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  1. I’m late to the game as well regarding my hero academia. I thought it was just gonna be another naruto, and it is but in a good way. It’s very similar but it’s more practical with it’s impracticability. My daughter watched it with her friends and said I would like it and she was correct. I started it about 2 weeks ago and finished the second season the other day. I thought it was funny that there are so many Star Wars references.
  2. Good smile and Max factory seem to run together with both figma and plamax. I’m not sure if that really helps on distinguishing if this is a kit or toy.
  3. Big s

    Battle Angel Alita

    I’ve been hearing that the movie is no where near perfect, but worth seeing in 3D while it’s in theaters. So I’m gonna take my daughter to see it Saturday.
  4. I couldn’t see if it listed it as a plamax product, but if it is then it’s a kit. I’m not sure if finished product referred to it being the kit that’s done or a pre finished product for sale.
  5. Big s

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Maybe this is a sign that the zeon suits will be in the near future. I like that x1. It’s worth the purchase for the hands alone. Hopefully there’s gonna be a decal set soon.
  6. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    I love hlj, they sent me valentines candies with my last shipment over the weekend. But I hate the web site.
  7. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    I reluctantly passed on the dx 1j to have available space for the upcoming hmr releases. Although if a dx 1s comes out I won’t be holding back. for now I’m looking forward to getting my vf4 and vf1d. And really hoping we get some non Valkyrie releases soon.
  8. Big s

    Maxfactory's Figma Line

    Sometimes they’re surprisingly fast, like with the goblin slayer. Although the one I want most seem to take forever
  9. Big s

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I’m not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but I noticed a few recent kits that came in have a blue bandai logo instead of red. I jus got my r jarja and dijeh and both had the new color logo.
  10. Big s

    Battle Angel Alita

    Without giving away too much, does the movie have an ending that doesn’t need a sequel? I’m just worried that I’ll actually like it, but if it needs a second movie and the cash doesn’t come in then I’ll just be forever frustrated.
  11. Big s

    Maxfactory's Figma Line

    For all the Tanya fans
  12. Big s

    Revoltech Everything

    I preordered the gothic knight with the horse last night. It’s a bit pricey, but the sculpt on the Knight is actually a bit different from the original version. This one also has a lance and the horse looks well articulated as well. So the price actually covers 2 action figures in one. when I was very young I had a small plastic figurine of a Knight on a horse carrying a lance, and I always dreamed of an articulated action figure. I guess I’ll finally have that childhood dream.
  13. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    All they’ve had are teasers so far for plus. I think the yf19 would be an easier one since they did the vf19 a while back, but I still like the look of the prototype for the 21.
  14. Big s

    Music Thread 2.0

    I just hate having to wait until September to go see Maiden. Those tickets went up almost a year in advance. At least I know i’ll be happy when the day finally arrives.
  15. Big s

    Battle Angel Alita

    I think that was Ebert and the other guy since Siskel was ill and passed away, up until Ebert had a stroke. Even after the show Ebert did reviews for a while and if I remember At the Movies still went on for a couple seasons with new hosts, but didn’t last. The internet was still new and the idea of online reviews was even newer at the time. That show was on on Sundays and as a kid nothing was on on sundays to look forward to before the simpsons era.