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  1. I doubt they will. They couldn't raise enough funds for a 1/60 version, for which there are many different VF models available, they won't risk trying the same for a new line with just one variant released
  2. Congrats on that find!! Are you planning on building it?
  3. At least in Chile the VHS version wasn't missing anything apart from the Tenshi no Enogu ending
  4. More resin kits and a couple of chara-works VF-1s
  5. My red Toynami MPC Alpha broke there, but I used superglue and it's holding together just fine
  6. At a Shopping Center in Santiago, Chile. Not my pic, btw
  7. Convectuoso

    Hi-Metal R

    Great! Looking forward to seeing it painted, @sh9000
  8. I just hope the legioss color scheme is not final. At least the Blue one's was faithful to the anime.
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