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  1. I remember that trailer and was looking forward to that movie. I am a fan of the Ninja Turtles movie that studio did. Sad that they went under.
  2. Yeah I'm with you. If someone made a TNG-based story with Picard, Data, and the Swedes, there's just no way I'm gonna fight it. Now I wonder what happened to 7's crush Chakotay.
  3. Well the R2-D2 rip off was really only added when it was brought over. Of all the changes for when it was brought, I think the opening theme is the one that was actually good:
  4. I find the lack of applause at the announcement licensing extension amusing. You'd expect that if the audience was really enthusiastic about the prospect they would have treated it as a "win" and cheered.
  5. Honestly, it's a shame Sony Corp of America hasn't gotten in contact with Sony of Japan in order to actually deal with Big West instead of these HG jokers.
  6. Wait, so we're Umbrella Academy now? Oh brother...
  7. The original Burton Batman suit is still my favorite. That movie got so much right.
  8. Great job arbit. I could almost here the intro music.
  9. Could be made from composite material resistant to acid.
  10. Maybe building the scope dogs out of vegetables will prevent the from combusting when getting shot. Can't hurt.
  11. I kinda agree. I watched the OVA years back before I learned about the 2012 series and though I was more than a little lost jumping into it with no background at all on the characters or stands, I thought that the way the final fight took place better expressed the horror of fighting DIO. I think however part of the difference might be due to the graphic nature of some parts of the battle that perhaps the series wanted to skip, though the series seems to get plenty graphic when it needs to. Also, perhaps they wanted to spend the budget on things not previously covered in the OVA, which they certainly did.
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