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  1. Just played the update myself last night and loved the new UNS units! Pretty cool seeing the VF-0s and VF-1s fight alongside each other
  2. I don't believe originality exists within their vocabulary.
  3. Jesus christ it's like those drawings are begging to be put out of their misery.
  4. Cooper is really outdoing himself with these updates, it looks really amazing!
  5. What's this one? Is it the variant that appeared in Macross E?
  6. There's something sexy about the Pre-Frontier VFs having the NUNS emblem on them. Can't wait to get this one when it drops!
  7. From an angle i thought that looked like a VF-25. Anyways this is looking great!
  8. I'd like to believe that they woke up from that before the series ended and were understandably pissed.
  9. Are there plans to introduce units from the other shows?
  10. Is there any new updates regarding the new series? Usually by now we'd get a teaser image and or trailer if Macross Delta's advertisement is anything to go by.
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