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  1. Super impressive Cesar!!! The detail, painting and weathering are so good. I have one that is on the list to build. Rest assured I'll be visiting your pics as a reference. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Can I say, as a late comer to this amazing project (and this site), that as I click on each page to the end, it was truly inspiring MechTech! I just recently got interested in building the boxes full of Macross models I've collected over the years. This has led me to this site and your project to look for ideas and inspiration to put more effort and detail in to what I'll eventually build. As best as you can I'd REALLY love to see the finished video once you find a way of re-posting it or even some finished images of this project in all it's different phases. Maybe I've missed them in going through this post but I'm also curious where the ship ended up. I assume you sold it? Where is it now and who has it? Again, maybe you already addressed these questions and I missed it. My apologies if so. Again, thank you for creating this and inspiring me and assuredly countless others. I know I look forward to your next projects as well as others on this site and their amazing work as well. Maybe once I'm done with one of mine I'll post as long as I think its good enough to share.
  3. Wow. Very Impressive!!!
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