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  1. Now the question is, does this need the PO purchase code? If it does, no problem, there's a Eureka 7 artbook coming out anyway. But if it doesn't....RIP wallet? (Assuming I can go through the hoops associated with a successful purchase of this expo book...)
  2. Guys who can read Japanese, is this another EXPO book? This seems to be a general release. Unfortunately Satelight doesn't ship to overseas locations https://www.satelight-store.com/products/detail.php?product_id=211
  3. I got my shipping notice. I was being impatient lol Lol didn't buy that 36-set. Got the 2 customs because I didn't want to regret not buying in a few months like what happened with the PBandai Leos.
  4. To those who ordered P-Bandai Maganacs (Rashid et al customs), have yours shipped? Curious since it's almost August in a few days.
  5. The Blade movies were good for their time, I wonder how they will make this interesting considering it will probably not be R-rated.
  6. I don't know anything about Shang-chi but I am excited for this. I want to be surprised like I was when I watched GOTG, when I knew zero about the Guardians.
  7. I know Portman's performance hasn't been inspired (major fault lies with the writing of her character), but I'm still gonna watch because Taika Waititi is the director. I didn't like Thor 2 that much, but Ragnarok was way, way better. It is my belief that the director is a major part of a film's success. I haven't read much Thor comics so I don't have any large expectations--but in Taika I trust.
  8. Eh but I want to take it with to save on shipping costs Rearranging the contents and flattening the box is a good idea, I'll keep this in mind. Ok, thanks for the info! I think it's the only big kit I really want to buy in Japan. (for now..) The last time I was in Japan my luggage was smaller--the stuff I bought wasn't that heavy but took up a lot of space. So I bought bigger check-in luggage and of course I'd look to fit in the biggest kit I can lol
  9. To anyone who got the new MG Alex, will it fit neatly into a 30kg suitcase? I'm thinking of buying in Japan if ever I get some funds for a trip next year. (Assuming it's still available of course.)
  10. For me it had interesting characters and mecha. I never thought about it too seriously because the feudal society + mechs was already fantastical to begin with. With brain turned off I enjoyed the show (but not saying it was that good). That said I have KG Sleipner kit that I bought 3 years ago and still haven't got to building it lol. Frankly I don't even know where to put it--my finished Scopedog is still also in the box. Damn these space problems T_T
  11. But this needs to be painted, right? I don't have the skills and the setup though. I haven't even top coated my gunpla yet ^_^;
  12. Recently finished Crest of the Stars vol 1. It was my first digital light novel purchase, thanks to J-Novel Club. It's a great complement for those who have seen the anime, though I'm not sure for new readers. Although to be honest, I was able to finish this much faster than the Legend of Galactic Heroes novel. Hopefully J-Novel Club will be able to complete both Crest and Banner content--and looking forward to the physical book releases next year. And I remember reading fan translations of stuff after Banner of the Stars III, so I hope these are also eventually officially translated as well.
  13. I'm thinking hard.... Heinz will join Walkure! j/k. It's a hilarious outcome I wonder what people's reactions would be if that happens.
  14. I thought I was having a good day today and now I see this development. Aaargh. I only wish that people just stop buying anything Robotech-related. Please, even if it looks good. You're putting money in the pockets of HG and Tatsunoko.
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