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  1. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Heheh can't wait to see what you'll cook up @sh9000. But Monsters might be too big to fit a square space lol.. Perhaps, at the rate they being released, the new Kids Logic MiniTech series 1/285 pieces will be more practical for chess building purposes
  2. Some random thoughts: 1. Yamato's fighter mode engine nacelles & booster may be too small, but overall proportions seem much truer to line art or even the beautiful fighter-only Hasegawa kits. 2. The arms on Bandai's not only too small, but they do not seem to be long enough, such that in fighter mode, the vertical stabilizers are a bit too far forward, so it feels like a bit too much mass hanging off the tail. 3. If viewed directly from front / back, the wing angle is too straight, and not canted downward enough. This was also a problem with both Yamcadia's and HMR VF-4? 4. It would be great, if Bandai could implement some sort of foldaway mass-reduction pieces on the legs for a slimmer fighter mode, something like the folding calf panels they did for the YF-19 / VF-19 Advance. Technically may not be line art accurate, but the legs are entirely hidden in fighter mode anyway. The pieces would then fold out and form a bulkier leg for battroid mode. This will borrow a bit from current Transformers figures design, but why not since so much anime-magic is involved.
  3. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Not having diorama building skills, I'm fantasizing going down a different route with an army of HMRs: build a chess set of UN Spacy vs Zentradis. Just need to make a large chequered surface area, maybe a coffee table top, for the figures to stand on. If Bandai does ever get to releasing the N-Gers and Q-Raus, with the Regult Scout, we should have enough enemy mecha variants for a Zentradi chess team! But as I'm typing this, I realize I will never have enough Regults as pawns, due to the crazy high prices they are going for today. Unless they get re-issued.
  4. I'm thinking for those who only want a single 1/48 mold, the demand shifted from VF-1A Max to the upcoming VF-1S Hikaru, due to the Super Strike parts for it.
  5. Hearing the reports of potentially loose joints on the wings & various other places kinda puts me off into transforming my copy. I would be content to leave it in fighter mode, but then Arcadia missed the big chance to fix what I think is the biggest visual flaw in this mode: the huge and inconsistent panel gaps especially at the areas around the wing root / shoulders. Visually, it's not much different from Yamato's in this aspect, although there's those extra panels near the head to mask the see-through gap. Perhaps due to the nature of transformation, there are just too many pieces around this area that have to come together and meet to form a nice, smooth, uninterrupted surface. It could sound like nitpicking, but I always felt one of Yamcadia's strengths ever since the v2 1/60 VF-1 was released circa 10 years ago, including all their valks since then, whether VF-11s, the VF-19s, the VF-0s etc, are the very fine and very consistent panel gaps & tolerances. The nosecone flows very smoothly all the way to the rear of aircraft. Where the panels separates for transformation, they look just like other regular panel lines in fighter mode. So much so that the v2 1/60 VF-1 is arguably better than the current DX Chogokins in this area. Hence the somewhat disappointment that Arcadia's SV-51 did not meet this standard they have set with their previous valks.
  6. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Gotta agree with this! The appeal builds up incrementally the more variants you get your hands-on, & lay them out to display. It’s also always easier to justify the next piece since prices are much more wallet friendly.
  7. The individual elements of fighter mode look great, but somehow when they come together as a whole, something seem a bit off. The engine nacelles look too thick, the nose looks a bit too small and short or is the body just too long? I agree with what someone said earlier about how it reminds of Yamato 1/72 more than Yamato 1/60 on first impression. But seeing this makes me appreciate even more how tough decisions have to be made to work around the anime magic, and a testament to Yamato having made the right design choices in prioritising fighter mode in their 1/60 (if you are a fighter mode kinda person) while keeping very decent battroid mode looks. Bandai’s battroid mode almost knocks it out of park so far, mostly by the chunkier legs alone. So whereas Bandai’s YF-19 is almost close enough to Arcadia’s YF-19 in overall profile for all modes, that from a display perspective a person collecting will not lose out much in choosing one over the other, I feel no such inclination here. To me, it’s without doubt: must have both, keep Yamato’s 1/60 for fighter mode display, and get Bandai’s for battroid mode poses. What a time to be a fan! On a side mode, I seem to notice a trend that Yamcadia valks somehow always have sexier noses compared to any of Bandai’s iteration. Just some very subtle curves that hits me off. If Bandai eventually does get to making a VF-11, I’m expecting Yamato’s will still look better on the front end.
  8. Yup, @Sanity is Optional is spot on. It took quite some consideration to get the Yamato GNU-Dou figures at first, because well, they don't transform! But as I don't really play with my stuff much, and spend more time curating the displays instead, I thought they'll be a great way to showcase battroid mode without spending a lot on doubles or triples of the 1/60 Macross Plus items for display. I'm comparatively late to the collection scene, so it took quite a while to find even just one unit of the 1/60 YF-21 & VF-11b at prices I was willing to fork out. Once I got the GUN-Dou figures in hand though, I'm quite happy with them. For its size, they punch well above their rather paltry prices they sometimes pop up at Mandarake these days - the sculpt is sharp, the plastics are sturdy, and they look anime accurate. They could do with a tad more articulation, but I understood from @jenius reviews that there are upgrade parts kit for that. Some pics while having fun with them.. (Used the VF-19 Advance as stand-in for the YF-19, which is currently boxed up) But best of all, they also come in colour schemes that isn't available on any other toy lines (but model kits perhaps?)..
  9. Just fiddled again with the DX VF-1J, and one very nice thing Bandai did was to give great detailing to the intake fans. Fitting issue aside of the intake covers, the molding detail and the paint of the fans look really nice. It was one area which I was disappointed with on the DX VF-31, and so I never take off the intake covers for those. A bit of head scratcher, since intake fan detailing and paint was present in their DX VF-19 Advance, but the subsequent DX VF-31 regressed back to the VF-25 Renewals in terms of being unpainted.
  10. WTS DX-Chogokin VF-1A Max. Item opened and displayed for only a week, and back into box. Reason for sale: Saburo's pic looks better than actual item!
  11. Wow! PO discount price on a DX Chogokin after release. If it were anywhere else, it'll look like a scam!
  12. That's a great display @sqidd I like how each toy is spaced out a bit to give it room to breath, it makes everything look cleaner. But once space for display cases runs out in the room, it'll be some dilemma: to start squeezing more toys in the cases and hence sacrificing the overall clean look, or maintain great discipline and periodically rotate the toys out with others in storage?
  13. Yup, ordered direct. Although, the packaging was a bit scary, because the pizza-like box used to house the set of shelves was a bit too large, and look to collapse rather easily if any other parcel sits on top of it in transit. There was no outer shipping box, the item box itself came wrapped only in clear plastic film. It’s kinda ironic since they specialise in making tough cases for transporting toy figures. Still, the shelves itself survived the trip without any issues. If I were to order again, I would add in a remark requesting robust packaging, perhaps add bubble wrap outside the box, and inside the box to fill up the empty spaces. One of the metal mounts arrived bent & defective. I contacted them and they sent replacements right away, so no complains there on after-sales.
  14. One of the common Detolf mods are using cable clamps on the posts, as height adjustable mounts for the glass to rest on. Couple of pics pulled randomly from net below to illustrate: The cable clamp Clamps applied on posts, with glass shelf resting on the clamps at all corners. What I was concerned with for this method, was that the glass shelf now rests on 4 very small footprints, so the glass corners become high stress points. Then one day I happen to come across adjustable height, purpose-built Detolf acrylic shelves from a Polish supplier: https://shop.army-case.com/product/a-space-additional-shelves-for-detolf-ikeas-glass-door-cabinet/ I ordered couple of sets, and so far I've had time to fix a shelf (pictured below, on the top shelf). The shelf may look a bit out of place compared to the default shelves, but they are sturdy and works well. In the web site, it says the shelf is rated to hold up to 12kg (!), though I've never tested it myself. I just want these shelves to use up the vertical space in the Detolfs, especially if the toys are in fighter mode.
  15. The XB-70 looks swell @spanner I really like the cantered wings; obviously this was where the YF-21 got it from. The YF-21 really is an amalgam of experimental aircrafts features of its day - the body of the YF-23, the wings of the XB-70 Valkyrie, the 3D trust vectoring feature? And that it transforms into a Queadluun-Rau inspired design is just amazing!
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