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  1. Other than the triangle gap filler on the back of knees in fighter mode carried over from the VF-0A & 0S, I just only noticed another difference between the normal VF-0D & all subsequent VF-0 releases: The gun in fighter mode is mounted further forward, and looks to be to allow the arrestor hook to fully swing down without being blocked by the gun.
  2. I've never used DHL from Mandarake, but I would think it could be more like EMS in that volumetric weight of item is the main determinant of shipping cost over actual shipping box size. That being said, although shipment is pricier the more items in a box, proportionately per item it should be cheaper, up to a point. As others have noted elsewhere in the forum, you could see the shipping cost in real time at their checkout page, as and when you add or minus items at their 'Sahra' branch, as opposed to other branches where shipping can only be calculated after you place your order in. This is a very valuable tool if you want to minimize per unit shipping. During ordinary times, I use a lot of SAL Small Packets and SAL Parcel shipping. These options are less sensitive to shipping price increases as you add items, as long as they still fit within the standard pre-determined box sizes. SAL Parcel starts from a rather large box at a higher base shipping rate, but you can stuff it with quite a fair number of items before the shipping price starts to jump a lot, and it is a boon for buying older toy figures released years ago as they tend to come in rather large & heavier packaging (I guess shipping costs back then were much cheaper).
  3. Received my item from Jungle, and confirmed they do undervalue on shipping invoice..
  4. Mandarake… is both a boon and a curse.. A boon because it is a great place to track down older items to fill the holes in a collection.. A curse because its basically a candy store that satiates the addiction in-between new item pre-orders. A boon because shopping there is also a mini-game of trying to fill up a box as much as possible to reduce unit shipping cost.. A curse because in trying to fill up the box, it is a gateway to other excellent toylines that were never in my radar. More plastic crack! A boon because of its reasonable prices & confidence of good item condition that I will never get anywhere else (ok maybe Jungle, but they are always pricier) in buying any kind of used items online.. A curse because there were periods where more packages arrive from Mandarake faster than I can open them.. A boon because I tell myself I will never be bored from eventual professional retirement, and will happily spend days unboxing and fussing around with these toys.. A curse because gotta continually find space in most unlikely places around the home to store the boxes and packages.
  5. I'm really hesitant to start a new collecting line.. this is suppose to be a once-off, but some of the other ships are so tempting! Do Eaglemoss do re-issues on any kind of frequency? I do not want to regret not picking these up now and only see them at eye-popping prices years down the road. Some of random older stuff from other franchises I've seen recently but now out of print are just going for stupid prices.
  6. It's been an exciting couple of days. Many items from various far away places, vastly different shipping times & shipping methods so happen to all arrive at the same time. Just opened up the Legioss, and so far have only been fiddling at it in Fighter mode. Really loving handling it so far on the accessible gimmicks in this mode: the various missile bays, the landing gears, it all feels really great quality. Swooshing it around fulfilled the fantasies from back in the day when the Legioss 'toy' to me was just a simple paper origami.. But in hand, there's some unexpected minor gripes in this mode. In all the prior pics & videos, the gaps between the shoulders and the wings, and also the hole at the back of cockpit can be unsightly, just like the see-through gap area in Yamato's SV-51 fighter mode (rectified in Arcadia's update). The big surprise which I didn't catch earlier is the huge gap between the legs when viewed from top. Another nitpick would be the cockpit glass itself. The clear plastic has some slight opacity to it, and minute swirl / wavy marks throughout, which recalls the old Yamato 1/48 valks as compared to other modern valks we have today. Also mildly disappointed the landing gears are plastic instead of metal. Not an issue now, but as the rear landing gears can be quite stiff to deploy, the concern would be tendency of breakage in later years when the plastic ages and take on brittle qualities. Given all the various gimmicks and subtle stuff Sentinel employed throughout the whole toy, I have wondered why there isn't an opening behind the cockpit for a folded-up ride armor gimmick haha.. I wonder if this is really feasible in any toy form since that space appear to be taken up by the shoulder sensor array for Soldier mode.
  7. This is a great pic! Much respect to collectors who are willing to not only bring their higher end stuff out in the open outdoors, but also won't bat so much an eyelid setting them down on the ground and dirt to give everyone else great pics.
  8. Didn't get a PO in for Roy's VF-1S at retail as well, despite brute force vigorous F5-ing and camping at all the usual sites. It has worked for me every time over the past few years, and now finally failed at it. It is these times I just gotta take my mind back to the days when we were schooled on how to lose graciously lol.. Can't really speak for others, but after calming down, I am not so affected anymore having failed to PO this and a large part is likely due to already having in hand the prior VF-1s in this line to satiate expectations. So will just wait and see nearer to release to pick up a copy on secondary market at reasonable resale price. In hindsight, it is good that Bandai didn't start this line with Roy's. The level of PO panic buying from scalpers may likely be much more than what it is now, and push the price up even further to astronomical levels..
  9. It's a good thing Calibre Wings announced their Macross Zero F-14. Although it is on different scale, it will look great displayed with this VF-0D & VF-0A, as sort of to show off the evolution of Shin's ride from F-14 to the VF-0A, also representing the evolution from real fighters to the valkyries. The VF-0A will stick out a bit though, as the plane-jane mech in this group in terms of paint job..
  10. Yes, if every of their upcoming premium items is like this VF-0D, I would gladly double dip on both normal AND premium versions..
  11. The BSG Viper III arrived today.. This being my first BSG & Eaglemoss product, I'm quite blown away when I opened the box. It is much bigger than I expected, yet there is sufficient detailing for its size. Its unexpectedly weighty too when taking it out of its styrofoam tray. The small icing on top is its simple but quite functional display base. The base is nice & weighted, instead of just empty shell plastic, and although the cradle just sorts of holds but does not actually attach to the Viper III, it makes it very easy to just pick it up and swoosh it around haha.. Growing up, I didn't actually pay much attention to BSG, so I don't know who were the characters or what the storyline was when it happens to be on TV. But the scenes with the Viper catches my eye every time, and now I'm glad to have a physical representation of Viper on my desk. Granted, its not the original Viper, but this Viper III is close enough and I feel looks even better with its updated design. My only gripe would be there's no opening cockpit gimmick, but also might as well not since the cockpit is just an empty space inside..
  12. My VF-0D from NY arrived today. And I'm really impressed with the weathering done on this toy, its just so pretty! For the asking price it is worth every dime. This is how Arcadia should have done premium finish from day 1 on their Macross items, instead of just putting tampo prints that should be there in first place on their normal items.
  13. Loved the review @jenius Good things really come to us who waited, after 35 years!
  14. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Just adding to the chorus for the Monster: it may look pricey due to its weight & shipping, especially in current times when shipping options are limited, but it will be a good buy at the end. In fact, when compared to other lines like the Metal Builds, the Monster now look like good value. And I think I just talked myself into getting another one..
  15. For some reason, this didn’t happen with the recent YF-29 Alto pre-orders. No small incremental price increases with subsequent re-lists on PO day. It was just a first batch PO sold out, and they didn’t re-list it until days later at much higher increased price.
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