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  1. Thank you for this overview. I would be very interested to see the plot summary as well, if it isn't too much trouble. This story interests me because it appears to be a nice divergence from the space war story formula and also because it appears to have a lot of strong female characters in prominent roles. The mecha is pretty cool looking, too. ;-)
  2. Thanks, Seto, that's very helpful, and does sound like a fun story. The characters are intriguing and I like the racer VF designs, I wouldn't mind at all seeing this in animated or manga form. In a perfect world... Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
  3. Guess I should have asked this back when more people were still here. Ah, well...
  4. My apologies for resurrecting this thread, but I was wondering if anyone has ever come across a plot summary of Macross the Ride? I've read Sketchley's translations and seen the magazine pages, but have not been able to come up with any kind of description of what actually happens in the story. I'm not looking for a translation or a detailed retelling, I'm just curious about the main story beats and how the characters did or didn't relate to the Frontier storyline. If anyone has a link or information, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. I think you guys nailed it, I won't rehash my own comments because I think you covered the points very well in the podcast. Delta was certainly not a bad show, but it was definitely one of many, many missed opportunities and poorly executed beats. Mostly, I just wanted to say thank you to the podcast crew. I really appreciate the time and effort that you all put into making these shows and being part of the Delta experience. It's been a lot of fun listening to your reactions and commentary, and I think I looked forward to the Gertalk almost as much as I did the actual episodes each week. Thank you, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have to talk about next!
  6. I have to say, that's one thing that's always disappointed me about Frontier: the lack of support material for the world. SDFM and DYRL both had extensive concept art published for pretty much every aspect of the productions (I grinned like a fool when I came across the sketches of the UN Spacy coffee mugs in Macross: Perfect Memory). I've seen some artwork for the environmental designs in Frontier, but mostly as tiny little border images in publications that focused mainly on character designs. I get it, that's what's popular from Frontier, but as a concept art fanboy, it's always been disappointing to me. I've seen more setting art for Delta than I have from Frontier, and Frontier's got some really cool stuff in it with some obviously extensive thought put into it that I'd love to explore more deeply. The whole design of Island 1 is fascinating to me. I'd love to have a Perfect Memory style book for Frontier, or something like the Earth and Garmillas books from Yamato 2199. ...and as long as I'm wishing, I'd like a pony, too.
  7. Megaroad-01 should stay among the unexplained. Like JasonC, I'm fine with the name drop and giving hope that they're not all dead, but a new series or movie with centered on them drags the franchise backwards. Delta may not have gone the way I'd have liked, but it expanded the universe, gave us cool new stuff, and opened the doors on new possibilities. That's where Macross needs to go. It just...needs to do it better than Delta did.
  8. In terms of the series, this was a decent ending. It didn't fix the mess of the last ten episodes, but it brought resolution to the main points of the plot. Hayate and Frejya make sense and them together is an earned conclusion that I'm happy with. I'm really disappointed that Mirage got sidelined as much as she did through the series, but I'm also pretty happy with her seeing Hayate as more of a brother/friend/partner than a lover. Delta took the Lost approach on its main mysteries, and that's frustrating, but I'm very relieved that we didn't have a last minute Lady M ass-pull cameo. At this point in the series, that would've been a much bigger disappointment than leaving it unresolved. The action was fairly low key, but I actually don't mind that. A big fleet battle with wall to wall dogfights would've felt like too much of a retread of Frontier. Since they took the hive mind aspect already, I'm glad they kept the focus on the character growth for what won the day. The Elysion looked good doing its thing and the action that we got was fun. Bogue being pissed off that he had to help Walkure was funny and fit nicely. It actually made me respect him a bit more (not a lot, but some) that he followed orders despite his personal feelings. I would have liked to get a Hermann/Mirage interaction to complete that circle (which started all the way back in the asteroid battle of episode 6), but you can't have everything. Does Delta go down as a success? Debatable. The missed opportunities in the story are pretty glaring and frustrating. That said, there were an awful lot of things it did really well (at least, most of the time). Frontier was a better story, but Delta has better characters and is an interesting departure from the Macross formula. Maybe too much of a departure, but I won't fault it for trying. A DYRL style retelling that trims out the exposition and brings Mirage out of the shadows would make this a damn good tale.
  9. I typically wait for subs and will for the final episode as well. For most of Delta's run, I've read the spoilers while waiting mostly because it helps with my understanding of the episode (splitting my attention between reading subs and trying to watch what's going on means that I inevitably miss stuff). For the final episode, I'll be avoiding everything until I've seen the episode for myself. Delta hasn't quite earned it, but I'll give it every chance to impress me before I let everyone else's opinions in. :-) Just to be clear, I'm only talking about a movie in the hypothetical sense. I'm not counting on it or even really expecting it (although, Macross does have something of a track record here). Just fun stuff to speculate on. I'll stop now, though, until an announcement is made.
  10. At this point, I would prefer the dangling ending, because it would at least show that they recognize the task ahead and have been stringing things along on purpose to set up the movie conclusion. A bad purpose, maybe, but not an unintended one. If, on the other hand, next episode is intended as a wrap, then I'm afraid it doesn't matter if there's a movie or not because the series can only be a disappointment and it will prove that the staff either had no idea how to go about making the show or, worse, didn't care. Then again, surprises happen. I highly doubt it will in this case, but I'll be watching on Sunday and won't write it off until Delta does it for itself.
  11. Agreed, regardless of whether Delta is wrapped up well or not, I would much prefer to leave Megaroad-01 as the mystery it is. To throw any of that in now will just be a cheap cameo at best and character/plot/setting assassination at worst.
  12. Hayate and Keith crash into each other while attempting to scissor, meanwhile Mirage finally unclenches her anus and she and Chuck become back to back badasses that trash the rest of the knights while Arad chokes on a jellyfish and dies. Johnson is fired and becomes a lounge singer with the stage name of Ernie Green The mercats kick everyone off of Ragna and finally reclaim their native world from all these Protoculture-made squatters that have been messing up the place for the last few dozen centuries. Finally, Kaname punches Lady M in the mouth for being a manipulative jerk this whole time, then quits and starts her own series called "Macross: Divide" where she leads a kickass squad of commandos (with air support led by the green haired pilot) that comes back and cleans up the mess everyone created in Delta. Valkyries fighting in battroid mode are freakin' everywhere.
  13. So... what was the thing that appeared after Mikumo sang, and where did it appear? At first, I thought it was on top of the Sigur Valens, but then the very next shot showed the SV looking the same as always. Ancient Evil Engine of Destruction seems a good guess for what it is, but nobody else seemed to notice it at all.
  14. I think that it is just the consequence of Recycled Footage Syndrome. To take it at face value, though, and play with in-universe speculation, I think that it's meant to be metaphorical, just like the 'naked in the sky' moments that everyone keeps having. There aren't actually any glowy light effects following people around, but they feel it and others have ways of perceiving it (through their runes or pendants or 'love's true knowing' or whatever), and so it gets represented onscreen as a viewer notification. In the case of the footage review, everyone present was aware of what had happened at the time through one means or another, and so 'saw' it even though there wasn't actually anything 'really' on their screen either.
  15. Enjoyable as always, you guys always do a great job. Also congratulations and thanks for your involvement in the subtitles, nice work. It also speaks well of the Macross franchise that they would look for and accept input from fans in putting the product together (I understand that you are all involved in the industry to differing degrees, and so are not exactly outsiders to the process, but still...) I will say that I was a bit disappointed that the discussion about the production change (13 episodes and a movie to 26 episodes) was cut short, I would have liked to hear more thoughts on that, especially why Adrian was so adamant that it was not to fault for the change in pacing and coherency that we've been seeing in the later episodes. The change is becoming quite a focus in most of the discussions I've seen and your insights, as insiders of a kind, would be helpful. Thanks again!
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