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  1. Domcalmet1

    Lego style Macross arcade cabinet

    Probably 20 to 23 cm and 12cm wide the original has street fighter characters
  2. Domcalmet1

    Lego style Macross arcade cabinet

    Really fast because I used another commercial set, for full disclosure I really only designed the valks
  3. I did this built as an homage to the beautiful Banpresto arcade game, modifying a comercial set, all and all I like the retro gaming nostalgic vibe.
  4. Domcalmet1

    1/100 Gnerl recast

    I found this recast on ebay quite badly recasted but had no time to give it full treatment, actually my first time working with resin.
  5. Domcalmet1

    Celshading eggplane VF-1S

    yep brush and gundam markers
  6. Domcalmet1

    Model Kit Collection Show It Off!!!

    Here is my egg plane ¿does it counts?
  7. Domcalmet1

    Celshading eggplane VF-1S

    That is an awesome idea
  8. I decided to try celshade


  9. Domcalmet1

    Celshading eggplane VF-1S

    I tried with celshading technique for the Hasegawa eggplane, I think is tacky, but because of that it suits the charm of the eggplanes
  10. Domcalmet1

    1/12 nanoblock VF-1 COCKPIT

    I wanted to display my 1/12 figures in a cockpit so I did my best to recreate it in scale with nanoblock building blocks
  11. Domcalmet1

    1/12 Custom Hikaru and Roy Figures

    For hikaru I decided to go with another head that had better proportions from the Minmay set where there is a portrait of Hikaru and Minmay
  12. Tired of waiting for an official release I decided to use my extra cm´s gashapones to create custom figures of my favorite Macross heroes lets start with Roy
  13. Domcalmet1

    1/12 Misa Figure

    Since I had some extra CM´s figures lying around I decided to put them to good use by transforming them into 1/12 articulated figures using revoltech joints and an exacto knife so here are the results
  14. Domcalmet1

    Scratch build Movie Breetai Figure

  15. Domcalmet1

    Scratch build Movie Breetai Figure

    Third WIP, I was lazy to sculpt more so I added painted details but it is finis