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  1. MKT

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Actually, I want the Ba variants more, because the wings look more like the actual J35 Draken, rather than the Batwing of the Hs ones.
  2. Well, all the more reason for those of us who may want to let go the Yamato, to still hang on to them to have best of both worlds..
  3. A great way to start the year, fantastic pic!
  4. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=14429 Great review @jenius
  5. Agreed.. so much better! Torso still slightly longer than I would have liked, but at least there's those great panel washed-looking mechanical detailing to look at there. Oh Arcadia didn't announce anything about that. It was just myself projecting my wish for Arcadia. Apologies if it came out differently. On side note, my copy arrived today! I only managed to open the box to inspect what's inside, before having to go away for the weekend. Quick thoughts from 5 minute unboxing: 1. The box is huge. It's somewhat like old Yamato's 1/48 VF-1 box size, except the whole package is quite a fair bit heavier. Opening it, I realised that it's not so much the toy is really heavy, but a fair bit of the package weight come from the very stiff & sturdy thick cardstock used for the main box, and perhaps the chunk of styrofoam block used to hold the toy and its accessories. I agree with @Bobby , the presentation style planning is admirable, but the printing of the graphics on the box and its sleeve are horrendous. They could be better off emulating Arcadia's 'premium' style boxes by not bothering with any graphics, but just words in shiny fonts. 2. How's the toy itself? Didn't have time to play or assemble it, only taking out each part to inspect for any apparent defects. Toy comes in Slave mode, but with the arms packaged separately beside it in the styrofoam tray. There's no articulated hands already attached to the arms, instead there's a variety of fixed posed hands. The toy itself feels tight, sturdy when I picked it up. It appears all the red areas are painted metal, whilst the silver or metal looking parts of the bike are plastic. But I didn't look closely enough to determine if these plastic parts are molded in colour, or painted as well. However, the colours of all the exterior parts seem to emulate real bikes in its granularity of paint and slight metallic undertones. Even the white areas are not truly white, but subtly pearlescent with very fine metallic speckles. So far, so good. Can't wait to return and properly handle it. But oh, I have one weird paint defect, and it is similar to the tweet posted one page back: There's like, a somewhat circular paint splotch in the exact same area as the pic above, and it is only on the left chest, not the right. It looks like someone dabbed a slightly different paint on that area to touch up something. So I do not know if this is a batch defect, or it appears on all copies.
  6. Yeah its PVC weep, common to older vinyl figures that's been boxed up without ventilation. I procured some old, circa 10 year old vinyl figures over the past year, and some of them exhibited the same stickiness. Also obtained a couple Yamato VF-1 from Yahoo Japan that's been described MIB and in storage over the years, and the TV-fixed posed hands too were sticky. But the CM's Miria 639 figures which I got off Mandarake as well not long ago have the worst symptoms - really slimy, icky and disgusting to the touch. For all these figures, I just soaked them in mild, diluted liquid handsoap for a day, used a soft toothbrush to scrub the oily layers off, and air dry them. So far, it worked well for all.
  7. Very informative there @Bobby. That design of the blue Garland looks real nice as well. Sadly, Megazone 23 as a whole seem to be a fringe anime; perhaps the original anime & its sequels were just average and didn't capture many fans. Till today, outside of Anymoon, it's quite hard to find any reviews of Arcadia's recent Garland. Hopefully Arcadia eventually get around to making that blue Garland after, and if, they eventually make the Hargun. I'd like them to take a stab to make the E=X Garland as well. Heck, perhaps an updated Motoslave too whilst they are at it making bike mechas. It's reassuring to know that companies such as Fewture & Sentinel are capable in making pretty solid first attempts in today's era of complex transforming toys (The Fewture Ex Gokin R-Jetan doesn't count in my books, because it's just tucking in arms and legs for that classic robot hanging off the plane look), especially after reading & hearing disheartening stories of Evolution Toys & Good Smile's attempts at transforming toys. Nippon-Yasan seem to be the cheapest at moment for this item. They have not jacked up their PO price of this item even after release... yet. And big surprise, their shipping of this item is actually cheaper than HLJs!
  8. Having displayed them only in fighter mode for some time, I finally transformed a copy of the VF-1 fully to battroid. I wish I had done it sooner, because what a blast it is in battroid! Although there were earlier comments that Bandai's interpretation of this 1/48 is not as big a leap as compared to when Yamato's 1/48 first came out, there are enough small improvements that makes it a whole lot better in sum. The heft, the solidness, the joint tightness have generally been well touched upon, but I'm most impressed with the leg articulation it offers. The new sideway pivoting hip joint is subtle, but allows such great & natural-looking posing options. The other thing noticeable from all other previous VF-1 interpretations, whether the Yamcadias or HMRs, is that the folded-up wings at the back are located slightly further away from the torso. This allows more clearance for the hip to swing further forward, enough for most dynamic poses, without having to 'cheat' by engaging the gerwalk joints. Just these two improvements alone seem to allow almost any posing options we see in the anime, and that is still without using the new rotating waist feature. I only hope the hip ball joints doesn't go all loosey goosey by itself like the Bandai Frontier renewal toys over time..
  9. @Bobby Thanks for posting up initial impressions. Great to hear that all the years waiting finally pays off, and the details look swell! It's a relief that its not a partsformer. Still, the shoulder swing bars look a bit thin and look like a fragile piece. Is that part plastic or metal? Sculpt wise from the pics, I'm a fan of the stylized bike mode, feels more like a modern interpretation of the original's blockiness. Slave mode always looked a bit off, because of the elongated waist area that makes the chest and legs look very detached. But overall, looks like the build of it makes it worth the design risks Fewture took.
  10. Found a few more recent transformation videos below. Compared to the one posted earlier above, it appears that the arms can now be detached completely for transformation. Not sure if the detachment is optional to make it easier for transformation, like how some of us pull the Yamcadia's v2 VF-1 heads out when dealing with the swing bars, or if it is a compulsory step that unfortunately makes it a bit of a partsformer.
  11. From listings, the Fewture Garland's 25cm in slave mode, making it almost same size as the recent Bandai 1/48 VF-1. However, the package is more than twice the weight. This is gonna be quite a hefty beast. The asking price may have seemed very high when it was first unveiled years back, but after gestating for 4-5 years and finally being released now, the price seem somewhat more palatable by today's standards. I mean, if Arcadia did their Garland now in this size and made it mostly metal, imagine the price it would be! I do hope the build & engineering is gonna be decent. From transformation video posted earlier up the page, it looked pretty solid, but the weight might be too much for motorcycle mode, as near the end of the video, the handler kept having to straighten the bike's mid-section from somewhat collapsing by itself. Hopefully, that flaw was only limited to the pre-production sample.
  12. This image right here, destroys all prior Legioss toys. The feet are tucked in so nicely!
  13. Just thinking that for battroid, it is supposed to look like the Q-Raus, hence the backpack engines I don't think Bandai has ever commented before how many times they revise a design before showing it, so back to the link in preceding page, where it was mentioned the shown design was already in 4th prototype, indicates how much Bandai seem to care about getting the design right for this. I hope 'release is undecided' is codespeak for 'possibility of further major revisions' instead of just very minor tweaks..
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