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  1. A lot of times, I'll just paint lines or other decals in myself. Complicated stuff requires me to use decals at times, but for most things, hand painting will do.
  2. Thanks! Meantime, I gotta hand it to you for making the world's most professional capgun system! lol Seriously though, it looks like you've got quite the system going there. GOing to be very interested to see it in operation when completed.
  3. Yeah, I've been there Derex. Is there any chance you could use a color printer and a sheet of clear decal film to make a new decal?
  4. Wow man...that royally sucks! Yeah, it looks like the outer coat contracted and split as it was drying; a cool night and the item having been just painted would probably do that. I'm thankful on your behalf that it was in an area that you could sand and repaint without losing details!
  5. Well, some I left in, as I wasn't interested in fixing them. The booms are actually new-construction, as I felt the originals were too skinny: This was the original configuration, and the new ones I scratched up at that time. I also had to add in elbow joints so the Daedaulus and Prometheus could pose properly.
  6. WOW!! Nice clean lines on those phaser strips, Derex! :thumbup
  7. I believe he fudged them, as I ran into that issue when I converted the 1/8000 Revell SDF-1 into a transforming version. The booms aren't the same size (or even shape) between Storm Attacker and Cruiser mode, and other things "shift" in size and proportion. What I ended up doing is "averaging" the parts between modes (making them a mid-point size that would work in both modes): As a result, the booms came out a little bigger, but they don't look too small in Cruiser mode.
  8. UPDATE: okay folks, got quite a bit more work done: Got the bird mounted to the launch arm, and mounted the weapons to the wings. Had to do a little rework on the reaction missiles (had big gaping holes in the tops!), but it's all good. I just need a few details here and there, including the arms that hold the valkyrie in place. Stay tuned...
  9. Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see how Tekering finishes this one!
  10. I'd love to get one again to do this kind of project. Trouble is, I can never find one for a price that is reasonable when I have the funds. Not even sure what "reasonable" would look like nowadays, tbh. Most I've seen easily top 100 bucks.
  11. I really wish they'd bring this line back; I miss buying them!
  12. Right; copper appears as greenish as an ore (Malechite and Azurite), so asteroids and airless planetoids could also suffice. Just brainstorming some possibilities here.
  13. Well, in war you sometimes have to do strange things that aren't advised. I can envisage a VF-1 Super having to make planetfall but not be able to jettison the packs for whatever reason. That, or a tech crew found them and fitted them onto a VF-1 to get it spaceborn to reach the Macross.
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