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  1. STACKED 2019...haven’t owned this many Nintendo games since the NES days.
  2. Can US folks order from there?
  3. I really gotta wait ANOTHER four months?! I’m seriously done with the DX lineup after this BS.
  4. Still waiting for my missile set to clear customs. Gonna review em on my YouTube channel. It'll also be a semi rant for the VF-1S preorders.
  5. UGH...just paid the iron price at NY. Sucks when you consider I got my 1J from Amazon Japan for $180. I really think I’m done with collecting 1/48’s after this.
  6. Save some for ther rest of us. JFC.
  7. It's crap like this that makes me wanna stop collecting this stuff.
  8. Please HLJ you're my only hope.
  9. I'm serious...I don't need every variant LOL
  10. Just give me this last one and I'm doing with the DX 1/48 lineup.
  11. Paid for ten bots. Wish me luck.
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