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  1. I picked up the mc strike freedom 2 weeks ago and it is fantastic. All the joints were tight(some a little too tight) and the paint was perfect. If the deactive mode is anything like the regular release then I say it's worth it.
  2. I got the eva-1 on the first release and I haven't had any problems with the joints.
  3. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iXovfb0UyLzU7nYMib0gqw Super excited to see their take on super robot wars srx, God I hope it transforms. With this, the new gravion and samurai trooper I'm gonna be broke lol
  4. Just got an email from NY, saying they had the strike pack in stock. Was able to get one finally get one.
  5. Oh my God , finally got a pre order in at NY.
  6. Here you go. Mg jegan, hg jegan and ver ZZ with 19, 1j and -25
  7. I can send some pics after work tonight for you.
  8. It's a usually around 2-5 days depending. I've noticed they post in early midday to afternoon. With them selling out, it really depends on the item. For car Voltron it's gonna go fast. Keep in mind too that there shipping is cheap but almost all their imports are marked up.
  9. Keep in mind that places like big bad toy store always carry soul of chogokin releases. It just takes them a few extra days to put the pre order up.
  10. The Asian version has English subtitles. They've done this for the past couple of games. So far I'm really enjoying it.
  11. Came home to this tonight... I guess I don't need sleep..
  12. Just got this in today. Really looking forward to this!!
  13. Amiami has the rg nu gundam up for pre order for those interested
  14. What I read is the price is above $200, aliens vs predator is one of the few that has never seen a home release before. Don't get me wrong I'm with you that it is awesome just not for that price point and few games hense put it all on a $60 disc and let me buy the arcade stick separate
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