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  1. Hi-Metal R

    He was hoping for a green striped vf1 to celebrate st pats
  2. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I don’t think they did the ground zaku yet, but you could probably use the origin green zaku 2 and make covers for the leg thrusters, but I’ve been getting lazy and would rather have an official hguc version even if it’s reusing parts mostly from the origin kit
  3. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    They didn’t get a whole lot of action other than getting sniped while trying to escape from a burning hospital ship, but I always loved the design. I hope that the other mecha from the 08th ms series gets made, like that dom in the later episodes. They did do the rd4 as a web exclusive, and the gundams are covered as well as the gouf custom as standards. I would like to see the zakus since they probably would mostly use parts that were on the origin version. The origin zaku looks to me to have been heavily inspired by the look and panel lines of the 08th series ones.
  4. Giant Gorg merchandise

    They are just minipla, so I doubt they would have any gimmicks. The pictures show the leg a bit forward and I think it’s safe to assume that due to the design that that’s as far as it goes. Often when these get teased bandai will show off pictures to show off the range of motion in some way. To be honest these bots rarely moved their legs more than what thes pictures show in the anime anyway. They did have the rare scene of kneeling, but mostly big slow steps.
  5. Giant Gorg merchandise

    It is a good set. 2 for one with lots of accessories, but I wouldn’t mind the other guardian even if it costs a little more

    In case anyone was like me and put off getting the wave berserga desert type until the ps version came out, the preorder is up finally. Seriously how much trouble is it to at least add a chair and pilot. So like the other ps versions this has the downform joints a seat and pilot, in this case sitting Fyana.
  7. Giant Gorg merchandise

    Were you able to eventually get the galient? I also couldn’t wait on the gorg set either and preordered it with a ps version of the wave berserga desert type kit since both went up on preorder. I couldn’t find the guardian at ny and i’m Hoping I don’t have the problem I had with not finding a preorder on the promaxis from galient. there were actually a few kits up for preorder tonight since the gouf flight type and rg zaku minelayer also popped up
  8. Giant Gorg merchandise

    It really was a good show for old school mecha. And i’mglad To see that you added past merch to go with the new. Preorders are up for the basic set, I’ll check on the web exclusive.
  9. After just watching this show about a year ago on crunchyroll, Bandai decided to make some minipla kits. The brown one is a web exclusive and the other 2 are standard release. There weren’t too many designs in the series, but I figured starting a topic for this show may be fun. The kits look a bit limited in the upper legs, but may be cool for fans to display.
  10. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I know it’s a web exclusive, but after seeing more pics I’m definitely gonna get this
  11. I would definitely buy an m9 if kotobukiya made it. I like the old anime style of the arbalest and hope they would keep the old school fmp style on other releases. And bandai could do all the newer style designs.
  12. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I’d buy it especially if it had the lineart proportions.
  13. Netflix has been doing pretty well so far with shows, so I’ll probably give it a try. They do have some not so great ones, but a far better record of good vs not so good shows.
  14. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    I think the style came from the popularity of shows like samurai troopers and saint seiya and other fem style shows of the time.