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  1. True but they have said they’ve been taking a lot of user feedback from the demo. Hopefully they’ve been able to work out the kinks.
  2. ...for those not in the Nintendo Switch thread. The game is out 9/13...mecha designs by Kawamori. Most of the staff are former Armored Core vets.
  3. Kawamori mecha designs and a Satelight prequel movie. HYPED for this one.
  4. Fingers crossed they show off the XL Akira at the upcoming Star Trek Vegas which is their BIG show of the year.
  5. Can’t wait. I do wanna see a Federation ship though.
  6. Looks like Alex Kurtzman won’t be as involved with Star Trek: Picard...0and that’s a good thing. https://deadline.com/2019/06/michael-chabon-showrunner-star-trek-picard-cbs-all-access-series-1202638580/
  7. STACKED 2019...haven’t owned this many Nintendo games since the NES days.
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