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  1. I had no idea this Trilogy had already started. I'm gonna have to look for the first two movies then
  2. I just got this 1/100 DYRL Nousjadeul-Ger kit by Over Dard
  3. I just found this video. Is this going to be part of the movie?
  4. Hi I'm looking for the Non Scale VF-0A Model kit by Wave If anyone has one that is willing to sale, please let me know. Thanks
  5. What was the idea of posing the legs like that?
  6. Did you expect it to be taller? We knew the scale for it already, so it was to be expected to be around that size. People tend to think Legioss and Valkyries are about the same size, but that's completely wrong. I know the price seems high for its size, but it's what Sentinel is used to charging. It's like iPhones, too expensive for what they are, but people buy them anyway.
  7. Convectuoso

    Macross figures

    Just found this
  8. https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/330761 Is that one of the kits you're looking for?
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