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  1. I hope they get their shipment in soon. The Zaku looks amazing and my RX-78 needs the companion piece. I wonder if Bandai will reuse the m IPO ld for other suits. I would definitely get a GFFMC Mudrock.
  2. I am really enjoying the RD line. Every time I get a new one it feels like a great purchase and keeps me pre-ordering them. The GP-02 turned out really nice and I can't to pose it with the GP-01 with I get some more Act 5 stands. Bandai has hit that sweet spot of play-ability and sculpted detail. Now I have I have to find the money to pre-order the Xamel.
  3. I am going to have so many GMs. I am sure they will do the Powered GM and Custom GM. And if Bandai releases figure for every suit like they did for 0080 will we see six variations of the Zaku?
  4. HLJ has the new RX-78 40th Fix Figuration in stock https://hlj.com/gundam-fix-figuration-metal-composite-rx-78-02-gundam-40th-anniversary-ver-bans55797 Great time to used the 10% coupon from them if you have one
  5. SAME HERE!! It holds up surprising well. I have a friend that loves the Xamel and will gladly take it if I don't want it any more. His is going to be so bummed when I tell him the price of the new Xamel.
  6. I definitely will pick one up but man is that expensive for a display piece. The only reason they can charge that much is because they haven't made that suit in any line. They have to do a HG of the Xamel at some point.
  7. I think that was mostly a redesign and whoever taking creative liberties. IIRC, the dragon fang is closer the EW version.
  8. Hi guys, so after emailing a number of proxies and doing some looking on the internet I am still looking for some help. Bandai has a support site that you can email them. The catch is you need an address in Japan to fill out their "contact us" form. So I am reaching out to any member located in Japan, if you are able and have the time to submit a ticket through the site below I would be very grateful. Of course I was pay for any fee, shipping and compensate you for your time. https://support.bandaispirits.co.jp/s/ I can send you the purchase information and a typed summary of the problem. Thank you in advance if anyone can help. I will also post this in the wanted section. Apologizes for derailing the thread but I figured this thread a good amount of traffic.
  9. Most of the suit redesigns/extra equipment from the manga were to bridge the gap between the TV designs and EW designs. I believe the current volume has all of the EW designs fighting during the Libra battle. So happy they are releasing the Igel equipment and hopefully Bluefin will have some pre-orders up. Need to pick the P-Bandai Shenlong now.
  10. I think the GP01 looks great based on what Bandai is doing with the Robot Damashii line. Great articulation, proportions and accessories with effects. More markings would be nice but this is exactly what I want for this release. Plus if they complete the whole series in this line even better. If Bandai releases a Metal Robot later I will be buying that one too. Part of the appeal for me is having all the suits from the series in the same line. It is really nice having almost every single mobile suit from 0080. I think the last one to announce is the Zok'E.
  11. So I got around to opening by Proto Astrea from Nippon-Yasan and it is missing an armor piece. I contacted NY to asked if I could exchange my copy for a new one and they replied "We will contact the manufacture for a replacement piece and get back to you." I know their customer service is horrible and betting they won't come through with a replacement. Since they aren't willing to exchange the figure I am stuck with it for now. Is there anywhere else I could look for assistance?
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