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  1. Or the mother of "why you suck speeches" to all the Federation's enemies
  2. So basically: what's to prevent them from creating an army of Picards using copies of the memories and a slew of pre-built bodies. Just do a PXE-type mass install and you're good to go...
  3. And made a mess out of both in the process. If someone is going to make a movie, they need to at least act like they care about the source material . JJ did so in neither franchise.
  4. UPDATE: main body and transform progressing: The arms are not at an "ideal" spot transform wise, but this is the best I can do without ripping the whole thing to pieces and basically starting over. So, just going to incorporate them into the design in this configuration (the stealth feature on this one is an "active" type that should circumvent any issues). Aside from redoing the nose,everything else has been relatively smooth. BTW: these colors are not the final; I'm planning something else entirely. Now I need to decide on how to plan out the head turret config; also,
  5. Were you to present a correct one, it might have. But you picked an unstable regime that was patched after the Kaiser's defeat in WWI. That's akin to recommending using protomatter to build a table and chairs...
  6. Was wondering if perhaps you should try molding it and making a casting of it?
  7. Now I'm trying for some reason not to picture The Brain as Boldolza. O.o
  8. UPDATE: Progress is slow but steady on the new transforming fighter design: Right now, I'm still piecing together the transform and how components will fit together in all 3 modes. Once that's accomplished, then it's on to refining the look of the mech in fighter, gerwalk and battroid modes. The "VF-1ness" of the nose is only temporary; I'll be redoing that as I skin the fighter and blend everything together. The arms are an undecided point, as I'm not sure right now where they will fit into the transformation scheme, let alone the joints and placement for them. Everything is
  9. Appreciate the compliments folks; unfortunately, having some major issues with Photoshop. So someone else is going to have to take that part on. Sorry.
  10. ROFL!!! Not to mention the Super Armor can't be used in atmosphere.
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