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  1. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." (This is another reason why I don't particularly like Ragnarok compared to the first two Thor movies...) More importantly, Thor or Captain America could have completely nullified Thanos simply by laying Mjolnir on top of him. But meh, they couldn't for the sake of cool choreography and fighting, etc., yes yes yes... but still.
  2. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    I wonder if those will be actual photo-etched metal detail pieces. Either way, that's an insta-buy for sure. I'm glad Alpha x Omega aren't using the same sculptor as Banpresto/Bandai for their recent releases. That face sculpt is looking much better.
  3. Head's up, I just got a Youtube "recommendation" from the channel FuriousTrailer that is a big ol' spoiler for this movie. I'm guessing there'll be plenty more in the upcoming week.
  4. Maybe so, but I agree I'd have liked a different look for her. Either lean fully into her Alpha/Zero aesthetic - the kind of stereotypically cute, slim and smooth anime schoolgirl look - or lean more into her maturing look from V - more muscle definition, less cute. I think the pose could be better, too. Doesn't scream "Sakura Kasugano" quite so much as if they had her, say, doing her victory dance or something. Of all the SF Bishoujo figures, I think I'd like to get my hands on Juri the most. Everything about it looks spot on to the character while still being aesthetically "bishoujo." That or Ibuki. Or Makoto, if they ever get to her. Or Elena. God, my kingdom for a Makoto or Elena.
  5. Yeah, I'm really tempted to preorder that Sakura figure. She's always been my favorite shoto to use. I do kind of wish she had her SFV outfit, though.
  6. Reviews seem mixed, at least from the wording of the headlines. Some positive, some negative, most middling. https://news.google.com/stories/CAAqfQgKIndDQklTVXpvSmMzUnZjbmt0TXpZd1NrWUtFUWk5XzhINGpZQU1FZUFDNDRseHo4V0RFakZCYkdGa1pHbHVJR2x6SUdOdkxYZHlhWFIwWlc0Z1lXNWtJR1JwY21WamRHVmtJR0o1SUVkMWVTQlNhWFJqYUdsbEtBQVAB
  7. Considering how they allegedly jumped the shark the second season, I'm quite glad to have only watched the first and stopped there.
  8. That is looking fantastic. Too often I see this type of dio and the lights at the feet aren't diffused enough nor... "voluminous", I guess... enough to look convincing. But this is both, and the result is, well, looking fantastic.
  9. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    You can tell this was before they loved each other because he super casually fired a big ass gun in her general direction without so much as a moment's hesitation.
  10. Oh wow. Wooow. WOOOOOOOOW. That... Why does it look like it should have premiered on the Disney Channel? That is... just all sorts of yikes. It looks so amateurish and cheap. Like the dance choreography is as boring as possible, and the cinematography is bland, and they travel like half a city block throughout that whole clip, and... Oh, it's directed by Guy Ritchie, you say? Well that explains it, then. Sheesh. What a phenomenal disappointment.
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