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  1. Wife got me the KitzConcept Hikaru Rick Hunter for my birthday. Cool figure, definitely improves the display for a certain aesthetic.
  2. VF-1 for sure. Classic, can't be beat. I think Tomino san from Gundam said that he still thinks the original gundam and zeon designs are the best, and can never be topped (at least by gundams). I feel the same way about the VF-1 in Macross. YF-19 is a not-too-distant second; great battroid mode especially. The SDFM zentradi mech also hold a soft spot in my heart. There is just something so alien, 80s, and awesome about that one-eye design. It still looks alien and menacing today, in a good way.
  3. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    It's a cliché at this point, but the non-transforming figures really are the star of the show. I'm a fan of the enemy mecha in particular, but the destroids are fun too, especially the monster.
  4. If I remember correctly, they showed the super/strike parts, gbp, missile set, and hands all in cad/wireframe form just before the Hikaru 1J actually released. Since we knew it didn't come with missiles, and basically everything else there would be add-ons/TWE, some people assumed the hands they were showing would also be extra accessories/TWE. I'm glad it turned out that they weren't, but I also think we're sorely lacking in TV-style hands for TV releases. A couple fists would have been nice. Here are the pics that had us wondering: It's really hard to tell from just that, but those kind of look like TV fists to me. It even says "TV version" below them... Maybe they are just the DYRL fists we got? The integrated articulated hands look a lot like DYRL hands. I don't know whey they felt the need to make so many fixed-posed DYRL hands. We can just use the articulated hands for most of those posed if we want DYRL style.
  5. With regards to the gunpods and UN spacy: I've been staring at these for the past 5 minutes (HMR, v2 1/60, 1/48 DX), and as far as I can tell it is three different approaches. 1. HMR: In fighter mode it is always upside-down from both sides. When held in the hand (gerwalk, battroid) it will be correct and readable left to right on both sides. 2. DX 1/48: This will always be right-side-up and readable left-to-right when in fighter mode and attached underneath. This applies to both sides in fighter mode. It will always be upside/backwards when held in the hand in gerwalk/fighter, regardless of which side you are looking at. 3. v2 1/60: They split the difference between the first two. One side is correct in fighter mode, one side is correct when held in the hand. What is anime accurate? I have no idea. The 1/60 approach makes the most sense to me.
  6. Short answer: no one really knows for sure, but there are some things you can try (see that thread).
  7. This is what I'm thinking, and why Max seems pretty abundant when the pre-order was insane. A lot of scalpers dumping their pre-orders because they see that the aftermarket prices are too low to make a profit. Maybe the same thing could happen with the Hikaru 1S, but I'm not seeing quite the level of downward trend in secondary market pre=order prices as we saw with Max. We can always hope, though.
  8. Yeah, this is my only real complaint about this line. Why so many DYRL-style hands for TV releases? A TV fist, at least for the left hand, seems like a no-brainer. I'm considering up-scaling a Arcadia one and 3rd printing one.
  9. Nippon Yassan still has it available for pre-order. Just don't be in a hurry to get it. This is the second batch, and NY is notoriously slow with shipping things on top of that.
  10. If you have the patience, definitely wait. I paid around $80 shipped for two missile sets because I got them on pre-order. Most (including me) feel they were overpriced even at $40 a set for what you get. $90 for one set is ridiculous. The secondary market prices should start coming down as we approach the second missile wave. So if you can't wait until then, at least wait like... half the time. They'll probably be around $60ish a set 6 months from now. But some people have more money than patience, so ultimately it's up to you. Just be prepared to be underwhelmed at $90 a set...
  11. Got mine from AJ today. Packaging was pretty lackluster; no packing materials, and the tape was coming open on one side of the box. The valk box was just kind of sliding around in there... Contents seems fine, though. I'll have a chance to open it up and check it out later tonight.
  12. If Bandai wanted to make all the money, they would release the DYRL Roy as a TWE bundle with strike parts and a missile set. They would make their money back on the molds with that single release, if everyone who actually wanted one could get one. But Bandai trades in collector frustration, not satisfaction. So that will never happen.
  13. I don't think the Hikaru 1S has a release date beyond November 2019. I'd expect it mid/late November, similar to how the Max tv 1A was, not in October. My personal belief is this line will only be S/J/A variants. I've got no evidence for that; just a hunch. I'd love to be wrong.
  14. Probably going to need someone with more background knowledge to chime in here. But my personal head-cannon/understanding is that the Anti-U.N. forces are more a loosely coordinated group of various factions/governments, each with their own military programs, etc. Rather than a single-unified anti-government... government. So I would just assume they are two different factions that are both a part of the anti-UN coalition.
  15. Similar thing, tried a different seller on Amazon Japan. Got the shipping notice today, should arrive tomorrow. I had to pay an extra 300 yen above my first try, but I'll take that. I canceled my first order without issue.
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