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  1. I think it will be great. Have they come up with a release schedule yet for these offenders shows? I’m also interested in the Howard the Duck show that’s part of that universe. I’m also curious how hardcore the jokes can be since they will be on Hulu, but still under Disney.
  2. The Southern Cross action figure line is gonna be great. The only thing I’m worried about is hip movement. Recent gelgoog kits from Bandai have some interesting solutions to odd waist armor, so I’m wondering if they could take hints from that. The prototype pics so far just look solid at the hip armor even though it appears to be jointed underneath. If they could get that sorted a hover bike would be a cool accessory or at least separate buy.
  3. A lot of things are being considered anime these days that aren’t from Japan. I don’t know if it’s confusion or people being lazy or if it’s just a new age.
  4. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    The monster is totally worth that monster price
  5. I finally finished the season and I did end up liking it by the end. The time skipping was a bit of an issue till about episode 5or 6, then it started making sense. I think for people like me who are new to the franchise it could be a bit off putting. I found myself forcing my way to finish it. But once things started making sense I ended up enjoying it. I think a second season will be far less confusing after getting through the first. I just hope it’s a bit less reliant on flashbacks. I’ve also been watching the second season of Lost in Space and flashback fillers seem to be in now. Although the flashbacks there are more obvious due to location changes. It makes me really appreciate the Mandalorian for having so few flashbacks.
  6. I wasn’t super excited about the figures, until I saw that teaser with the armor. Southern Cross armor is some of my absolute favorites. Hopefully they also do the beetle butt bad guys.
  7. I preordered the desert Zaku the other night even though it’s a bit pricey for another Zaku. Hopefully they’ll do the version of the ms 06d From zz. I’d be happy if it’s the slight redesign from unicorn.
  8. Like shadow above, I got my set from suncoast as well. I remember in the late 90’s every mall had a Suncoast and most employed at least one guy that seemed to know every weird bit of trivia about every movie or tv show. And if you were interested in a movie he would find you the best version of that film and somehow convince you to pay extra for it.
  9. This argument over modern day aircraft landing gear safety issues is kinda meaningless when you realize that this movie still takes place a long long time ago. They obviously didn’t have safety regulations anywhere near as strict back then as they are today. Missing safety railings and warning signs and the lack of mds sheets. Seriously, I bet most of the equipment and common components in those movies cause cancer. I don’t think osha existed way back then. On another note, I also really liked that Kylo scene with his father. To me this trilogy even at its worst still had very likable characters. I wouldn’t have minded if kylo actually survived and both him and his lady just disappeared in anonymity at the end.
  10. I’ve been finding that a lot of recent 1/144 kits are very well designed and don’t need putty on anything other than weapons. I was just prepping a gm sniper missile type. And the beam spray gun a nd little bits of the rifle are the only places with seam lines that look like they should be filled. The colors are separated nicely as well. I just wish it had water slides.
  11. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    Ny has saved me a lot of pain over recent years. They do the web exclusives and when my favorite site decided to be the most difficult to figure out, they’ve been there. I have other preferences, but ny is more than just a backup plan for me.
  12. Most of the mg and rg kits are ew, there have been a few hg kits though. Both wing types, Sandrock, maganac and Leo are all tv style and I’d imagine that at least the rest of the gundams are coming. Bandai will most likely do the mg tv ones at some point though. I haven’t heard anything, but they probably will .
  13. I figured mounting it the other way would be no problem, I just thought it was odd since it’s the only one that does that.
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