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  1. Oh frak! Imagine the rage if one gear in that thing fails.
  2. Yeah, see what you like and it’s good to have variety, imo. They way I’ve protected my Valks from the sticky tips is to put tape over them but then they are no longer sticky which makes them even more fiddly to deal with.
  3. I’m not a fan of the Flightpose stands but they are a decent option. I find them a bit fiddly to set exactly how I want and also don’t like using them on any painted Valks because I don’t want to deal with the possibility of it rubbing off any paint. There is also the basic Arcadia flight stand that you can get KOs of for cheap. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32976160670.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.32976160670&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=1578amp-olx-07oKDXVLbHhOxTmfcw1594528720719&browser_id=4bcca05e0acb43e4bdff7cf04ce461ca&is_c=Y Also not a huge fan of these because of the limited way it displays but it’s cool to have a few of them.
  4. Sweet. Makes me think about what if I bought one last time HLJ has some in stock recently. But I also remember seeing a post by someone who did at that time and had his hips fall apart. So yeah, I’ll wait and hope for a reissue.
  5. No idea. Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands? Lol! Speaking of, these aren’t new but I opened a random box from my storage today and found these: Always nice to find some goodies I didn’t know I had. The Cobra is the gem of the lot to me and of course it’s great good to find more Audi and P-Cars.
  6. Nice! It’s looks good @sqidd!
  7. Great to hear. I’d be pretty sad if I had disintegrating hips on any VF-0.
  8. Yeah, F-4s are a skip for me. Never been a big fan of those. Haha, I gave my kids a bunch of my hot wheels from when I was a kid and when I find the rest, I’ll give them those too. I also let them open any extras I find out of the new ones I’ve bought over the years.
  9. Nice @sqidd! How is the paint? Does it look factory fresh quality? Would you do it again knowing the official version is coming now?
  10. Haha, yeah pretty much! Lol! Love it! All this! MAXL 11 for sure! Great to hear there are more good 0As out there! Does it have that thing where it scratches the cockpit? Either way, I’m waiting for reissue that is hopefully as nice all around as the 0D reissue. Yeah, the 0S is pretty much unfv<kwithable. Haha I love how you can pull out these pics anytime, anywhere.
  11. I’m telling you! Arcadia VF-0s are the $hit! (starting with the 0S that fixed a few issues). I really hope the 0A is next but I’m also kinda hoping they reissue the 19 Kai special set in PF. Those and a Max 1S would be my top three Arcadia wishlist.
  12. How can the squad be truly complete without their missiles? Haha, just messing with you and I think one way to help justify your decision more is to think about how lame it is that the missiles have almost no clearance between them and the wings.
  13. KO. This is the KO thread and there is no official Angel Bird or CF preorders that I know of. By the way, I checked and they said it should be end of year.
  14. No, they don't do that...They do this: Hey, it could be a strategy. They have the integrity to not cancel your order with some BS excuse BUT they conveniently might take their time shipping so that people who are too impatient do it themselves and cancel. At that point it is fair game for them to charge whatever they can get for the cancelled items. Brilliant!
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