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  1. Part 4 of Jojo is off to a stronger start than Stardust Crusaders, IMO. Just beginning the psychotic yandere part that I've seen memed to hell and back now, am excite. Some wtf's, though:
  2. I thought the second movie was good. I kind of forget what happens in it, but I remember having a good time.
  3. Oh no worries, I wasn't offended. Ah.... You know, it's funny because I made extra sure too on the "valkyrie" translation to get that right. And yet didn't notice when checking Walkure (thrice!). Sometimes my eyes just roam right past what I'm supposed to be looking at.
  4. I wish there was a way to downvote news pieces for being lazy, because this "article"'s sole source of info is the Den of Geek article, whose sole source is the HG press release (with a subsequent interview with HG staff).
  5. Eh, you know how the Japanese are with their L's and R's. EDIT: I should add that the pronunciation isn't a case of Engrish or anything, it's intentional. The same (English) word, "Valkyrie," is written and pronounced バルキリー "ba-ru-ki-rii" and the word used in the song Sayonara no Tsubasa, "Valkyria," is written/pronounced バルキリア "ba-ru-ki-ri-a" I don't know if you're familiar with the promotional art, but the "W" visual is getting lots of play here. The W in the idol group name, the hand signs, the wing configuration of Delta Squad's VF-31s, etc.
  6. If you're wondering how the specific pronunciation in-show, it's ワルキューレ or "wa-ri-kyuu-re" or "wall-cue-ray".
  7. See? Clearly. This thing must be huge. Would it be the biggest RD to date? Or have they made similar/larger RDs already? Either way, I won't say no to more 0083 ANIME designs. That GP01 looks so freaking good.
  8. Ah yes, completely forgot about that. That's where the Valks were actually colored as they are on these special color kits, right?
  9. I don't know where you're getting "Xamel" from. That's clearly a D-50C Loto silhouette. Clearly.
  10. Hey, was there a re-issue announcement for the YF-19 25th Anniversary Color kit? HLJ has them on backorder right now, and I placed an order, though I don't know if they've just marked it at that status because of all the other re-issues lately. I didn't see anything on the Hasegawa calendars, but I may have missed it.
  11. So I'm coming to the end of Stardust Crusaders, and it's been a heck of a romp. Once things finally got going with Dio proper, they went fast. The episodic nature does the story a disservice, though, methinks. @Seto Kaiba, I remember you expressing similar dissatisfaction with the ending. I don't know if you checked out the older OVA version of the same story, but I feel like it does some parts better even if it's less accurate to the source material. The final fight definitely takes some cool liberties. Something you might want to check out.
  12. In the opening episode, each member of the idol group Walkure is escorted by a corresponding member of Delta Squadron, with each member of Delta having a unique variant of the VF-31. This ostensibly carries on through the rest of the show, but it doesn't ever really come up again. The colorful kits reflect this relationship. So the Kaname-themed VF is a VF-31F, the Makina one is a VF-31C, and presumably a Mikumo/Reina/Freyja one would be a VF-31S/E/J, respectively.
  13. I didn't particularly want to see it again after the first show, but like I said in a previous post, different friends happened to want to see it different days. I actually went and caught Endgame again last weekend during a matinee, for the extra bits at the end. They were kind of meh, especially since one extra bit was just the intro to Far From Home. Still, it's Endgame, so... it'll always be fun to see it on the big screen. (I think this makes it my... 4th? 3rd? viewing of that, too.)
  14. Did anyone else notice the framing in this movie? Lots of shot-reverse shot, and the editing of the ADR (additional dialogue recording) into those shots wasn't always great, and lots of cutting back and forth between character expressions, and sometimes you could tell the shots are out of sync. The shot of Peter getting walloped by the Water Elemental on the bridge looked pretty amateurish and lacked impact. You could tell he was just being pulled by a rope. Probably not things one would notice on a single or even multiple viewings, but I couldn't NOT notice it when I saw the movie three times in three days.
  15. The handguard beneath the barrel houses a "lightbayonet" weapon. Talking out of my butt here, but c'mon look what we're working with.
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