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  1. Yeah, if they do a reissue with fixes like the 29, I’m in. Otherwise, I’ll just enjoy the pics shared.
  2. I doubt this will be PF. Seems like they might wait a while before offering PF SV-51s but you never know.
  3. You really love to see our wallets decimated don't you?
  4. I didn't compare with the figure but that's the initial impression I got from the image.
  5. Maybe the grey goggle is part of the armor set and fits over the the existing figure? That would make the most sense in many ways. I’d actually prefer a set but happy to save some money if they only release the armor.
  6. Didn’t realize Flightpose was down for the count too. I think you can get basically the same thing from Calibre Wings but maybe not as many options for different arm lengths. That would be interesting but I hope @ChaoticYeti can just come back and do it himself. Haha yeah! While I love the Yetistands, I do not need them for every Valk I own. I like to mix up the display but I definitely prefer to use Yetis whenever I’m trying to make them look like they are flying. Being able to hold several Valks on one base helps and I also like using the wall and detolf mounts where applic
  7. Nice! One of my favorite aircraft. I thought it may be a diecast model at first and was wondering why Hatchette can’t release one with a payload like that (that I know of). A-10s should always be armed to the teeth unless they just unloaded on some poor targets.
  8. Yeah, thousands sounds right if you have a typical collection that a lot of us here do.
  9. I don’t remember all the prices but it’s definitely more expensive than any other stand by a good amount, especially when you trick them out to hold multiple Valks. Well worth it though. Maybe someone has an order invoice handy to provide an example? You can easily spend hundreds if you want them for your whole collection.
  10. One thing I’d say is the stands are not cheap. I’m sure the materials and time to make them are not cheap either but I’ll fund it by buying them if/when the shop reopens.
  11. Not completely clear but he did make adapters out of clear material that ended up as a translucent white. I haven’t used them for any DX Valks yet but there should be the same thing where a translucent adapter can connect to the clear DX attachment. Yeah
  12. I used to hang all my model aircraft and some toys using fishing line. Never had a problem with it. Some of these Valks are a lot heavier though.
  13. Slave IV

    Macross figures

    That’s pretty sweet. Need to pose the Valk for that image to complete the recreation
  14. You can also use Tamashii stages. The trident stage works well for anything bigger than HMR. I’m just saving my money and using the stands I have already or included with DX Valks until yeti comes back. No sense in “wasting” money on anything lesser.
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