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  1. SDF MACROSS PS2 Audio and movie rips

    Hello everyone. as a little birthday gift for the 30th anv of dyrl (i know im late) Ive decided to share my Newly created audio rips from MACROSS on ps2 These rips where taken from an original disk. MEGA link will be up soon (file size being 1 gig) Hope you guys enjoy these sfx for your projects and other media (reminder, this is not me giving pirated games, this is for archiving original sound effects, im not giving out iso's or anything) small notes on the files: Rip made on 18/6/2016, 2:29 PM Ripped using PSound (psx/2 audio program) Ripped By Darkspire17 All files are in their natural formats and file names Ripped from an Un-altered ISO rip of the official disk Additions: Soundtrack has been assembled in a separate folder and renamed according to their listings in MACROSS COMPLETE 3 disk soundtrack. credit SEGA AM2,BANDAI and BIGWEST/TATSUNOKO and all other creators involved
  2. Im wondering what is the most avalible (and cheapest if possible) macross kits (SDF1) i know the revel kit is nice looking but the price is a bit high. the Yamato kits are very expensive (the resin kits i mean) im looking for a tv acurate macross model kit for a small project (macross island diorama) any suggestions?
  3. Macross / Robotech games in English

    MACROSS on ps2 is prety good. it follows both the tv series and DYRL. it can be expensive at times but its worth a purchase
  4. i managed to get the mospeada opening from LOVE LIVE ALIVE. and the southern cross opening from the ADV boxset. thanks for the advice
  5. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    A few years i heard of super dreadnought fortress macross. The original 4 minuet pilot film containing clips of the first episode (Boobytrap). I believe i once owned it on a MADMAN promo disk (australian). ive not seen anyone show it off expect for ADV using it to demonstrate the remastering process. Has it been included in any form at all? dose anyone know where i can get a legal copy? all i remember is it shows a different logo opening and 4 minuets of clips from boobytrap accompanied by the full macross theme. any info you guys have on it? Link to ADV's edit:
  6. i tried. sadly none. but i do have mospeada's opening (found it in an ADV promo dvd)
  7. oh sorry. im not asking for pirated material. i mean im looking for releases that have them included as a bonus. im not a fan of R-T. but my friend wanted me to make it for him so yeah...
  8. im looking for MOSPEADA and SOUTHERN CROSS's textless openings. anyone have any sources? i plan on using them in a new hd upscale of ROBOTECH II THE SENTINELS.