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  1. Gonna spoiler my entire post more because it's long (and unpopular opinion ) than because of spoilers (though there are those, too).
  2. Man, I don't know why I'm the only one here who frakking loved Diamond is Unbreakable.
  3. Man.... That was really disappointing. I wanted to like it. I was hoping it would be good, I kept hoping it would be good, and then it ended and it wasn't. It was just kind of... bland. Normal. Unsurprising. Run of the mill. I dunno. It just feels like the writers or director(s?) or whoever just completely forgot the kind of character that Joker should be and gave us a story that built some guy up to become... some guy, but more violent. Like, I'm all for original takes, and again, I was really looking forward to this, but nowhere in this did I feel like any of the ideas that make up the collage of the Joker take shape, and those ideas that replaced them were way less interesting in every single way.
  4. Could be, but compare to the original: Then again, it could just be the perspective. /shrug
  5. Oh, I don't like those proportions at all... What tiny feet!
  6. tl;dr - A B-17 crashed shortly after takeoff at a Bradley International Airport, multiple dead, police commissioner can't confirm exactly numbers. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/vintage-b-17-plane-crashes-erupts-flames-bradley-international-airport-n1061161
  7. Yo, with localized retail box and everything! By the by, it's this figure (price seems pretty much spot on, too): https://hlj.com/gundam-universe-xxxg-01w-wing-gundam-bans55491
  8. The issue is more that the regular 31E doesn't have parts for the "stowed radome." We were hoping this kit would have those parts, but it seems they've simply opted for the regular "stowed gun/charger pod," same as the other 31s.
  9. The one with dual handheld gatlings x2? Color me interested. PM coming your way.
  10. Definitely looks like it, and if that's the case, that's disappointing.
  11. Yooooo, I didn't catch that my first time through the video. That kit is looking so good. AND they're teasing a Scherazade? Dare I hope for an Alseides, even?
  12. Says you. I love the MG FAZZ. Brickest of wonderfully bricky brick.
  13. On the other hand, a fully-recreated "vintage" plane using modern parts/tooling would be its own kind of awesome.
  14. Did you watch the 13th "OVA" episode?
  15. Different studio. First season was Madhouse, second season was... not.
  16. I feel like Bioware should have taken a lot from AC7 for its Cataclysm update. To wit, in Anthem you play as basically Iron Man suits, and in its Cataclysm event, you're supposed to fly through a massive thunderstorm to get to each mission(?). Anthem being notoriously unfinished and horribly optimized, this "thunderstorm" took the form of basically some clouds and a blue tint to the screen. I'm comparing that to the lightning strikes amd icing effects of AC7, which was undoubtedly made on a much smaller budget, and the difference in quality is astounding.
  17. Ouch. Seems even the author of the original didn't like it. Maybe it's just a bad movie... Only one way to find out! https://www.newsweek.com/rambo-last-blood-review-david-morrell-sylvester-stallone-1460553?amp=1
  18. See, this is why I'm not married. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  19. So where I live there's an Army National Guard air field and the higher-ups are debating whether to bring F-35As there. The neighborhoods potentially affected by it are bitterly divided over whether they want them and why. Mostly it's a lot of "BOO NOISE LEVELS THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!" and "THAT'S THE SOUND OF 'MURCA FREEDOM I LITERALLY crap RED WHITE AND BLUE!!!" Meanwhile I'm over here like "i just think they're sexy and cool because i played lots of ace combat..."
  20. Wait, why would they need permission from Marvel? They can't possibly have copyrighted/trademarked that design.
  21. The fact that we've gotten several trailers now and none of them feature extended actual gameplay footage really worries me.
  22. Um. Hey. Mods, y'all need to do something about this. I thought we weren't allowed to post porn here.
  23. Wait what? /checks ...oh god damn it.
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