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  1. Oh, my PC has enough issues already without that. I need to reinstall my programs and OS, but I got none of the original disks and license numbers from the shop who sold me it. in 2011. (yup, my machine is ancient...serves me right, neophyte that I am; at least it still works. One day, I'd like to build my own if I can ever get money that doesn't need to go to bills). Anyways: I had driver issues with my GPU a while ago (1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 EVGA*), and kept getting screen blackouts and "Driver stopped responding and has recovered " messages. I tried updating the drivers and redoing them, all to no avail. Finally, I just rolled it back to the original driver it came with and left it. *yup...any cheaper and it would be an etch-a-sketch!
  2. Well, there's two minutes and fifteen seconds of my life that I won't get back... No wonder Starfleet didn't send anyone to help the Romulans when their world detonated; a crew like that would only have made things worse.
  3. Ah yes...I had the red and white-molded Leader-1 version (apparently they also had a grey-molded kit as well). Wish I could find it now, as while I don't exactly like MOSPEADA, I kinda liked the Armo-fighter (but the examples of either Imai or Monogram are hideously expensive last I looked). Trying to imagine Ray doing the whole "greetings" scene from Top Gun, with Stig doing the "Is this your idea of fun, Ray?"
  4. Almost spit Pepsi™ all over my monitor reading that!
  5. First rule with cats: "If it fits, i sits!" lol Good job on the cap gun! looking forward to seeing that mounted! And uh yeah... those guys definitely need "surgery"...
  6. That would work, as well as taking a black pen/ pencil and doing in some smaller panel lines over the surface.
  7. What you might want to try is drybrushing the base with a dark grey paint (drybrush: dip brush into paint, brush it onto paper towel until nearly gone and then brush the remaining paint on the model as a weathering effect). You can build this up to make the base look better and bring out the detail.
  8. Okay, last shots for the Macross Factory in 1/72: The buggy is the last of he vehicles; aside from maybe some more figures and some human-scale equipment (such as welders, air tank carts, coffee cups, etc), I think this is it for this one! (unless I get another idea, like "sumo" armor for the 1J... )
  9. Actually Peter.... you're doing an awesome job!!! Finding parts that resemble what you're looking for and using household materials is the number one skill when it comes to kitbashing/ scratchbuilding. (Little secret for ya: the arm launchers on my Strike VF-1S were wooden yard stakes in a previous life!) Don't worry about that panel line that "isn't straight": with the amount of abuse the Macross likely took when it made the trip home, it will make it look like the ship took a dent there. If it bothers you, just sand it a little and repaint it with black primer before you go on to the color coats. Please keep going with this; I'd like to see what you do with it!
  10. You did an awesome job on the VF-1S super! Yeah, the other one is an Arii; i recognize the overly-fat nosecone! lol I also have eye issues, and found head magnifiers that amplify things even further; maybe that can help you out if you need it.
  11. Digital illustration (Star Trek): Star Wars: I also do some writing, other modelbuilding and figuremaking (will post later so I don't eat up bandwidth here!)
  12. Well, aside from my Macross endeavors I also do the following: Drawing/ painting:
  13. LOL! This time around, it didn't need it!
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