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  1. I was watching that new official animated video for spirit of radio by Rush and it’s a great tribute to not only Neil Peart, but also a great nod to the radio stations and jockeys that were loyal to the band. I especially felt a bit emotional when they showed Bob Coburn and there’s also that fretboard with 95.5 right next to 2112, since that’s the local station here in so cal. I also remember listening to Jim Ladd on that station as well and he’s in there too.

  2. I think the standard price is closer to $80. The $60 seems to be the preorder sale price, which does seem pretty good, so I preordered a couple sets. Since they look like they all have alternate heads and weapon accessories, I figure I’ll do one set as customs. I also noticed a few 1/76 tanks that will probably look close enough in scale to have a battle diorama.

    they do say volume one for this set, so I have a feeling a second set is probably at least somewhere in the planning stages. Hopefully there will be more 

  3. So the preorder is up on Hobbysearch and it looks like $60 for all 4 kits and I guess there’s an extra weapon as a first run special. They are sold as a pack of 4 rather than individually. There’s also more pictures showing front back and sides of each kit and they have different hard points for weapon options as well as extra alternate heads for each type.

  4. Personally, I’ll probably get them all. It looks like there are some nice weapon options and at that size it won’t take too much space to display them. 

    Who knows, maybe if the little guys sell well there may be a chance at larger kits. All I know is that for years I’ve been wanting plastic kits and I’m just glad it’s happening in some form.

  5. I forgot to mention Elf in those bands. He went through so much musical progression from the 60’s then more country rock in the early 70’s to hard rock as that decade moved on to metal. He was amazing 

  6. I love Dio. Anything from the Prophets to Rainbow, Black Sabbath or his solo stuff.

    i don’t think he ever mentioned heroine, but there are interviews that are more about the satanic panic problem of the 80’s, and how the song was more about questioning authoritarian religion.

  7. Yeah, after looking into it the legs and arms are totally new with old shoulders hands, feet and body and weapons. It’s kind of an odd idea, but I might get one on the US store. I think it still looks pretty good and the updated parts add to it. I have an old one somewhere. I do kinda wish they slimmed down the feet a bit though if they were updating parts. I can’t really complain about the rest other than maybe hand options 

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