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  1. https://showzstore.com/pre-order-main-engine-me-me-p01-mep01-upgrade-kit-for-bandai-spirit-metal-build-eva-01-test-type_p1554.html New company though so no idea what the quality will be if it does make it to release.
  2. The problem is for people who ordered the bundle and have no option to switch over the the standalone. Maybe Bluefin customer service can update the orders though?
  3. Bummer, was just about to email him.
  4. Two A23 batteries for the stand, confirmed. I believe the backpack uses a total of nine 377 batteries, 3 for each side thruster and 3 for the primary thruster and head. I am still waiting for the button cell batteries to arrive to confirm they are correct though.
  5. Attempted again with a tremendous amount of pressure, but no luck. I'm wondering if the pelvis opening is improperly sized. Attached a picture for reference if you wouldn't mind comparing to how yours looked. On another note, any idea what batteries the figure and the stand take? Thanks!
  6. For people that have received the KO Sinanju, how did you get the legs to attach to the body? The opening on the body is very tight and I can't seem to slot the legs in.
  7. Yes, I got two tracking numbers.
  8. bleecher

    Bandai DX VF-31

    How stable does the figure feel to you on the stand?
  9. A beast of a figure. I have the green version and everything fits together very nicely with get printed details on the figure. Chunkier than the steel legend figure if that is your thing.
  10. Looking for the name of the shelf units. Don't see it?
  11. Hey, do you mind sharing what kind of display shelves you use? Looks like a nice way to set up teams of valks.
  12. Double fin impending over here. Got mine from N-Y. Proxies didn't seem to be much cheaper and I can't order directly from P-Bandai.
  13. Unfortunately for me, I opened up a case on 12/6/19 and have been in contact with them at least 4 separate times to no avail and was told to file a claim via BlueFin. Thanks for the advice though.
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