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  1. I forget if it's the case or I'm just imagining it, but I want to say that the Translate app can generate a regular text string from the photo that you can copy/paste as you see fit. So that would help as well.
  2. I really wish HobbySearch had a better search system, or at least more consistent item listings. I was searching for your item because I know HS tend to scan the manuals for their listings, but none of the keywords I used brought it up. Why there's no dash, or why there IS an "SP," I'll never know. Well, regardless, glad everything worked out.
  3. Yeah... Looks to be mostly an excuse to implement the features of the GFFMC/GoL(? Frozen Teardrop???) design, most of which I can take or leave. Otherwise, it's a decent enough update of the design. Enough to warrant getting it over the old MG, or even the older HG? I dunno. If the price is the same, then I suppose there's no harm. The HG goes for around $20, $25 anyhow thanks to its rarity nowadays, putting it right in the same price class as the old MG. Not a fan of the legs, and the frankly stupid amount of panels-shifting going on there. Hands are a welcome improvement. I wo
  4. Basara reminds me in some ways of Mikumo, except that Basara is allowed to be a leaf-eating parody of himself, whereas Mikumo gets played completely straight and suffers for it.
  5. I forget how popular or in-demand the Exia IV is, but if you're still looking for one, Amiami's got two pre-owned: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-060107-R They've got a bunch of other pre-owned Metal Builds/etc. regularly in stock as well. Dunno how their prices compares to MSRP, but if you're ever looking for something, they're always a good place to check.
  6. Every time I'm reminded that the F-23 could have existed, I get a little teary-eyed... Anyway, since we're sharing documentaries now, I know I've shared this before, but here's an episode of NOVA focusing on the second most famous prototype fighter jet battle, the JSF development program:
  7. It's good for someone like me who has items that can't be shipped via the business couriers. In my case, I have some treats that have been waiting in my PW for... quite a while now. There's no risk of them going bad (fingers crossed ), though, so I'll probably wait a while longer for my PW fill up some more.
  8. To be fair, the ADFX-10 and ADF-11F are both huge chonky boys. They're pretty sizable even at 1/144. That said, I too would prefer some nice 1/72 kits from Hasegawa.
  9. Jesus. Who directed this video, Michael Bay? Anyway, the proportions don't look all that appealing, honestly. Actually that's a lie, it looks fine. But I'm reminded of the RG GP01, and I did not like that rendition of it at all. It's mostly the legs, I think. Not sure if it's the giant calves or what, but... eh. Well, whatever. It looks fine.
  10. I don't know how they keep getting ahead of the official announcement, but USA Gundam Store have new pics of the PG 1/60 RX-78-2 Unleashed: https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/pg-1-60-rx-78-2-unleashed-2-0
  11. I wasn't old enough to be aware of the Club-M kit back in the day, so obviously don't have one on hand. From the observations of people who have built both, apparently the Hasegawa kit is sleeker and more streamlined than the Club-M kit. And if the Hasegawa kit, the sleeker of the two, is slightly larger in all dimensions than the lineart, then the Club-M kit is probably even more so.
  12. They took orders earlier this year for what was at the time a planned November reissue of some kits, from Delta on back to OG 80s/90s kits. Not sure if they're still taking orders or not, or if the reissue schedule has changed or not.
  13. What's the Core generation that everyone seems to agree was a sort of paradigm shift in processor tech? The one that overclocks really well and is seen as still being viable even today? Was it the 2000 chips? 3000? 4000?
  14. Yikes. I almost hope that's a break and not how the toy is actually designed, because... that's really really bad design if it's intentional. There's a reason the model kit division moved away from that type of elbow design. EDIT: Some attempt to help might be appreciated, I bet. Um... There's always super glue. Not super glue them together, but apply a thin layer to one half - the peg would be easiest - and let it cure. There should be more friction which results in a tighter joint. You can do the same using other liquids as well - floor polish, paint, modelers use styrene ceme
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