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  1. I'd assume he's the one bankrolling it. Probably part of a family that did so. You can probably safely assume John intends to kill him along with everyone else while he's burning it all down.
  2. John Wick 4: John Burns the Whole Damn World Down is a go.
  3. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Awesome that you got sorted so quickly.
  4. In a few cases some of the companies have hired on former Takara or Hasbro designers, be it in-house or freelancers, to work on specific things. In general it seems to be the companies doing their own design work however.
  5. Given how closely held the Infinity War/Endgame stuff there was no viable way for them to really do anything to integrate with it. Even the 5 year time skip was kept secret so they couldn't really sync up with that either. You could argue they ended up in an alternative timeline after the time shenanigans last season pretty safely, anyways.
  6. Thought the movie was sufficiently Pokemon-y, weird, fun, and rather pretty with all the background detail and such in various scenes.
  7. Open it. Let the poor thing breathe before it goes berserk and tears the box open.
  8. The MB Eva is far, far too gorgeous to stay in its box. Even if the box itself is also really pretty.
  9. I'd imagine that's a KO version of the Ver. Ka Metal Damashii Sentinel stuff.
  10. Mark 7 is definitely peak Iron Man for me, movie wise. The mk 3, mk 6, mk 7, and the mk 45 was the last one I bothered buying. I'm still grabbing up all the War Machine figures since they're my sort of bulky armored machine jam. At least the mk 85 seems to have some bulk back to it unlike the bodysuit mk 50.
  11. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    I skipped on the original VF-4 but if they do Max and Millia ones I'm down for those. No clue were I'd PUT them but I'd be down for 'em.
  12. I should have mine tomorrow. Can't wait for unit 2 if it looks as good as unit 1 does. Repaints were kind of inevitable, but I hope they do more remolding than just the heads too.
  13. Without the Skull Heart equipment I'm just not that interested in the X-1 but that doesn't look bad at all.
  14. You'd want to keep an eye on Amazon, BBTS, EntertainmentEarth, and other US distributors who get their stock via Bluefin. $240 isn't bad given mine via HLJ was ~$198 and shipping for it, Mafex Robocop, and Figuarts ep 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi came out to $38.
  15. Everything I see of the MB Eva 01 in hands is gorgeous and I can't wait for mine to arrive.
  16. Mercy was surprise-announced and is already up for pre-order currently.
  17. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    They initially showed the prototype with the others in that nice big reveal, but IIRC there was another showing of the prototype and it finally showing up in magazines in the fall last year, like September-October? Seemed like it was going to go up for pre-order October or November but nothing ever came. Then how come we still have so many months with no HMR releases at all if they have plenty of Macross releases lined up but supposedly no room due to other shows getting HMR releases too? There's plenty of low-effort repaints they could have done if they just wanted to milk the VF-1 mold more.
  18. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Unlikely. They'd have probably just not made anything during those times. There's been plenty of months over the last year they could have done a Macross HMR release and there was nothing at all instead. Realistically, Macross is a niche product same as the other HMR releases are. The fact they've been teasing the Tomahawk for like 4 months and there's no pre-order to speak of kind of says it all.
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