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  1. VF-2SS is clearly the true future Macross, such an awesome design, a really nice evolution which I can't say for the overly bird like Macross plus and future valks. I want to order a Nexx pack with SAP to complete my long held dream of a 1/60 VF2SS. Kinda sorta always wanted that 1/100 kit since I was 14 years old (25 years ago?!) but never did it because my model making skills are so poor.
  2. Forper

    Macross Laser Disks, VHS, DVD

    Hey, it's me six years back, before I was banned under that username. I think I got banned that time for preferring the Big West continuity to Kawamori's ridiculous hijack of the franchise. It's funny my toy wants list is still the same but I got a 1/3000 SDF-1 when it came out (price now almost makes me want to sell, naaahh!) and the VF-2SS toy with SAP actually came out!! Gotta get it before I die! Anyway I was just in Tokyo and found the Macross TV memorial box in a Hard Off for Y2000. Up until now and since about 2000 I've been relying on my Animeigo box sets which are incorrectly coloured. It's good to have a correctly coloured, more authentic version of the original show. Looks great on LD too of course and my Japanese is not bad these days either..
  3. Forper

    Macross SF Challenge Laser Disc

    That LD had some amazing art done for it. Thanks for sharing. I was just in Tokyo and looking at some LD games and the prices were insane. What's the Macross SF Challenge disc worth these days?
  4. ah so? Never knew this. Cool Applause. I think you slam dunked an explanation here. I used to live in Tokyo and work in Shinjuku and yeah there are a damn lot of cafes, thought I'm not familiar with Biggbys it was all Dotour and that Starbucks ripoff I can't think of now. The actual Starbucks was good across from my office near the station, just near Studio Alta, had sausage rolls from my homeland of Downunder... edit: The starbucks ripoff chain I was thinking of was Excelsior Cafe, and Shinjuku is not really comparable with apparantly over 1,000,000 people using the station every day.
  5. Yeah I guess I've thought about this issue before and known it's a matter of suspending disbelief in the interests of entertainment, guess I was wondering if anyone on here could actually pull off explaining it logically. You came close, nice one with the 3D roads haha.
  6. Why are there so many cafes in Macross city? I counted four different ones just watching DYRL? and going through line art today. That's not including Cafe Variation in the TV show. Which got me thinking more, there's a new Honda being marketed in a scene in DYRL!!! so HOW big is the Macross economy? I can understand it's highly concentrated making for Hong Kong like density but can a city of 76,000 really support a full scale pop concert at the same time as having packed streets, restaurants and cafes? Where exactly would you drive your new Honda by the way? Isn't the city only 500 metres long??!!
  7. The best edition to own of DYRL? is STILL the Perfect Edition CAV LDs. I've had my set since 2001 when I picked it up in a Ikebukuro video store sale box for Y1000. Silky smooth analogue video (film is analogue), digital audio and the only Macross movie I'll ever need. Having said that I DID buy the 2005 (?) DVDs for the extras (Skylark stuff was too cool). Edit: Been reviewing the different versions of DYRL? I have today and I'm reminded of the grain debate when the DVDs came out. There is definately excess and unecessary grain on the HD remaster disc. Definately prefer the LD with proper letterbox as well, and as I said before a much more natural picture. Grain hasn't been played with, it's just right. Love the perfect freeze frame of LD CAV too, been reliving Easter eggs like the Takohai and Buddweiser missiles. Still love the DVD sets extras though, great having an archive of the Saturn animation without having to play the game through.
  8. Hi, Been here from a long time ago but lost my account. I'm the guy from Canberra Australia who refuses to acknowledge the existence of anything after Macross II. My stance is basically Shoji Kawamori is a an overrated George Lucas style hack who created genius when he collaborated with all the other creative masters that created this unique phenomenon in 1982. Given free reign after his success he's never created anything worth seeing ever since. My stance is hardline but I believe the Big West MII continuity is the only official one and the only one worthy of the original Macross franchise. I've had these guys in storage for the past 2 years and finally got to set them up so resparked my love of Macross, a small but focused collection, DYRL? only. Would like to get a VF-1A mass production type and a set of GBP armor for it next. Can anyone comment on which versions will work best for this in 1/60? Would love a VF-4 obviously too but they seem to be gold dust these days. I also busted out my Macross book collection mostly from my time in the 'Pan (mostly from Nakano Broadway Mandarake) as well as a few books n mags from comic book shops in Australia I've been collecting since the early 90s: edit: yes I know I have a couple of Macross 7 books but I'm a sucker for anything Mikimoto, it doesn't mean I acknowledge the canon of it.