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  1. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    LOL 38,800 MSRP y’all can kiss mah behind Arcadia.
  2. The Nintendo Switch

    WHOA. Plus Wii U expanded ports of Donkey Kong Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, and 3DS TWINE plus more.
  3. Uta Macross!

    PLEASE tell me Sheryl and Ranka’s song will be playable in the near future. Even those costumes look amazing in the video.
  4. Macross General SCOOPUDA thread

    Just saw Sheryl and Ranka’s new video.
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    WOW! So they’ve...
  6. https://twitter.com/nintendoamerica/status/948901835284283393
  7. Yamato 2202

    I wonder if it’ll also lead to that classic showdown on the bridge of Dessler’s flagship.

    Street date for the Riobot Ride Armor?
  9. Yamato 2202

    Okay...just watched episode 9...question.
  10. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    NEW TRAILER!!! VERY SURPRISED this isn’t region blocked.