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  1. hachi

    May'n - The Galactic Fairy

    I'd love to go to Taiwan but can't get friends to go. Maybe next year...
  2. hachi

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I am officially worried for my Space Leo. It's been in PHLPost purgatory hell for almost a week. It's not even the Christmas season why can they be so slow...
  3. hachi

    Battle Angel Alita

    Looks like reviews here are better than expected. I've gotten my pay now so maybe if it's still in the cinemas this weekend I'll watch it.
  4. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Is it yellow orange or is it just the lighting?
  5. hachi

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    My wallet sighs in relief it's not an RG NT-1
  6. hachi

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    My first ever P-Bandai kits have arrived! But here's better news! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dy7pa-lU8AEwaQW.jpg
  7. Bad for you As for me I can't tell which is which so I guess ignorance is bliss
  8. hachi


  9. hachi

    Macross General SCOOPUDA thread

    Translated from Japanese by Microsoft Shoji Kawamori 40th Anniversary Commemorative Project "Shoji Kawamori Expo" official Twitter start! We will send you information about "Shoji Kawamori Expo" which will be held from the end of May to the end of June 2019 at the Gallery Aamo (Gallery Ahmo), Tokyo Dome City. #河森EXPO ------ I wanna go but me got no $$$ for it. I'm already going to miss the Macross Crossover Live Concert, and now this. T_T I hope they publish a related book/artbook though. I'd buy it right away!
  10. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Ahahaha the enablers *here* respond so quickly!
  11. hachi

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Well, HLJ has lost several orders from me because I couldn't get to the payment page as that progress circle thingy just keeps on spinning. I've had more success recently though when I turn off my adblocker so maybe that was one reason. That said they should fix that site of theirs because they'll lose orders that could have made them more money. As for the VF31E, it looks better than I imagined. Unfortunately I don't have the budget and the space for it. I will be content with my one and only VF31C. But if they make Delta HMRs I will be very worried for my wallet
  12. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    What?? Nice. Maybe I should have ordered 3 instead of just 2
  13. hachi

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I hope the post office delivers my Leos this week...
  14. hachi

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Mykombini also sometimes cancels orders. Just FYI.