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  1. EmilianoAlfaro

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    i'm in
  2. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

  3. EmilianoAlfaro

    Hi-Metal R

    I am currently working on other models so the modeling of the laterals is paused, as soon as I resume it I will upload an update!
  4. EmilianoAlfaro


    Yes, you can contact him by facebook, but the times that I consult him to buy some things he always made excuses for problems with his printer. Good luck.
  5. EmilianoAlfaro


    Best news of the year.
  6. EmilianoAlfaro

    Mospeada Moscato 1/48 Pinky Space Crab "Scarab"

    Looks great! I wait for the final images
  7. EmilianoAlfaro

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    It seems to me, or the chest is very flat?
  8. EmilianoAlfaro

    Baby Crab 1/48 Build from Moscato

    I believe that the proportions of the eager are perfect, it really looks great next to the pinky. I hope to start soon with the blueberry crab.
  9. EmilianoAlfaro

    Baby Crab 1/48 Build from Moscato

    Thanks derex!
  10. Here I leave some images of my latest armed model of Mospeada, the Baby Crab of the master Moscato. I also made some modifications on the cannons of my Pinky Crab. Here are the definitive models! Enjoy
  11. EmilianoAlfaro


    Yes, transparency is very subtle. I decided to make it a little darker so that the face is not easily seen. One of the things that bothered me (apart from the lines in the visor) is that when you posed the figure without the helmet, a loose helmet with a face inside was really ugly.
  12. EmilianoAlfaro


    Second attempt with Stig helmet, what do you think, original or personalized?
  13. EmilianoAlfaro

    Mospeada Moscato Pinky Crab 1/48 Model

    Hi, thanks for your words!. The pinky was painted with Humbrol enamel paints. Unfortunately there is no specific color in this line to paint this model, so the colors are from my own preparation, mixing purple, blue and other colors. These are not the definitive images because I modified the barrels a bit so they would be closer to the body. Soon I will upload more pictures along with the baby crab that I just finished. Regards!
  14. EmilianoAlfaro


    I already think that a recast of the visors in clear resin would be great as an accessory in the kit, and it does not need more work than just making the molds. I would buy at least two to personalize them with different colors.
  15. EmilianoAlfaro


    I just painted it black. Be careful to use thinner paints, as it eats plastic. To remove the gray metallic paint I used ethyl alcohol, I did not try with isopropyl because it could affect the plastic. With Ray's, try a combination of Clear Blue and Clear smoke with an airbrush.