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  1. Girl got an ass that don't quit.
  2. This might interest people: https://www.humblebundle.com/conquer-covid19-bundle
  3. Checked out Beastars on a whim. I'd heard some of the hubbub about it but it didn't really seem like the thing for me, but I figured eh I just finished Castlevania, may as well right? And like four hours later I'm writing this in a rush because holy cow that was a great watch. The character work is the absolute best part about the show, all the little nuances that each character exhibits. Before checking it out, a lot of the discussion I was hearing centered on how it catered to the furry crowd, what with the anthropomorphized animals and all, and to be sure the anthro sexuality is pretty brazen, but even if that's a major concern of yours there are so many other good things about the show that you'll grit your teeth and power through it. Really good. I was actively watching it from start to finish (which sadly is more than can be said for some bits of Castlevania season 3), highly recommended.
  4. http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossplus/macrossplus-index.html That's probably the best we've got. You'll have to do some sleuthing through all of them to see which ones fit your criteria, but IIRC the list should be pretty thorough.
  5. I thought the prequels laid it on pretty HEAVILY that Anakin was a Christ figure, especially with the whole prophecy thing and Sidious's stupid immaculate conception story and all. Not sure how you could see it any other way. IIRC Qui-gon asks her who Anakin's father, ie birth father, was, and she replies, "There WAS no father," which on retrospect, yeah, she was a slave, and it's not out of the question that there's a different connotation to her words, but... follow-up signs don't really point in that direction.
  6. Hey, just a quick question. Way back when: Was the Kairos and/or Siegfried's ISC rating ever confirmed in any way? I can't be bothered to go back through multiple pages of multiple threads to check.
  7. I've never liked "lightsaber-proof" weapons either, but they were in Star Wars long before the sequel trilogy. Vibroblades and other weapons in KotOR, those double polearm things in RotS... Personally, I like to think there are materials that are lightsaber-resistant rather than lightsaber-proof. Bang on them long enough with a lightsaber and they'll eventually melt, too. I also like to think that lightsabers were originally industrial tools that were repurposed into weapons, but were too dangerous for anyone without the precognitive abilities of a Jedi. But eh, I'm sure the canon has been able to come up with something much, much stupider. For the most part, I quite liked the lightsaber fights of TLJ, and in retrospect several of the Rise of Skywalker ones were pretty creative, too. Just that last one was... underwhelming, to say the least.
  8. I've long learned not to put too much stock in "scale" when it comes to Eva. The absolute size is helpful, though.
  9. The VF-11 is a relatively new mold, isn't it? It's certainly nowhere near as ancient as the tried and true VF-1.
  10. I'd imagine it at least builds more easily and sturdily than the earlier model, though, no? Which still looks great but has an of its time janky loose construction. IIRC it's still about half the price of the new Ver Ka, though, so... two of the same design for the same money? Not bad at all.
  11. There was a MB Quanta Full Saber, right? What are the chances the Full Saber can be detached from its arm and the Exia's shield installed in its place? Or perhaps replace the backpack of either the Quanta/Exia with the one from the Full Saber. Seems it would be a simpler albeit expensive solution to the problem. I mean personally I love the Quanta's asymmetry, but I can see why people wouldn't. EDIT: Welp, guess I was wrong about that. Maybe there was a third-party Full Saber? Iunno.
  12. Exia sees what the Quanta is doing and is like "Gonna get me some of that." I dunno, it just seems redundant. It's the Quanta with some Exia kibble here and there. This when the Quanta was already itself an iteration on the Exia.
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