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  1. If they had wanted to do the sequels right, hey should have set this a millennium after the originals, and just began again. Let the Galaxy have peace until the lessons learned wore away; have the OG characters in flashbacks towards the ends of their lives establishing the setting that is now crumbling under a new threat, and a generation that knew nothing about the troubles start learning the hard way. Much like how the Republic was first formed. Since it's too late for any of that: I think it is time to let this franchise die.
  2. Looks like ALF and a Cabbage Patch Kids doll had a kid of their own...
  3. Thanks guys! And Happy Thanksgiving! BTW: if it were Halo, i'd be the "Masking Chief"
  4. Well...been short on money and materials (like that's new, right?); recently, dug up an old space shuttle model I had originally been intending for a transformers kitbash that got canceled. Anyways, after re-gluing the components together, I managed to undo the cuts I had done to prep the model for the conversion. So...what to do with it? Well, I got an idea from a certain British spy... The yellow on the livery looks brighter here than ti actually is; the camera and lighting washed it out a tad. Also, I need to add the "5" to the tail and the "Moonraker" logo to the sides of the craft. otherwise, I think this one's about there. BTW: can any of you tell looking at this that 3/4 of the hull is covered in masking tape? :P
  5. Yeah...both the actress and the character deserved far better than that. My vote would be that she survived TLJ, and ends up taking over the First Order as its' commander. (I know, unlikely to happen.)
  6. They should name this "RoboCrap", because that's all it's going to be.
  7. Just what I always wanted: to see a dumpster fire go off a cliff aboard a train, and crash at the bottom as a trainwreck. My bucket list is now complete, knowing that not only has Star Trek completely self-destructed, but that pretty much all of my go-to sci fi and other fiction has pretty much done the same.
  8. Honestly, the title of this movie should have been "Terminator: Wet Fart". It pretty much negated the entire storyline of T2.
  9. Okay folks, say this three times fast: "steaming s**tstorm"
  10. So T:DF has finally reared it's head into the franchise. Well, I was expecting nothing from this move, and was still disappointed. So, ideas on my end then to fix the franchise? Well, one that probably has a ton of holes and most likely destroys the horror part: With time unraveling, Skynet takes one final act to change time once and for all: it sends itself and every single HK and Terminator unit into the past, to access the military's data systems, launch the missiles and start the future war in 1984. And this time, the Resistance can send no one back to stop it.
  11. Thanks...that's my computer room actually, and it's just a mini fluorescent lamp in the polyfil cloud.
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