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  1. Just got notification from AZJ confirming Red Legioss delivery between 1/31 and 2/02. Nice to know we are still on track.
  2. Same here. Also, got notice of pick up from Fedex LANTAU ISLAND, HK
  3. Just wanted to say thanks to all on the Luna Park info on the 1D Preorder. NEWCUSTOMER discount really helped with the "Missed Preorder Blues." My confirmation showed 3000 Yen flat shipping cost with 1-2 weeks delivery time to East Coast US in case anyone was still considering going with them. I'm assuming DHL or FedEx. So really not bad methinks.
  4. FedEx just delivered mine today from NNG first batch! Can't wait to get to it
  5. My NNG first batch order has been picked up. No delivery estimate but its FEDEX to US so not long I suppose.
  6. Got my NNG first batch shipping notice. Hopeful for a good experience on my first purchase with them.
  7. Really great work! I've been lamenting not going for more detail on mine. Your use of color behind the seat is fantastic!
  8. That's been my experience as well. AJ has always shipped using a box with the item shrinkwrapped to a glued down cardboard base. Very surprised (and unnerved) seeing the padded envelope approach for something of that size. Makes sense that it was Marketplace but still lame. Mandy and Ami never shipped anything like that even on used items.
  9. Woah. She's a keeper. Have fun! I'm building a few of these type of kits and find the VF to be very high quality compared to Eaglemoss or even Deagostini offerings. Enjoy!
  10. So many questions! Call in Dr. Michael Baden!
  11. Concur wholeheartedly with your view of the canon.
  12. It appears to be a black wing stripe and a yellow stripe on the leg fin so doesn't that just make the valk another TV Roy underneath?
  13. 1 at NinNin for me who ever is keeping count
  14. Nin nin is live
  15. Yep. I have been using DHL since the cutoff on the 24th of April. Was EMS still accepting in some locations into May?
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