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  1. The chat service is worthless, as many have noted. They (the chat) told me they do not have the authority to give me store credit, only the "support team" can. They basically can't do anything of value; just point you back to the ticketing system. From the outside looking in, it seems like NY is a Ponzi scheme that has reached its end-game. Maybe we'll all get something from them, but I don't have high hopes at this point. Those of us that ordered movie super parts will never see them from NY; we'll just be lucky to get store credit and some kind of product in hand at this point.
  2. Yep, never got my 3 orders of movie SSP from them. I did manage to get $100 back from the CC company (on a $300 order), so in the unlikely event I actually get something from NY, I could technically come out ahead. I bug them every couple weeks and just get the same run around BS. From the sound of it, they probably have well over $10k of just MWF members' money, without any product to show for it. Maybe the whole "take orders you can't actually fulfill" way of business finally collapsed for them during COVID. The whole thing kinda soured me on Macross collecting for a while (comb
  3. Sure, but all the valks we've gotten don't have TV style fists (only gun gripping and open hand). The VF-1D they are showing are the first official TV style fists for the DX 1/48 line.
  4. The VF-1D has tv style fists, but it looks like the GBP set doesn't. Sad times. I'll probably get a Hikaru GBP set, and leave it at that.
  5. This is where I'm at. Bandai loves to nickel and dime, but I think they know their limits. I'm pretty sure this will have everything as a "full set pack."
  6. Ehh... I'm not a big enough fan of Alto or Frontier (or the 171 for that matter) to suffer that toy. Maybe if Bandai ever decides to completely redesign it, I'd take a look at it. A straight reissue would be an easy pass, for me.
  7. Little Alto shelf. Overall, I'm happy with this release, but I can't help but feel like the 9 year old mold really shows its age in handling. I'm not sure if I'd really be in for a matte-reissue of all the Frontier valks, as I don't really feel like they are the same value the other "modern" DX releases are. I might be in for an Ozma 25S, and maybe some armor parts, but I'd probably stop there. They still look good on a shelf, though.
  8. So, I might be stating the obvious here, but I think the 盛り (mori) is just a typo, and it's supposed to say ゼントラーディ (and there was some autocorrect/autocomplete shenanigans that changed ディ to 盛り). "Prime" or whatever is not a part of this announcement. As to what a Zentradi special could mean, my best guesses are either: A) It's just Guld's YF-21, but that would be extra cruel of Bandai, as there is nothing really Zentran about it (beside the pilot, who iirc, isn't even 100% Zentran). B) The scout regult HMR we saw teased a while ago. C) Some new enemy mecha (probably HMR
  9. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    The line itself is still doing pretty well, it's just they aren't making Macross stuff right now. Hopefully, that will change in the future, but I'm glad the line still exists, even if they are making other franchise products atm. Can't get more Macross HMR if the line is completely dead.
  10. Had a chance to open mine and transform it to Gerwalk. Unfortunately, I have also been Bandai'd: I have both the split left shoulder issue that the Japanese buyer had (the right shoulder has a similar issue, just not as noticeable), and the head laser issue @Sanity is Optional has. It's a shame, too, because otherwise the toy looks great. Neither issue completely ruins the toy (the shoulders still work fine, just look bad). But we really should not be getting this poor of quality control at this price point. Sigh... Bandai
  11. Weird, they sent mine out last week without me even asking. Got here today, haven't had a chance to open it (beyond just seeing the that they actually sent the right thing...). Hopefully they will send you're soon.
  12. Nin-Nin shipped mine, hopefully will be here sometime next week.
  13. I've started the charge-back process with my CC company. Never been happier to burn a bridge. Offering 1 SSP and store credit for a bunch of (overpriced) stuff that I don't want was nowhere good enough, given how long this has taken. I'll update once the dust has settle (could take over 50 days), but right now they are going to credit my account and do an investigation.
  14. Also got the "we can't fulfill your order" from NY. Yeah, I'm done with these idiots. Of course, they are only offering store credit (and 1 SSP). Still not sure what I even want to do, as there isn't much I want from them of equivalent value. I might go to the credit card company and try to fight them for a cash refund, but I'm just tired of dealing with NY. I will echo the sentiment that this seems like a new low for them. The "you'll get your product eventually, some day," used to be the silver lining in dealing with them. Looks like that is gone now.
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