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  1. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    And it appears in the quotes too...wonder if those can be deleted. Got my shipping notice from CDJ and my valk is now in the country. Not sure when the post man will deliver it though...
  2. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Where's my VT-1, CDJ?
  3. I haven't been impressed by western adaptations of Japanese manga/anime. Although I think it all depends on the writer/director. I haven't even bought the Japanese novelizations. So I'm interested only out of curiousity. Perhaps I'll bite if they do something like this Humble Bundle in the future.
  4. hachi

    Macross Master File

    Great! another goodie to look forward to next year
  5. hachi

    SDCC Robotech

    I am disappoint. I was expecting something grittier to go with the comics! Shouldn't she come with a baseball bat?
  6. hachi

    Macross Master File

    All the pics look good but I want the damn text in English! T_T If the issues due to HG are gone (my wishful thinking), do you think these can be published in English? Would a Kickstarter work?
  7. hachi

    Macross Books

    Nice! Based on these pics I wanna buy it already. I'd love to but unfortunately my budget right now is focused on the toys and graphic novels and home repairs. Maybe I'll just get this one together with the new Mikimoto book that comes out next year. Thanks for the pics!
  8. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    I wish they'd reissue the Tamashii Stage ACT TRIDENT PLUS. That one I'd buy.
  9. hachi

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    While the Robotech comic is really shitty, on the other end of the spectrum is Universal War One. Great sci-fi story, I bought the book since it was highly recommended. Of course as a Eurocomic it was first published elsewhere but it's evidence they can also publish excellent comics once in a while. That said I have no experience on the other stuff which seems to be mainly titles related to movie/TV/game franchises. And I doubt Titan does quality checks on the Robotech comics.
  10. hachi

    Macross Books

    One good thing about this forum is that you can always count on the enablers!
  11. hachi

    Macross Books

    If next year I might forget about it by then! But my wallet is happy...for now.
  12. hachi

    Macross Books

    So glad I waited and passed on Mikimoto Haruhiko Character Works. Though if I got more money I'd probably still buy that in the future. Hopefully this new one doesn't get sold out too fast.