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  1. At a decent price point, I would have been happy with that. I like toys that can take a beating. The Matchbox releases have certainly lasted. It's just a shame that most of the non-Destroid releases were so off from the line art.
  2. Vox article with fairly current information on WoW - not anytime soon probably, ;-(, and some spoilerific discussion on differences between story arcs in the show version how they might manifest in the books going forward. For those of you that haven't consumed the books, we are still 2, maybe 3 seasons behind in the there and many sub-plots and even some major characters from them never made it into the show: https://www.vox.com/2019/5/20/18631417/game-of-thrones-winds-of-winter-martin-release-date
  3. I'm hoping that with the series over, GRRM will announce the release of Winds of Winter. My hypothesis is that he's disappointed in various plot changes made for the show and has been holding back on releasing WoW in order to simply let the show run it's course. Hopefully an announcement will come any day now.
  4. Wasn't sure if there was a specific Westworld topic, but since the first trailer for season 3 just dropped before the last episode of Game of Thrones, thought I post this: I'm looking forward to it, but 2020 is still a way's away.
  5. Mazinger

    Macross figures

    That's a good combo that Bretai player is pulling off. Whoever's playing as the Hikaru pilot needs to block more.
  6. These look good. I'm partial to the look of the SOTA line, but sadly we aren't getting more of those. The Bandai SHFiguarts are nice and the articulation is incredible, but the faces lack intensity and are a bit too Anime generic. A shame that Ryu doesn't come with his hobo duffle bag.
  7. Mazinger

    Macross figures

    And what they are asking for these is ridiculous. Seem like poorly made knock offs from the 1980's, because even KOs today look better than this. I want posable Claudia, Misa, and Glovals as much as the next fan, but geez this is laughable.
  8. So is anyone planning a part for March 14, 2021 yet?
  9. That is interesting. We gotta get some new enemy mecha from someone. Time's never been better.
  10. Infinite facepalms in infinite diversity - ancient Vulcan saying.
  11. Having not yet read the Hush comics I think I will watch the toon first. It's funny out of all the Batman trade paperbacks that I've read, not sure why I never read this one. Guess there was always another Batman story that I thought I needed to consume instead.
  12. My understanding is that Marvel TV and the MCU are two separate entities all together. There may have been some lip service to having it all be one integrated universe, but that really hasn't happened. Fans have always wanted characters like Daredevil to get some mention in the movies, but the division between the two didn't lend itself to the TV characters landing on the big screen. Avi Arad's history may have something to with this. Many blame him for the poor execution on earlier Spiderman movies and carelessly letting Terrence Howard walk away from Iron Man. There may also be some resentment between him and Kevin Feige who seems to have been the biggest proponent of developing the Marvel shared cinematic universe.
  13. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/14/18623977/stranger-things-amazing-lego-set-takes-the-upside-down-literally
  14. God I wish they'd do another Regult release. But first I want my Zentran power armors.
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