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  1. Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    In case anyone's interested, hobbylink.tv just did a video going over the VF-4 briefly, but more to my interest is the blog post they also put up, with clear high-res pictures of the kit snap-built. Great reference material if you're still on the fence about buying one. https://hobbylink.tv/gunpla-tv-episode-278-vf-4-lightning-iii/
  2. Ace Combat 7

    I don't usually watch these trailer analysis videos, but this one does a pretty good job sussing out minute details.
  3. Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm sure the implicit threat was the kicker there, more so than any inability on their part to fulfill your order. I'm glad to have all this anecdotal evidence to inform my decision of where/what to patronize (like literally patronize, not condescend patronize).
  4. From the other Excellent Model series fig I've gotten (Micro-Klan, with one of these coming soon too), I can corroborate the hugeness of the box. I'd almost call it unreasonable if the figure inside weren't so well-finished. As for scale, I think while researching this Armored figure, either I came upon or someone here shared a comparison of these Supers to the DX Supers, and these are slightly smaller. Eyeballing it puts it at ~1/72, which would match the Bandai/Hasegawa VF-25 kits. Anyway, congrats on the haul. AND you got a Jehuty, too. More Jehuty is always good Jehuty.
  5. Hereditary

    From the studio that did(/distributed?) The Witch. If you've seen The Witch, you'll probably agree that it's not for everyone. And like The Witch, I don't think this is for everyone. It eschews "pop horror" techniques in favor of long, mood-building takes. It's horror done subtly and matter-of-factly instead of through loud noises and quick cuts. There are absolutely zero jump scares; the closest that comes to that is a certain sound repeated throughout the film. It does tend to stick too hard to the long take sometimes - the last... four or five minutes in particular could have been edited down - but it still hit me where it counted when it counted. Phew. Like I said, you might like it, you might not, but even so, I definitely think it's worth checking out.
  6. http://hlj.com/product/KZC10002 http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/81016/kitz_concept_super_deformed_robotech_vf1s_roy_fokker Saw the HLJ link on my Facebook page, and brief researching turned up the CollectionDX link. It's branded as a Robotech toy, but all the same. I dunno if it already has a dedicated topic, but in case it doesn't, I figured I'd share for those who are interested. MSRP of 8800 JPY.
  7. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    I completely forgot that there was a sequel to that. Jesus, this thread is blowing my mind...
  8. Hereditary

    It doesn't shy away from using grotesque imagery (major understatement there), but it also doesn't overdo it. Everything has this... remarkably grounded feel. The gore and horror aren't played up the way they might be in Saw or whatever makes up the Blumhouse franchise of the day.
  9. Hereditary

    I tend to always lose interest when the plot turns out to be so that coupled with yes, "how it was done" kind of dampened my impression of the movie, but also yes, the awesome cinematography and sound design and slow, huge buildup and everyone's performances still pulled me through it.
  10. Decals library

    tl;dr - Get your image DPI to match your printer DPI. DPI and PPI are different things. DPI is an analog measurement, literally how many dots a printer can lay down over an inch. PPI, which is what scanners really mean when they say DPI, is sort of an arbitrary conversion ratio. It helps programs scale an image to a ruler or other measuring tool (like GIMP or Photoshop), or scanners determine how much time to spend scanning a document, etc. If the DPI of your printer matches the PPI of your image, then each dot will be exactly one pixel of your image (a 1:1 ratio). If the DPI of your printer is 600 and your image PPI is 1200, you'll have to manually scale down your image to half its resolution and PPI (to get that 1:1 ratio) or adjust the print settings. The below image shows GIMP's print settings where you can adjust the image on the paper to print at the correct size.
  11. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    Wow, I didn't realize they did so well. I was never interested in seeing them, so never paid more than cursory attention. That puts things into perspective.
  12. Ace Combat 7

    Lol Well, there's at least... this? http://www.siliconera.com/2018/06/14/ace-combat-7-gets-new-screenshots-showing-photorealistic-visuals-story-details/
  13. They're finally doing what I said they should have done ten years ago. Alas, that's ten years too late for me to care anymore, but I know some of you will definitely be down for this.
  14. Bandai DX VF-31

    @Kinzoku VF shoulda demanded a full refund. Could've gotten a free VF in the mail because if NY can't be arsed to send out proper notification updates, they probably don't have it in their system either... Anyway, congrats to all. Hopefully VFs really are slowly trickling out, though why Bandai wouldn't address this in a press release I don't know...
  15. Ace Combat 7

    3360 @ HLJ 3360 @ Hobby Search For Modelers Edition: https://hlj.com/product/KBYKP-448/Sci || 2800 JPY https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10543541 || 2800 JPY @amiami: http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_keywords=xfa-27&submit=Search&pagemax=40 (2570 JPY || 3080 JPY)
  16. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    How well do their live-action movies do, both critically and commercially? I remember there was in recent years... Maleficent Jungle Book Beauty and the Beast ...Cinderella, I wanna say? The only one I know generated any amount of buzz and/or good reviews was Maleficent because of the overt sexual violence themes in it, and it's also the only one I remember making any significant bank.
  17. I dunno, I thought it was silver... enough.
  18. Ace Combat 7

    As per the link: - October 2018 release - 1/144 scale - 4200 JPY - Wings can swivel - Parts for landing gear up/gear down - Either a) pilot included, or b) two cockpit options: 1) w/ pilot, 2) w/o pilot - display stand included
  19. ...I thought that was Silver Surfer... :/
  20. I wonder if they'll be going with a strict RE4 control scheme, which was actually pretty much the same as the fixed-camera controls, or something closer to the latter games with the ability to strafe and/or move while aiming.
  21. The Nintendo Switch

    Oh, I wouldn't poo-poo on Yoji Shinkawa. His "cardboard box" designs are mostly relegated to Metal Gear REX and canonically earlier designs, and even then... I mean, REX is a mutha-cluckin' badass. From RAY onward, he's found his own head archetype, that sort of "two trapezoids stacked their short bases" look. It's gotten to the point where he even used it on that Godzilla x Evangelion crossover Mecha-Godzilla-esque thing. No arguments on Battletech, though. That stuff was... yikes.
  22. Skipped the first six seconds (aka the trailer of the trailer) for you:
  23. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/08/us/anthony-bourdain-obit/index.html "Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef, storyteller and writer who took TV viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition for nearly two decades, has died. He was 61."
  24. The Nintendo Switch

    Shoji Kawamori did a bunch of the Armored Core designs (I think... some in the AC3-ish Playstation 2 era, then most of the mecha for 4 and For Answer), so it's not a stretch of the imagination. I got a serious AC vibe, especially hearkening back to the White Glint for some of the designs. The heads also to be iterations on one of the archetypes he likes to stick to - the oblong oval or triangular head with either a clear colored visor (VF-25F) or a "compound eye" series of light-up eyes (White Glint, Aaliyah), and sometimes there's a horn sticking forward or back.