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  1. I forgot to mention Elf in those bands. He went through so much musical progression from the 60’s then more country rock in the early 70’s to hard rock as that decade moved on to metal. He was amazing
  2. I love Dio. Anything from the Prophets to Rainbow, Black Sabbath or his solo stuff. i don’t think he ever mentioned heroine, but there are interviews that are more about the satanic panic problem of the 80’s, and how the song was more about questioning authoritarian religion.
  3. There’s a fun intro film for the band Rush that’s pretty hilarious, I think it was for their 30 year anniversary shows, but I could be mistaken
  4. Will the finally explain the damn 3 seashell thing??????
  5. I really do like the films taika has done recently. Jo Jo Rabbit was great as well as the last Thor movie
  6. I do like the zeon uniforms better, but I do hope the Freddie’s will be wave 2. I’m very interested in this line so far.
  7. I can’t read the article, but at the top it says 1/18th . Personally I think they look cool so far
  8. Gundam military generation. I guess G.I. Joe for gundam soldiers. I don’t know the details, but I read that they may be 1/18th scale.
  9. Yeah, after looking into it the legs and arms are totally new with old shoulders hands, feet and body and weapons. It’s kind of an odd idea, but I might get one on the US store. I think it still looks pretty good and the updated parts add to it. I have an old one somewhere. I do kinda wish they slimmed down the feet a bit though if they were updating parts. I can’t really complain about the rest other than maybe hand options
  10. I still have a nasty scar from opening that original Medieval Spawn. If they do a fully articulated one I’m all in. i cut myself on the clam shell packaging while opening it years ago.
  11. I really liked FX. I haven’t seen it in years though. Maybe I’ll see if it’s streaming somewhere this weekend.
  12. I do like the idea of revisiting those old figures
  13. To be fair, I don’t think they or anyone else really saw what would happen this year. They will have to to quite a bit of catching up as soon as things normalize.
  14. I’ve been seeing some pictures of a web exclusive hg Rick Dias. Is this a brand new kit? If so I wouldn’t mind. I just thought it was interesting that they would do an upgrade to that kit.
  15. Life is pretty dull now, but hopefully with the warmer weather things will get better. I don’t know if it’s a myth or not but it usually seems like these viral illnesses die down when the weather warms up.
  16. Well I guess things changed for hobby lobby and it seems they will not be reopening after all.
  17. Turns out hobby lobby is using the same loophole that Joanne’s is using to reopen. I guess they will carry supplies to make masks. I’m really not a fan of hobby lobby, but I’m so bored these days I may get desperate and see if they have anything I need or maybe didn’t really need but so bored I might impulse buy anyway.
  18. I miss going to the movies, and hope things will be at a better place soon. There’s a few movies and shows showing up streaming that I’ll probably try out that maybe I haven’t seen yet and for anyone missing out on the concert season, some bands are doing live stream concerts and others like Metallica are putting full classics shows on YouTube. I just wish my local hobby shop was open.
  19. Well the good thing about being a web exclusive is that there was no preorder madness for Batman. I got a couple so I can open one.
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