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  1. this is frakking amazing! id LOVE to build one of these for myself, any idea what he used? (ps i am new to modeling), but still this is brilliant! id love to build one that could hold a 1/60 but that would be difficult with mounting (possibly a metal cradle? that has faux super armor that reaches under the arms with it's frame?)
  2. Most likely a 1D, but i prefer DYRL valks over TV, so i may pick up a max instead, that or a CM's Legioss tho both it and the aoshima have issues so im not sure witch to go with tbh.
  3. Ever since ive gotten my 1J im in love with the 1/60s, ive been waiting to have these babies since 2008!
  4. Hey, i bought 2 yamato v2.0 DYRL valks recently, both with shoulder splits and one damaged canopy, One set of missing integrated hands. Anyone have any replacement shoulders? id be interested in buying them ( 3D printed replacements seem to be very pricey ) as well as a possible donor Cockpit canopy, Unless their is a method to remove the "effect" with chemicals. I am also looking for a set of Integrated hands.
  5. A tv macross? is that the one that needs t obe taken apart? id love more info on that, btw love the use of the CM's figures, i realy need to pick up a hikaru and Fockker
  6. nah, it dosent bother me personally, just as long as i have head options for display, im happy
  7. Hey guys, Im picking up a VF-1A hikaru soon to go along with my DYRL focker and TV 1J, i thought instead of getting 2 Hikaru's, id just buy a head of a hikaru 1S so i can display it as either a 1S or 1A. Anyone got a spare i can buy. I am also looking for a TV Focker Pilot figure.
  8. Was that VFactory regult ever produced? im seriously interested in that
  9. Hey, looking for Subs for DYLR, Macross II and Flashback 2012, i have the bandai emotion DVD releases, anyone knowwhat the best sub options are? (also looking for Mospeada love live alive subs, got the ADV set that didnt have it included)
  10. so this is one of the ones with the bad QC?
  11. Hey guys, i dont post much here but id like some help, found a pal over on FB selling a yamato Super 1J, im unsure what release it specificaly is (V1, V2 Ect), it has detachable legs witch ive never seen on a yamato valk before, im about to get more photos of it from him for more clarrification. I know it has a broken backpack hinge, and am not sure if that's simple to fix, Any info would be great.
  12. funny thing you can litteraly buy the original tape from the RT store, seems they uncovered some excess stock, they are selling RT on tape aswell, noi dea why
  13. idk why you would need a bootleg, the newest bd is 40$, you can just use external subs
  14. so you got the My boyfreind is a pilot hybrid release right? cus the newest BD is uncut, restoring all violence
  15. yeah, then its def a bootleg, but atleast its an interesting piece, an english dub, produced for american television, yet the case is entirly in japanese, i wonder where it was sold
  16. The only macross BD i was able to afford was DYRL, and my god its spectaular to see it in high definition, aswell as seeing the theatrical ver, id LOVE to get the megazone 23 archive box, but that thing is like 600 aud, blurays are just out of my price range, its why ive been collecting the early 2000's mospeada and macross sets.
  17. what i mean is, id not consider somthing probably meant to be played once, and then not sold, a bootleg, tho i realy dont mind if (and it probably is) one, its still apart of macross's history, and tbh the artwork is a lot better than the look of the HG release, the colors and the line art resembles the usual look for japanese scripts (witch i own one of, tho not relared to macross, minus a mospeada script) its that simplistic look i love. i know some people get defensive if someone calls out they own a bootleg but, i actually dont mind owning them, if its the only way to get it unless you have a fortune, its just easier, i bought a bootleg of RTM before i eventually got a legitmate copy of it. i just realise i completely contridicted myself, didnt even notice, anyway.
  18. it is not the film, its the original english adaptation produced in 84, 70 min edit of episodes 1-3, id not consider a tape made for a convention a bootleg.
  19. ive seen some racing garland photos in a book of mine, im guesing it all ocurs after level seven falls, and because of shogo, the garland is now publicly known.
  20. Hey guys, bought an interesting item the other night, i was browsing the net looking for photos of the old SDF dub HG put out in 84, and found an auction for that very dub the owner got it from a private house sale (guessing an estate sale) along with a box of martial arts tapes, so im guessing the owner bought it from a convention, the tape has been checked, and indeed it is the harmony gold dub. Ive seen one claim that the release was labled "in english" on youtube, and that is what my tape is labled as, im guessing this is from a very early convention. the case is written in japanese, and uses DYRL "summer 84" Artwork, aswell as artwork lifted from DYRL of Exadol and bretai. item photos are straight from the auction, if any one has any idea where this thing is from, please notify me, ive never seen one like tihs before, so i bought it as quick as possible. sorry for my grammar.
  21. id love to see a release of, mabey a kit of the Plut/Pluto fighters, with the build in space combat garland, or somthing like the flagga hover veihicals.
  22. i use it for a art piece aswell lol, that and my LD box set.
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