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  1. @Slave IV @sh9000 @vlenhoff Thanks! I never watched any of the new Thunderbirds series, just a few short clips on Youtube. But the clip that sold me on this kit was: @borgified We'll definitely recognize elements of various Macross valkyries and Kawamori's other aircraft designs in this Thunderbird S. I like how he integrates that car spoiler-like wing at the back, which is probably the only link to the other Thunderbird vehicles ( the Thunderbird 2!) design wise. Just like the ASF-X plane he designed for Ace Combat, his aircrafts somehow has flight believability. Can't really put a finger to this as a casual observer; perhaps it has the right wing to body ratio or proportions, if there is such a thing. One feature I wish this kit have are articulated landing gears. Instead of conventional aircraft landing gears in its design, this bird apparently has a couple of retractable feet with clawed gears, just like an eagle, and allows it to grip and land on any type of surfaces.
  2. MKT

    Test post

    testing spoiler tag..
  3. Thanks tekering! Kit comes with waterslide decals too. Oh, the boosters also lights up with red leds and comes with booster effect parts that can be plugged in.
  4. While randomly browsing about Kawamori one day, I came across the work he did on Thunderbirds. So, I looked for and got this 1/72 kit recently. Usually I rather not build kits with my next to none skill level, but there doesn't seem any great looking Thunderbird Shadow toy alternatives around: So I did a straight build and applied the provided stickers. Unfortunately, some parts still do need to be painted, but at moment I'll leave it at that as I really am bad at painting fine lines. I really like the sleek and slim shape of this aircraft that's just so Kawamori-esque.. The cool thing about this fantasy design, is that the cockpit is detachable and becomes a bike to chase baddies on the ground. It's sort of cross between the detachable cockpit from the VF-11, with the Batpod from Nolan's Batmobile.
  5. Note sure if it is due to the camera in the pics so far, but I'm liking the cobalt-ish blue used for Max's VF-1A. It really makes the whole figure pop a bit, in an otherwise mostly plain white valk.
  6. MKT

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I took this a while ago, before Arad's 31S was released, as some sort of bad attempt to emulate paint card samples. Probably wait till Chuck's 31E is in my hands before updating the pic with the whole and very colorful Delta squad.
  7. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    As someone (or a few) has mentioned pages back, the strength of HMR Macross line is being able to display a great variety of VF-1s, destroids and enemy mecha together.. Here's some of mine, I try to fit as many as possible in one pic..
  8. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    As if the wall displays are not epic enough, the diorama in the center of room takes the cake. And Godzilla is the icing on it. What an inspiration!!
  9. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Another great set-up!!
  10. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    This pic really makes me want a Monster, and I'm relieved that I already have one!
  11. Just a slight rant about the Premium Finish plain black boxes.. Because there is no image or actual description on the box of what type of item it is, it has higher risks of customs detention where I am, which means a visit to them to explain. Or, the customs will just sloppily tear open the flaps to confirm what item is inside before letting it through. I would rather Arcadia just use the normal non-PF boxes, with a sticker to identity it as PF..
  12. Given the steep price, it sounds like quite a few of us collectors are adopting a wait and see approach, since although Arcadia's being a new mold, from pictures its not significantly different from the previous Yamato. In this situation, I wonder if it would have been better if Arcadia made an SV-52 first? SV-52 only needs slight changes from the SV-51 mold, but visually its different enough to be viewed as an entirely new model for more buy-in at the start. I do like the SV-52 design over the SV-51 actually..
  13. MKT

    Macross figures

    Having collecting only Macross valks, I thought the valk-only displays in my collection looked a bit.. sterile. So recently I set out to get some character figures to match them. When Arcadia announced this FB2012 Minmay, I was piqued to perhaps match it with the HMR & Arcadia VF-4s , but really not too excited about its rather high price. It appears that the only other FB2012 Minmay made (I could be wrong), was the Toy Book figure back in 2004, and today it arrived at my door. The sculpt isn't too sharp, the colours look flat & bit washed out, but its a pretty decent for a figure of that era I guess. More of trading figure quality, like the CM's. Here it is with the HMR VF-4. Another view with Arcadia's VF-4G. Size comparison with the CM's DYRL Minmay. View of her rear.
  14. That's the Boeing 747 Fast Pack right there!
  15. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Saburo's always excellent pics makes it more satisfying to look at than the actual item in front of me!
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