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  1. I like the Fett and all, but a prequel story will probably be just as disappointing as the Vader prequel. How about a side story that has brand new characters that don’t have anything to do with the main story at all. The Starwars universe is vast enough to give us something new. Or maybe an in between story to fill in the gaps between new and old.
  2. DC SHAZAM! live Action

    From what they were saying, this is unrelated to the justice league. Kinda like the upcoming joker film.
  3. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    If we’re going by the line art for CCA, the the mg jegan is the worst offender. The Jagd Doga isn’t the line art either but doesn’t look too bad to me. I’d like to see more poses and then I feel like I could make a better decision.
  4. Megalo Box

    This is one of my favorite recent anime series. It’s kinda predictable, but the look and characters are top notch. I really love this one and it’s one of the only sports anime I can watch.
  5. The Happytime Murders

    The red band trailer was funny as hell. I just hope the joke doesn’t wear thin after the first half hour.
  6. With maxfactory doing the savage, is that 3 companies doing 1/60 kits?
  7. Macross figures

    I think that would be a great scale, especially since all those long uniform coats would benefit from being cloth rather than plastic
  8. Wave 1/72 scale VF -4 lightning III

    You better specify which pics before he sends something you don’t wanna see.
  9. Still liking megalobox and the new fmp series. Some good shows to keep me entertained while waiting for attack on titan to start up again in July.
  10. There was a hguc waterslide set that may still be available for the shield. It may be slightly out of scale, but would probably work. It is strange that wasn’t printed on though.
  11. Wave 1/72 scale VF -4 lightning III

    I like waves variety, but they definitely are not bandai in terms of fit.
  12. Hi-Metal R

    As far as macross plus goes, it’s a matter of time. They did the vf 2 from macross 2 and the old hm series had a couple of vf 19 variants and plus had a prototype for a yf21 that looked cool for being incomplete. hopefully by the time all the destroids and maybe an enemy or 2 they will move on to adding another non original macross release. I would eventually love a vf11 release knowing bandais love for mold reuse.
  13. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    Wing and double o have the horrible main character problem. I hated them and found side characters so much better that I wished the shows were about them instead. IBO was good, it had some very unexpected moments but kinda had a useless ending like unicorn. I guess it’s too much to ask for an epic show to have an interesting ending. Maybe I should just rewatch votoms again.