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  1. Sure! I think it shipped already so it should be soon. Now I feel like I should have ordered the F-15 too. Lol, can not sustain this!
  2. That looks good to me! The F-14 looks like it is flying out of the detolf. Nice! Is that your first Daltanious? Love that figure!
  3. Got two shipments today! Well, well, well, what a coincidence, two Milia Vf-1Js.
  4. It’s hard to do any better than you did as an into to collecting. Congrats and welcome!
  5. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    good stuff! the arm designs and custom valks
  6. It's great when we can a have a conversation that is related to Macross and let it evolve a bit before some people kindly remind people to keep it on topic and then we carry on. It keeps the conversation moving and allows relevant topics to be discussed when needed without having to take things to pm or other threads. And then we carry on... Speaking of which...
  7. eBay gon ebay But I checked some older releases and they all seem to go up after a while and sell out quick. But nothing like Bandai Macross sellouts and even at double the price, we are talking around $40 so it’s not breaking the bank.
  8. Still available at CDJapan Aaaand, I just ordered the A-10.
  9. Ok @sh9000, I hate you for influencing me into getting this thing because I LOVE IT! I like it a LOT more than the 1/72 Calibre Wings I have that cost 10x as much. Even the stand is better! Great, now I definitely have to get some more of these and I totally get why your collection of them grew so fast.
  10. Further proof that lighting and the person behind the camera is more important than the camera.
  11. Slave IV

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Yeah, nothing flimsy about my Arcadia but also glad to have both.
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