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  1. Cima's Gelgoog (Robot Spirits) is available on P-Bandai US. Hopefully her marines will be a regular release. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2547980001001
  2. Cima's Gelgoog (Robot Spirits) is available on P-Bandai US. Hopefully her marines will be a regular release. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2547980001001
  3. I recommend using Testors dullcote or Model Master flat coat. Both can be found at local hobby shops and should be cheaper than Tamiya. You might end up using 3 cans depending on the number of coats but both have given me smooth finishes. And I usually topcoat in sub-assemblies and haven't had any problems. It is alot faster than doing individual pieces. Hope that helps.
  4. BBTS has pre-orders up for the HG Leo and Maganac re-releases. They are kinda expensive for an HG kit but an easy pre-order if you are looking for one.
  5. Finished putting together my Haze'n-Thley II yesterday. The box says its a gundam but I am not too sure. I was a fun build but definitely needs some paint to bring out the details. There really aren't any seam lines though, most are hidden as panel lines.
  6. I might up re watching Gurren Lagann when this comes in. Haven't watched in two-ish years and it is one of my favorite anime series. Need something up beat in these gloomily days.
  7. It isn't made by Bandai but it does have metal components. Looks so good, can't wait for mine to ship. And it's sooo shiny!!! Credit to the youtube channel and creator.
  8. Thanks for the help. Usually I spray around 15 - 17 psi depending on the paint. I do have the VAFI but didn't seem to help much so maybe the pressure was too high. What ratio (roughly) do you use clear coat to VAFI? Mostly I use a few drops until the paint looks thin enough.
  9. Suuurre this goes up super fast on P-Bandai US but we are still waiting on the MG Hazel Owsla pre-orders. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2547490001001
  10. I have been using Vallejo's Mecha gloss and matte varnishes also. The matte varnish is really good and haven't had any problems but I can't seem to get the gloss varnish to go on smooth. I have used various thinners and adjusted the pressure for the airbrush but can't get it have a smooth surface. Usually it dries with a slight "texture" to the clear coat. Not sure if is an acrylic clear coat problem or I am missing something. Appreciate any advice you have!
  11. I was tempted but it doesn't look like he will fit into my display. I do like Mezco's original characters and his design is great but not something I can fit into my existing collection.
  12. New Gunpla pre-orders up at P-Bandai US! https://p-bandai.com/us/search?sort=relevance&character=03-001
  13. Bought one bottle, lets see how this stuff works.
  14. Got my Nimrod three pack in today also. Didn't come in a shipping box though, they put the shipping labels directly on the packaging. At least I don't have to decide if I wanted to keep the box or not.
  15. True, that prototype Dom in the Robot Spirits line went up the same day on P-Bandai US as Japan. The RS line must be selling well state side.
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