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  1. and yet all my stunt bike stuff from Bagaros and KTM in Austria and has all been arriving in two weeks after each order still!
  2. Golf course nearly done, angry golfers and the berated unit LT next along with a golf cart and some decals and a Matt coat on the Defender to finish.
  3. Earthworks on the golf course done, time to sow the greens, plant some trees and finish wrecking the place
  4. Is it wrong that when I'm working on my City Park Diorama and looking all the park photo reference materials like St Petersberg and Vancouver and Kyoto that I get an evil grin picturing the destruction I'm modelling of a Destroid forging a path through a picturesque city park tearing up pathways, knocking down trees and flattening flower beds, kids playground equipment and park benches? Just reminds me of my childhood tearing across a golf course on a YZ125! The greens had the perfect jumps!
  5. Still not done yet... once the decalng and decal wear and tear is completed on the grey and green units I need to finish their dioramas. Desert one in a forward operating base tech area in Iraq. Grey one in an urban area, possibly in ruins with a stray dog peeing on its foot. Green one in a park having trashed it moving into position with a civvie woman yelling at an officer at its feet.
  6. Look for this package... yeah... its packed full of bubble wrap with a tiny canopy inside.
  7. NZEOD

    XV-20A Switchblade

    R/C is his thing. We designs and builds models and teaches mech engineering. The can probably be exported with some tweaks into other sims and maybe even Warthunder etc in the Dev server now we are up to modern era jets and missiles in that game. I've gone and picked up a copy of Phoenix R/C just to try them out.
  8. WOOHOOO!!! Found a reasonably priced 1/72 VF-31E Chuck version! The collection is complete and added to the pile of shame
  9. So far this guy has designed and flown the VF-1, VF-4, VF-11, VF19, XF-20A, VF-25, VF-31A and VF-31S with a VF-22 Sturmvogel in the works right now. Turn the sound WAAAAAYYYY UPPP!!
  10. NZEOD

    XV-20A Switchblade

    Appears to flies real well too watching his videos so I've approached him to ask if I can make a 3D Resin printed 1/72 version of it.
  11. I have a bunch of PE intricate 1/72 tiedowns and another Italeri carrier deck I'm working on at the moment...
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