever reason. "For table top games," even though there is no currently active Robotech or Macross table top game, that I'm aware of. I guess you can just use them for any old table top wargaming. They look decent, all things considered.
  14. So, myself and many others on the internets believe that Harmony Gold is primarily a money laundering scheme at this point. There is no absolute concrete evidence to support this, but there is a lot of circumstantial stuff that heavily implies that they are/were involved in money laundering. I'm not saying they started out that way; but it is probable that the reason the company continues to exist at all at this point is to launder money for someone (we don't really know who). So we, as Macross fans, of course focus on Robotech and why this company seems so intent on keeping out Macross, and why doesn't X company just do Y, so that we can finally get Macross in the US. But for HG, it isn't about Robotech or Macross specifically; it is about maintaining a reasonable front as a "legitimate" company to continue to launder money. Having the Robotech licence, and trickling out the odd product here and there, is an easy way to continue to look like a real company, at a glance, to keep away the legal authorities. Obviously, if you dig deeper like a Macross fan would, a lot of odd things start to appear. But the people who might investigate HG as a money laundering scheme aren't Macross fans, and so they aren't going to be looking at such a small company beyond a cursory glance. Of course we focus on the Macross aspect on a Macross forum, but there are other considerations at play here.
  15. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    No, not that I've seen. You can find really general revenue numbers about some of Bandai's brands that they make toys for (Gundam, DBZ, Macross, etc), but nothing very specific. I haven't even been able to find numbers that are division specific (Tamashii Nations, SoC, GunPla, etc). Much less individual brands within Tamashii Nations. Finding numbers for specific figure releases seems impossible, unless you have insider access. You can look at secondary market prices and get a very rough idea about how individual releases did, but there are a lot of unknowns there. So, as far as I can tell, there is no way we can say for certain how well specific releases sold. I'm not ready to call the line dead, personally. They had a release come out this month; I'm not really sure why everyone is so doom-and-gloom about it yet. I know we'd expect to hear about the next release by now, but maybe they are just working on other things. I'm not saying the line is as healthy as it has ever been, but I'm not sure it's gone.
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