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  1. "hints of STD"? At this rate, the franchise is dying from EVERY STD imaginable!!!!
  2. the last thing we need is Patrick Stewart trying to channel his inner Samuel L. Jackson...
  3. If you buy the movie 3 pack of the refit-e, ktinga klingon cruiser and reliant, they refit e is a new tooling. i used that in my diorama for WOK
  4. That comment had me cleaning pepsi off my monitor...
  5. Yup, pretty much. I'm surprised that one of the crew hasn't whipped out a phaser and incurred some "23rd century workplace hostility" from out of nowhere already.
  6. Because the Kyber Crystals call out to the Padawans in the Crystal Cave, which the Padawans enter in order to find the focusing crystal for their lightsaber. Apparently, the color indicated the nature of the Jedi. On that note: the Sith make the crystal "bleed" by forcing all their hate and anger into a crystal until it turns red.
  7. They blew up because someone fed the script for "The Rise of Skywalker" into their navacomputers, and they simply overloaded and exploded! BTW: if all of this happened "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (like, 1600's in the Andromeda Galaxy), then how about what's happening NOW? And for that matter... they bring it from their galaxy to HERE?
  8. I see only one thing wrong with this: it needs a lower half
  9. Meh. Gonna pass on these; they look like Joker chain-sawed them apart, then tried gluing them back together or something...
  10. I would consider trying to mask off parts of it and after main painting, using a small brush to get into the areas spray can't get to easily. It sounds like trying to disassemble the head would be a major pain and risky at best.
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