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  1. I think a lot of the streaming services are like that. One of my mistakes on Netflix was when a couple friends were over and we wanted to watch a cheesy horror. We picked Antichrist due to the title and teaser picture and Willem Defoe. Then the movie started and we thought we were watching a porno. I should have read who directed the film first. But at least Netflix has a bit of a rating system. I think that Crunchyroll could benefit from an age rating or maybe the old animerica tentacle rating system if things showed up a bit rapey. I’m glad I don’t have young kids, but just imagine sitting with your youngling that didn’t know any better and saw what they thought was gonna be just an innocent fantasy based cartoon only to be surprised by goblin rape scenes.
  2. Big s

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I actually prefer the old mg zaku 2’s over the 2.0. The new ones do pose better though.
  3. Big s

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    I’m just clinging to a small bit of hope that he gets a show with a different name cause now he’s no longer ironfist. Now he’s glowing pistols guy. Or maybe since luke is done as well, maybe it’s a weird way of saying heroes for hire will be a thing. I got really into the story for Luke Cage season 2. Both shows left off in very interesting ways.
  4. Big s


    Those measurements are entertaining.
  5. Big s

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    I was actually looking forward to the next iron fist season after the way season2 ended. Maybe it’s just a gimmick since he’s no longer the iron fist and they’re just going for higher ratings using the bad news trigger.
  6. Big s

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    What was wrong with the mg jegan? I know some people like the what if ver ka’s, but for fans of the original design or anime versions it didn’t look too bad.
  7. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    My guess on the paint issue that the paint was probably an ok batch, but the prep was probably not well handled. The release agents could have left an unnoticeable layer between the plastic and paint that’s causing the chipping.
  8. My why questions had more to do with, if there’s a known goblin kidnapping issue then why send young girls to solve the problem instead of adults. It just seems like they’re adding to the problem by giving them more victims. There are all these strong warriors in a world where goblins kidnap mass amounts of young girls for rape and murder, but they only send groups of inexperienced young girls to meet the same rapey fate. They do mention other monsters in the world, but the rape goblins seem to be the worst. I guess I kinda want to know where the parents are for all the raped to death people or why the fellow villagers don’t band together to rescue their own daughters or at least help the incapable hunters to do the task. I have only seen the first episode and haven’t read the novels, so I gues I’m probably asking for too much.
  9. I watched that first episode of goblin slayer over the weekend. There are some things I really liked and other things that made me cringe and other things that made me ask why? I watched because I saw a cool looking armored character on the place holder and had no idea what the show would be about, other goblin slaying. I’ll probably watch the next one hoping for better world building to answer my why questions.
  10. I’m glad to see that it’s staying away from the core story. I’m not a fan of prequels, but I’m ok with side stories as long as they try not to be too much of an impact on the main story. the universe is so large that a show like this could be great.
  11. Big s

    Avengers 4

    The last Thor film was my favorite out of the series, but I like captain America the best as a character in the films.
  12. Big s

    Venom - The Movie

    I still haven’t heard anything good about this one. A buddy at work that’s usually easy going about movies told me to save my cash.
  13. Big s

    Venom - The Movie

    Most of the reviews describe the film as “a turd in the wind”, I think I’ll wait on this one.
  14. Big s

    Hellboy - Hell yeah!

    I’m really liking the look so far. I do love the older films and really hope the new team can do this franchise well.