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  1. Palantirion

    SDF-1 Glider (Maybe RC Down The Road)

    That is possibly the least aerodynamic subject I could think of to make glide. Very impressive project so far!
  2. Palantirion


    *subscribed* for purchasing. Great work!
  3. Palantirion

    Figure ID help please (non-Macross)

    -Yeah, I think you are right. Good find, thanks!
  4. Palantirion

    Figure ID help please (non-Macross)

    - I appreciate the help, and the direction. Hopefully a mod can move the thread to the right place. Apologies. That kit does look VERY much like my figure. Although in the instructions pic the sleaves are shown rolled up. But in the pics is looks right. Thank you VERY much for this link!
  5. Palantirion

    1/72 (really 1/100 IMO) arii glaug build w/mods

    *Subscribed* Looking forward to see your work...
  6. Palantirion

    "Daedalus Attack"

    Very nicely done!
  7. Palantirion

    Figure ID help please (non-Macross)

    I thought there was a forum section here for Evangelion, but perhaps I was mistaken. But I know many of us on MacrossWorld are also knowledgeable about Evangelion. As this concerns a toy I am placing the thread here. No offense meant. I need help identifying this figure of Misato. The seller on eBay didn't know jack about it, and I didn't pay much. It was listed as "Misato S3 Resin Statueā€¯. It is somewhat heavy, cold to the touch and appx. 1/7 scale. It bugs me to not know where it came from, as I keep good records of my collections. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
  8. Palantirion

    Regult pricing help

    Hello, I searched through threads but did not discern if there was a concensus on a current fair price for the Hi-Metal Regult Missle two-pack. I'm not sure if the missed the buying window. It's hard to find many to comp right now.
  9. Palantirion

    1/72 VF-1S by Kitz?

    Oops, well thanks for the re-direct.
  10. Palantirion

    1/72 VF-1S by Kitz?

    So i didn't already see a thread about it. What can we expect? It's an unusual scale for a toy, unually 1/72 are model kits. I am not familiar with the company's history. https://hlj.com/product/kzc10028 Might go great with my Yamato destroids!
  11. Palantirion

    Insurance options?

    Well, AAA is completely useless. Was bounced around to a few different departments until I got a local office that basically told me to pound sand. Every item would need to be appraised, as opposed to only higher value items. So that's a deal breaker. Was also told that my homeowners personal property coverage is not a blanket amount but subdivided into categories and each has limits - very low limits. And collectibles as a category are more covered at all, despite obivously being personal property. Americancollectors answered their phone, and was easy to deal with. Their quote seems a bit high, but I need to get others. Collectinsure didn't pick up their phone, presuably it was after hours but their message didn't say what time zone they are in or what their hours are. I'll try them tomorrow.
  12. Palantirion

    Insurance options?

    -Thanks, I'll give them a call. Any tips? Things I should ask/avoid? And have you had to file any claims with them? How did they perform?
  13. Palantirion

    Insurance options?

    Hey guys. My collection has increased to the point where I believe it prudent to aquire insurance beyond my homeowner's personal property coverage (AAA). What insurance options are there for collections? My concerns revolve mostly around protecting the replacement value of the items, which means not depreciating them out of step with the market but indexing reasonable appreciation. What companies best understand this?
  14. Palantirion

    Lego SDF-1 DYRL WIP

  15. Palantirion

    SDF 1:700

    *subscribed* Great work so far!