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  1. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    ^Ah, well...that explains it. One day (soon hopefully).
  2. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Can it finally be happening?! Please let it be!
  3. RDX17

    Macross Cosplay

    I'd like your post, but I think I over did it today: "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." I'll have to hit you up later.
  4. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    ^Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing a full on Destroid display from you once the Tomahawk and Phalanx are released.
  5. Thanks for taking and sharing all of these photos Tochiro. There are some really great items in there.
  6. Man, I've got some catching up to do. Thanks for all of this year-end (New Year) content!
  7. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    2019 is all about that Tomahawk action! I hope... :)
  8. RDX17

    Macross The First

    Macross The First - #11 gol=bodoruza -2...now, that's some serious Deculture.
  9. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice work!
  10. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    For sure. I'm always waiting for those Tamashii Nations pictures. Maybe there will be a few other surprises once they post the full set.
  11. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Up on Tamashii Nations now: Hi-Metal R VF-1D Only four images at the moment though.
  12. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    I haven't ordered from HLJ since their site was updated, so this is really good to know.
  13. Despite its flaws it still has some great moments, and is ultimately entertaining. It's worth a watch.
  14. RDX17

    Macross The First

    #10 Hectic Birthday - 2 Only six pages, but an interesting final spread.
  15. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Mmmm...chocolate. All this talk of chocolate, but...maybe...just maybe...it's actually bronze they're going for? I'll guess we'll have to wait for the actual release, but I'm going with dark bronze. :)