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  1. I've been avoiding any Movie Realization figures so far. Yeah, it's Boba Fett but if I get that, it's a whole nother rabbit hole I don't want to go down. I love seeing pics of those though.
  2. 1/72. They measured it in the vid too so get out your ruler and figure it out!
  3. 1/60 VF-1s are about the same size as 1/72 F-14s and they did mention that it does work with them. Someone shared a post about it if you look back. Anyone who thinks they made this without the idea that people would be using their 1/60 VF-1s on it is kidding themselves.
  4. Gotcha. Thanks for the info. Good thing is the character’s main purpose is to look cute and doesn’t require extreme articulation. Would have been nice to use tiny magnets or something whenever parts don’t stay well due to other limitations though.
  5. Well the good thing is it can lift a full diecast model as it was designed for so anything else will probably weigh less or not even fit on it.
  6. They did mention they were going to adjust the gears so that everything is flush. Maybe that will help make it more solid. It did look like it was struggling with the model on it compared to without but not sure how they would fix that. Balance and pressure would be different with every different model or toy used on it. As for the stands, it’s great that they are listening to feedback and making improvements. If they make more adapters, it’s good timing to swoop in on the missing Yetistands for now. Only thing is I still don’t like the Flightpose design and non clear stands in gener
  7. In the video it shows that batteries go into the deck from the bottom. The back houses batteries for the lights.
  8. If it’s poop what’s the BS version? Diarrhea? I saw comparison pics and SHF is significantly better imo. I know, it should be because blah blah blah. Anyways, I look forward to getting these and the new Armorer that just went up for sale
  9. It sems to be fixed since you did that recent Forum update. Thanks!
  10. Some panel forming is acceptable especially if it is part of the original intended design. My hate for panel forming comes from the Transformers that fold so much, they no longer need to resemble anything they were originally designed to be because they could be anything after being folded that much. Might as well just have a bunch of Mandalorians that transform into Red Semi Trucks, sports cars and F-15s.
  11. Agree! FWIW, I feel this way about any transforming mecha/robot/toy. If something is a foldformer, it pretty much defeats its purpose for existence imo. WTF does Optimus Prime need to have smokestacks on his arms, windows on his chest, a grille for abs, etc it everything just folds away anyways? Yes, it’s all fantasy but I’d prefer things to transform in a way that makes sense for it to need the different forms and in a way that seems somewhat feasible or realistic to how it would if it really existed.
  12. Please no panel formers for Macross! There is nothing I hate more that what I consider lazy transformations that involve endless folding...especially when it gets to the point that it defeats the reason a character looks the way it a because you can fold anything to look like anything if you keep folding it enough. FWIW, MP Shockwave had a decent transformation. I haven’t even attempted MP Megatron’s transformation yet and I busted out laughing at how ridiculous MP Prime’s transformation is.
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