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  1. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Nice job! Though for some reason, i can imagine Han, Leia and Chewie outside discoing to those lights.
  2. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Well, guess the stealth feature worked!!! Seriously, I reshot some pics with all the lights and lamps I could find AND a flash:: This one is with a lamp directly on the figure: And normal light: you can see the shadow behind the fig- Camera was on different settings: for the brightest ones, I had it on high ISO, while on the rest, I had the camera set for low-light. Maybe I should have used orange instead! lol That, or a lighter backdrop and broad sunlight (if my psycho neighbor lets me without trying to gnaw my leg off) Right...moving on to my next project, coming soon...
  3. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    My newest project, with some "backstory" to it: "Reporting as ordered, Sir." "I take it the techs explained the new suit to you?" "Yes Sir..." "You seem ...dissatisfied. Explain." "Sir, if this is supposed to be dual purpose for flight ops as well as SpecOps duty, armor panels are going to reduce the mobility and flexibility on both counts, and the suit's too damned...shiny." "Shiny?" "You may as well put christmas tree lights on it, as well as a bullseye on my ass, Sir." "You did read the specs on the light refractive coating? It may look 'shiny' to you in full light with the system off, but when active, it's designed to make sure you are anything but noticed, Lieutenant." "If you say so Sir. i have my misgivings..." "That's why you're going to test it out before we send you out there. As for those armor panels, those are to make sure you don't get anymore holes punched in you." "A little thin for that kind of protection, Sir". "Did you plan on standing there while they shoot at you, Lieutenant?" "Not particularly, Sir." "Listen to me Lieutenant; the situation we are facing is grave. You know what the Black Rose Conspiracy did the last time around." "I know all too well...the bastards almost killed me..." "As well as nearly took out this fleet. And seeing as we are out in the middle of uncharted space due to their 'escapades' with our navigation system the last time they reared their heads, the stakes are way too high. We need a combo of a Valkyrie/ SpecOps team that we can send in on a moment's notice". "I see. So, if we screw up, we're done. Right?" "You 'screw up', we're going to end up another footnote of a missing fleet, like the Megaroad-1. They don't particularly seem interested in sending a postcard back to the Unity Government to tell them they they took us out". "Don't you mean NUNS?" "Lieutenant, there are reasons I wanted to helm a New Macross Colony Fleet. One of those is that I really do not care for Earth's antics, let alone how they keep changing their minds on what they want the government to be called. I joined U.N. SPACY, not a convent." "Understood..." "Good. Report to Testing Area 3 aboard the UNS Sagan; you're to test the suit there and once you're done, make a full report. " "Yes Sir."
  4. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Thanks for the info, borgified! And yeah: Evolution toys really needs to fire their designers; as for the model kit, i had the "GoBots leader-1" version in the 80's and that was just a disaster.
  5. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Some progress: Adding some more planes (Four A-4 Skyhawks now, after 9 Tomcats and one Intruder), and the rigging is redone (all metal Mast now): Stay tuned folks...
  6. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    It's not exactly Macross, but I recently came across this: Definitely from Mospeada; looks like it would be "Rook's" (don't know her name aside from Robotech) Alpha. Missing the head, canopy/cockpit and one arm.; they appear snapped off at the joints. I picked this up on a lark (didn't find the other parts though), and I'm undecided on whether to try to restore it (no money for parts) or simply sell it (maybe someone here could use it?). One side of the cockpit hinge is clean busted off, so I'd have to find one with the same kind of joint were i to do so. Since I know they had larger and smaller ones (it says "Gaiken made in Singapore), this is most likely the larger one (metal landing gear and click joints).
  7. Harry Anderson, the actor, comedian and magician best known for playing Judge Harry Stone on the sitcom Night Court, died Monday at his home in Asheville, North Carolina. He was 65. (more) https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/harry-anderson-night-court-actor-dead-at-65-w519223
  8. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Some progress on my project: I removed the mast-work I previously did, as some of it wasn't shaped right. I also want to put it back on once all the major stuff is done, so as to avoid damaging the fine stuff. At any rate, I set this in a foam base that has painted crumpled tin-foil glued down to it; I'll do the detail-painting, additions of white-caps and resin water later to make the ocean look more like water. Meantime, I started adding some custom-made aircraft to the ship, as well as fire vehicles, the rolling crane and the tow vehicles on deck. Finally, even though it's just set on there right now and not in permanent position, is the ship's coat-of-arms, set into an old barometer housing that thought would look naval and add a nice touch. Stay tuned folks...
  9. RIP R. Lee Ermey

    Say it ain't so, numbnuts!!! RIP Gunney...
  10. Okay, here's the rework on the hand; just need to fix the sleeve a little (purple got into the hand a bit), but I wanted to get that pinky fixed foremost.
  11. Well, the good news is this was saved in multiple versions and layers, with Britai, Exedol, the hand and the background all as separate elements. So if I cannot rework the hand well enough, a final resort I can go with is to simply remove it entirely without disrupting the picture and them just insert the reworked section into the final (learned that lesson the hard way many moons ago!).
  12. Yeah, he's gripping the inside of where it was smashed, so the hand is turned. I see what you mean bout that pinky: it does look like a thumb (I had photographed my own hand posed and worked from that)! So, I think I'm going to reduce that pinky a bit and see what else to do to make that hand look less weird. You mentioned the focal points of the hand, the smashed screen and the eye; the hand needs work, do you think anything else needs to be done with the screen? Thanks for the input sketchley; I'm trying to "up my game" here.
  13. Macross The First

    My two cents worth: as long as HG has a deathgrip on the rights in North America, manga, anime, live action movie and just about anything else isn't going to work very well here. Aside from the issues that have already been talked to death about HG, they just are not very good at promoting anything, period.
  14. Okay...after getting away from it for a bit, I began to look at this one again with a set of fresh eyes. And I found what I didn't like: Britai's chin!!! Yup, I had failed to take into account that one of Britai's defining features is a chin that could probably take out an ARMD platform! So, I went back and did some work: Old: And new: While I didn't go overboard with the chin per se, I wanted to make it more akin to Britai in SDFM. See what you think, and if folks need it even bigger, I'll do it!
  15. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    The Kitchen Sink: I plan on doing this ship as "a diorama within a diorama within a diorama"; that is, the hangar deck will be something of a diorama (with a plane being brought out to the elevator), the flight deck being a diorama (complete with people, we'll see how I pull that one off!), and the ship underway on the ocean. On another note: in SDFM, the Prometheus and Daedalus are considerably larger than CVN-65 (and all modern carriers even today), and they are mounted on the SDF-1!!! (Just something for folks to think about when it comes to scale in Macross) Stay tuned folks... I think I may feel "the need for speed" very soon...