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  1. On that note: has anyone ever considered that Voltron's main weakness is most likely a gigantic ball of YARN?
  2. That's the problem; initially. I wish they would have ran with it fully, as it would have allowed for a lot more, IMO.
  3. You have a good point here; those records would be pretty damning, not to mention long-lasting. So then by necessity, this would have to be a universe where Section 31's existence were not a well-kept secret. That would actually make a pretty good anthology series on TV I would think. And it would allow for actors to be replaced fairly easily as well as one-time and recurring roles by others.
  4. As long as the main bodies are in reasonable shape, the connectors aren't important. I'll probably rebuild them anyways to my specs.
  5. I'm going to go with Seto Kaiba on this: I mean honestly: if Trek is big enough for multiple imaginations, then its' also big enough for multiple timelines/ universes. Trying to shoehorn Discovery into the Prime Timeline is just absurd (even in the face of my previous suggestion about Section 31). Debate is fun when done right; tempers and egos do not have to rule it.
  6. Actually, rather simple: submerge. People stop talking and forget once you stop showing up for some time. Then you pass into legend, legend becomes myth, and myth fades into obscurity.
  7. That's a neat idea, only I'm poor. As in: I'm so poor, I cannot even pay attention. So, unless someone's willing to buy it for me, finding an old junker at a yard sale or flea market is the best I can do.
  8. To be fair: maybe this is the reason they are so covert by the TNG era. They got lax after Enterprise and had to re-establish their "Secret Squirrel" status! lol
  9. Okay.... now i just need to fins a junker Vehicle Voltron combining set that I can kitbash and add insane articulation to. Y'know...to go along with my Lion Voltron.
  10. I noticed that as well; I'm wondering then if some type of latch could be worked into it that would be released when the motor started, and would be closed again when the ramp was drawn back up? Not sure how that would work, but just an idea.
  11. At this rate, they should just have Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer just tossing paper airplanes at each other.
  12. Lol no worries Thom! Parts: 1/48 Revell F-15E "Strike Eagle" model kit (plane parts, decals) M.A.R.S. Converters '57 Chevy "Valve Charger" (torso, legs, head) Transformers Universe Ultra-class Powerglide (arms) Transformers Classics Voyager-class Ultra Magnus (shoulder joints) Materials: Devcon Plastic Welder Hot Melt Glue (high temperature) 3M Masking Tape Apple Barrel Acrylics Testors Model Masters Enamel (silver) Krylon Crystal Coat (Clear) Sharpie Markers (assorted) And of course: sheet styrene and Testors Model Cement
  13. Back from my hiatus. The following is a photo record of my latest project:
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