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  1. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    I should have waited and wish I hadnt' put in the order at N-Y on PO day...
  2. I would really like to get a KO Virgin Road 1D and a 1J trainer. If someone from Valkyrie Factory is looking at this, please take that into consideration
  3. I was gonna say the same thing. Shipping starts at 85 RMB for the 1st kilogram (and I forgot how it adds up after that, sorry), so I am not expecting the Angel Bird 1A to cost more than 500 RMB which is what, $70 USD?
  4. I'm excited about the fact that they are thinking more out of the box and turning to the other custom paint schemes like the Angel Bird. For the display stand though, I think they are based off the old Yamato version, not the new Arcadia one, unless they are doing a new mould. I have bought a couple of these a while ago and they don't come with the adaptor/convertor that you need for the VF-0.
  5. Someone at Valkyrie Factory may have overheard our discussion on here? CF VF-1A and Angel Bird 1/60 KO, scheduled for "Q4 release", accepting deposits... https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  6. I have said the same thing ages ago probably in this very thread as well, but the KO manufacturers are seriously missing out on a great opportunity to not make a KO VF-31A Kairos. Even at $200 a piece, it would sell out SO fast. Most people who wanted the 31J would have bought one already (especially when the 31-J Kai came out later on). Why flood the market when you can tweak the mold and colour to produce the Kairos?
  7. Wow where is it listed at $160 USD? Does that include shipping already?
  8. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    Yup. Same boat here. Also with the VF-0D preorder... will be lucky to get it by end of this year, if that.
  9. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    I have a KO sentinel dancouga coming my way from China probably in the next two weeks. Definitely not taking chances with that one. Gonna wipe it down with Clorox disinfecting wipes and let it sit in the garage a few more days before opening, and wipe the outer box of the package again.
  10. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    This is about as cheap as my N-Y order and if I order today, it would probably get to me long before I receive a shipping notification from N-Y... geez... lol
  11. That’s a really good price for a KO Max with the supers. This thing will last - to me it’s just the finish isn’t as great compared with the original.
  12. Agree. It's such a shame that the DX Valkyrie is based on the Yamato V2 and has also included many improvements over its predecessor, but took a big reverse step in the strike pack design. What a disappointment.
  13. I have been trying to hunt down a reasonably priced Yamato YF-21 for a while now, but am glad that Bandai is going to do their own DX version. This is happening sooner than I thought actually.
  14. Thanks for the tweet and the translation. This looks like a different tweet about the upcoming Nu Gundam though?
  15. The VF-1 started it all for me 35 years ago. It remains my favourite valk design today.
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