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  1. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I'd love to have an empty wall in my room haha Though what I really want is a new house. After that my problem then would be 'filling' it
  2. OK so I gave in and preordered the Killy figure. I had to decide that I am not ever going to buy the HMR Defender (not really that awash in cash). I'm hoping the next figure will be Cibo's.
  3. Just watched this a few hours ago. It was really fun! And there are 2 ending credits. 1 after the main credits and 1 after all credits are done. Don't go out too early
  4. Ooh it's cheaper there. That's so...tempting
  5. Is 3000toys legit? They already have a preorder: http://www.3000toys.com/Eaglemoss-Battlestar-Galactica-Viper-Mk-II/sku/EAGLEMOSSBGS01 I want the vipers but I'm not in the mood to spend. We'll see next year.
  6. My first ever DX Chogokin, Mirage's VF-31C finally arrived! Along with some books: Gundam Design Works by Akira Yasuda (because I love Turn A Gundam), Lost In Anime by Thomas Romain, and The Ghost in the Shell Bilingual comics. I already have a copy of the translated GITS but it was already yellowing. And I didn't want to get the deluxe edition because it was censored. Haven't read it yet but I might compare it to the old copy I have one of these days (when I get it out of storage).
  7. Macross Stuff

    All my stuff Macross-related
  8. Bandai DX VF-31

    Where in Tokyo?
  9. So I'm also following now Tenjin HIdetaka's twitter: https://twitter.com/TENJIN_hidetaka I was hesitant at first because he put in voice actor--that was new to me, what were his roles?? It might not be him! Anyway the cat pics were enough authentication. I can't read most of the kanji but the pics are what I'm mostly after.
  10. I love MS IGLOO. I've rewatched the first 2 but not Gravity Front because it is just too depressing. As for the Zentraedi ears etc, I don't think about it too much. I just want interesting characters, great story/music and awesome mechas.
  11. Bandai DX VF-31

    I used EMS and tracking says it's already here since Tuesday. And processing for delivery. I've been going home every day excited amd then disappointed there is no package waiting for me.
  12. Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm kind of worried since it's a high-priced item. If it isn't delivered by next week I may have to go inquire at the post office.
  13. Bandai DX VF-31

    My VF31C is already in the country but the post office seems to be taking their time in delivering it. Been waiting for days now. #ThirdWorldProblems
  14. VOTOMS

    Where do you get them at 33% off?
  15. Macross figures

    Haha the character I like the most from Delta is Mirage and I already have her Figuarts Zero version. So that soundtrack has no effect on me