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  1. Thanks for that info. I was holding out on the ova sets. But with that price I went ahead and pulled the trigger.
  2. I I ended up preordering a few sets of leo weapon sets, mostly because I was excited that there was an open hand option included. But it would be nice to build an army and load them up. Especially since the Leo is so cheap.
  3. I saw it over the weekend and wow, Joker is hands down the best DC movie I think I’ve ever seen. It’s such an emotional ride. I’m not even really sure what happened. And days after seeing it I’m still thinking about it. It’s not an easy film to watch, so I’m not sure if I want to rewatch it anytime soon, but it’s really great for a first viewing.
  4. Compared to the line art, I thought no the made some improvements on the design. It looks more like a cross between the line art and how it appeared in the anime.
  5. This one and Altered Carbon are the two sci-fi shows I really like on Netflix.
  6. It’s pricey, but definitely the best offering of a space marine by far.
  7. That’s a great looking set of pictures. Thanks for the post
  8. Simpson has been popping up in some interesting places lately
  9. The seams are definitely there, but they don’t look too hard to get rid of. But there are a lot. Anyway I can’t wait
  10. I really don’t like the upper leg joint design of the g40. It just seems overly complicated and silly looking.
  11. I love the gp01, that’s my favorite rd so far. It looks amazing and isn’t flimsy or fidly it’s just perfect. I can’t wait for the gm’s and the rest of the zeon mobile suits. I don’t have space for a dendrobium, but would still love the gp03.
  12. They’re playing up the street from me also. They’re playing at the fox theatre in downtown Riverside
  13. I never read the comics, but I finished the show and really like it a lot. I like how all the side plots have meaning and the show is fun without being just a joke. I’ve always hated Aquaman and the Deep is exactly how I would picture him in real life. That ending was so good that I can’t wait for more.
  14. Not sure if anyone is as big a fan as I am, but Tool finally released all their albums for streaming. And the new album comes out at the end of the month.
  15. I do really like the old action figure for the xamel, but I still caved and bought the new one and I’m just gonna call it a late birthday present.
  16. I have the Alex, and fitting that box may be tough. It’s a fairly good sized box, but not the biggest.
  17. That was the scene that got me. It actually looks like a real plane rather than how most films seem to do all cg
  18. It looks like they kept the cgi to a minimum. I’m more interested than I thought I would have been
  19. I like those markers a lot. They look great especially if you just do a small area and use a clear color over them. I use them mostly for camera lenses and a drop of tamiya clear color paint over the top. If you mix yellow and a bit of orange it looks like a chrome gold. I hear they airbrush well, but haven’t tried that yet. Seriously they look like bright chrome and look better than alclad. I hear aqua clear is a good top coat for just keeping it chrome, but that’s another thing I haven’t tried yet.
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