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  1. What about the new aoz kits. I didn’t see any of those on that list, unless the page cutoff. I already preordered that kehaar 2 from overseas, but cutting the overseas shipping would make getting these kits a bit easier to afford
  2. It is way overblown for sure, but I’m not really gonna fault them over this. Their just trying to protect themselves and their families. It’s not something that would effect the young and healthy much, but with their families having young infants or the worry of passing it to a grandparent is a concern for them. Being much closer to the source and having business contacts that may have come from somewhere that may have had a few cases in a convention type atmosphere is an iffy thing as well. Overall it’s mostly for peace of mind. We’re gonna find out what products that would’ve been shown off one way or the other.
  3. I saw the announcement earlier, but the description wasn’t in English, so thanks for the clarification
  4. I only had enough to pay for one web exclusive, so I went with the kehaar 2. Although I still want the yellow version one day.
  5. You don’t do incense, candles or wine with monster tomahawk steaks. It’s all about aggression at that point. She don’t get soft romance with that meal.
  6. I think their new Valkyrie design is nice, although I do have my little complaints here and there about certain things. I do think the Japanese companies like Bandai and Arcadia do it better, but this does look rather impressive for not being from those companies. Definitely far better than anything Robotech was doing. Anyway, something I brought up in the southern cross section concerning the hover tank tease and how ugly it’s looking. Just wondering if this company would ever be doing a hover tank that’s on at least the level of cool as this vf1
  7. I think maybe they should stick to great d+ shows. Give time to work out story’s over entire seasons and not have to cram every idea into one movie and then try and make a sequel that can’t figure out what to do with those ideas
  8. Nice use of weathering. The regults were in constant use for years even decades through endless combat, so to see one so worm makes complete sense. I kinda feel that no matter how good a lot of weathering looks it usually doesn’t make as much sense on most mecha like gundam or even the average Valkyrie. Most of those were in use for less than a year or in some cases a couple days. But the regult makes perfect sense since they rarely cared about cleaning or repairs. I remember that broken screen in Breetai’s ship still broken for the rest of the show, and honestly I’m not even sure if anyone swept the glass away.
  9. I guess you’re the negative one. Anyway I kinda wonder if one of the other oddball companies will do a better version, like kits concept.
  10. Dang! That’s a long sword. I for some reason don’t remember it being that massive. Anyway more samurai showdown figures will hopefully follow.
  11. I haven’t heard that one yet, but that symbol has me interested enough to want to know more. It’s such an odd design decision and really has my curiosity for some odd unknown reason.
  12. I just think the spartas deserves better, it doesn’t look great in any mode. Usually with a transforming item fro old school anime at least one mode looks really great, then the rest suffer a little. But that thing looks off in every mode.
  13. I guess another redesign for the grand daddy. That’s a really long set of v fins
  14. That sounds like it may still be part, but I’m still not clear. Anyway I was looking at the bat symbol and it looks more worn than the rest of the outfit. So I’m pretty sure that’s the batarang, or at least some kind of weapon. It looks like it splits in 2 at the center and has handles.
  15. Are the batarangs the bat symbol? It looks like they’re removable. Anyway I wish this was in the previous teaser. I actually like the suit and simple bike. and is this still part of the dc movie verse or separate like the Joker?
  16. Some of the episodes could make a good series or even a return in upcoming seasons. There were a couple of shows that started out as shorts on liquid television, so I guess it’s possible. Sometimes with these shorts the full series becomes more popular than the show it originated on, like Aeon Flux or even the Simpsons. Almost no one remembers the Tracy Ulman show.
  17. I’m not expecting castlevania either, but something more than th average would be greatly appreciated
  18. Kipo is fun, I just saw the episode with Joan Jett. I am hoping Masters of the Universe will have a less kidsy look than the other shows mentioned though.
  19. So far you’re the only one to admit giving it a chance. Again I’m really surprised that a new big franchise movie had so little interest that there isn’t even a few people complaining about what could have been better other than the fact that the title was stupid. even with how much most people weren’t satisfied with the previous Star Wars films, people still went to the new one, and page after page of nitpicking and complaining followed. I kinda feel bad that very few people cared to see it and the only opinions I’ve seen are from actual movie reviewers.
  20. Did anyone here go to see it? The only comments I’ve seen are in a Batman thread. I just thought it weird that a brand new comic book movie came out and good or bad, no one added to this thread. Maybe the interest was just that low.
  21. The rg redesign is not my favorite look, but an interesting curiosity. It’s like taking the organic look completely away for a more mechanical one. All the joints are obvious mechanical joints rather than the flexible armor of the original. Its much more robotic. It’s kind of an interesting what if kinda design.
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