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  1. Yes please. This is my number one hope for Bandai's DX line. Words of wisdom.
  2. The fact that the VF-1 has sold so well over so many years may also mean that many (Kawamori included) would rather see something new instead of a re-tread. Even Zero (which I believe was the only time the franchise didn’t move forward in time but backwards) didn’t use the VF-1 even though they arguably could have. Newer series have also included elements to appeal to the old-school fan, like episode 12 in Frontier or the VF-1EX in Delta. Still, though, I see what you mean, and would enjoy it if they could find a way to look backwards for a change instead of forwards. I’ve heard suggestions of animating Macross the First, which would be cool, though it’d have to be with a new voice cast at this point.
  3. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    That is a pretty good price for a CF 1A these days. I keep telling myself that 4 is enough... And it’s good to see @sh9000‘s custom Milia again.
  4. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, I knew you had a lot, but seeing that list really makes it clear that you are the King! The only ones I don’t have are the Monster and Glaug (space reasons), the VF-2 (Macross II reasons) and the Messer 1S and Roy 4G (canon reasons). I am have the original Focker 1S and Hikaru 1A instead of the HMR versions since I think the color looks much better.
  5. Agreed. Though this particular game is very accessible for Western players, considering it works on a US Super Nintendo and the text is all English. @Sauce Dog - Always glad to see others who appreciate this great game. Did you think about using the official art for your custom cover?
  6. That was pretty cool! What platform or system might it need to run on?
  7. Ah, yes. You're right. I posted too quickly, thinking I was in the 1/48 DX thread and got the impression Saburo was trying to whet our appetites for the other 1S variants.
  8. Hint: the one character Bandai hasn’t yet given us in DX form. Nice coloring, by the way. Looks very convincing.
  9. 3P Legends TFs are cool. I’ve gotten a few of them over the past couple of years. Currently on the fence about getting NewAge Megatron or just waiting until Magic Square does theirs. In other news, my Defender is glad that I just filled a couple of the remaining holes in my HMR collection.
  10. Yeah, I had my eyes on that as well. It went up to around $240, which didn't meet the reserve. Now it's relisted for a minimum $250 bid, or $340 BIN. Might be worth the former; definitely not worth the latter, in my opinion.
  11. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes, they are all interchangeable, at least between the single-seat models. They also fit the original Hi Metal VFs.
  12. Seemed a little more than just a subtle reference to me. Love that movie! @arbit - This is a an incredible build. I really enjoyed seeing it.
  13. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    As a fan of the TV designs, the VEFR-1 would be a cool addition to the HMR lineup. At this point, though, any addition to the Macross HMR lineup would be cool. I was rewatching this last night, just hoping that it will one day be available: Please, Bandai?
  14. Oops, just realized I posted in For Sale instead of Wanted. Can a mod please move this?
  15. I'm interested in buying a HMR Spartan. With Japan Post pretty much shut down, I'm hoping someone in the U.S. has one they're willing to let go. I'm pretty flexible on condition, provided the price is right. Please PM me with info.
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