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  1. Honestly, I didn’t mind the pacing. The slow bits helped me feel how big the star wars universe can be. He’s not instantly somewhere. And I think it works for this type of story and that it’s a series rather than a rushed movie.
  2. I think the issues were due to the mass amount of people trying to log in immediately first day and probably overwhelmed the servers temporarily. I logged in around noon and had no issues. I’d imagine that more content is on the way, but day one there’s a lot of good movies. I didn’t realize they have the old Gargoyles show along with some of the 90’s marvel stuff. I’ll look over everything later though
  3. I really liked it . The quality in the epic gunfight had my eyes glued to the screen. It’s very close to movie quality visuals throughout. My only complaint might be that they never talked about how carbonite freezing became a standard method of handling prisoners.
  4. They look like such a happy couple. And they found some nice flat ground to build their new home together. it’s too bad they’re already fighting.
  5. My daughter may be in that show. He was filming a larp event in Corona during the 4th of July weekend that she went to. So I wanna see if I can spot her.
  6. Yeah, we’re barely at the point where we are thinking about a one week visit to the moon. A colony sounds pretty far off at this point
  7. There have been flying car prototypes, they’re just not something that’s cost friendly or safe to allow for the masses. Just imagine what damage on flying car accident could do in a residential neighborhood.
  8. Ok cool, that’s the one I preordered . It was kind of an after thought and I just wanted to make sure
  9. Does the transport set come with everything from the standard version, just with extra hands and transport or do you still need the standard kit as well?
  10. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    I wouldn’t mind if they did 2 packs. The power armors could come with max and kakizaki 1a repaints. And the Tomahawk could come with the tv armored 1j. And maybe a cavaliers repaint with the phalanx.
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