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  1. Not sure if this has already been posted, but alongside the leaked Trevorrow script for IX, there also appears to be concept art: https://imgur.com/a/lX9JG8F I think a lot of us will immediately jump to crowing how this version would have been so much better and what we got was trash and blah blah blah, but it's important to remember that these are just a script and some concept art. They're bits and pieces of a hypothetical movie, one that could have run into any number of problems or rewrites or whatever along the way. Me, I like some of the ideas this works with. A more literally down to earth rebellion, being fought in the streets of Coruscant. Leia with BB-8... Rey wielding a double lightsaber is kind of ehhh, though. I've said before that it would be more interesting and more in line with her character if it was a single-bladed pole arm. Keeps more traits of her staff in there while also being unique to her rather than aping Darth Maul. The lightsaber execution block is also kinda dumb. But eh. Anyway. Check it out.
  2. Customs is kind of unpredictable. Sometimes I've had items spend a week or more there for no real reason, other times they go in and out the same day. It's just luck of the draw, often there's no nefarious or ulterior purpose behind it at all. The coronavirus outbreak MIGHT have something to do with it, but I doubt it; they would be screening people, I'd imagine, not packages... or rather, packages wouldn't be getting more scrutiny than they already do, at any rate.
  3. The lightning pack looks suspiciously like one of the equipment packs from G-Unit.
  4. They won't be able to stop my legally distinct "Tiny Gremlin with Long Ears" plush. I just meant in general. If an X-Wing can go lightspeed, I don't really see why a TIE can't, too. Sure, it probably clashes with intricate lore details, but... eh. It's the type of minor thing I don't mind handwaving, like how lightsabers supposedly work. Crystals, psh. Sure. As far as the X-Wing being functional again... sigh. That also strained my suspension of disbelief. I had a similar feeling with the Falcon in VII; eventually I just shrugged and said, "Fine. Whatever. You do you, I guess. But I reserve the right to glare at you grumpily for the remainder of the movie."
  5. I remember thinking that the music cues combined with the single-shot tracking really made the movie feel like a video game. All it needed was a HUD and UI elements and it would've been the most life-like WWII shooter ever.
  6. Didn't you already do a V2 like a year ago or two? Or was that the Victory? IIRC you used the small-size EFSF hands then.
  7. I really liked that scene, too. My brother on the other hand hates it because he hates the entire movie. He's gone so far as to say that with the canon now being what it is, Palpatine is actually the "protagonist" of the franchise. After all, Palpatine killed off all the Jedi and all the Sith both directly and indirectly, bringing true balance to the Force. But yeah, besides being really well-acted, the scene was just good theater: a man's internal dilemma across 2.5 movies being played out externally and on screen. I think making him "turn good" was a super lazy way out and betrays the spirit of his character arc, but that doesn't take away from that scene being a much-needed catharsis for him and some just as muchly-needed slow, quiet time for the audience.
  8. Thanks for the correction. ~$1800 sounds... well, expensive, but not altogether TOO expensive, especially compared to the $2k-2.5k people were bandying about.
  9. For my part, I vastly prefer LibreOffice's UI to modern Word's. I'm sure if I acclimated to Word 20...13? 2007? Whenever they went from the old-school drop down menus to the new style UI... If I acclimated to that, I'd be able to work with it just fine, but LibreOffice shares more of Office 2003's familiar UI. I suppose that dates me a little, but eh, it is what it is. I've not had a reason to make the switch. But I don't use office programs very often, and when I do I don't need them to do particularly fancy things, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about this.
  10. Oh pah. You don't count; one could sing the praises of Star Wars up and down the hills and valleys, and as long as they did so in this thread, you'd find some way to take it as an insult to you and the honorable name of your family. Yeah, my fault; I didn't mean to imply that only those who disliked TRoS should see 1917. Obviously I think everyone should see it regardless of what they think of this movie. I meant to say I was simply comparing it to my previous theatrical outing, and TRoS happened to be in that unfortunate position. I imagine even if I had enjoyed TRoS, it would have compared unfavorably.
  11. Hey so I know this is a Star Wars thread, but if you were sorely disappointed by TRoS and want something to cleanse your theatrical palate and remind you that good filmmaking and good storytelling still exist in this world, I highly recommend you see the movie 1917 as soon as possible. It's really, really, quite incredibly good. I only bring this up because as I walked out of the theater I found myself comparing this to TRoS and found the latter so utterly lacking in every way despite having so much more inertia propelling it forward and every reason in the world to be a commercial and critical success. This film was cathartic. Okay, tangent over, back to Star Wars.
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