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  1. In a cast as good as DS9's, he managed to do the impossible, stick out by delivering his lines on par with great's with years more acting experience than his own. Now give us a DS9 HD edition CBS/Paramount.
  2. Make me almost wish that someone with actual talent and a love for Macross would do a comic in that universe using the mechs we have todate to keep costs down and ensure a good run. Might seem hoaky, but I rather artists spend time coming up with a good story and drawing non-mechs, since there are already 3D models for them. Guess I'm just thirsty for some moar Macross. When's that new Delta movie gonna be done already?
  3. I think the original has a level of charm that Moore's 2004 effort didn't quite reach. Yes we liked most characters in nuBSG, but like The Walking Dead, we often tuned in to see how they'd make it out alive another week or to see what really effed up machinations would be their downfall. It was different then pulling for this rag-tag groups of refugees trying on a caravan across the stars. I'm actually a bit disappointed to find out that this isn't a reboot. I wanted to get away from "the cylons are just terminators built by our ancestors" and the "who are the final five" low-budget storylines. I wanted other species out in the universe. Above all I loved the Egyptian motifs of the original. Though the Mk II Vipers were a nice upgrade of the design, I found the rest of the industrial design, business suits, and other 20th Century Earth paraphernalia annoying. Yes, ogBSG could sometimes come of as a campy Star Wars rip-off, but it had a look and feel that nuBSG didn't live up to. With todays tech there's no reason that vipers and cylons couldn't have a more polished, Stargate design and feel. And while some may be put off by the pseudo-religious backstory that is largely based on Mormon theology, I actually think it makes for a perfect Sci-Fi plot device:
  4. Apologies for the initial mis-title folks, 'twas early moments still when I posted it. I just renamed the topic.
  5. Caprica would have been better served as a show not connected to BSG but more about Silicon Valley pirates in the age of ascending AI. It tackled some story lines about IP that I've yet to see addressed on other shows.
  6. Found myself googling Starfury toys and models. Sad that there were never many made. It really was such a great design, inspired by another, the Last Starfighter's Gunstar. Well, at least there are modern models for Vipers.
  7. https://deadline.com/2019/09/battlestar-galactica-reboot-drama-series-sam-esmail-nbc-streaming-service-peacock-1202736127/ Seems like NBCUniversal is taking a page from the CBS / Trek Discovery playbook. This time it's Robert Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot, following up Ronald D. Moore's earlier reboot. Personally I welcome it as I want to see some cheesy space opera with Egyptian helmets, Greek motifs, insectoid planets, ancient dapper spirits of evil, and reptilian Cylons hell-bent on extinguishing the 12 colonies of Kobol. Will we get any of that? One can hope.
  8. I've seen way more Winx club than anybody should be forced to, but hey, no one told me to have kids in the first place. What follows is something I'd never thought I'd ever write up, but apparently has been brewing inside of me for a while. Iginio Straffi and the Rainbow SpA company raise copying material from other shows to an art form. They seem to embody what HG wishes they could do, if the Agrama's ever gave them a budget to hire writers and artists. HG, for all their lack of talent, could never actually create characters anyone cared about, stories that made any sort of sense, or actually have more than 2 or 3 episodes of anything animated, while the Winx club people actually have. Seasons and seasons worth of it. And straight to home video movies. You cannot stop them! They even have they're own art style, which I'll call Proto-Bratz, which they have stuck to and has served them well. They have mined so heavily from Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, and Sentai series that it's hard to pick out what truly is original anymore, other than what you get is some weird "western" (more would it be more correctly Italian) riff on all anime tropes. The most recent example I've seen is a newer show on Netflix called Huntix - which seems to be a mash up of Pokemon/digimon/bakugan genre with Jojo's (minus the pizazz), if you can believe that. I am at once in disbelief that a live action anything is being made from this. But then again, in the age of streaming networks, there was no other logical conclusion.
  9. To be honest, very few movies earn their John Barry scores. "Raise the Titanic", I'm talking to you.
  10. Mazinger

    Hi-Metal R

    Dang! And that's what I get by looking up badly encoded vids on youtube. Those crates are made by the same people who make crates for the Mars colony in DOOM. Completely indestructible.
  11. Mazinger

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow sh9000, you literally have twice as many monsters as fit at the bow of the Daedulus for it's attack! That might be even as many as existed on the SDF-1.
  12. Nice pengbuzz! I appreciate efforts to flesh out underrepresented mechs and art. Now I gotta look up some ASS1 imagery to remind myself.
  13. I wonder where those molds are today. Though I already have way too many KO orguss bots, It's be nice to see these produced again. The avians were cool too.
  14. Dang, another of the greats from a whole generation of them.
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