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  1. It definitely seems to me like they’re just following Bandai’s lead here, but it’s still nice to see this getting made.
  2. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    The Tomahawk is my favorite of all the destroids, except for maybe the Monster. (Still wish I had the space to display one of those beasts...)
  3. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice combo, @sh9000. Agreed that the TV color works much better. Even though they were originally intended for DYRL, I typically only put the HM green packs on TV valks. My DYRL valks get HMR blue packs.
  4. Not sure if you're seriously asking, but in case you are... I take it you haven't seen Delta?
  5. Yeah, that’s like saying that Macek and HG made that R-thing.
  6. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Exactly. Anything to keep the line alive and give us hope that we will eventually see the Tomahawk, the Q-rau, and the rest of Vermillion.
  7. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    I think that’s mainly the forced perspective of the VF-1 being farther away from the camera.
  8. I’m ready, though I may just get the orange 03 for my 1D. I’m wondering if the blue 02 might look good for Max. Not quite the right shade, but might still work.
  9. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    What are you ordering for the Scout? Model kit?
  10. Yeah, me too. I’m holding off on DYRL schemes for now. I’m surprised that a TWE sold out that quickly. I’m guessing a lot of people bought multiples.
  11. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Seconded. 130 is about double the original MSRP. I know they’ve become more valuable, but I think you could get one for 8000-9000 yen via Mandarake eventually. @kyekye - That is a great looking stand!
  12. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    It would seem that with so much focus on the new DX VF-1 (and related add-ons) that Bandai hasn’t had the resources to devote to HMR lately.
  13. NY just sent me notification that my missile set has shipped.
  14. As great as it looks, below is the VF-1S I'm hoping Bandai eventually makes:
  15. Yes, please! More love for the TV styles.
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