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  1. There were some other planned shows for Hulu like Howard the duck that I’ve been hearing may be shelved. I do hope they get made.
  2. I really liked him in Motörhead, but for some odd reason I never picked up many of the Fastway albums.
  3. It is a thin panel, but I do think there’s enough space for at least separate color parts or could have been designed with lights in a different way. The shoulders and a few other spots have those reflectors as well
  4. The stickers I was complaining about are the signal ones. The easiest ones to see are on the knees. I just think that on a high priced super advanced perfect grade kit that those should at least be separate plastic or maybe should have a light gimmick. Instead they just used basic colored foil stickers
  5. I think the lower arms are a bit clunky looking and there seem to be details that are actually just stickers from the video description. I think I’ll wait on this one. It also looks far more traditional than the concept image a bit back. I do like the overall style, just would like to see more before buying
  6. I feel like Dragon Slayer is a bit better than mediocre, the effects and mood are great. But it does drag a bit. And I think that there is great potential to do better these days. So many movies about dragons deal with a story about how they are the last of their kind. It would be nice to see one where dragons are a common sight, just still a creature you probably wouldn’t want to mess with unless you really know what you’re doing.
  7. My favorite dragon live action film will always be Dragon Slayer. Id like to challenge Hollywood to top that. It’s really not the absolute greatest movie, so it shouldn’t be too hard.
  8. I don’t know many of the individual names of weapons so to be honest, anything that makes a cool 80’s style circle shaped explosion. Those new Macross shows don’t do enough circle boom
  9. I preordered it last night, I just wish they would put out more of the oddball labors.
  10. I’d like to see some modern toys from the old show. Maybe a with a bit updated detail
  11. I think it was just anime magic. Sort of like the giant hands thing
  12. The odd thing is that the upper arm has a swivel under the shoulder ball joint on the left arm internal structure, but the right has solid armor to block the movement. And in the above anime picture it looks like the ball of the shoulder armor is drawn separate from the upper arm armor to allow a swivel, but the animators made it swivel at the elbow
  13. I’ve never been a fan of the Zeong before, but this one is looking tempting. Probably the coolest looking rendition so far
  14. Even here in the US the show was that forgotten middle child that had a hard time standing out. I loved the show, but my friends all thought it was too girly and the feel of the show was too out of place in the whole Robotech thing. Years later, when I finally watched the Japanese version things felt even better. It’s definitely rushed at the end due to the cancellation of the show. It also has a more fun kinda feel rather than the somewhat more serious feel of it’s Robotech counterpart. The character design was definitely more detailed than the mecha. The mecha really had some odd choic
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