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  1. Convectuoso

    Macross figures

    I think the eyes look a lot better than the Plamax version
  2. Convectuoso

    Macross figures

    I think it's $45 and free shipping if you buy directly from KC
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns ourt. Mine has been resting on the workbench for almost a year now.
  4. Shouldn't the uniform be white with blue stripes? Those look greenish
  5. It seems to be the shipping box for the same figure
  6. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    I did mine on Android
  7. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    Did this with PicsArts
  8. I would fly to the US just for that!
  9. The legs are doubled jointed at the knee, so you get these positions: It also has articulation at the ankles, and the arms are also double jointed at the elbows.
  10. I built Basara's VF-19 not long ago (the Bandai 1/100 version). It was a fun build. Parts are molded in color, so I didn't even bother painting it. Just snapped the parts together and applied the included stickers. If you have any questions about it, please let me know
  11. I bought a HMR VF-1D from them and didn't have any problems.
  12. Awesome news!!! I hope they release BD versions for all Europe, with English and Spanish subs
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