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  1. Thanks that cleared that up for me. I'll wait a bit see if there's any opening from HLJ etc.
  2. So what happens if it gets taxed? Do I pay Buyee or DHL (this is my preferred option) or do I have to go pick it up and pay in person? With Covid-19 around I don't want to go out (yes I think it will still be a concern next year.)
  3. hachi

    Macross Books

    This is not in limited quantities right? It doesn't ship to my address, so if I really want to order now I'll have to use a proxy. I could wait, but I don't wanna miss out too.
  4. He can do battle with Godzilla??? Too bad I don't have space for doing such sets. One thing I wish I had a big house...
  5. I was about to order last night and Amazon JP slapped me with 23k+ yen import fee! Info says they will refund it but the total amount was too much for my credit card I don't have any experience with local PO, I'll have to do some research. But at this big amount, I'm inclined to go with my usual suki sellers. I'll also probably check out US stores (as suggested), though I'm not in a hurry anyway.
  6. Thanks! That's a jaw-dropping 4k+ pesos for the shipping hahaha. But of course I've spent already thousands in shipping fees just in this toy hobby alone (not to mention on books and other stuff). Hmm let me just re-align the items I budgeted in advance for my Xmas bonus...
  7. Ok, saw Gleipner eps 1-2 but it seems a bit too violent for watching out in the open (family members passing by). I'll just save it for later. Which rules out Tsugumomo... So I went old school and am watching Yu Yu Hakusho
  8. Sh!t I don't log in for a few days and I miss this! Damn you Bandai How much is the shipping for DHL/Amazon JP? I wanted to go with HLJ but it's order stop now @_@
  9. I'll check those latter 2 out, I already tried watching Enen no Shouboutai but I can't remember why I dropped it.
  10. Oh so that's why it had a boring MC guy and the ladies were blushing red... Thanks. I'll just avoid that franchise from now. So I just finished a rewatch of Kimetsu no Yaiba, was looking for some more recent fight-filled stuff. Is Re-Zero any good later? I tried to watch a few eps but I get turned off by the repetition (redoing the day all over again). (Also found KonoSuba funny but not up for a rewatch of it.) If not I'll search my done anime for rewatch candidates.
  11. What is the primary appeal of Sakura Wars? I've tried to watch the anime (old and new) and I just seem to lose interest in the characters. The mecha were the main draw but I just can't continue watching an anime if I don't care for the characters.
  12. Haha I'm not worried since normal deliveries are disrupted right now anyway...Maybe Mikimoto saw Covid19 coming?
  13. Anime is a lot better action-wise, because it's been condensed or details added. As for print I'm holding off on buying. Hopefully shipping/economy goes back to normal next year, I haven't been in the mood to buy anything physical from overseas since March. Also if you got the Banner print book, could you compare Lafiel's words there with the anime (last lines in Banner OVA, the one after the meal with Till and his wife)? The anime line was so different from the translated one, but the anime line was spoken in English (in the JP version). I actually prefer the anime line, made more sense to me.
  14. Lol I love the "space elves in spandex". The POV is biased but that was how the author intended to write it--from the POV of the 2 main characters who are of course, Abhs. Currently JNovel Club is putting out the English translated ebooks (with eventual print editions). I've got all the ebooks out so far. Translation isn't 100% flowing but I support it since I want to know what happens in the later books. There were fan translations before but they were scrapped eventually. Looking at the pictures I am really envious of those who got the art/design books. Of course at the time they came out I was probably oblivious to its existence and would never have bought them anyway.
  15. I imagine there's going to be lots of embellishments, the Robot novels were better for a visual medium like film/series. Not sure I want to be disappointed. I may get the itch to read them again, but I sold my books (prequels/original/sequels) a long time ago.
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