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  1. After looking through the other auctions the price was still good for what the VF-1S is going for. But it was approaching my limit.
  2. Lol, yes. Were you going for that one also?
  3. Wooott! Just won a DX VF-1S with Strike/Super packs and the missile set on Yahoo Japan Auctions!
  4. Glad a kept the pre-order for Mafex's Thor, going to look great with Cap. And definitely in for Gambit.
  5. Interesting that they aren't making this one a p-Bandai, considering it is a re-color.
  6. It would been nice if Sentinel would re-release items that go for stupid money on the secondary market. For an option at MSRP the set was already high for what you were getting. If there are any future Sentinel exclusive items try this site http://www.d4toys.com/index.php?route=common/home I got both option sets from them and didn't have any problems. The shipping is really expensive, $48 Fedex for one item and no other options offered. But better than paying secondary market prices.
  7. Man do I love and miss that era of animation. In my opinion nothing has topped that era.
  8. Looks good but I am passing.
  9. Did you get a shipping notice?
  10. Bandai is literally taking all of money with P-Bandai kits going up on the USA store, the ZZ Robot Spirits, and the Metal Build Blue Frame. Plus the Freedom Ver 2 a couple of weeks ago. Can Bandai start a reward program or something?
  11. Could be a good sign. They did have the P-Bandai Metal Build Eva 1 on Bluefin's site.
  12. Hellva better deal than the gold plated Gomez. I really like that Mezco is building there own figure line but does their line fit in with my collection? I hesitated pre-ordering a copy but exclusive Mezco figures never really lose there value. So if doesn't fit in with my collection later one I should be able to get most of my money back.
  13. If anyone is looking for an EVA 02 metal build, BBTS has some pre-orders open for May. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/96348
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