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  1. I want a Gunbuster too but I don't have the $$$ and the space for it.
  2. hachi

    Macross Books

    I use this link to check from time to time: https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E7%BE%8E%E6%A8%B9%E6%9C%AC-%E6%99%B4%E5%BD%A6/e/B003UVZRUE/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 I really don't get why Amazon JP 'hides' the book's preorder page.
  3. Yup, next best thing I could buy. I know they're all good pilots but my preference is in this order: Roy > Max > Hikaru
  4. oohh I have that one, but it's yellowing now. I wanted Roy's but when I went back to the Yodobashi Camera store somebody already bought it. I was so disappointed. I got this instead. It was the very first legit Macross toy that I bought and I was sweating bullets when I transformed it for the first time. It took up a lot of space so I never bothered to buy another one. When I got back into Macross toys thankfully the HMR line was just started. ON topic: I got my latest delivery of gunpla kits. Damn this hobby is addicting even though I know I'm having space/display issues. But I like buying them...
  5. hachi

    Macross Books

    From the pic I thought it was already out lol Amazon JP still isn't showing even a preorder link.
  6. So I should be ok as long as I go for the branded Japanese ones, whichever is available. Thanks!
  7. And the reason why it was canceled made me shake my head. I was never into DC series but this one looked interesting.
  8. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    A few more tweaks and this could pass off as comic book panels. Although I wouldn't want to give ideas to some company that must not be named about this short cut.
  9. For those who do topcoats, I have a question. Are the topcoats affected by high temperatures? I would like to leave top coated gunplas in my room, but on really hot days the temp could go past 35 deg C (of course I would not stay in the room--usually happens at noon onwards). It could be higher if I lock my room when I go out. If they will peel off over time I'd rather not topcoat, or just put them in a cooler place and topcoat only a few chosen kits.
  10. Aside from official English-language Blu-rays, I'd also like books--art books, master files, etc to be available in English once HG's stranglehold is over. I'm kind of not worried about kits since I can already buy them from online stores. Those P-Bandai HMRs however...
  11. Preordered the 2 Maganac sets. I'm glad there was a pay later option. My wallet is taking a much needed break in June.
  12. My takeaway here is that the newer shows are getting more female viewers. My best guess as to why would be the character designs. 1 - YF-19 Alpha 1 3 - YF-29 Durandel 4 - VF-19 Excalibur => Basara version 6 - VF-25 Messiah I would also love HMRs of these. *wallet cries* (would have liked a wallet destroyed gif here)
  13. A lot of people really like the Sheryl the character. She places *twice* in the character rankings (accdg. to https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/04/nhks-all-macross-big-voting-results-are-in-macross-frontier-wins-the-crown) >>Unfortunately I couldn't vote.  This was open to overseas fans how could you not support Sheryl??????!!! /s Anyway, I hope this means more Macross Frontier goodies. Back when Macross F started I wasn't yet into collecting, not even doing any shopping online. I'd even welcome more new songs--and of course sung by May'n!
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