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  1. I’ve seen a few of those and it’s amazing how close he gets to sounding like Dickinson. If I wasn’t watching a video and only heard his voice I would probably be fooled every time
  2. B-5 was one of those shows that gave hope for sci-fi on tv at a time where it was very minimal at best. She will definitely be missed
  3. Did they change the title due to the google algorithm bringing up pictures of a totally different Hathaway getting out of a car and accidentally showing everything under the skirt.
  4. I felt the same way, even though the first episode was free. When it popped over on Netflix everyone was talking about it, so I had to check it out to get in on the conversations.
  5. I would love to see Quicksilver return. The Avengers version had a lot of potential and I kinda expected his return somehow way back when they were teasing infinity war. I felt like the X-Men one played off a simple gimmick one too many times, I didn’t hate him or anything, just felt like a one trick pony.
  6. I think that maybe I wouldn’t mind the sitcom thing if it wasn’t so much of the show. I get that they’re trying to figure out what’s real, but the sitcom is the vast majority of the show. And those are pretty dull stories so far with the second episode only being slightly more entertaining. It’s like having to watch Full episodes just for a few moments of worth and I really think the sitcom parts only deserve 10 to 15 minutes and then could have done something more fantastic with the rest of the time. Normally with such a strange circumstance I would love the mystery and would love the show to
  7. So far it’s a bit too much of old school tv nostalgia and not enough meaningful story. It’s like they really only wanted to redo bewitched and added only a few seconds of film that even gets to the real story. Hopefully the payoff will come soon, but after 2 episodes I can see some people giving up out of boredom. The little fun the show has so far is trying to spot the easter eggs.
  8. The only good Cage is crazy Cage. I’m totally gonna have to see this one. The guy Rarely ends up in good movies, but there aren’t too many actors that can make a terrible movie a bit entertaining anyway.
  9. It’s a pretty good show, just wondering if there’s gonna be more. It seems like there are a few open spots for a story to explore. There are some bits that never got truly explained like the super slick guy that just slides into the sewer. I know that fan theories have explained it , but it seems kind of an odd point not to address that by the end of the show
  10. I’ve been trying to convince myself about HIDIVE as well. I’m not really wanting to pay for another service, but I’m more of a classic anime guy. I especially love 80’s and 90’s stuff. And really love mecha. The new anime just feels a bit dull to a guy like me and anything with cool mecha seems rare these days.
  11. I guess it’s based off an older garage kit, then reproduced in plastic. Even though I know it’s not gonna pose too well I was surprised by how well it looks and ordered one . Who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised that it can actually bend those knees.
  12. I just saw the kit for preorder, it’s a real beauty and the sculpt around the joints are really nice, but may prevent movement
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