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  1. But this needs to be painted, right? I don't have the skills and the setup though. I haven't even top coated my gunpla yet ^_^;
  2. Recently finished Crest of the Stars vol 1. It was my first digital light novel purchase, thanks to J-Novel Club. It's a great complement for those who have seen the anime, though I'm not sure for new readers. Although to be honest, I was able to finish this much faster than the Legend of Galactic Heroes novel. Hopefully J-Novel Club will be able to complete both Crest and Banner content--and looking forward to the physical book releases next year. And I remember reading fan translations of stuff after Banner of the Stars III, so I hope these are also eventually officially translated as well.
  3. I'm thinking hard.... Heinz will join Walkure! j/k. It's a hilarious outcome I wonder what people's reactions would be if that happens.
  4. I thought I was having a good day today and now I see this development. Aaargh. I only wish that people just stop buying anything Robotech-related. Please, even if it looks good. You're putting money in the pockets of HG and Tatsunoko.
  5. hachi

    Macross Books

    Nice. More pics please!
  6. Unfortunately I got loans to pay off so I'll have to skip this one. Better luck next year to me!
  7. Maybe that's a good price but there's too many hoops to go through to spend that kind of money. I could buy several other things in the meantime much easier and much faster Macross is not my only hobby/interest, I have other 'mouths' to feed. Sorry Kawamori
  8. I'd gladly pay 8000 yen max but I refuse to go through hoops. I want a straightforward purchase option. But there's no such option so yeah, I'll forget about it. Please do!
  9. Thanks for the detailed info. Fortunately I'm not that desperate to go through all those hoops for such a book. Damn why do you do this Kawamori!
  10. Haha that's a big hurdle to overcome. I would settle for a cinema but yeah, still no $$$.
  11. I prefer getting them online from JP shops as they are generally cheaper. And shopping online with a credit card means I don't feel as much guilt versus having to physically get the money from my wallet
  12. Please somebody post a preorder link for this T_T *edit Preferably Amazon JP or CDJapan or HLJ
  13. Thanks no3Ljm, it's a nice price, but I don't like creating new accounts only for these figures just yet. Fortunately they are not TWE but I wish Bandai would re-release soon while I still have the budget for it :D
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