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  1. Famous. Last. Words. I was only going to get one single Arcadia 1/60. A few years later, and thousands of dollars later... Hope you can stick to your plan, if you want to.
  2. HardlyNever

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Pre-covid I would have said an Arad 31A was likely but not guaranteed (Bandai's gotta milk that 31A mold to recoup costs). Arad got armor already, so maybe he gets his super parts, maybe he doesn't. He sold well enough to justify it. Chuck is still floating around near MSRP, so I'd have said supers or armor for him were unlikely. Post-covid, it's all up in the air. I think we're still lucky to be getting any Macross product at all (like the DX 1/48 line), given the circumstances.
  3. No problem. I like the idea, and I think it would make a great video series, as well (wink @jenius, I thought the GBP and super parts evolution videos were awesome). As for the Hi metal stuff, Anymoon still has you covered there (Hikaru was the first release). VF-1J Hikaru Custom, June 2010, 5,500 Yen VF-1S Focker Custom, November 2010, 6,500 Yen For Hi Metal R: The GBP set (technically not Hikaru) was the first release there. Roy came out in April 2016. Similar to the Yamato/arcadia 1/60 v2 situation though, I'm not sure you need a representative from both Hi Metal and HMR. There are differences, but they are pretty subtle. I think an HMR release would be enough to represent that line, personally.
  4. When you float this idea to a bunch of Macross nerds, you're going to have to deal with a lot of suggestions and such I think I know what you were going for: sort of the "best of the VF-1 for each generation" kind of thing. But as @tekering mentioned, it wouldn't be that great of a display once you actually put it together, only the chunky monkey and 1/48 would really stand out to the untrained eye. The Bandai high complete model also kind of throws a wrench in a scheme like that. Maybe have like a "generations" theme? Starting with the Takatokou 1/55 and 1/100 scale in the 80s, then some of the Arii and Toynami stuff for the 90s. Early Yamatos (1/60 and/or 1/48) for the early 2000s, then yamcadia v2 and HMR for the "modern" era. With a DX 1/48 when it comes out. It's a lot more to collect, obviously, but you'll have a good contrast of scales, and would be able to see how it evolved in different scales over time.
  5. It's on Anymoon: First Yamato 1/48 is 2002 (First Roy is 2003) First Yamato 1/60 v1 is 2001 (First Roy is 2002) I personally would consider the Arcadia 1/60 vf-1 the same as the Yamato 1/60 v2. But if you want to consider them different the first Arcadia VF-1 release was 2013 (first Arcadia Roy was also 2013). There was also the Toynami "masterpiece" collection that came out in late 2001 (I don't think they hit shelves until 2002, though). Whether or not that is worth including is up to you. But getting one new is definitely not worth what it's going for on ebay, imo. The first Bandai DX 1/48 release was 2019. Ofc we don't have the Roy yet, I wouldn't hold my breath on actually getting it in hand this year, with the whole pandemic situation.
  6. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of KO's. But if this prompts Arcadia to do a CF, I'd probably get one of theirs.
  7. I was only really interested in this one because I wanted it to sell reasonably well to increase the chance of a TV Kakzaki. It looks like it is selling well enough that I won't have to subsidize poor Hayao, and I'm not going through any kind of hassle to get his DYRL release. If it is readily available after release at or near regular retail, I might grab one, but probably not. I'm with the people thinking the initial (only?) production run will be crazy low relative to the last DX VF-1 releases. We know how much Bandai hates the idea of shelf-warmers, and they aren't afraid to leave some potential money on the table if it means their product doesn't get marked down. This could potentially become a weird "grail" for people trying to get this whole line. Only time will tell.
  8. Ah that makes sense, thanks. I suppose I could try to pry it out, maybe tighten the screw, then glue it again. I'd probably cause more damage than it's worth, though. It's not really a big deal, just an odd thing I noticed. I guess I could turn the bicep around and basically never notice, as well.
  9. So cabin fever is starting to set in and I got to staring at my displays a little too long. And I noticed the oddest defect on my Hikaru VF-1S copy. The upper part of the left bicep is slightly raised. At first I thought it was cracked or something, and maybe causing it to poke out a bit, but no, it's actually molded that way. My Hikaru 1J and Max 1A are completely flat on all the biceps. Has anyone else noticed this issue on any of theirs?
  10. In the anime, the TV skull leader has red triangles on the shoulders, and the DYRL skull leader has yellow triangles. Whether Bandai would care about that is anyone's guess.
  11. My theory on this is that if they admit it is wrong, they could possibly be legally liable and therefore obligated to do something about it (refund, discount, reissue, etc.). They could have said nothing at all, but I imagine they've gotten quite a lot of "feedback" about it in Japan. So they decided to claim it was on purpose to cover their ass. Just my theory, though.
  12. Regarding the cockpit, the short answer is that there are differences between the TV and DYRL cockpits. Most toys don't really make the distinction, though, and end up either picking one style or the other, or doing some kind of hybrid. The DX cockpit favors the DYRL canopy shape, but I wouldn't say it is exactly that. I think if we were going to get accurate TV/DYRL style different cockpits and canopies, it would have happened in the yamcadia v2 1/60 line, since they were separate pieces that could theoretically be made differently and put together easily. It didn't happen even then. I believe some kits do make the distinction.
  13. Great set-up. Is that the perfect grade Wing Zero up there?
  14. With Macross releases slowing to a trickle lately, I've decided to follow one of my other nostalgic/guilty pleasures: Gundam Wing
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