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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the Zeong before, but this one is looking tempting. Probably the coolest looking rendition so far
  2. Even here in the US the show was that forgotten middle child that had a hard time standing out. I loved the show, but my friends all thought it was too girly and the feel of the show was too out of place in the whole Robotech thing. Years later, when I finally watched the Japanese version things felt even better. It’s definitely rushed at the end due to the cancellation of the show. It also has a more fun kinda feel rather than the somewhat more serious feel of it’s Robotech counterpart. The character design was definitely more detailed than the mecha. The mecha really had some odd choices like an open top tank or a space helicopter and a super deformed Gerwalk. i think overall it had some interesting concepts that just didn’t exactly work together for a lot of people, but I still loved it and I’m glad that I’m not the only one.
  3. Model master has a lacquer dull coat that’s easy to find. Tamiya has one as well. I’m curious about the SMS one, but I’m not sure if it has a can.
  4. That stormbringer would be a good one to get doubles of since you can build it as the gm turbulence as well
  5. Now there’s a good one. I went to the last Ozzfest New Year’s Eve going into 2019 and that as usual was the final song.
  6. Definitely not gundam, but pretty cool and those working pistons and slide rails are nice
  7. Nope, he’s gotta be old now that someone put the idea of old man Robocop into my head.
  8. At least someone heard some good news
  9. The slide railing on the legs even work
  10. I preordered both the robocop and ed209.
  11. I’m actually sad about this one. I’m getting a bit tired of liking a Netflix show, just to have it cancelled
  12. I’m totally down for old man Robocop
  13. Saw this teaser at tag hobby and am super excited for an ED 209 plastic kit
  14. I kinda forgot this was happening
  15. Does the knee cover only stick to the upper leg armor when bending the leg?
  16. I think 85 degrees is a blessing. I live in Southern California and it’s supposed to be over 100 this weekend. The other week I was in Rancho Mirrage and it was almost 120. anyway, I agree with the comments regarding UV vs heat. I’ve seen stuff from people who have come from much further north that had yellowed and even turned brittle because of simple sunlight.
  17. Sorry Kajnrig, it’s been a while since I checked this post. As far as a complete history on Eva kits, I do know kotobukiya had some plastic kits way back when the old Bandai lmhg kits came out. If I remember they looked very top heavy. I never bought any of them though. as far as the movie Bandai ones those were pretty much the same old 90’s kits.
  18. I’m down for anything Ramones. I was just listening to their cover of the old Spider-Man theme.
  19. I like the gm a bit better though, but I’m glad it has the build option
  20. I liked how invader zim was handled, so hopefully they can still speak to what made the show great in the first place and not over do it. The adult party cartoons were cringy only because the charm of the original was that they were on that grey line between kids show and jokes that adults would catch instead of just too obvious
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