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  1. So after shipping between NY and HLJ is about $60+ difference. I hate giving out free loans but if my free loan saves me over $60, which is well over 10% over a few months, I'll deal with it. Mine is paid for and I know I got the best price so I'm all good.
  2. Using a no fee card through PayPal is like double bagging
  3. If I’m not mistaken, this was an Arcadia exclusive and not everyone was offering it. I never bought directly from Arcadia before but I thought I remembered something about most shops taking money up front for this and there was a surprise that NY allowed pay later.
  4. That will be an amazing pair for any collection!
  5. Nice pics and setups @Saburo! Always love seeing the LEK customs! That guy is the $#1t!
  6. They all look fantastic!
  7. Don’t want to get too into this again but I typically save around $20 or more on shipping per order. That adds up pretty quick for me and more than covers any insurance I would ever need. Toys are what ease my mind, not worrying about when or if I will get them.
  8. If you want it fast and don’t care about price, use EMS or DHL. But to me, that is rookie “Real” collectors know they spend the least possible on shipping no matter how long it takes because money saved goes towards more collection. But seriously, use whatever method works best for you. I’ve tried them all and I have great delivery people so it really doesn’t matter for me so I always go the cheapest route.
  9. If they were giving me a box with two DX VF-1's, they can wake me anytime!
  10. Wow @sqidd amazing story! the thought of how a Macross collector would feel losing a package like that would force me to return it too. Nice! You should definitely talk to him when you get a chance. I got to know a neighbor of mine much better after he invited my family to his kid’s birthday party once and when I got there, it was all Transfomer themed with a bunch of his G1 collection displayed. When I invited them over, they were blown away by my collection.
  11. Airwolf would be sweet. I’ve been hoping for a Firefox since I saw that recent model of it.
  12. Wow, that is sick! My only question is does the dash flash when it talks?
  13. This. So much this.
  14. Lol, pretty much. Everyone who can’t deal with it, buy a bunch of Metal Composite MS-06Cs and use the extra decals to fix your 1S. Hopefully one of them will be the perfect size.
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