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  1. bleecher

    Bandai DX VF-31

    How stable does the figure feel to you on the stand?
  2. A beast of a figure. I have the green version and everything fits together very nicely with get printed details on the figure. Chunkier than the steel legend figure if that is your thing.
  3. Looking for the name of the shelf units. Don't see it?
  4. Hey, do you mind sharing what kind of display shelves you use? Looks like a nice way to set up teams of valks.
  5. Double fin impending over here. Got mine from N-Y. Proxies didn't seem to be much cheaper and I can't order directly from P-Bandai.
  6. Unfortunately for me, I opened up a case on 12/6/19 and have been in contact with them at least 4 separate times to no avail and was told to file a claim via BlueFin. Thanks for the advice though.
  7. Yes it seems as if they don't have GPS as they could not confirm delivery location to me, just that the address they have in their system when the shipping label was created is correct.
  8. Looking for some advice. I had an Metal Build EVA-02 shipped from BlueFin via FedEx. The package says it was delivered and signed for, however the person that signed it is someone I do not even know. I opened a case with FedEx who state they cannot locate the package and that as the correct address was listed on the package and that it was signed for that BlueFin should file a claim. BlueFin is going to file a claim, but state they will only send me a replacement if they are reimbursed for the claim which I don't see happening as FedEx is refusing to accept responsibility. My question is what should I do in this situation as BlueFin is seeming to side with FedEx? The figure cost $265.00 and I do not just want to sit here waiting for a claim that won't go through despite the shipment being signed for by a complete stranger. Thanks for the input.
  9. Any updates on this project? Thanks!
  10. Engineering on the figure looks amazing. I am especially impressed by the remote control LEDs. Hopefully they produce more hero units.
  11. Yea, it's quite sad there hasn't been more stock coming in on release date. I remember a year ago with the release of the YF-19 DX that many retailers had additional stock for order during release week.
  12. Ordered via HLJ and received confirmation. Curious to see if other sites restock such as CDJ, Amazon JP, AmiAmi as that would bode well for future figures.
  13. The wuming figure suffered from quality control issues in which finger prints and hair were molded into the original batch. They released an updated batch but still had subpar paint application and nubbing on the figures. The MC version has yet to see the light of day despite a summer 2019 release date, so if you really want a Freedom Gundam right now you can go with the Wuming version. If you can wait, I would hold out for the MC version.
  14. Emailed them to confirm and the new stock does have the corrected ankles.
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