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  1. I made my own from LEGO and there was one part of the transformation I left out. The front of the tank rotates in mid-air while becoming the backpack/skirt of the robot mode. This never seemed either practical, feasible, or necessary to me. I'd be ok with this part being left out of the transformation.
  2. I really wish someone would start producing Darkstalkers figures. I got so desperate that I started modding my own. I know the Storm's are not in scale with my Figuarts, but I would pay anything (reasonable) to have a proper vampire savior line. Those KoF figs are nice, but I've yet to dive into that franchise.
  3. Mazinger

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Wait is that really how different the 1701 and 1701-A are? I always thought they were more or less the same dimensions. The A will always be my favorite Enterprise.
  4. Mazinger

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Well to be honest, Michelle Yeoh is much more attractive than Lorca's actor. Now as for the high ideals of Star Trek, I think I'm gonna start watching the Orville with my nephew. Something tells me that is the most Trek show on TV right now.
  5. Mazinger

    Strike A Pose! revisted...

    So meta!
  6. I do consider myself a Gatchaman fan, just not $500+ a fan. Valks take precedence and, at this point, are dramatically cheaper, which says something about the pricing. I'd love a Hi-Metal R version of the season 1 Phoenix.
  7. Mazinger

    Macross maintenance.

    I can't help but think that this correlates highly with the recent flurry of activity regarding controversial posts on the hoarding/scalping of valks.
  8. I would wager that the converters version of the Orguss Nickik is about 100x’smore durable than the 1/40 takatokus. Sadly I know this from experience.
  9. Mazinger

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    Well, for nostalgia’s sake then, I hope at least one more fight in a hallway scene. “This city” needs people to fight in hallways.
  10. From the upcoming movie? How much will it be with shipping, if you don’t mind my asking? Where are you gonna put it? Gotta takes pics when it arrives!!!
  11. Mazinger

    IMDB’s Streaming Service FREEDIVE

    Interesting IMDB is owned by Amazon. I assume it’s just more advertising revenue for The Big A. I wonder what quality of movies they put on there.
  12. Mazinger

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    Actually, since Netflix's produced these specific seasons, they probably will not be shown on another network. What's more, the characters can't even show up for two years after these shows are cancelled on another series, in case Disney wanted to reboot them. Might be a while til there's more Daredevil, which at least Disney has said will return: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/defenders-disney-streaming-daredevil-iron-fist-luke-cage-jessica-jones-1203087219/
  13. Mazinger

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Is that a Yamato Q-Rau customized with a TV paint scheme?
  14. Mazinger

    Hi-Metal R

    Being able to select between two like items at different price points for different a quality/grade of plastic might be interesting. Sadly we don't get that choice now. I might be willing to spend 5% more for the ultra-durable option if there was some guarantee on that quality. For other less essential items, I might prefer the cheaper version. KOs seem to be filling this niche.