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  1. I've seen that diorama before, and from other angles. I'm just trying to remember where
  2. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    Sure. Contact this guy, has many 3D models for sale:
  3. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    I intend to buy the original 3D file so I can make some adjustments and articulate it using Revoltech joints
  4. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    We wanted to articulate it, but it wasn't possible.
  5. https://instagram.com/cifimodels?igshid=wcmh27k57zxu That's the Instagram profile of the guy from Chile who makes the 3D printed Zentraedi ships, in case someone wants to contact him.
  6. I loved it, but the ending was too sudden. I was expecting for something else to happen at the end
  7. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    Just got this 3D printed Q-Rau to display with my HMRs. All details were painted by hand. More pics here:
  8. Just got this kit back from commission Awesome kit by @captain america
  9. It's been a long time since I last drew anything, I just did this:
  10. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    Just clicked this link out of curiosity and it's still available for preorder, so I'm guessing everyone who wanted this got at least one. I just hope Bandai realizes it's going to kill the line with this non canon releases.
  11. This one: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/286420/robotech-invid-invasion It's supposed to come with some miniatures:
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