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  1. And getting it done I am indeed... UPDATE: Sorry for the dook me a bit, since my camera's memory card self-destructed and my PC's card reader mo longer works (had to use my wife's on both counts): The main support for the stand gave out and snapped clean in half; I remedied this by tracing a new one onto two pieces of very thick styrene , cutting them out and gluing them together. Some sanding, shaping and whatnot later, I had a new, serviceable stand that has absolutely no wobble and will stay perfectly still in the middle of a hurricane. (yes, I even drilled out the
  2. Right? That's what keeps me from doing a lot with collectibles! Next thing ya know, one of these will literally cost a kidney!
  3. Thanks Shawn. I'm departing this thread as it got a bit heavy for me. Anyone needs me, I'll be building a model in the Workshop. I have Maverick's F/A-18 From the next Top Gun movie going, and considering scratching up a VF-5000 (because no one's done a proper toy yet!).
  4. Seriously dude... no need for the hostility. No wonder I dropped out of your other threads...
  5. And the entirety of North America is considered one market, correct? It also makes me wonder if many of us here are holding onto a dim hope (that really doesn't have much to it) that in the unlikely event HG somehow lost/relinquished the rights to Macross in North America, that it would be a "renaissance" for Macross in the US? From what you said, Macross is an old property, and unless the popularity in the US was such that it would be a considerable boon for them, they wouldn't make any sudden moves to jump into it. Just my 2 cents worth at this juncture.
  6. Not sharing any common equipment has got to be a hindrance in some manner, seeing as the modern military (at least in NATO nations) has some interchangeability and commonality. Must make manufacturing, maintenance and repair an utter PITA for the crews. Probably demonstrates how many real combat scenarios they got into before the Zor (unless I'm misremembering Southern Cross). Well...there was that persnickety Captain... Or dating. Seriously though, it comes off as whoever was writing this was so compressed for time. that instead of throwing out all the bad
  7. Excellent showing for your fist Battroid! :thumbup
  8. I wonder if anyone ever thought to use it as a steering wheel?
  9. All of it is to protect Glorie from Jeanne Françaix's utter idiocy (which they fail at often!). They were hoping the giant robots could step on her if she got too out of hand. In all seriousness, seeing that they half-ar$$ed the series, they probably never developed a salient point to that. Pretty much "parade armor on steroids" without even the parade armor's usefulness. As I noted before, the helmets ensure that if anyone falls down head first, they just became a lawn-dart. All I can think of for it is that they were expecting to meet the enemy and have a pos
  10. UPDATE: Got some more work done on it: Did some work on the connecting arm to the Prometheus; it just looked pretty weird the way it was and I wanted it to credibly look like the arm from the Macross: Aside from that, I'm not going to use the antennae from the kit;. Rather, I'll make my own with stretched sprue and add something to the radar mast for the bridge. Most of the spray work is done; just need to do the body colors and details, then we'll go from there. Since the decals on this kit are just stripes, I'll most likely try painting them in i
  11. Very tempted to make it transform, but not really wanting to attempt it.
  12. If it helps, I just used markings from one of the Hasegawa kits; it takes a bit of adjustment but it can be done.
  13. Then here's the new RDF symbol for HG, done with this discussion specifically in mind:
  14. Very true; I just feel HG shot themselves in the foot on a lot of levels here (which i think you'd agree with me on).
  15. Said toys which are lagging behind the current crop of VF's that have far better detailing, transformation schemes and aren't just trapped in SDFM, to mention a few points of my own...
  16. Yeah, that's the rub right there! Shipping can turn a 2 dollar part into a 12 dollar one! And when you only paid 5 bucks for the kit, that is often more than one's better half can tolerate. o.o Anyways, setting that aside right now: got an early birthday gift from a friend that I'm currently working on: My progress so far: Wish I had this kit when I built the "Storm Attacker" version; I think i like the carriers on this better, as well as the booms! Anyways, this means I can now fix the Storm Attacker into solid position and leave it that way, while having both versi
  17. Haven't seen any that aren't ridiculously expensive (the kit was 10 dollars back when i lived in Colorado a couple of years ago). Yeah. amen to that! Revellogram F-14 kits have stupid thin canopies on them; sneeze and they break. Looking on Ebay now, but the wife is freaking out over bills this month, getting me to see a doctor (tummy issues), and just life in general. Now's not the time for me to rock the boat, or I may need a "new canopy"! lol What's nice though is picclick: saves me a lot of trouble looking for stuff on ebay! Just wish they had it for the other sales sites
  18. Let's face it: at this rate, either the Second Coming or the Sun going into its' Red Giant phase (take your pick) will come before HG ever gives up its' rights concerning Macross. Those people are just that greedy and delusional.
  19. Well, I thought I was retiring from kitbashing, but well...so much for retirement: Redoing this Tomcat as Maverick's from Top Gun, but the canopy (main and windshield) shattered when I tried to remove them. Apparently, monogram/Revel likes to mold their stuff paper thin. And of course to make matters worse, Revell is now owned by their German division and operate out of Germany, and they stated on their website: "Please note that currently no spare part orders can be delivered to the USA. Since the shipping has been stopped by the service providers. This is in connection with the CO
  20. They have the issue of the sheer size of the parts; one warp nacelle is nearly as big as the 1/537 refit! I would build each component as an individual model were I to do it again. Really, i wish ROund 2 would do a new 2 foot Refit-E that was essentially a shrunk-down version of the 1/350 (don't we all, right?).
  21. Well, at least we know they won't name it Mjolnir. :P
  22. The 1/537 was something of a poor model, but I get the feeling it was a "rush job" and was tossed together as best they could. I just don't have the endless materials to figure out how to correct the problems with it. Otherwise, it's actually not too far from being finished; just needs the engines re-glued and some work done to prep it for paint and detailing.
  23. Thanks for the encouragement on the 1/537; my model is an old AMT "smoothie", so I doubt Round 2 could help. Besides, i would prefer to get a better set, as Ertl's were a bit too small (particularly the top hull registry). The WoK display is actually a dual bridge diorama that I built surrounding a Photoshop-doctored printout of the actual nebula scene from the movie (both backdrop and underneat hthe ships joined in PS). I hand-painted over some of it to add my own touch. The data printout was all done in Photoshop, as if this were a display diorama in the Federation's Museum of History
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