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  1. Got the decals for the Refit from Round 2 today: I have to admit: I'm impressed! I remember the old ones being a scant few, and the hull registry was far too small. These I compared to my sized prints and the hull registry is bang on! I think the strongback decals are too blue (for the refit), but a "glaze coat" of transparent yellow might resolve that. They also include the botanical section windows n black, the sensor bands for the saucer rim (complete with docking gangway hatches) and even the "runway" end for the hangar bay and the sections for the nav deflector. I'd love
  2. Well, it was fine until the upstairs neighbors banged on the floor so hard that it shook the worktable. ANYTHING is gonna fall and break given those circumstances, and I was prepping it for decals and final paintwork. The pylons were stable and weren't an issue until "leadfoot and the stomp session "upstairs got going! As for "nuking it from orbit", I will never do a "self-destruct" Enterprise. That just hurt too much watching it in STIII! Anyways, a small update: I used JB Plastic Bonder to repair the nacelle pylons. I won't be buying that adhesive again, as even with proper mixi
  3. Well, yesterday my darling upstairs neighbors decided to have "Stompfest 2021" upstairs. >:( They managed to rattle several things right off the table in our apartment (I SWEAR they must be dropping bowling balls and cinderblocks!) ; thankfully, the Tomcat was NOT amongst the items that fell from the table. it was safely in its' storage bin and thus was not a casualty. However... the Refit WAS. As it stands right now, both nacelle pylons are cracked apart from the Secondary hull. Thankfully, they both have a metal reinforcement rod (bent into a "u" shape") that supp
  4. Thanks! Truth be told though: about 99 percent of the decals on there came with the kit! The only ones I printed were the national insignia "roundels", as the kit-supplied ones looked a bit stupid: At the very least, they certainly aren't the national insignia that the Tomcat had in the mid-80's! Anyways, with the Tomcat wrapping up, I have a "surprise" project that has actually been in the background for a while now: It's an F/A-18E Super Hornet that I rescued from a thrift store a while back. Hint for what it's going to be: look at the aileron: Al
  5. Nearly done... just a few more things to button up:
  6. Do you know what that VF-1S Battroid build says to me? "imagine the possibilities, if you dare..." That kit is just begging for superdetailing, engraved panel lines, weathering, increased articulation and clear parts with greeblies behind them.
  7. That was the intent bro! Enjoy the parts! hey...how do you think 3/4 of my projects happen?!
  8. Yeah, the heads I sent to you are smaller, so they might actually work out for you! As for Imai's stuff; I had to carve detail into mine after building it, that's how lacking they were.
  9. My wife does crochet and I do models, so we leave each other alone but take time to show each other our progress. And no, I have no children; never wanted any, and I have seen the horrors of what a kid can do to collections that are unprotected. O.O One time though, one of my friends brought his grandson over to my house and the kid mad a beeline right for my workshop. Both me and my friend ran to stop him before he could make it in, and he was really upset when "he couldn't 'play' with (utterly destroy) the cool stuff". No...I don't trust kids.
  10. Pardon the tongue-in-cheek example, but it reminds me of this part in Austin Powers: The steamroller would be the star and the civilization in question would be the guard who doesn't move in time, even though the steamroller is taking nearly forever to get to him. With that said, the civilization just sitting there while the star is giving off warnings is very much the same: it;'s their own blasted fault.
  11. Thanks guys! I did have to walk it back a bit though, as the dark areas looked more bluish than "dirty"; was trying to go for a multi-layered paint and repaint job here! lol Current results so far: I finally finished the framing on the cockpit, which is hard for me to get my head around, because the canopy came from a different model! Stay tuned...
  12. In case anyone is wondering where I got that from: https://cheezburger.com/13685509/tumblr-thread-the-staggering-recklessness-of-humans-in-star-trek
  13. Thanks Thom; more to come on this, as I went over the DVD and picked one version of maverick's Tomcat (I counted three versions of Mav's Tomcat, each with a different modex) to replicate. The weathering's going to look a little heavy, but that's how it appears in the film (to me, anyways): Added the underside fuel tanks; just need to add in the underwing missile stores. Stay tuned folks...
  14. The Romulans were stockpiling explodium and it go ker-bluey.
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