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  1. LOL what kind of restaurant did they go to
  2. For future reference: https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/master-list-of-all-translations/
  3. You're a bit late, I gave up on acquiring that book a few days after I posted.
  4. OK, never mind my question. It's an KEN OKUYAMA X GUNPLA 40TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT. I'm interested, but probably not getting one right away.
  5. Interview of Shoji Kawamori in Kotaku: https://kotaku.com/how-anime-has-and-hasnt-changed-according-to-shoji-kaw-1838478119 lol
  6. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    I'll probably pass on this. I'd have a harder time deciding if it was in M&M colors, or anything in blue. Guess I got some extra money now
  7. hachi

    Macross Books

    We're probably not getting a reprint of the Design Works book though. Hopefully he'll put out another book years from now that's not so hard to get as this EXPO one.
  8. Hmm, what immediately comes to mind (after Full Metal Panic) is Knights & Magic. The anime was sourced from a light novel. However there is not an official English translation, unfortunately. Now these don't have giant robots, but almost there: All You Need Is Kill / Edge of Tomorrow (this was the light novel that Tom Cruise movie was based on) The Stories of Ibis (interconnected stories about androids) The 2 are Haikasoru books, I recommend that line if you're into sci-fi. There's also another LN called Heavy Object, though I am not that familiar with it. It supposedly has mecha. And lol, in the course of my research, TIL this exists: https://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Suit-Gundam-Escalation-Confrontation/dp/1611720052/ I'm sure there's another Gundam light novel out there, but my eyes are tired now of searching. Also, there's more mecha in manga it seems, that alternative should be more satisfying.
  9. hachi

    Macross Books

    Nice! Was it worth the price? And I mean, in terms of unpublished vs published content ratio.
  10. If the nuBSG ending was good it would have been a perfect SF series. They better have a plan, otherwise it's just gonna be a waste of IP and resources. (I haven't seen the original though, and have no plans to see it.)
  11. If I get bored enough (even with rewatches of old series) I'll check both out.
  12. Never saw the movie but I lol'ed at evil space cloud! And it's sad that these newbie director guys fail upward, wasting tons of money and everybody else's time. At least I didn't spend anything on this, last X-Men movie I saw in theatres was Days of Future Past. I dodged major disappointment when I decided not to watch Apocalypse. Monopoly accusations vs Disney aside, I'm really happy that the X-Men movie rights are back under Marvel. I read some X-Men (back in college), and the X-Men adaptations, while some aspects are competent (casting for instance), just doesn't excite me like the MCU does. Or maybe it's just a curse, me having read more source material from X-Men than Avengers/Thor/GOTG etc. But I'm hoping that Marvel Studios can bring us a better adaptation.
  13. Is KanColle any good storywise? Those kinds of anime haven't really appealed to me in the past.
  14. >> Titan still turns a modest profit on the comic because of all the corners they cut making it. Looks like they made some profit enough to hire Brenden Fletcher to write a story (who looks more legit than the other unknown RT comic writers to me). Sadly I don't think they're gonna stop doing the comics in the foreseeable future.
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