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  1. I gotta agree about the “beakie”. When I was young all the helmets had the beak, then they stuck with the snub nose around the mid to late nineties.
  2. Yeah, ny had the preorder up the other week along with the other 2 packs. I bout the 2 packs but passed on the 36. I don’t think I would ever have time for all that let alone have space for them. For anyone that loves army building there’s your army and I’ll see you in a decade.
  3. I had heard the same story from others, hopefully the other stuff at least gets released. If this is the best we can get then I’ll be happy.
  4. I’m the other way around. If I see something uc get excited. That Penelope has me jazzed I’m pretty sure the flight pack is removable, otherwise that would be a brick. To be honest even if it is, I’d still buy it.
  5. I like that crunchyroll sometimes adds a classic.
  6. I don’t think there was a price on any of those items yet, but maybe there are other photos or sources that have them.
  7. I’m as surprised as you. It’s just something I never would have thought of.
  8. Saw this on tag hobby from Bandai. Totally wasn’t expecting this, I unfortunately can’t read the details. Anyway I’m interested, poseable space marine sounds cool. Looks like there are other super deformed items as well.
  9. Big s

    Hi-Metal R

    I like so macross designs much and I’ve probably already mentioned that I want them to finish all the og and dyrl designs as well as plus. But as far as zero I like the vf0’s and the restrooms. It would be nice to see some more armored units like the vf11 or vf0.
  10. It’s pose able, but I doubt it transforms. It would be a nice surprise if it did
  11. Saw this on tag hobby. I didn’t find an escaflowne series thread, but I found it interesting. Moderoid from max factory.
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