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  1. I remember those from what feels like a long while back. They do look great.
  2. For me it’s og macross including dyrl, m+, and then frontier and then 2 is a far departure. Everything else gets the “what the heck was I watching and why can’t I stop” reaction. I really hope that something really unique happens with all this and we get a great show for a new generation that doesn’t have to rely so heavily on pop songs. A bit isn’t too bad, but relying on it is getting ridiculous
  3. Yeah, to be honest I was trying to figure out where that one came from as well. It seems pretty obscure. I don’t know if I have ever seen it at all
  4. I’m honestly surprised that Bandai keeps adding to this line. They usually give up much sooner leaving people disappointed that they didn’t do their favorite designs or obscure oddities
  5. I think I have to agree with Seto. A new timeline would be the best solution since you won’t have anyone complaining about ruined story lines or miss treated characters. They could start fresh with a story and have designs that don’t have to look like they belong too closely with something preexisting. A masked bad guy and giant robots with the main character piloting one with a v fin would be the main requirements. Beyond that the reasons for conflict and character types would be free range.
  6. It would be funny if it was a build fighters type thing using stop motion for the fights
  7. Hopefully all the questions will be answered soon. I’m sure that all the shows and films will get released or even rereleased with both subs and dubs, but as far as merch, I’m not so sure. I remember not long ago there were issues with Bandai regarding Star Wars items being released outside of Japan due to similar items licensed by companies here, so my big question is if we’re going have the same issue with Macross? There are other companies doing similar items here in the U.S., will those companies block Bandai and or Arcadia? I really do hope that everything does turn out ok and
  8. This movie is dumb and there’s no way I can deny it. But it’s dumb fun and pretty much free. It also happens to be highly intelligent compared to kotm. This is one of those check your brain at the door kinda things. The last movie garbage and unlike able while this one was a charming hot mess
  9. Yeah, gotta wait till Friday, although it would have been funny if they decided to release new episodes on Saturday mornings.
  10. Went to an actual theatre and watched the movie Nobody. It’s a fun movie and a good one to let out aggression, but probably won’t be super memorable. Definitely a good popcorn flick. It’s the first time I’ve gone back to the theater. The seating at the one we went to has a set up where no one can sit a couple seats between you or directly in front or behind you
  11. I’m gonna wait and see if they do a different version of the barzam. I kinda hope they do the barzam gundam mkII version one day
  12. I’ve been watching this show and really enjoying it. It has the attitude of a 90’s cartoon like Static Shock with a sprinkle of harsh language and a little touch of the Boys style of brutality for flavor. It’s nothing groundbreaking or anything, but I find it kinda like going back to a simpler time with this style. It’s a lot of old school super hero fun with some super serious stuff going on the side that will more than likely be far more important as the show moves forward. It also brings up the what if the main villain isn’t some crazy super scientist, but someone really close to you.
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