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  1. I do not consider malevolent forces to be "mumbo jumbo", considering the state of the real world as it stands. Humans suck, but there are things underlying it all that human veracity alone cannot explain. Anyways, departing this conversation now; I have a new policy in place that when folks don't like what I say, I don't bother staying for "act II" of the play.
  2. In all of the various iterations of the Joker, I'm starting to wonder if all the various origin stories are true... My theory: The "Joker" is not simply one person, but in reality is a malevolent entity that possess and corrupts those whom life has cast down, despised, spit upon and ground to a pulp. And when that poor husk is used up, it simply moves to a new individual (or individuals) and merely starts again. This would go a great length to explain why batman doesn't "kill" the Joker: He knows that it would simply transfer to another person, and he won't risk that. That explanation would have to include that Bruce somehow discovered this, and discovered that this entity could not be contained by physical, electromagnetic or magical/divine means. So all that would be left would be to continually oppose it and keep tabs on it, while training those he has taken under his "wing" if you will for the next generation of guardians to keep track of the next husk this entity would corrupt once its' current host(s) are finished. Meantime, Bruce secretly continues a desperate race to discover a way to permanently destroy this thing. Yeah, I know: plenty of gaping holes and probably takes from stories done to death already. But its at least an idea...
  3. Not to mention the "1984" G1 Prime toy that kid is playing with has TWO laser rifles.
  4. Yeah; it would seem to be a combination of a medium grey and a turquoise, almost a dulled down "engineering green" if you will from the ST:TMP Enterprise Refit, but going a little more the bluish end of things. As mentioned previously, it's going to be up to individual modeler taste here.
  5. At the rate they're going, about $250. O.o
  6. I had to put the destroid idea on hold for no, due to both a lack of parts and to be honest, just plain burned out on Macross for the moment. Meantime, decided to do a project with nothing but cardboard, masking tape and a screenshot (or 500!): I didn't want yet another table-spanning project. So...this one is about the size of a can of Coke:
  7. Hence they should have room for a convincing transform.
  8. For this price, you may as well get a 1/48 build it yourself kit from Yamato/Arcadia/whatever they're called now. I know they're not exactly plentiful, but at this price, I'd at leas expect it to transform or something.
  9. Do you think this could be a sideways-way of HasTakTomy re-doing the original G1 series?
  10. Yeah; mine is pretty much what I think the ship looked like. I know that artwork was produced for DYRL (I think), but I thought th ship looked a bit too "lumpy".
  11. Sorry, but that's not the assumption I'm working under. What I'm working under is that HG lied about their income, and that demonstrates that they don't "do a good job" on anything they do. If they did, they wouldn't have to resort to dishonesty about how much they made. At any rate, I am going to excuse myself from this conversation for the duration. Thanks for the dialogue.
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