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  1. Well I guess things changed for hobby lobby and it seems they will not be reopening after all.
  2. Turns out hobby lobby is using the same loophole that Joanne’s is using to reopen. I guess they will carry supplies to make masks. I’m really not a fan of hobby lobby, but I’m so bored these days I may get desperate and see if they have anything I need or maybe didn’t really need but so bored I might impulse buy anyway.
  3. I miss going to the movies, and hope things will be at a better place soon. There’s a few movies and shows showing up streaming that I’ll probably try out that maybe I haven’t seen yet and for anyone missing out on the concert season, some bands are doing live stream concerts and others like Metallica are putting full classics shows on YouTube. I just wish my local hobby shop was open.
  4. Well the good thing about being a web exclusive is that there was no preorder madness for Batman. I got a couple so I can open one.
  5. This one from obsolete is the moderoid that I built. Very tiny but solid.
  6. What was wrong with the moderoids? I’ve only built one so far and really liked it. as far as these, are they gonna do kit versions of other action figures they’ve done? Just curious, cause I would love a tekkaman blade kit since the figure looks pretty good.
  7. With all the recent cancelled concerts like the Mayhem show that I had tickets for this weekend, there are some people out there trying their best to make the very best of a bad situation. Dropkick Murphys did a live stream concert for st Patrick’s day in Boston with no audience for free on YouTube. They also ask for donations for a fund for local bars and other businesses that are feeling the hurt from the lack of patronage in these times. Honestly that all has to be the coolest thing to come out of the corona situation. I hope other bands do the same.
  8. I look at this as a postponement rather than a cancellation. It is a bit of a downer picking up d+ and having no new shows since Mandalorian, but it will give me time for a backlog of shows on other services.
  9. I wouldn’t mind a live action series for the Rocketeer. The flight pack stuff in the mandalorian was well handled.
  10. I also am not as excited as I was when I heard of the Nolan films, but at this time I have no negative feelings yet. And at least this won’t be weighed down by being half a crappy Superman movie. The design choices are very interesting and I really hope the overall movie ends up great.
  11. There is a wateslide set that was sold a while back that has ones for 1/144 and 1/100 scale Alex. I think it’s still available and has just about all the markings, minus some of the caution ones. But there are caution sets out there. I do however agree and have probably brought it up a lot that Bandai needs to include water slides as well as stickers. It would only cost a dollar or so extra per kit, but would be greatly appreciated. I just got the Barbatos mg kit and I’m glad I bought those ibo waterslide sets a while back. Bandai has a lot of decal sets, but the markings for some of the more complex stuff like the rg tallgeese 3 may not happen and for some reason, even thou it’s a web exclusive there were only stickers.
  12. A part of me wants the new black widow, but I think I’m gonna pass on her and task master. I need to save some cash
  13. I’m guessing that it will probably do the full core fighter, lots of opening panels, some extreme articulation and probably some light gimmicks with the sensors and possibly signal lights. Some versions of the granddaddy had spots on the shoulder and knees that could be lit up. And maybe light up thrusters. But to be honest that’s all just guessing.
  14. The gold on duke is a bit odd even on the weapons. But I do like Scarlet and I still want to see a basic grunt cobra soldier.
  15. On Bolt’s question about product news, there are the official sites and even news sites like tag hobby and others that post releases. Another good source is right here in other sections, like toys or model kits. I’ve noticed that many users here are great at posting upcoming product news. I’m sure that very soon due to this event being canceled the companies involved will try their best to get the word out for their planned products.
  16. I saw that buttless chaps guy doing a signing at Frank and Son’s. I guess his leather and bike style is finally catching on. I just hope Batman doesn’t turn around now.
  17. To be honest, I really don’t care if the product is branded Robotech or Southern Cross. I just want cool items like toys or kits that actually look good. I grew up with Robotech and ended up loving the original Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada. I just want cool stuff from who ever makes it. Macross and Mospeada have great items from overseas, but unfortunately Southern Cross doesn’t really get much attention. But I still want a quality product not just an odd compromise.
  18. I’m with you on the education thing. But it’s kinda one of those things that should include preventative measures as well as what to do if you end up infected as well. There’s so much about not getting something like the average flu, but rarely how to avoid getting others sick. Either way we will have people that don’t follow those precautions and this will possibly turn into another illness we just have to live with.
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