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  1. kajnrig

    Can anyone help identify these toys?

    I'm guessing it's a generic robot figure, too. I've seen hundreds if not thousands just like this at community festivals over the decades. I've seen them patterned after Gundams, Power Rangers, Voltrons, with a slapdash color scheme and marketed as "Cyber Cop" or "Aeroplane Defender" or something equally generic. How does the plastic feel? If it feels cheap and the details aren't particularly crisp, it's probably something generic.
  2. kajnrig

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Sure does. And the wings manage to still be out, too! ...looks a bit... bulbous, though, don't it? I'm getting the ol' Kairos ominous twitch again. Best of luck, everyone.
  3. kajnrig

    Bandai DX VF-31

    What if you fold the wing over beneath the undercarriage? Or does one or both adapters hold it at a certain bend? I'd imagine at that point you could only pose it in flight, BUT JUST THINK OF ALL THE DAKKA
  4. kajnrig

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Where do the Lil' Drakens and Super boosters mount? If the former mounts to the wings and the latter to the tail fins, perhaps you could put both on at the same time...?
  5. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    Amiami, ~$15: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-043068-R
  6. Or the Walkure maid cafe, because of course. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2018/10/13/macross-delta-caf-reveals-key-visual-and-menu-items
  7. Ah yes, that last one was what I was thinking of. I completely forgot that May used it in her spinoff series. I think the recent-ish Scarlet Spider costume (the second one you showed) is pretty neat, though I can see why fans didn't fall for it. It reminds me of one of the hooded Robin designs. The original costume just has a certain je ne sais quoi that puts it above even the original Spider-Man outfit. Maybe it's the ripped hoodie. Anyway, in other gaming news, Soul Calibur VI is out in just a couple more days. Bandai Namco have had a retrospective going on Youtube:
  8. kajnrig

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I still low-key hate you for managing to snag all of those relatively problem-free while I'm here with naught but dust in my hands.
  9. kajnrig

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This. IIRC removing the intake covers (and the back of the thighs/upper air intakes? I forget if they're easily removable or not...) allows for a firmer grip closer to the point of movement, so there's less stress being put on the plastic. In my case, even that didn't help and I had to take the thigh apart, but I can definitely see how just being careful/thoughtful in massaging it loose would work as well.
  10. I got my Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider suit already. I'm good. Also, I think I ended up 100%-ing the game too quickly. I didn't even realize I'd gotten the Platinum trophy. The only thing left to work on (until the DLC comes out) is completing the benchmarks, but doing those is just busy work. The NG+ that's eventually coming doesn't seem like it'll be worth it, unless they give you some cool additional unlocks to get. I should've taken my time, or preferably the game should've kept the unlockable side missions et al as end-game content. As is, they interrupted the main story because whenever I see stuff dotting the map, I need - NEED - to clear that stuff out before moving on. That's a me thing, I know, but still. The boss fights were unique, but not quite as fun as just general melee combat. They deviate way too much from the main combat of the game, and therefore felt too gimmicky. Once you start fighting multiple of them together, though, that's when things get fun. Which is why I'm kind of disappointed that the final battle ended up being a one-on-one. All that aside, though, man what a blast of a game. People talk about how web-swinging through New York is cathartic, and boy is it. My only complaint is that you can never seem to build up enough speed to really zip through the city. You can get close, you can get REALLY CLOSE, but the game mechanic is held back by what I assume is asset streaming. The game can only stream information so quickly, and I think it limits your maximum movement speed on account of it. Otherwise I can totally see you shooting past the draw distance before the game has the chance to catch up. Also flying enemies are the WORST, made only MORE WORST when they ambush you in a group. I can't count how many times I had to re-search out ambush parties to complete the two bonus objectives that I normally could have done in my sleep (achieve 20 hits in the air, Swing Kick 10 times). EDIT: How many Scarlet Spider costumes are there? I seem to recall one that looked similar to the original Spider-Man tights, but with the Scarlet Spider-style web shooters.
  11. kajnrig

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    I'm willing to give her a mulligan on that, owing to the horrendous writing quality of the show. The movie makes her out to be far more competent, but it's still based on the show, so... yeah.
  12. kajnrig

    Macross figures

    So what are the rules/procedure for entering into the draw for the 10 "Variant D" figures? Crane game figures I can understand, it's basically the same as any other crane/claw game, you put in money to get one opportunity to operate the claw. I imagine those probably cost 100-2000 yen per claw, depending on the quality/scarcity of the item within. Ichiban Kuji lottery games, from what I remember folks saying here, you buy a ticket from a dedicated salesman and get it scanned right then and there to determine if you win anything. The prizes are there at the... arcade? store? How does this figure work in particular? I'm guessing A/B/C are the same as the above Ichiban Kuji system (with each ticket costing 5800 yen and guaranteeing you get one of the three), but D seems like a national lotto-type thing? Do you buy an entry ticket at a discounted price (or maybe it comes free as part of a promotion when buying select items?) for a chance to get one of the 10 D-prize figures?
  13. kajnrig

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    In case you're too lazy to search it out : EDIT: @jenius RE: your 34:47 issue, I had the same problem. For me it turned out to be that the piece of the back that rides along the rail was not extending until there was a click. It certainly felt like it had reached the end of the rail, but there was still maybe half a mm or so to go. I applied just a little bit more force than I thought I needed, and it clicked into place. That might be the case for you, might not. Anyway, great review as always, many thanks.
  14. kajnrig

    Star Citizen

    To expand on what Chronocidal said, from my hazy memory: - Crytek granted... Star Citizen Company (sorry, I forget their name) the exclusive right to use CryEngine in the game, Star Citizen (ie no other party could use CryEngine in the game, Star Citizen). In exchange, Star Citizen Company would, among other things, provide periodic bugfixes for CryEngine that they find/create (ie help develop the engine). - Star Citizen Company then decided to (among other things... just assume this applies to the rest of the list) 1) transition Star Citizen away from CryEngine to their own engine (called... Star Engine?), I think based on Amazon's Lumberyard game engine; 2) spin off a game from SC called Squadron 42, which it develops using said proprietary game engine. - Crytek sued, claiming 1) SCC was granted the right to use exclusively CryEngine in the game Star Citizen (ie SCC could use no other engine). 2) SCC did not provide periodic bugfixes for CryEngine. 3) SCC breached the terms of the contract when it uploaded a Youtube vlog that had the game with CryEngine microcode displayed on a computer screen. (I think it was also this video that SCC claimed it was no longer using CryEngine but Star Engine.) - SCC denied those claims, and I believe one of the defendants in the original suit was dropped. EDIT: Oh hey, found my old summary post: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/36544-all-things-videogame-related-extreme-vs/?do=findComment&comment=1376789 ...I bring you this. Short version: