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  1. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    That said, I'm not sure if I'll be getting the Laevatein. I've always thought it a bit too flashy compared to those two. Maybe I'll just stick with the model kits this time around. Speaking of which, the full list of model kits (ignoring only the short-lived Mode Lock line by Kotobukiya) for those interested:
  2. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    Ah, I'm sure you've got it down pat; I was just remembering it wrong, as @wmkjr's screenshot made clear. 1/72, closed and open fixed mode, would be great but I'd hate to make you do much more work. What's the risk in a "simple" scale-down of the preexisting model?
  3. Anyone else checking out the AGDQ streams? I didn't realize they had them already but have been catching a bunch of the runs on Youtube. Great stuff as always. This is what I've got on right now:
  4. Gave myself to the halfway point of the new Devilman show. I kept hoping it would get better, but it didn't. It starts off with forgettable storytelling but some... provocative... imagery, both of which you kind of expect going into something called Devilman. But it never moves beyond that; I kept waiting to learn more about the world, and never got what I wanted. Animation style aside, it's also pretty low quality. They try to get by on shock value, which only gets you so far. Oh well. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for pulling the P-Chan avatar. I dunno anyone who still remembers Ranma 1/2.
  5. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    Nice video! Is this an accurate recreation of the in-show speaker pod? I don't doubt it is, but I seem to remember there being extra speaker kibble coming off the top of the largest speaker section. Also, apologies if someone's already asked, but any chance this gets recreated in 1/72?
  6. It's way different from your typical Godzilla movie, isn't it? All that "overly complicated exposition" sounds like setup for a space adventure series, not a two-part OVA monster flick. I mean in the end it's well worth it, but yeah, I'm still struck by how different it is. I also really liked that post-credits scene, sets up nicely for the follow-up. I've heard some generally good press for this... show? OVA? movie? I think I'll check it out tonight, see what it's about. I remember the old Devilman commercials when I think Manga Entertainment was releasing it. Check out all that cheese!
  7. What will Hasegawa do next?

    This was re-released just a couple months ago too, right? Wonder why Hasegawa's going on this spree all of a sudden... Not that I mind, of course. EDIT: According to my HLJ orders, it was about a year ago, so a bit longer ago than I thought, but still... keep it up, Hasegawa. Maybe some of the Ace Combat stuff next?
  8. The flaw being intentional is... well, not bad per se, but I do think it's missing the forest for the trees. Personally, I always figured the design flaw was a result of someone overlooking something or it was a cost-cutting measure, or a confluence of any number of similar human errors. The point is we never needed to know WHY it exists, just that it does. (The Empire either ignoring it or being woefully unaware of it also speaks to the level of hubris among those in charge. All part of being comically evil.) If it's an intentional thing, then... that's fine, too, I guess. That could work as a plot device. That they felt the need to establish another "royal family of Star Wars" around whom the major story beats turn is what gets to me. There was no need for that, and in fact I'm fairly certain the story would have been better off without it.
  9. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Likely it was meant only for its Japanese storefront for its Japanese customers.
  10. I'd say... yes? Cautiously. It uses that super fluid cel-shaded CGI style that I don't particularly like, but the quality of the art is great. The characters don't really have a lot to them, which isn't exactly a criticism in a Godzilla movie, but they almost feel wasted here. The world feels incredibly fleshed out and could have made for a great standalone sci-fi series in the vein of Star Trek. The choreography could have used some improvement as you don't really get a proper sense of the scale of Godzilla. Oh, and it uses the (new) American design of Godzilla, too, for whatever that's worth to you. I think it's a perfectly fine design, so I had no issues with it here. So... Yeah, color me impressed. Definitely not what I was expecting, but definitely good.
  11. This must be the season of surprises, because I just went into the new(?) Netflix Godzilla anime movie expecting a Godzilla anime movie and got a hard sci-fi drama with one of the bleakest, most abjectly terrifying portrayals of Godzilla ever. They REALLY play up the force of nature angle here. Holy crap, that was a ride. They make sure to take into account time dilation, that's how hardcore the sci-fi is here. The human-alien coalition has been wandering space for 20 years, meanwhile back on Earth they estimate that nearly 1,000 years have passed. Just holy what the frakk this movie. I still can't believe what I just saw.
  12. Eh, well I was never a big Vader fan, so I s'pose the magic was lost on me. Ever since they did in Maul like a chump, I think I must've resigned myself to the fact that Star Wars would never be my source for pure badass antagonist.
  13. It does a bit, if only because my fanon assumption about the opening of ANH was always that Leia's ship was caught unawares by Vader's just moments before the opening shot. They were smuggling the Death Star plans to Yavin IV (or Dantooine? wherever it was supposed to go if not there) and got caught. Rogue One makes it so that Leia and co. are taking an active, visible part in the battle to steal the plans and from the beginning are mounting a desperate escape. Don't get me wrong, the scene itself is a fun little thing - the darkness, then breathing, then the lightsaber ignites and the curbstomp begins - but it's just more fanservice in a movie all about fanservice and very little else. EDIT: oh my god you're such a nerd
  14. "What... What the frakk is going on?" - Me, every single Yakuza game