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  1. This was mistakenly posted (double post) mods please delete
  2. Now I feel pressured to research on Lovecraft lol. I'm putting this series on my backlog.
  3. Have you tried Google Docs? That is if you have an account. It's free (but of course you are the product haha). Personally I have used that when planning expenses for trips, and sharing it with my travel mates. Very convenient. I also use LibreOffice at home. I think the UI looks better now, and the default display isn't the ribbon interface b*llshit. (I am on Version for reference.) Then again I don't do anything fancy (nothing like the stuff I do at work using M$ Word) and it is sufficient for my needs. Besides, I use Linux OS since I refuse to pay for Windows (and I do not want to use pirated Windows OS either).
  4. Feels like Gundam not Eureka 7 lol
  5. Looks good and I'd love to have a collection for Gasaraki, unfortunately there's no space in my budget for these.
  6. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    A Regult Scout release would be a setback for my current financial goals, but I hope there will be one (please make it in the latter part of the year Bandai, if ever). I will be sitting out of other HMR valks that's why I am not complaining of the lack of releases. Unless if they are from Frontier (Alto's) or Basara's or *shock* they make the Queadlunn Rau. In that case RIP wallet and savings and future trips.
  7. hachi

    Macross Books

    No problemo, I already spent my money on something else lol. After almost 2 years since coveting one, I finally ordered a VF1 Master File book. There were other choices of course but they were conveniently out of stock. For now I'll mark the Mikimoto artbook delay as noted
  8. Most of the trailer doesn't make sense. I guess Wonder Woman (and the sequel) will be the only movies from DCEU that I will watch.
  9. The original cartoon was fun, the previous live-action was not fun to sit through. I had not watched the original material before the movie, but I could tell it was one of the worst/boring movies I have ever paid for and watched. Iirc one of my friends (who had watched the original show) apologized for it. I'm not hopeful they can really recreate the fun atmosphere of the cartoon. They'll need good actors AND a good director.
  10. If there's anything that's improved here, it's the art. It's not 'gritty' anymore! Except for the zombies
  11. It's going to be boring for those looking for action/pew pew pew. Personally I think it was an OK show. If you finish it, could you give your thoughts on this take? It's been years since I watched this show. To be honest I don't remember details anymore haha. If I get bored enough with current shows I might give this series a rewatch.
  12. I am interested how they 'remake' this, though I just hope it's not a trainwreck. I also doubt their ability to keep up quality based on this teaser video.
  13. I don't remember it being PBandai. Oh well, was thinking of getting it for a fleeting moment and then that moment disappeared Thanks. It's orders closed at Amiami and I don't have an account with Bluefin (don't want too many accounts I can't keep track of).
  14. Has anybody gotten the HG 1/144 Gundam G40? Or is this not out yet?
  15. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    I don't even have space for a display case
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