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  1. Having a PVM to play it on probably doesn’t hurt, either. I may have to check this one out.
  2. Good to know. I'll have to keep that in mind. Cool. Have you ever played the original Front Mission for Super Famicom? That's the only one of the series I've played, unless you count Gun Hazard.
  3. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    I noticed that, too. Whatever the motivation, it’s nice to see.
  4. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    At this point, I’d be happy with just one Tomahawk. Please, Bandai?
  5. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice. I think you officially have more Monsters than the SDF-1.
  6. I also really liked Adventure of Link and still do. I think it's mostly people who didn't experience it at first and look back on it now as being so different from practically every other Zelda game. It's still a bit of an oddball in the series. It also has a few things that make it rather difficult in parts, which I think frustrates people. Sunsoft also made Fester's Quest, which was (in my opinion) not a great game at all, but did have some amazing music. Yeah, I think that was me. I was trying to figure out what I might use for speakers if I got a PVM, which didn't work out. With my tiny space, limited budget, and interest in retro things, I'm currently using an old pair of small Sony SRS-67 speakers I used to use with my Discman back in the day. They're not amazing, but they definitely sound better than the internal speakers on my consumer CRT. I also have a pair of the smaller SRS-57 which are more compact but don't sound as full.
  7. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    I’ll put it this way. When I got into Macross a few years ago, I bought one HMR (thanks in part to @jenius) then quickly realized I needed 3 for the various modes. Now, including the original Hi Metals, I have over 20. Their price and size make them so easy to collect, in my opinion.
  8. @Lolicon — great work once again. It looks fantastic.
  9. Zelda 1 and 2 remake would be great. The new Links Awakening remake gives me hope that it could happen, though I can’t see them doing it as a 2D 16-bit style at this point. There is the 16-bit BS Zelda Satellaview version of the first game, in case you weren’t aware. Zelda 2 was so polarizing that I don’t know if they’d be willing to revisit it. And @Black Valkyrie — Journey to Silius is a cool game, if a little on the difficult side for me. Sunsoft really rocked the NES era with some solid games and killer soundtracks.
  10. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Great, really appreciate it. I figured it would be coming soon.
  11. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF-4 box art looks nice. Partial gerwalk doesn’t surprise me, since it seems HMR valks always appear as close to battroid as they can get, but designs like the VT-1 and VF-4 are so iconic in fighter that they leaned toward that mode for the art. And isn't this the first HMR valk that doesn’t have a window in the box where you can see the actual toy inside? Maybe this one will be packed in fighter mode (makes sense to me) instead of battroid for a change.
  12. I’ve heard of Mars Matrix, but haven’t played it much. My bro was the one with the Dreamcast, and he still has his Mars Matrix copy. I have Ikaruga, and it’s a beautiful game, though I never got that into it.
  13. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-4 available at NY for Y15500 https://www.nippon-yasan.com/26613-hi-metal-r-vf-4-lightning-iii.html
  14. Great poses and pics, @sh9000 and @Darotower! Nice to see people having fun with their toys.
  15. I really hope the 1S Roy is a TV version to go with the recent Hikaru 1J. Assuming it’s likely they will issue the valk with no added parts, I think it’d be odd if they make it a DYRL version but not include strike parts. I know Arcadia did it once, but a movie Roy without strike parts just feels wrong.
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