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  1. Thats what folks said about Chuck’s 31 LOL.
  2. For those that copped. Now we’re obligated to complete Vermillion Teaam.
  3. Are people THAT desperate?!
  4. Keep trying folks. A few months back I was able to nab a certain 31 DX from Ami two hours after preorders had closed.
  5. LOL Amazon Japan's preorder price is now pathetic. They totally had the best deal for the VF-1J...now they think they can gauge the fans, and that isn't a second hand seller price too.
  6. WHEW...got one in at HLJ.
  7. Was reopened at Ami for a few seconds...
  8. LOL nothing but server errors from Ami.
  9. LOVED tonight’s episode. We’ve always heard what happened to Pike, but to finally see it unfold like that was intense. Shame to hear Mount won’t be back for next season. Pretty excited for these last two episodes.
  10. WHELP I had a feeling this would eventually happen to my YF-29. I left the bottom half hanging to transform to Battroid and the plastic just gave. Looks like it’s Fighter from now on. Be careful folks...these pre Delta DX Valks are showing their age.
  11. All signs pointing to a Switch revision this year. https://youtu.be/DoVf6Q5bv8I
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