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  1. This guy made them for me: https://instagram.com/alespinalair?igshid=1pgffsk9pdwht
  2. Great guide, @jenius. It'll be my reference once my Legioss arrives. My characters lineup it's almost complete now:
  3. Today I took the time to build my Kubianbao Grimlock kit Took me about 2 hours to build it It has good articulation and can be posed in many ways. Here he is next to NewAge's Starscream I'm really happy with it
  4. Cart jacked on Nin-Nin!
  5. No links for CD Japan yet?
  6. I personally think this is an ambituous project, which requires a lot of time and effort to complete. Once it's done, it'll be a valuable piece of information for any collector of Macross kits. That being said, I think most of us who contributed in different ways mostly did it just to see if it was possible to achieve, and to find out about models we didn't even know existed. If @ChristopherB wants to make some money out of it, it's up to him. After all, it was his idea and he's the one putting more effort into it. And it's not like he's going to make thousands of dollars with this, and it may not even be enough to compensate all the time he's put into this. If someone here contributed to this thread, but does not want his pictures or info to be part of the MCML, he has all the right to tell Christopher to not use it in his list, and that's it. This shouldn't be more complicated than that, IMHO.
  7. Are you considering a variable version of your glorious 1/32 kit?
  8. So they corrected the head arrows, but they're still showing it with DYRL hands.... is there someone advising Bandai on this?
  9. Lost Boys, Falling Down and 8mm are my favorite Schumacher movies. But his Batman work was this terrible:
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