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  1. Haha, thanks, good to know there are other Family Guy fans here! I think my repeated postings about NY may have caught their attention on MWF, and they finally sent instructions on how to submit (yet another) ticket to request a change in shipping method. Finally received my 0D PF by UPS yesterday.
  2. In the Asia forums there is talk about local stores getting an extra allocation of the DYRL VF-1S last Saturday, out of the blue. YJA prices seems to have come down slightly as well. Apparently Bandai found extra stock and these are being pushed through the regular channels. Very strange - was Bandai hoarding their own stock of the DX 1S in the first place?? haha!
  3. Sorry mate to hear about your continued problems with them. Are you the one who got the used Hikaru DX VF-1S when you tried to place a PO for Roy's DX? That whole thing is both bizarre and frakked up. I hope you get resolution on this soon one way or another, and I agree with you, never settle for store credit. Best of luck!
  4. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks @sh9000, I talked to him already
  5. I just received mine today. Hope those who are still waiting will get theirs soon.
  6. Hi Jenius, I got an email from them (and I think you did too) asking me to submit a new ticket with the exact title "Change Shipping Method", and that seemed to have worked. Got a payment request yesterday afternoon, which I paid for immediately, and got a shipment notice and UPS tracking number this morning. Hope you'll get yours soon.
  7. So I can probably get an unwanted item on a laptop using German language settings (so the days end in "-tag")? NY is great!!
  8. An update: within two days of posting on here, NY reached out to me and quite a few others in the same situation about the 0D, asked us to submit another ticket titled "Change Shipping Method", I got a payment request for the UPS upcharge the next day, paid immediately, and I woke up this morning and received a "shipped" notification with UPS tracking number. I hope this works out for everyone else who's in the same boat.
  9. ouch mate. I ordered at 19k yen.... but that risk is very real indeed.
  10. Thank you - it's good that they are finally taking notice of what we have been saying for a while. I hope we will both get ours soon!
  11. They seem to be finally moving (baby steps). I received a shipping upcharge payment request an hour ago after submitting the ticket with the magic words in the title. It's now an agonizing wait to receive the shipping notification, and another wait to get the item in hand.
  12. Right. So joking aside, I think they just wanted everyone with the same issue to send them a ticket with the EXACT title they gave us, so they can run a filter off the tickets they have received and deal with us all at some point? At least I am hoping that would be the first step in the right direction.
  13. I doubt many are in the same position as me with the exactly same three orders still outstanding and the timing of my rants kinda coincided with the submission of tickets... haha
  14. Funny you mentioned getting an email from NY last night because that's exactly when I received the same email as well. Like you I already have two OPEN TICKETS for the exact same request, but I was asked to send a new ticket with the title "Change Shipping Method". And, guess what, that's very similar (but not quite the exact words) of what I had already sent... Did you also notice that the email was NOT a reply to your open tickets, but just an email out of nowhere from NY? I said half jokingly in the 0D thread last night, that NY must have read what I have posted on here, and within hours I got that email.
  15. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    That's a STEAL! Congrats! I have been looking for a Regult missile set for a (reasonable) price for some time now, but they seem to be quite hard to find, listings are kinda few and far in between, but maybe I have not been searching diligently enough.
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