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  1. Finally got metal gear Rex 1/48 scale and play arts kai solid snake from the wifey for Christmas
  2. I'm looking for the ThreeA Metal gear Rex 1/48 or the half size version. Thanks!
  3. The vf-22 had everything intergraded in the m7
  4. That's really odd, because they only charged me about 35 to ship my hot toy.
  5. Jungle is actually shipping dhl to the us. I just got hot toys resident evil 6 leon from them.
  6. Just got an update from ups, saying that my super/strike parts from NY should be here Tuesday. At least that's one order taken care of.
  7. Just got my copy today as well. I want to hold off playing it because I'm trying to finish nioh 2 first.
  8. How so? Only asking because I'm in the middle of my build right now.
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