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  1. I guess we won't know if stuff like loose wings & ankles has been fixed until release. But there's a good chance it could be, seeing how the recent VF-4 mold has tighter joints compared to the previous releases..
  2. The PF price.. is just hard to justify, not only just against Bandai’s, but against their own, normal version that’s been sitting below MSRP for some time now. Normal release circa 20k yen on secondary market, vs PF at more than double the price...
  3. It’ll be interesting what Arcadia will do for premium finish. It has to go beyond just more tampos, else it will look even more like Bandai’s with an even harder to justify price.. With this re-release, i think it’s also first time we see a valk license with similar scale being held concurrently by 2 companies? When Bandai’s YF-19 came out, I thought Arcadia has lost their license for that..
  4. I've also been collecting select 3rd party TF movieverse figures around the same time as I do Macross, and more than once I've been blown away on the ingenuity of the transformations. Yes, many seem to feature endless folding parts & overengineered complexity that makes the DX Chogokins VF-171 & SV-262 seem very simple in comparison, but they do achieve their end objective of being rather show-accurate in both modes, despite how the transformation process itself were never figured out by the shows' mecha designers. The one gripe all these while, especially as a Macross collector,
  5. Really excellent pics! The way the lighting sweeps over the cockpit somehow gives it a nice dynamism..
  6. Just pleased that nothing drags along under the fighter now, although it seems to be something that's nearly an oversight on Sentinel's part. In this re-imagined Legioss, the Zeta can only take off from billiard-table smooth tarmac..
  7. Regarding Amazon JP, I've also changed credit cards few months ago. Then, I updated this new card into my account details, & payments went smoothly for all new orders I made after that update. However, there was an older PO under my old card, and it appears the card details on that PO are not automatically updated, even if you updated card details at the account page. I only found this out after, when within couple of days after item release, I started seeing others' payments getting charged whilst no movement on mine. So I looked closer at the order detail again, saw it was still und
  8. After some wiggling of the head & neck joints, the fin clears the ground both ways. Although, when the fin points forwards, the clearance is really only a hair’s width. How’s that for tolerance? Managed to achieve both with the front wheel in its proper rearward position, without rotating it upright. The front strut has a rather stiff locking position which lifts the front end just that bit more.
  9. Is the Zeta's headfin supposed to be angled forwards or backwards in fighter mode? I find that if angled forwards, the fin will touch the ground. The whole head appear as though it can tuck up higher, hence giving more clearance for the fin, but it doesn't. However, if the fin is swept backwards, then the fin is off the ground.
  10. Just opened my Zeta, and briefly handled with it in Fighter mode.. Besides the much tighter Houquet figure now compared to Stick, there have been a number of tweaks done for more pleasant handling experience: 1. The lower arms peg firmer to their shoulders & the legs. I remember for the Eta, I had to do quite some messaging around that area to make everything stay together firmly. So there's less of that creakiness when zooming it around now haha.. 2. Both wing flaps have lost their slop and are properly tight. Which means the dreaded problem of left wing flap popping out i
  11. CF version is unexpected news, but its insta-buy!
  12. Received email from AE it’s now in stock.
  13. Best pose ever haha.. We need a Max & Milia VF-1J to make a paired skating action
  14. I’m actually hoping this will sell-out soon at P-Bandai webshop, so there almost certainly be a 2nd round of pre-orders.
  15. FromJapan came through for me. Thank goodness. Zenmarket failed. No high expectations, as they have not been very good with time-critical orders this whole Covid season. When Zenmarket failed, I ordered straight with Luna-Park. That was before I saw the Hobby-Genki link, & wished I have ordered with them instead. Hopefully Luna-Park delivers, fingers crossed come July next year.. Just a side-note, for NY to sell out so early, they must have changed their policy somewhat on taking as much orders as possible & hopefully try to fulfil it somehow. Not that it matters much, a
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