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  1. Good night. Looking for this Takatoku Kanzen Henkei VF-1J figure; red and white. Regards
  2. Good night, Jenius. Right, I am pretty sure it's not a custom; there are other weird color combinations (red and blue). Agreed, these "Macres"knock offs are the ones with lowest quality. They were manufactured at Taiwan. Regards
  3. Good night. I am looking for this "Macres" valkyrie knock off figure in this particular color scheme. Thanks in advance Regards
  4. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Yes, currently the SFDM BD sets prices are extremely high, in my opinion. I have the feeling that 2012 was a very good year for interesting printed material. Right now, I am just waiting for the planned Mikimoto's Macross book. Regards
  5. Agreed, jvmcross. Actually, in Latin American countries the Takatoku-based bootleg figures are still very popular. Last year, I went to a bazaar in Mexico City to pick up a Kanzen Henkei-type figure I bought via Whatsapp. Before the seller gave me the figure, there were like 4 or 5 guys trying to get it. Fortunately for me, the deal was already done. Anyway, here are pictures of a custom VF-1A along with a picture of bootleg and knock-off VF-1Ss and a VF-1S Super Valkyrie created with parts of the Convertors toy line. Regards
  6. Thanks, Slave IV. This is Kakizaki's VF-1A. I haven´t been able to complete it (some decals are pending) due to the lockdown.
  7. Hello. I started collecting the Takatoku Kanzen Henkei valkyrie figures around two years ago. I have some original, bootleg and knock off figures as well. I started to create some custom figures which cover the figures never released by Takatoku. This my version of the Cavalier Valkyrie as described in http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1a-cavaliers.htm Regards
  8. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Wow. Thanks for sharing those incredible pictures, jvmacross. That book looks pretty massive. I was not aware it ever existed. I remember seeing an interview last year in which Mr. Kawamori showed some Macross Zero storyboards and they looked great. It would very interesting to have this kind of material printed.
  9. Very nice. Thanks for the pictues. I amazed about the quantity of Macross-related products at that time. Regards
  10. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Excellent. Thanks a lot for the pictures. Yes, I am planning to buy the DYRL book once the current situation settles down a little bit. As usual, your help is much appreciated. Saludos
  11. Great pictures. Thanks a lot, jvmacross. Loved the dioramas pictures. Is the Monster body mounted on tank tracks a custom made by a modeler? Saludos
  12. I would like to see a reboot or an OVA covering some unseen events in the original series like Hikaru as a test pilot as briefly described in "Macross Outside Story: The Lost Two Years". Unfortunately, that story would be very similar as Macross Plus
  13. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Good night. Hope everyone is doing OK. Question. I remember the "Macross This is Animation" books contain storyboards for some SDMF chapters but the pictures were quite small. Is there a book which have these storyboards in a bigger size? Thanks in advance
  14. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Thanks, jvmacross, for the "Document of Macross" pictures. All of them look great but issues 1 to 3 seem pretty interesting to me. I hope I will get one of those some day. Saludos
  15. peroliza

    Macross Books

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Wow, all of them look great but my favorite ones are the RT Offical Guides. It seems they were inspired by the Macross Perfect Memory book.. I checked your album and all the pictures are very nice. Regards
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