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  1. Yep, if you didn’t order SSP right away, you are in the 2nd batch unless you got lucky somewhere.
  2. That sucks but really all of this is just too much 1st world problems to me. Three weeks means jack to me in the world of having or not having a toy. Heck, I have toys in my possession that I have not seen for years and I’m still all good.
  3. I don’t know, I missed my order there but I thought everyone who got initial discounted preorders got theirs already. I’m assuming any who haven’t must have ordered later but I’m not here to keep track of other people’s orders. I don’t even care about when my own orders show up as long as they do. Meanwhile, the HMR VF-4 has already shipped from NY before most shops even requested payment for them.
  4. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    How dare NY ask for payment for this thing 10 days early and then be one of the first to ship out? I thought they always want money months in advance to purposefully screw people and then wait over a year to ship? For me, I don't care but it looks like mine shipped from NY too. I'll also take the M&M decos the way they were shown on display or any other variant. I definitely don't care about accuracy to some book art or whatever either as long as they end up looking good.
  5. Yeah, I’m all for various versions and I like them all. Of course, I think it would be cool if they just offered one premium version at a lower price but whatever. They need to hire LEK to offer a LPF version!
  6. Haha, early Robotech and Macross anime might be slightly more accessible than the comic backlog world but again the point is that some of your attitudes towards comic book characters is probably more comparable to the general public's view towards 2nd tier and more obscure Macross Valks. Meaning most people don't give a crap about it and probably won't buy them no matter what movie comes out.
  7. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. No one is going to care about old Macross valks other than the people who already do. I don't think anyone suspected 1/48 from bandai but most were hoping for that larger 1/35.
  8. Im betting my collection (the integrity of it) that another 1J will come one way or another. It’s why I only have one right now. Even if for some reason it doesn’t come I can put GBP on any other Valk I have too. I kinda like the look on 1As better anyways.
  9. While I’d love to be wrong I can’t imagine this to be anything but crap. Even if it turns out to be the next breakthrough blockbuster I don’t think it will do much for Macross sales. Just look at the recent success of MCU. The average consumer thinks Black Widow is an original staple of the Avengers and they have no idea who all the comic book figures are of until they show up in a movie. Then they just want to buy the MCU version of the character and talk about how cool it is when they probably just glossed over the same character in comic form a few months ago.
  10. My analysis would match most of what’s been said unless the Hikaru 1J gets reissued. If so, I think the Hikaru 1S will surpass the 1J in price. A 1J reissue most likely won’t come with the extra stand but I don’t think that will matter to most people.
  11. All good examples of the typical Macross market.
  12. Lol, no kidding! I think it’s just another example of how small the Macross collecting community truly is. The same thing happens with most other non Hikaru/Roy or CF Valks. There just isn’t huge demand for this stuff but the people who want it will pay nearly anything to get it if they missed out.
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