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  1. Good point! I love the HMR boxes as they are anyways so I'm all good. Releasing them in the OG box style would just be forcing my hand to buy more stuff.
  2. Yes. The V2 1/60 is a more solid and refined toy but along with that precision comes some tighter tolerances and more difficult transformation.
  3. The Yamato 1/48 is pretty fiddly but I agree it is such a great toy to play with anytime. Transformation is so quick, simple and good.
  4. Why can't Bandai do this with HMR instead?
  5. They’ll just ban me when they find out. But I won’t need them anymore at that point.
  6. I'll handle quality control with all the prototypes, first and random factory runs sent to me. I'll also handle PR when people start complaining about delays and shipments.
  7. AE has always had an “indefinite private warehouse”. I’ve had items sit with them for over a year.
  8. Yamato: Any of the Low-Vis/Stealth 1/48 VF-1s. Arcadia: VF-0S. PF SDF-1 for non-Valk entry. Bandai: DX VF-1...I'll go with the Max 1A since it's Max. These are also my favorites because I like the best!
  9. Yeah, I took a hiatus for a while so I missed a lot and I have a policy of not going back on anything I missed if I couldn't find or order it myself at retail unless I find deals that I can't pass up (thanks Mandarake!). Yeah, there is no way I could display everything I had unless I open a museum (something that has been discussed and would love to do someday). I did add another policy of not buying anything I don't plan to open and display but I haven't been able to keep up with that rule and it doesn't apply to duplicates...which puts me deeper into my situation of having more stuff than I can deal with. Those displays by @tekering and others are incredible though. I think @Kicker773 might just have the title of top dog from what I've seen as far as pure quantity.
  10. Yeah, before the DX VF-1 came out, I was always saying the Arcadia 0S was the best Valk toy ever made. I still think it's a tossup in some areas but objectively, must say the DX has a slight edge. With PF treatment, the 0D will have a significant edge in the finish department but either way, more awesome toys for me is a great thing and I don't need to worry about which one is better because I will have them all!
  11. Haha, thanks @DYRL VF-1S and sorry, I’m just going to respond to this. I said exactly the same thing about there not being proof either way, which is why none of us “need” to keep hearing about the same accusations over and over again. As long as these threads get interrupted with negative posts about a place that I’ve used hundreds of times with all positive results, I’m going to share it because there are always new eyes on these forums. Now, the situation with some European customers seems unfortunate but I have no idea about that because I don’t live in Europe so it’s great if people who do want to talk about that in the thread @DYRL VF-1S made. I’ve had bad experiences with other shops and guess what?...I don’t use them anymore and I don’t mention them unless people specifically ask about them. When I do answer about them, I just give the facts about what happened in my experience and leave it up to the person who asked to decide if they want to go with them or not. Now, can we kindly just sit back and wait for this to be released so we can see some pictures and talk about the figure? Thanks!
  12. Lol! I ordered 3 VF-4s from NY and they shipped before any of the other main shops even requested payment. Shrug. Yeah, it sucks.
  13. Always these conspiracy theories against NY. It is normal operating procedure for them to ask for payment about a month before release. That’s when they requested payment for this, as usual. As for the delay announcement that came after they asked for payment, you can speculate if they knew it was coming or not but I think some people think these businesses have a lot more time to deal with these minor scams than it’s worth. I don’t like paying early for anything either but I have no problem when it sometimes happens.
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