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  1. I like those markers a lot. They look great especially if you just do a small area and use a clear color over them. I use them mostly for camera lenses and a drop of tamiya clear color paint over the top. If you mix yellow and a bit of orange it looks like a chrome gold. I hear they airbrush well, but haven’t tried that yet. Seriously they look like bright chrome and look better than alclad. I hear aqua clear is a good top coat for just keeping it chrome, but that’s another thing I haven’t tried yet.
  2. That really wasn’t the new product announcement I was hoping for, wake me up if there’s a brutishdog made of bacon!!!
  3. There’s a teaser picture of a rd ver anime Xamel going around. I’m surprised they didn’t just do a zaku f2 or dom tropen for the zeon from 0083. Instead they decided to pull out the big guns and I’m totally ok with that.
  4. I got my mg Alex, and was disappointed that it has stickers, but I remember buying water slides for the old version so I think they’ll be fine. Now I just have to find them
  5. We saw it last night and really enjoyed it. I actually liked how they handled the whole Mysterio plot.
  6. That’s my second favorite song from the buzzcocks. My favorite is always gonna be Harmony in my Head
  7. I think that was the point of aoz, they were test types with the occasional original design. Personally I kinda like some of the redesigns
  8. That’s pretty funny. My favorite title change was the story about South Park goes to hell. I guess the censors didn’t want hell on the billboard so the creators suggested Bigger Longer and Uncut and they ok’d it. The censors didn’t realize their mistake until after it was released.
  9. Sounds like summertime heat and being stuck in a truck for too long. Hopefully you weren’t planning on keeping them mint.
  10. I think we’re all in agreement. That lockon looks absolutely great. Keep up the good work.
  11. This is an easy pass. It’s more of a uni-nu gundam.the price and size are too much for me. I don’t like that they keep trying to add unicorn gimmicks to a design that only had the psycho frame around the cockpit.
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