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  1. Yes. You just need to create another account with an Australian address
  2. This surely is as surprise: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/03/robotech_the_macross_saga_hd_edition_just_stealth-dropped_on_the_nintendo_switch_eshop
  3. Has there been any change? I just got notified by Jungle that some items I had paid to be shipped by Small Package were going to be shipped today
  4. Progress on one of my 4 SHE Variable YF-21 kits
  5. Yes. This may be what @kwanbiis ia talking about. I've seen it too
  6. Something like this: Although John's Bioroid will be a couple centimeters taller, you should get the idea
  7. To me you're working extremely fast! It's looking great. How tall is it?
  8. Great build! I built a Battroid some years ago
  9. I used this paint scheme on a Wave kit: I've also commissioned a repaint of a Hi-Metal VF-1A DYRL into Kakizaki's TV colors but haven't received it yet
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