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  1. Let's face it: Boba had a hangover from the previous night and wasn't on his "A-game" when engaging Luke. In hindsight, he probably recognized that and decided to let the entire thing go.
  2. Actually, it was Picard in the episode "First Contact" (TNG): Link: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/First_Contact_(episode)
  3. I'd like to see a G1 Ark or even a model of Cybertron from the G1 cartoon.
  4. Nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure. In fact, nuke it repeatedly (100-200 times should be good). Then burn the ashes with fire. LOTS of fire. Drench the ashes in napalm and then do a re-enactment of the Torching of Mars. When that is finished, nuke the mess again, then fire about 5,000 Quantum Torpedoes at the site of the ashes. Take those ashes, mix with concrete mix and water, let set into a brick, fire in an over for 3 weeks, then drop that brick into a black hole, then drop red matter into the black hole. Using a tractor beam, drag the remains outside the galaxy (past the gala
  5. Rejoice: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/tanya-roberts-still-alive-despite-reports-death Confirmed vi her FB page and several outlets: she's alive!!!
  6. BTW, I have an idea to save Star Trek... We combine Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard into one series. Ready for the name? Star Trek: DISCARD.
  7. I was thinking more for the sake of the Star Trek universe, so that it and Picard could just be relegated to the trash heap without much effect on continuity. This dumpster fire is fueled by Kurtzman's refusal to take a hint and admit his non-version of Trek just plain sucks. Without going back over all the ground that's already been covered, he's trying to continue what JJ Abomination started: turn Star Trek into Star Wars. And the production team he has going on this has done everything imaginable to try to slap a "Trek" veneer onto this monstrosity. It's like trying to h
  8. Some real nice solder work, derex! Opening your own electronics store? lol UPDATE: nothing to see here. Going to be taking a leave for a bit, as some issues have come up. Enjoy the holidays...
  9. Yeah, there is that; it seems like they only research the stuff that interests them insofar as trying to make the story work. On that note: I wonder if all of this is actually the fevered delusions of Michael Burnham lying in a Federation hospital on Earth after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury back in the 23rd century? (it would certainly make a lot of sense...maybe Picard actually suffered a stroke after the synths torched Mars, and all of Picard is pretty much the same thing?) Thank you kind sir; I'll have it bronzed and put it on my mantle. That reminds me
  10. Yeah...it's pretty obvious they don't care (otherwise they WOULD do their blasted research, amongst other things). Number one largely feeds into number two, and drops "number two" all over the franchise).
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