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  1. Mandarake shipped on the 24th and departing Japan the next day is not normal? Better than normal?
  2. Am I one of the few that actually liked Batman Forever? Val Kilmer probably wasn't the best choice for Batman but I watched it as a young teenager and thought it was pretty good. Batman and Robin on the other hand... Tigerland is a great Vietnam War movie, great cast besides Colin Farrell, Clifton Collins Jr., Cole Hauser, Michael Shannon, etc...
  3. Looks like EMS is back to normal? Just had a couple of orders from AmiAmi and Mandarake shipped via EMS to Canada leave Japan within a few days, 1 in the case of Mandarake.
  4. Amiami order paid for and shipped, so this is what it feels like to get things shipped on release date...no word on my second copy from NY, anybody get payment request yet?
  5. I still don't get that response, how do they not have it yet but people here are clearly getting there's shipped to them.
  6. I'd like to stop using them, but the problem is, they still have my FREAKING money. As per someone's previous post, NY even stated they're only out to help select individuals, that's great, what about the rest of us that threw 300$ at them expecting a product, yet got nothing, won't even entertain a refund. So yeah, people have the right to complain because as you yourself stated, who ever can deliver gets the business. NY is not delivering and people are upset, make sense to you? How about I sold you something on the MW forums, you paid me 300$, and I held it for 6 months before shipping it to you. You wouldn't be too happy, would you? You wrote in another post is getting a toy really at the top of people's priorities at times like these? I'd say yes because I'm sure some people have been severely impacted by what's going on and could either use a refund or at the very least the goods delivered to resell for much needed cash. Can't buy much food on NY store credit.
  7. I don't get the horseshit that NY is trying to feed here. This is the response I got from the customer service this morning. Date: 2020-05-14 14:59:24 Name: Marine Message: Dear customer, Thank you for your message We apologize if we were unable to send your order upon release of the product. After checked your order with the Delivery Center we regret to inform you we won't be able to ship your order on time. We will receive our stock with delay, therefore your order will be sent approximately two weeks late. But yet they were sending out orders 3 weeks ago? What gives with these guys?
  8. I ordered a couple of things from Manda, 1 from Complex, the other from Nayuta, both shipped with EMS. Both were shipped out yesterday, the Complex one went to arrival at outward office of exchange after 3 hours, the other is still in posting/collection. I guess JapanPost must still be working.
  9. I wonder if this is going to impact how expensive this hobby is already. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2020/04/09/japan-ditches-china-in-multi-billion-dollar-coronavirus-shakeout/#22cd1b4d5341
  10. I live in Ontario too and try to avoid Manda and HLJ as much as possible as they always declare the full value on their packages. Amiami and NY (30+ orders) always declare something small and have never been nailed by CBSA when shipping with SAL or EMS.
  11. Hey sorry off topic here but wondering if anybody has had any issues with NY lately? My MP-47 Hound has been sitting in Preparation in Progress since Jan 6th and there’s been lots of similar complaints on their Facebook page recently.
  12. Did you get dinged for duties and taxes for any of the packages?
  13. WTF, NY is selling the VF-1A for 24000 yen now and a lot of us paid the mark up of 27500 yen after PO night...mother effers...
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