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  1. Dunno how much if any of this is true, but $18 an episode sounds so frakking insane.
  2. Does anyone know the history of the various Eva kit releases? The only ones I really know are the old-school 90s(/00s?) LMHG line and the PG Eva-01 from Bandai. I know Kotobukiya and Bandai both released kits for the movie releases. I'm not sure if the Bandai ones are just reissues of the original LMHG line (because apparently the movie kits are also "LMHG") with some extras, or if they re-issued their various kits for each new movie release, etc.
  3. Any word on a release date for that Klan Klang 25?
  4. Same as everyone else, I've been a customer for... wow, something like 20 years now... and they've been consistently good the whole way through.
  5. No problem, figured y'all would jump on it. I'm gonna grab some kits myself. Maybe multiples?
  6. I'm glad they went with a colorless clear rather than the various colored tints they used for the regular MG releases. Yes it looks dead without the LEDs on, but from a modeler's perspective, they're not shackled to a single color. Instead of having to settle for the red/green/blue/yellow, they can get whatever mix and match they want given just a bit of effort. It's something I've constantly wished Bandai would do for all their clear parts. As for which color I like best... I've always vastly preferred Unicorn Mode over Destroy Mode anyway, so the discussion is kind of moot from my point of view. I don't mind the "burning" look it gets when the psycho frame is glowing beneath the armor, always makes me think of Burning Godzilla. But there's a piece of art from... I think it's the novel... that applies a light blue glow between the panels which has always stuck with me. I keep telling myself to try and recreate that look, but I can never find the time.
  7. Not sure what the discussion is about right now, just wanted to pop in with some thoughts, which mirror what some others have said here I think. I was talking with a coworker about a movie soundtrack I was listening to at the time (Pacific Rim, still rocks), and the conversation moved to Star Wars. I noted that, whatever one thinks of the OT and PT, one of their respective strengths was strong aesthetic inspiration. For the OT it was obviously, among other things, World War 2 imagery. Particularly Nazi Germany in the Empire's uniforms and certain the framing of stuff like the victory celebration in Ep4, and so on. And I'm less clear on the specifics of the PT, but it's all very clean and opulent... haute couture, maybe. High fashion. Naboo starfighters to the Senate chamber to the frickin' Coruscant underbelly, everything SEEMS sanitized, even when it's obviously not. A lot of it is because of the generous use of CGI, of course, but still. Strong inspiration that leaves a strong impression in your mind. The music is the same, some of John Williams' best stuff. Strong themes, strong leitmotifs in all six movies, it's music that sticks with you. With the ST, I'm wondering about its inspirations, which seem to be just... Star Wars. It's Star Wars inspired by Star Wars. The ship designs aren't particularly memorable because they don't really have an identity of their own. The worlds are slight variants of preexisting ones. I suppose it shouldn't have taken me this long to realize that the ST overall just draws inspiration from its predecessors, because the very first movie traded almost entirely on nostalgia. Again, and I'm just beating my own dead horse at this point, but part of what makes TLJ stick out more in my mind than the other two is it has a stronger aesthetic. On reflection, I remember the color red. The red in TLJ often stands in stark contrast to everything else. It's what makes the throne room fight so good to me, even if the fight itself apparently has issues. That stark red background. The red that gets thrown about on Crait(?) in the finale. It was the primary color on the posters, and even the Star Wars logo was done in red. Getting back to the ships, I also enjoyed the heavy bombers a lot. Say what you will about their strategic purpose, they really stick out to me amongst a sea of interchangeable planes and carriers and etc. etc. etc. They take the same historical inspiration as the OT's ships do, but simply from someplace the OT never touched, the heavy bombers of yore, and their munitions the "dumb bombs" also of said yore. Blah. Anyway. Long post was supposed to be short, sorry. PT and OT have inspired, memorable imagery and music, ST is Star Wars inspired by Star Wars.
  8. Oh, duh. Because that's his friggin' name. Of course. I'm so blippin' stupid. No wonder none of y'all responded. Probably were wondering wtf I was on about.
  9. Honestly, this just makes me want to play Ace Combat 7 again. Or heck, Battlefront 2, the REAL Battlefront 2. I had to laugh midway through this trailer because literally all of this is just the space battle mode from the original Battlefront 2 split up into separate modes. I really wish they'd have just released raw gameplay footage. Make it a vertical slice if you have to, I just want to see the HUD elements and actual controller movements and stuff instead of 2 seconds here and 3 seconds there of uninformative cockpit footage.
  10. As per https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0618_01_en.html: No resumption to the USA yet - and frankly, given how woeful the public health response here has been, I don't foresee us getting on the Nice Kids list for a while yet.
  11. Oh, I see. Incremental improvements from binning. I wouldn't say they're just now doing it, though. They were doing that even with their first-gen Ryzen stuff - the 1700, 1700X, 1800X, etc. And their 3950X consists exclusively of binned silicon. Are these new chiplets also a result of TSMC refining their 7nm process? Maybe binning and node refinement are one and the same... Similar to Global Foundries refining their 14nm process into a "12nm" process for second-gen Ryzen and the first-gen AF parts. TSMC refining their 7nm process (maybe it could be considered a... 7nm+?) would probably increase the share of "up-binned" chiplets yielded per wafer, and while these chiplets would in the past have been exclusively featured on the 3950X, now that demand for that CPU has been suitably met, AMD can allocate those chiplets to CPUs lower down the stack. It would've been nice to see a Ryzen 3000 equivalent to the 1600AF... A Ryzen 3600 created on a "7nm+" architecture that sells for something stupid like $150? I would be all over that just like I was all over the 1600AF back when it first came out for $85.
  12. It'll come after the Bloodbourne remaster, which is coming after the Demon's Souls remaster. I wish, anyway.
  13. I thought I might enjoy Hamefura, but four or five episodes in and I'm not really feeling it. It just doesn't have the zany wackiness I expected from its premise. Mah... Oh well.
  14. According to this... ...the three new design features appear to be 1) removable head fin with a spare included 2) new hip joints 3) new/reinforced wing engine pivots?
  15. What's the name of that isekai where a girl gets reincarnated as the villainess of a fantasy game and screws up the story and getting everyone to fall in love with her?
  16. I couldn't wait 'til 2 in the morning, so oh well guess I'm missing out. From what I read a few pages ago, there were three major updates: 1) the horn is removable, with an extra included 2) the hips are a three-screw design instead of one large screw (to better distribute pressure?) 3) something about the wing engines, probably strengthened rotation? Were these three things a problem at all on the original? I remember the Isamu YF-29 I had didn't have much of any problem in the hips or the wings. (The head horn obviously would be inapplicable to it.) People were saying the hips are carried over from the VF-31 toys? Since I never got into the Delta toys, what's the advantage of those over the original(/VF-25 v2s)?
  17. So the announcement was just that photo, yes? No one knows yet if it's a new tooling or the (still totally fine) old one, right? I have to wonder again at the logic behind this. It's already a Katoki design. What more is he going to do to it? Aside from new armor panels with more tick marks and the like, the usual Katoki spruce-em-up fare, I don't see what they can possibly do to distinguish it from the original. Maybe actual down and feathers that you have to individually insert into a plastic membrane wrapped over an articulated skeleton?
  18. So I'm guessing I'm not too late to get in on this? Where/when should I be F5ing?
  19. Yes, I also quite enjoy dark-skinned tomboys with short hair and boxing gloves.
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