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  1. 1/12 Custom Hikaru and Roy Figures

    For hikaru I decided to go with another head that had better proportions from the Minmay set where there is a portrait of Hikaru and Minmay
  2. Tired of waiting for an official release I decided to use my extra cm´s gashapones to create custom figures of my favorite Macross heroes lets start with Roy
  3. 1/12 Misa Figure

    Since I had some extra CM´s figures lying around I decided to put them to good use by transforming them into 1/12 articulated figures using revoltech joints and an exacto knife so here are the results
  4. Scratch build Movie Breetai Figure

  5. Scratch build Movie Breetai Figure

    Third WIP, I was lazy to sculpt more so I added painted details but it is finis
  6. Scratch build Movie Breetai Figure

    Second WIP for this project
  7. Scratch build of my very own Breetai Figure for displaying with my Hi-metals, the base is a Broken patlabor figure from revoltech and a Knock off figma figure, sculpt and painting by hand
  8. sunglasses man is Yamamoto shinya, he is an acclaimed director, I search him because I was getting offended about his deprecating jokes towards macross fans in the audience
  9. Whats next for Arcadia?

    Pirate companies already have pirated and even improved an original Kawamori design with the MP-11 Starscream and their oversized versions
  10. Nanoblock / Loz VF-11B Thunderbolt

    My new microblock design, I like legos but I lack both the cash and the space to collect, so I instead do this
  11. Bandai/Gundam Stands Adapters For Yamato Valks

    Great I am dying to get it, but I think it will be more resistant if you print it sideways
  12. Nanoblock VF-17

    The pocket transformable stealth valk
  13. Nanoblock Minmay doll

    Another of my microblock creations
  14. I really liked the use of the VF-1 in this episode, but was it me or the was no sound cue for transformation and in second though transformation was way to fast, it did not felt natural for a Vf-1