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  1. Hello. Correct. There's currently one listed at eBay at a very high price. I wonder why... What I like about the KOs is their color combinations and that they can be customized with minimal remorse. I am not too far down into the Takatoku hole. I just collect the Henkei Valkyries. I do not like the 1/55 Valkyries as I prefer smaller scales. Currently, from Takatoku, I have the 3 pack, Hikaru's VF-1J and the VF-1A. I hope someday I can get Myria's and Max's VF-1Js Regards
  2. That would be very bad news, right? Hmm, interesting. I have the feeling that Cycomi slowly withdraw its support from the manga. When rebooted, the web page allowed comments from readers from all around the world, then it was restricted, if I remember correctly, to Japanese users. Then, the app was only available to mobile devices in Japan... then stopped it for 6 months... and then this... looks like a slow death, step by step... Hope I am wrong That would be very sad. I think a lot of readers were disappointed waiting for a year for an update and having the manga stopped at the same point as before; no progress in the story. Regards
  3. Hello. The manga was delisted from the Cycomi web site; does not appear at the page anymore. A bad signal in my opinion. Regards
  4. Good night. Regarding the Takatoku Henkei knock offs I have seen a lot of Taiwanese ones, the "Macres" valkyries, but it seems Korea also manufactured them. Has anyone seen this one before? Regards
  5. Thanks. They are known as Henkei and they can transform into the three modes. I think there's a non-transformable Battroid-mode Takatoku toy as well. Regards
  6. No, it's a Taiwanese copy of the Takatoku Henkei toy. Regards
  7. Hello. I got a blue and gray Macres VF-1J earlier this year. Someone helped me creating a blue VF-1A resin head. This is the result. I can swap VF-1J and VF-1A heads. Regards
  8. Hello. I roughly translated the 39-chapter synopses a couple of years ago with Google translator. Here's the PDF document. English is not my first language so the translation may contain grammatical errors. Sentences which did not make any sense when translated are marked with *. Hope you enjoy. Regards Macross 39-Chapters Synopses.pdf
  9. Very nice items. Congratulations!!
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