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  1. At that rate, HG should just give up all rights to Macross and call their new project....SALAD WARS rofl "May the Fork be with You..."
  2. First Blood brought home the pain, alienation and marginalization returning Vietnam War vets were going through. What made John Rambo special in that movie was the fact that he didn't want a fight, but got pushed into it. And when he was, he didn't become the "unstoppable one man army" of the next two films, but a competent warrior fighting his enemy on his own terrain instead of theirs. Rambo could be hurt, starved, scared, you name it. But what made him perfect in First Blood was seeing the emotions that lay just under the surface brought out by how he was treated and now being hunted. And instead of "playing" as they expected, he relied upon his special forces training and honed combat instincts. In that vein, he brought the pain back upon his tormentors in a palpable way. The 2nd and and 3rd movies...bring a squeegee.
  3. In other words: a desperate, last minute "Hail Mary Pass" of sorts banking on ruining all the ruin that they ruined lo these 30 years.
  4. Maybe Frank Agrama got bored and decided to try to spam us here? O.o You mean...*gasp*...crab battle?
  5. Okay, I'm finally calling this one "done": I finally got the "elevating balcony/ walkway" done (you can see it in the last pic but not the first), but I'm not making it moveable due to the fact that one square peg holds it, and I feel continually remounting it in more of the square wall holes will just weaken them over time. So, est to leave it where it is for now. I may make a ratcheting slide/lock system if and when i get the parts and time, but that's not for a while to come. I also made a figure in 1/72 for my tow vehicle: "Bob" from Engine Services: He's made from multiple strands of twist-tie wire that have been tightly twisted together, posed and then set with plastic welder and painted. not the best in the world, but it'll do. A "worm's eye" view of the factory set, as if you walked in there on ground level: Thanks for following along on this one folks, and happy modelling! - pbz
  6. No surprise: I think Doomc*ck's results may be less of actual research and more wishfull thinking.
  7. Okay, I'm calling this one done. Just posting a couple of pics for now...I'm not feeling very well tonight: "Bob", from Engine Services (made of wrapped wire and plastic welder):
  8. Nice score by your wifey! BTW: if possible, could you get another refit to represent the E-A? Hey, for 1980's era decals, that's pretty impressive! I've had them either refuse to come off the sheet, or simply shatter. O.O
  9. So as long as that race's other attributes are shown (or brought out from suppression or oppression), as opposed to being simple one dimensional "monsters", right? In what I'm working on, the "monsters" turn out to be a subjugated race (think along the lines of the Borg, when Hugh and his group were no longer with the main collective) that is under the control of a smaller group of "masters".
  10. Depends on when Frank Agrama flushed the toilet last...
  11. Thank you both for your opinions on this; I really appreciate it. I ask not just because I have my own opinions on Star Trek, but because as a fan and as a creative, I did not want to simply sit there and criticize the works of others without knowing something about what one goes through to create such a story. Admittedly, I have created in the past my own "treatment" for Star Trek; I will say that my "season 1" for it is guilty in many ways of being what Seto describes as hunting "space monsters that kill without remorse or complaint"; it's when "season 2" starts that things become more than just that and the "monsters" are not just that. But I digress. Getting back to the discussion at hand you definitely have an excellent basis for Trek, Seto: the bright, optimistic future that humanity and the rest of the galaxy looks forward to. "Gritty and realistic" is anything but, and we have more than enough of that in real life. At least for me, sci-fi should have some way of going not just to another world where any technology is possible, but any hope of a brighter future is as well. Socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc. And I think one thing about Star Trek is that it strives to show humanity as more noble than it is now, seeking to remain that noble, and is committed to striving towards the betterment of itself as well as other races.
  12. Seto, I have to ask you something: what would make for a good Star Trek series in your opinion (and anyone else's for that matter)? I ask because I had my own ideas, but I'm not sure how well they would stack up.
  13. Wow... that looks like something I saw on a fanfic once a few years ago. He didn't even try to correct the darkness on the space backdrop of the galaxy and planet to match the E-D's starfield!
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