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  1. Slave IV

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Based on what I currently have, another SDFM Max 1A was the highest want on my liat in any format. Glad to see it as a DX! Now, seeing as how this doesn’t come with missiles, who’s about to order more missile sets? Lol!
  2. Slave IV

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Are you Roger Rabbit?;)
  3. Haha, uh...in the USA. Yeah, those are my beloved big boys!
  4. Thanks! I'll end up rotating what I have where but I had three billy shelves in my office that I moved home for more storage and display space there. I have a private office and ever since I started displaying the expensive stuff there, I've kept my door locked and just clean the room myself. I have forgot to lock the door and left it wide open a few times but had no issues.
  5. The stand that came with this thing (Flightpose style) sucks to use with it but I finally found a way that it works without it falling off and all the parts flying everywhere
  6. Consolidated and updated my office display. A lot of this will be transfered to my home display once I get that all setup.
  7. I was close to pulling the trigger on that 0A at HLJ but glad I missed that. As for the 0S, I handle my non-PF version more than any other Valk and the right hand has been supporting the gun pod most the time and luckily, no issues on either wrist or fingers.
  8. Oh yeah, Silent Mode was cool too! Almost forgot about it. Same deal on Airwolf, lol! Nice! I really need to get that whole wave x2.
  9. I’m getting a couple. Love that there is built in storage and it gives another display look.
  10. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks really solid! But does this mean the missiles can’t be removed? What if I want to display it with a missile launched look? Preorder cancelled!
  11. Lol, totally! Except I'm not into AFA grading.
  12. All this! Plus, I can transform the CM in under 30 seconds to any mode with my eyes closed and use it as a weapon.
  13. Thanks! Nice haul there! Ironically, I also found my old TB Professor X with the other wheelchair today...among many, many other items. I can't wait to get all my stuff more organized. Yeah, I love the Yamato 1/48 Valks and especially all the Low Vis/Stealth variants. They look mean with Armor Parts. Well said. I still consider the Chunky Monkey the finest all around toy ever made.
  14. BTW, I do have at least one CM Jetfire in storage, probably two.
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