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  1. I love the gp01, that’s my favorite rd so far. It looks amazing and isn’t flimsy or fidly it’s just perfect. I can’t wait for the gm’s and the rest of the zeon mobile suits. I don’t have space for a dendrobium, but would still love the gp03.
  2. They’re playing up the street from me also. They’re playing at the fox theatre in downtown Riverside
  3. I never read the comics, but I finished the show and really like it a lot. I like how all the side plots have meaning and the show is fun without being just a joke. I’ve always hated Aquaman and the Deep is exactly how I would picture him in real life. That ending was so good that I can’t wait for more.
  4. Not sure if anyone is as big a fan as I am, but Tool finally released all their albums for streaming. And the new album comes out at the end of the month.
  5. I do really like the old action figure for the xamel, but I still caved and bought the new one and I’m just gonna call it a late birthday present.
  6. I have the Alex, and fitting that box may be tough. It’s a fairly good sized box, but not the biggest.
  7. That was the scene that got me. It actually looks like a real plane rather than how most films seem to do all cg
  8. It looks like they kept the cgi to a minimum. I’m more interested than I thought I would have been
  9. I like those markers a lot. They look great especially if you just do a small area and use a clear color over them. I use them mostly for camera lenses and a drop of tamiya clear color paint over the top. If you mix yellow and a bit of orange it looks like a chrome gold. I hear they airbrush well, but haven’t tried that yet. Seriously they look like bright chrome and look better than alclad. I hear aqua clear is a good top coat for just keeping it chrome, but that’s another thing I haven’t tried yet.
  10. That really wasn’t the new product announcement I was hoping for, wake me up if there’s a brutishdog made of bacon!!!
  11. There’s a teaser picture of a rd ver anime Xamel going around. I’m surprised they didn’t just do a zaku f2 or dom tropen for the zeon from 0083. Instead they decided to pull out the big guns and I’m totally ok with that.
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