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  1. Without a doubt THE purchase of 2014.
  2. Amazing amazing amazing holy shizzle
  3. Oooo
  4. All sent Mr Moscato my friend. Very excited! Make it ultimate!
  5. Yeah I was just going to say get Exo in here hahah
  6. I'll be modding mine for sure. The legs don't need to move much at all, basic inwards out arms pretty much. Pic of the knee jointed looks difficult. The hands are fine the way they are pictured, nothing much happening there.
  7. I don't even have a 1/48 legioss to battle against but I'm gonna have fun with my vf1s! Cross anime battlefield muhahaha
  8. If I wanted it to be poseable with let's say ball joints (like revoltech or technic) and mod it that way? When you say free pose to make it up our way that means no moving parts right (as in we need to glue in place)
  9. And well done Cap you alone have awoken me from my slumber of extreme mwf hiatus I'll be glued to the forum for months now.
  10. Lord Moscato has spoken. The hatch just for open looks basic it's the lowering of the cockpit that looks too fiddly but I hope we are spoilt rotten with features muahaha
  11. You guys sitting on the fence are mad Mad MAD I tell yas the Gosu is the q-rau of Mospeada. It frakking pwns. Been waiting ages for this! !!
  12. I. AM. IN. I cam only afford one though.
  13. mospeada

    Gundammit Cap, Where's my GOSU