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  1. Just got an update from ups, saying that my super/strike parts from NY should be here Tuesday. At least that's one order taken care of.
  2. Just got my copy today as well. I want to hold off playing it because I'm trying to finish nioh 2 first.
  3. How so? Only asking because I'm in the middle of my build right now.
  4. Finally got TP Voltron and moshow kampfer this week.
  5. There website says they won't be back to work till the 10th, I know it sucks but I wouldn't worry too much. Just give them a little time.
  6. Just picked up the last set. Thanks for the heads up and the link!!
  7. I actually just got this last month. To be honest it's a beast of a figure. The paint apps for very good. The only thing I found on my was the back skirt wasn't the tightest fit. To put the feet and arms on was tough on mine. Mainly because It was super tight and once there in their not coming back off. For me I just wish I didn't wait this long to pick it up lol. I think the red version comes with the gun add on, if it does I would highly recommend picking it up while it's on discount.
  8. Thanks for the info everybody
  9. Every time I try to upload a picture it says -200, does anyone know why?
  10. Just got delivered!!!
  11. Just checked and NY finally shipped my vf-1s
  12. I believe these are just promo pics for now. I haven't seen it for pre order yet. This site is really good about 3rd party Gundam coming out.https://showzstore.com/
  13. What your seeing on Amazon is the metal add-on parts for the mg sinanju.
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