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  1. Depending how the distribution licenses(/sub-licenses???) are handled, the merch might not make it stateside anyway. BW and HG might have worked out a new distribution deal for the shows and movies - I'm guessing HG sub-licensed the trademarks to BW to make things kosher - but the announcement IIRC says nothing about merchandising. If HG's stranglehold on the US trademarks continues to be an unnecessary hassle to the likes of Bandai, Hasegawa, Arcadia, etc., they might just treat it as business as usual and continue to ignore the US market altogether. (Frankly, I might prefer to keep it that w
  2. "Turn the audio on," it asks of us while blowing out the audio balance with NOTICE ME SHAREHOLDERS music.
  3. Could Bancadia avoid HG by just (well, "just") tweaking any problematic items to be from a different entry in the franchise? Release VF-1s in Delta livery. Repaint Monsters in... I dunno, VF-X? colors. VF-4G as an M3 design. etc. etc.
  4. Gonna copypasta from the last page. Anyone got any clarification?
  5. Did BW take back the trademarks in the EU, though? IIRC, they sued, a judge initially ruled in their favor, HG appealed, and then both parties moved to... suspend the case? drop the appeal? If they (HG and BW together) have simply filed to suspend, presumably there will have to be some follow-up motions in the near future to either resume or drop the appeal? If they've (HG mainly, though in cooperation with BW) dropped the appeal, the last declaratory action (ie the judge's ruling) would put the trademarks in BW's hands? Was the initial ruling put on hold at all pending the appe
  6. So... HG can't make derivative works based on SDFM/DYRL. BW can... but BW can't distribute that stuff - if it contains characters and/or mecha designs from SDFM/DYRL - outside Japan without contending with HG's trademark claims, which 1) previously, they were doing so (in the EU, and before/concurrent to that in China) by way of lawsuit claiming original use; and 2) now, by way of some sort of... sublicensing agreement with HG? Is that about right? All this secondhand legal mumbo-jumbo is as mind-boggling to me as it ever was. I need to see whatever agreement(s) they signed.
  7. Would still vastly prefer if HG were thrown back into the fires of Mount Doom. I'm not getting my hopes up until I see something actually come of this.
  8. Too many, and yet, at the same time never enough. I'm more curious about the nippers. "TT43" doesn't give any google results, but "TT42" is their photo-etch nippers, which appear to be the same thing. Perhaps Hasegawa are just rebranding TT42 as a high end plastic nipper? The blades certainly seem much thinner than normal nippers...
  9. I feel like they could have done a lot more with I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Though that said, they could have made it substantially better by substituting Godzilla with a sacrificial kaiju and going all in on paying homage. Have Kong fight a giant shark, have him pull open its jaws, have two battleships intentionally scuttle themselves and shoot the shark kaiju point blank in the mouth. I was so hoping!
  10. The pandemic might have thoroughly borked the option, but I remember people were able to get a shipping estimate for these specific items individually by emailing customer support. You might be able to send it by sea as well.
  11. They revived the franchise with a new tv show back in like 2011? 2012? subtitled "Friendship is Magic" that became unexpectedly really popular, hence this series of figures. IIRC, the ponies in the show didn't transform into human form; there was some plot point or another somewhere along the line that introduced a parallel universe with human versions of the characters. But these Bishoujo line figures are different original designs with the same basic premise of "anthropomorphize the pony": vs As for MGS, who else could they have done a Bishoujo figure of? Mei Ling? Naom
  12. Now I'm not much a fan of the Rebuilds, but... DAYUM: https://www.hlj.com/1-8-scale-assemble-heroines-makinami-mari-illustrious-summer-queens-ots00030 July release. To be clear, it's a plastic model kit, not a pre-painted figure. It requires glue but no paint, though paint will obviously help, and the head/face will be pre-painted. And another one I've been looking forward to: https://www.hlj.com/1-7-scale-my-little-pony-bishoujo-princess-luna-figure-kbysv-297 September release. She dark and she THICCCCCCC! I'm happy to see the line ending
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