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  1. To be clear, I don't think it's exactly bad-looking, but... like, how were your immediate impressions NOT "This is Sharon Apple, I can't wait for Information High to be its bootup sound."?
  2. The game isn't releasing for another year, how could we possibly have an impression already?
  3. Don't have the time to check it out right now, but that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! EDIT: Eh. turns out that wasn't at all what I was looking for. A brief side-by-side comparison at the beginning and end is... incomplete, to say the least. Some observations: - The more... "typical" proportions of the MG are both appreciated and disappointing. It does look more... well, typically appealing, but it loses some of what makes the Barbatos feel "wild." - More intricate inner frame is also both appreciated and disappointing. Technically, it's definitely more impressive, but I'm also rarely ever going to care beyond the initial construction. - Hands are a major improvement, though, all around. That honestly might be what seals the deal. - The inclusion of the mace is appreciated. Having to buy both the regular No-Grade Barbatos and the 6th Form just to get the mace or scratchbuild one never sat well with me, especially when IIRC in the anime it's almost exclusively the base Barbatos that uses it, not the 6th Form Barbatos. - That said, the mace's dumb blades gimmick is dumb and gimmicky. I have half a mind to count that against the kit. All in all, I'm still not entirely sold on the MG. I guess the only way to resolve this is to buy both and compare them in hand!
  4. What I want to see is a comparison to the NG/Full Mechanics kit. I still don't see enough that would make me fork over the extra dough for it over that.
  5. IIRC, the Max/Milia kit comes with reaction missiles included, right?
  6. The correct answer is to just not ask in the first place.
  7. Saw "21 Bridges" over the weekend and "Knives Out" tonight. Both are fundamentally sound, solid, smartly-made movies that I wouldn't normally check out in theaters. You aren't missing out on anything groundbreaking if you skip them, but you'll (almost) for sure have a good time with them.
  8. Doesn't it just beep more intensely the closer you get? I imagine there MUST be a maximum range on it, too, though IIRC it beeped when the Mando was still at least several planets(/solar systems?) away, so...
  9. I mean, sure I guess. I suppose my bigger concern is the second point, where they're afraid to go really big on establishing hard lore about Mandalore/Yodas/whatever out of fear of stepping on some theoretical other creator's toes. There's a vague chivalry/bushido thing going on, but it's not like, say, the Sith code or the like. Eh. Anyway. Decent show so far.
  10. After all the hype, finally checked it out on a friend's subscription, and... boy, that is some artificial hype. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine show. I wouldn't mind seeing more episodes, but I don't feel the need to go out of my way. I wonder if the Star Wars universe is actually a hindrance. So far it's more... aesthetic than anything else. The lore seems a bit shallow, and I can't help but feel there's some trepidation on the part of the creators to create anything of substance for fear of stepping on some theoretical person's toes. Anyway. Decent enough so far, not worth getting another subscription service over.
  11. Interesting stuff. NPR did a story on him, which is where Wikipedia reference his ambiguity regarding female roles: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=15004725 (Tangent: More Ranma 1/2 references are always appreciated.)
  12. I want Mackenzie Davis to step on me. But seriously, I really liked that way more than I thought I would. Wasn't much a fan of
  13. It certainly is a concise summation of his feelings about going to war with the US, if nothing else. I don't think it's at all based in any actual statement he gave, but it's an example of the good writing that this movie sorely needed. I get why it's significant, you don't need to convince me. The film, though, does, and it failed at that. Yes. Ah I see, I suspected as much... Oh, that's not necessarily a ding against the movie, I didn't mean it like that. I was just taken off guard is all even though I rightly had no reason to be so. I sat down and an hour in the stray thought popped into my head: "Wow. These people are REALLY white." Which is weird, I didn't have the same reaction to other modern historical war films. But ah well, it is what it is.
  14. Yeah, Tom Garth didn't feature in the film, or if he did, it was in such a minor/tertiary role that I don't recall him. (A lot of the pilots looked and sounded alike...) The movie didn't touch on the US internment camps. I don't know that it necessarily needed to, though I did notice how... homogenously pigmented the Americans were.
  15. There was no interracial romance subplot at all. Who were the characters in the '76 movie in that relationship? One or both characters might have showed up, but yeah, there was no interracial romance subplot. There was a black sailor given a medal at one point, I think, unnamed but probably alluding to some IRL person or another.
  16. Now now, calm down before you burst an artery there. Did I say in any of that that I thought those events didn't happen? No. I simply said I found it amusing and unsurprising that, even in 2019, a Chinese-funded American historical war film would play so... openly... to the same jingoistic, racist, xenophobic sentiments that made up propaganda in the past. It's wearing its heart on its sleeve, as it were. Japan's war atrocities don't offer any thematic or storytelling purpose. The only reason it's there is pro-Chinese propaganda. All the crap Japan pulled during the war, yeah, that's well deserving of a movie on its own, but in this movie, it's a diversion from what is ostensibly the main focus of the film. It's one of the basic ways in which the movie was really poorly made. (Note that they didn't bother mentioning Japan's crimes against Korea or the rest of the Asia theater, only specifically China.) ...but then again, the movie already felt like it was just running through a checklist of events. "30 Hypest Moments Before/During Midway." It wasn't interested at all in amassing it all into a cohesive story. "Okay, today we're filming this moment. Yamamoto, say your line that you didn't actually say but people swear you said because it's a cool line and it makes America look super big dick energy. And... action. Cut. Great take, you guys, onto the next scene." It felt like watching fanfiction, or again, one of those "Hypest Moments" countdown videos. A far cry from, say, Dunkirk recently or Tolkien after that, where there's an actual story and dramatic through-line that makes the film more engaging than a documentary. (Hell, like I also said above, I'd have preferred watching a documentary over this.)
  17. Saw Midway because my cousin was in the Marine Corps and wanted to see part of that heritage on the big screen. Pretty terrible movie, unfortunately. Any of the various documentaries (he pointed me toward a YouTube video but I've lost it) are more informative AND engaging than this unfortunate trash fire of a movie. The recent Netflix documentary series is pretty good. Writing was amateur hour. Acting was... well, I've seen all of these actors do better jobs. The filmmaking in general is remarkably poor. I'm not surprised that it was bad, but I AM surprised that it was bad in such basic ways. I found it funny to see prominent Chinese studios credited at the beginning of the movie. I was also amused and thoroughly unsurprised when there was a token "China" scene, as well as a pervasive anti-Japanese attitude throughout the movie (despite the epilogue text crawl insisting otherwise). It's racist propaganda nested inside nationalist propaganda nested inside other nationalist propaganda. All hilarious stuff.
  18. I'm surprised they didn't make a bigger deal of this. No silhouette teaser, no secretive "Next RG In Development" mystery box at an expo, nothing? Just this sudden promo image and preorders are up? Kinda disappointed that they didn't try to miniaturize the "condom suit" of the PG to at least hide the elbow and knee joints. I'm sure with today's tech they could make it much easier to work with while still looking seamless.
  19. We're 19 years past the Second Impact and still don't have giant biomechanical artificial humanoid fighting androids.
  20. I assumed he did so to trick the Ghost into thinking it had successfully destroyed him.
  21. The YF-21's purge mode doesn't do anything but get rid of the limbs, right? The limbs that aren't visible and don't play any functional role in fighter mode anyway? Unless you're adamant about displaying it in battroid mode with its arms and legs shot all to hell, I don't see any reason why they should engineer that into the toy. And I mean, if push comes to shove you could just take the limbs apart and get the same result...
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