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  1. Como estas Ignacio, podrias decirme cual fue el proceso exacto? Lo desarmaste? aplicaste igual en partes pintadas o de color? voy a realizarlo en un vf-1a 1/60 de kaki. Saludos!
  2. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    My God Bandai, I pass ...
  3. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1119724280&ref=list&keyword=black%2F6inch&lang=en
  4. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    Is there no minmay for the seat? At least it's not a disaster like vt-1 painting, good job bandai! You know how to color a model evenly.
  5. Guys, does anyone know if canceling a preorder (VF-1J 1/48) in hlj the unit is available for sale immediately? I'm going to cancel a preorder and it would be good if someone from here takes advantage of it.
  6. This is ridiculous, it is not yet the launch and they already sell it for 300 dollars.
  7. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    The unforgivable thing (in my point of view) is that I am not an occasional buyer in the store, I have spent thousands of dollars there, but it does not seem to matter to them.
  8. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    My last purchase in NY, I paid double what I would have left in Mandarake, only that from Mandarake I never received a box in this state. The answer of NY? Ohhh we are very sorry. My Hi-Metal R Glaug came in the same conditions as this one.
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