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  1. They're finally doing what I said they should have done ten years ago. Alas, that's ten years too late for me to care anymore, but I know some of you will definitely be down for this.
  2. kajnrig

    Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

    "We made you a new body. A synthetic SHELL. But your mind, your soul, your GHOST - it's still in there." DO YOU GET IT? DID THEY GET IT? I DON'T THINK THEY GOT IT. LET'S REPEAT IT TWENTY MORE TIMES. BUT Y'KNOW, BE SUBTLE ABOUT IT. but to answer my own question yes that seems to be key art from the new production, not repurposed fanart or the like.
  3. kajnrig

    Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

    Is that key art included with the announcement, or just a random picture the authors googled? It could be indicative of the direction they want to take the art. Either way, after just recently coming onto the franchise, I'm excited.
  4. Ick. That's an easy pass on Ultimate Alliance. It's got the same horrible art style that doomed MvC:I. EDIT: Also ick that MK trailer was painful to sit through. I can't wait to see all the bad animation they've come up with this time!
  5. http://hlj.com/product/KZC10002 http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/81016/kitz_concept_super_deformed_robotech_vf1s_roy_fokker Saw the HLJ link on my Facebook page, and brief researching turned up the CollectionDX link. It's branded as a Robotech toy, but all the same. I dunno if it already has a dedicated topic, but in case it doesn't, I figured I'd share for those who are interested. MSRP of 8800 JPY.
  6. kajnrig

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    It sold out VERY quickly upon release, much more quickly than other, what I assumed would have been more popular, kits. EDIT: but also hasegawa seem to be doing second, third, fourth production runs more regularly recently
  7. Throwing it on the list
  8. kajnrig

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Not Gundam, but I know there was some crossover here anyway. Full Metal Panic kits: 1/60 Arbalest w/ Emergency Booster (Feb release): https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-hg-arbalest-ver-iv-with-emergency-deployment-booster-ver-bans56756 1/60 M9 Gernsback "Aggressor Squadron" Ver. (Mar release): https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-hg-gernsback-ver-iv-aggressor-squadron-bans57066 1/48 Laevatein w/ Booster (Dec release): https://hlj.com/1-48-scale-full-metal-panic-invisible-victory-arx-8-laevatein-last-battle-mode-aos00955
  9. kajnrig

    Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    So... two months late, here's a preorder link (for a February release): https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-hg-arbalest-ver-iv-with-emergency-deployment-booster-ver-bans56756 There's also an "Aggressor Squadron" M9 (March release): https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-hg-gernsback-ver-iv-aggressor-squadron-bans57066 And while I'm at it, re-linking the 1/48 Laevatein + Booster kit: https://hlj.com/1-48-scale-full-metal-panic-invisible-victory-arx-8-laevatein-last-battle-mode-aos00955
  10. kajnrig

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    That thing looks ghastly. Also, isn't that called the Catlevwch or something similarly ridiculous?
  11. kajnrig

    Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    Just wanted to confirm, were the backpack tri-thrusters just improperly assembled in your original pic? That seems like an absurd thing for the engineers to get wrong.
  12. kajnrig

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Who/what is Striker Manus? Googling just showed a lot of store pages and product pics. I'm gonna guess it's a knockoff Optimus Prime?
  13. The first NGE movie, titled "NGE: Death and Rebirth," consisted of two parts. "Death" was a ~1-hour long recap of the series (ie a compilation film), including newly-animated footage (some of which I believe was added back into re-releases of the series proper; they show up in the Platinum Collection "Director's Cut" episodes). "Rebirth" was the first ~30 minutes of what would become End of Evangelion, which at the time had not completed animation. "Rebirth" ends with the arrival of the Mass Production Eva Units. "Death" therefore has no direct correlation to the Rebuild movies, which are a pseudo-sequel/reboot of the franchise. To expand on what @technoblue said, there are three versions of "Death": 1 - "NGE: Death and Rebirth," the compilation movie plus "Rebirth" 2 - "Evangelion: Death (True)," the same compilation movie with the newly-animated footage removed 3 - "Revival of Evangelion," the same compilation movie with most of the newly-animated footage added back in plus "End of Evangelion" (ie the same concept as NGE: Death and Rebirth, but replacing Rebirth with EoE) You mean the one where they discard all pretenses of being a genre deconstruction and just make it yet another giant robot harem anime? I mean, they're assuredly more upbeat at the very least, but that's not at all what Evangelion is known for. Did you read the manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, by chance? That's probably as upbeat a Shinji as I would have liked until the Rebuild movies, and even then that Shinji is way more generically shounen (up 'til 3.0, anyway) than the more... "mellowly" upbeat Shinji of the manga. I quite liked Manga Shinji.
  14. Yeah, I... think... I am, too. I don't regret skipping on the series during that six-episode stretch the first time around, nor would I beleaguer anyone for doing the same, though. Those five episodes are BAAAAAAAAAD. Those were some of my favorite things even the first time around. I'm surprised more shows haven't copied that same tactic for world-building. EDIT: Y'know, I don't think I mind that too much... if it's done well (and what politics I've seen so far I have decidedly not liked). If the show is all about literal and metaphorical monstrosity, then monstrous social policy could be something to look forward to.
  15. Okay, so it WAS just those middle five or six episodes. The rest of the season flew by in comparison, though Those last ten episodes still have their share of annoying, incopetent side characters and Anime Moments, and even dabble in the "Let's Explain Things Retroactively Instead of Properly Setting Up Clues Beforehand" trope, but it's never egregious and far FAR preferable to "Let's Whinge About Literally Everything for Five Minutes to Pad Out the Runtime." I get what @Seto Kaiba was saying about characters becoming progressively more and more monstrous, and for several characters it feels like an unbelievable shift. It has been something of a running theme, though, so I'm not going to hate on it for that. What I will hate on is that it's not explored particularly well. Or rather, it presents an interesting situation where the characters have to choose between two morally gray decisions... but then paints one as inherently "humane but leads to defeat" and the other as inherently "monstrous but leads to victory" (and this is where I can easily see the perhaps intended/unintended comparisons to fascist ideology) This is most obvious in the final battle of the season, which is part of the reason why some of the characters feel so off. Anyway, now it's on to season 2 and 3, then Gridman.
  16. kajnrig

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Boy, they are REALLY running empty in the creative well, aren't they?
  17. I'm reminded why I stopped watching AoT: Right at the 9-episode mark, the show just loses all momentum. It has its share of "typical shounen anime" moments throughout the first 8 episodes, but then episode 9 hits and all of a sudden everyone goes on minutes-long monologues about who they are and who they want to be and this and that and the Anime Levels shoot up to 11. Events which should have resolved in a single episode suddenly stretch into two or three, and characters and entire factions start acting like complete idiots for no reason whatsoever. I have a feeling it's indicative of the unique qualities of Japanese politics, but for like six full episodes I just wanted to slap every single character. Now that the "Distrust Arc" is finally over and Eren's out in the forest, hopefully the story can get going again. I'm also reminded of just how much the manga/show apes Evangelion. It sure gets the body horror right, but it's not as effective as far as purely horrifying goes. It starts with the horror dial already at 11, and it doesn't really know how to ratchet it up from there. Eva starts off pretty mellow, establishing the Eva as a bionic entity early in the show, and touching on that aspect briefly every other episode or so before hitting us with the WHAM trifecta of episodes 16, 17, and 18, where those earlier throwaway biological aspects are suddenly thoroughly examined. I remember thinking this way back during the season 1 premiere, too, that it was winning everyone over by shock value alone. Kind of like Goblin Slayer, expect it has narrative meat on its bones.
  18. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    Remind me again what the versions are? A = red B = blue C = ??? D = ???
  19. kajnrig

    Battle Angel Alita

    Not sure if this is the same as the above, but I'm just seeing it now: The 1:23 mark gave me eerie flashbacks to ScarJo in the Shell: "We made you a new body. A synthetic shell. But your mind, your soul, your "ghost," it's still in there." *snerk*
  20. I'm not sure which if any are in-house projects (ie a Netflix studio creates it) and which are simply licensing exclusives (Voltron I know is animated by Dreamworks and distributed exclusively by Netflix), but yes, the ones I've seen have been good more often than not. Speaking of, if you have a kid you might be interested in a cute little show called "Hilda," after the book series of the same name. Yeah, I was in a mood writing that. I assumed that the fans of the show might be of a particular type, and wanted to preempt an argument. Been a bit stressed lately due to lack of steady internet access. A lot of work I've been able to take care of at the library in the meantime, but there remains a lot that's on hiatus at home with deadlines getting closer and closer until AT&T finally get off their butts and fix their own mistake. I found the magitek-y elements - specifically, Violet's artificial arms - to be among the most interesting things in the show. I didn't have a problem with those at all. In fact, I wanted them incorporated more. I wanted to see Violet learning to use them, and how that journey reflected or contrasted with her journey through her trauma. I was extremely disappointed that they didn't spend more time on her learning to use her arms to type and/or on the other characters learning to deal with someone with such unique augmentations - from literally every character's initial response to her, it's clear that the level of magitek used on her is very much not the norm for this world. But really, what irritated me the most was the aforementioned storytelling, the contriving of drama and the barefaced manipulation of the viewer's emotions. The episode I finally called it quits, where Violet's fellow Auto Memory Doll and Objectively Best Girl Iris was tricked into coming back home, had a quick scene where Violet introduces herself to Iris's relatives, and her little curtsy gets a full ten, fifteen seconds of focus. Time slows down, a dramatic localized wind kicks up, everything is all very pretty, but it made me want to punch the phone. There was nothing, NOTHING, justifying that shot, and nothing, NOTHING, gained from it, but boy it sure did look pretty didn't it? Yeah, I guess. Pretty and vapid and empty. Just like a doll, ironically enough. It's like the creators didn't understand their own creation. blaaaarrrrrgggghhhkla;sdjflkasjfd anyway. I'm picking up Attack on Titan again, starting from the beginning and hoping I'll make it further than I did last time. I think it was the... 13-episode mark? I have a feeling I'll probably like it better this time around, but who knows. After that, once I get internet back again, it's onto Gridman: Attorney at Law.
  21. kajnrig

    General TV thread

    If you have young kids, you'll probably have a good time with them with Hilda, apparently based on a graphic novel series of the same name. I thought it was pretty cute.
  22. kajnrig

    Wreck It Ralph

    My 5-year old nephew couldn't sit still, either. I chalk it up to them being kids with short attention spans.
  23. kajnrig

    Wreck It Ralph

    I didn't say the CGI character Shank looks like Gal Gadot. I said Shank is a damn gorgeous character design.
  24. kajnrig

    Wreck It Ralph

    Shipping the bleep out of Vanellope and Shank. ...or maybe I'm just projecting, because damn Gal Gadot looks great be it real life or CGI.