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  1. I would email customer service and have them verify the shipping cost is correct.
  2. There is a good chance. I would say 100% yes but they still don't have the MG Deathscythe Rousette up.
  3. I think there is a better chance of getting a TV accurate Tallgeese from the Gundam Universe line than a HG kit. While the RG kit is accurate to the Glory of Losers manga, it is an excellent kit. They took the MG and shrank it down to HG scale. There is precedent for Bandai later making an HG kit of the same RG kits; Destiny, Freedom, and now Infinite Justice Gundam from Gundam Seed. So may take a couple of years but there is a possibility.
  4. The double beam rifle that the ZZ Gundam uses. The FAZZ is based off the ZZ Gundam with the omission of the transformation and mega canon in the head.
  5. My god the MG FAZZ is a beast! Can't wait to get it in hand! Bandai did a really great job with the engineering. It is stable, functional (for a FA unit) and looks amazing. And I didn't notice any seam lines, or they weren't noticeable in the the video. Have to step up my progress with painting my MG Barbatos to make room for the FAZZ.
  6. It was never "explained" in the manga, but they have a few scene were the Gundam used the eye slot in the shield. I believe they also showed the GMs doing the same thing too.
  7. I am hoping for Unit 00 and another Crossbone gundam by the end of the year.
  8. I have been wondering how USA gundam store managed to get their shipment of MG Barbartos before any of the Japanese web shops.
  9. https://www.bluefinbrands.com/wing-gundam-snow-white-prelude-mobile-suit-gundam-w-frozen-teardrop-bandai-gundam-fix-figuration-metal-composite-bas58168.html GO GO GO
  10. Oh my god YES! Bluefin is taking my money tomorrow. As long as they aren't overcharging.
  11. The Zaku is still available at HLJ. I was able to Pre-order one. https://www.hlj.com/gundam-fix-figuration-metal-composite-ms-06c-zaku-ii-type-c-bans59081 Just waiting on the confirmation email.
  12. You have more patience than i do. I cannot wait to open mine when it is delivered.
  13. The Build Fighters and Divers shows have a completely different feel than shows like IBO or Gundam Thunderbolt. One is aimed at older audiences (like us) that have watched gundam for 20 years or more. Build Fighters and Drivers are meant to bring the younger audience into the genre and keep the fan base alive. This also is the same for the model kits. The ones from Build Fighters and Divers are much simpler for younger kids. It is an excellent marketing strategy to get new generations into the series. Which I imagine is why the majority of the kits from those series are HG. IIRC, only a few of the earlier designs were made into MG. So while some adults may watch the Fighters and Divers, Bandai isn't marketing those suit designs to adults. As such no Metal Builds have been made from Fighters or Divers. If they ever do I imagine it would be under P-Bandai.
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