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  1. The Asian version has English subtitles. They've done this for the past couple of games. So far I'm really enjoying it.
  2. Came home to this tonight... I guess I don't need sleep..
  3. Just got this in today. Really looking forward to this!!
  4. Amiami has the rg nu gundam up for pre order for those interested
  5. What I read is the price is above $200, aliens vs predator is one of the few that has never seen a home release before. Don't get me wrong I'm with you that it is awesome just not for that price point and few games hense put it all on a $60 disc and let me buy the arcade stick separate
  6. U.S. ps3 is region free for games so you don't need to mod anything
  7. My wife and I felt the same about what he watched at first to, then I remembered what I watched as a child. I let him watch alot of old cartoons from back in the day I have downloaded on my computer. Silverhawks, Thundercats, David the gnome and he actually really likes Galaxy rangers.
  8. I actually gave my 3 yr old son my old chunky bandai fire Valkyrie. I sanded the wing tips so there not as sharp and he loves it. I was actually surprised when I came home one night and he almost had it transformed.
  9. Amiami order came today, and I finally got my first armored pack for my -25. I'm so looking forward to setting this up!!
  10. I have to agree with you, the dropper idea is soooo easy to use, especially since I use a top gravity fed cup.
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