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  1. first we need the correct paint codes for the 35th anniversary valks so someone can finally complete one!!
  2. looks to be the same mold, just the decals around the canopy are making is look different. Its an illusion. Will be nabbing a few for the gun pods!
  3. NZEOD

    Hasegawa VF-31

    Just remember the paint codes are way wrong for the VF31J Anniversary model and no one seems to know the correct ones so its currently impossible to paint that scheme correctly and colour match the decals.
  4. those guns look so much like Tau weapons. I'm building a District 9 themed Tau army
  5. Any Primaris marines you find... smash them! Those 2W Hellblaster swinging jerks have been a pain in the ass to drop. Especially with Girlyman back on the field!
  6. NZEOD

    MΔ - VF-9

    If you ever complete it for 1/72 scale I'd buy one for the Museum display
  7. that's just the base coats and a wash in the that shot. Hes fully painted now and the Checklist folder even has writing on the pages
  8. Tamiya spray primer for metal is a good choice if you need the detail to stay visible
  9. non standard wheels too...
  10. Shout out to anyone with information leading to the acquisition of a 1/72 decal set or model WITH useable decals of either an F-14 or F/A-18 of VF-143/VFA-143 Pukin Dogs. Reward... I'll buy it off you or fire off to you a Bandai 1/72 Macross model if I'm buying it off someone else you put me on too. Needed for another vf4 build
  11. Meanwhile work begins on the next two... mods so far as shown. First up are the 2mm holes drilled in the wing inserts and underbody for 2mm rare earth magnets to fit up external stores. Next is the large snap it peg box removal from the turbine engine intakes. This allows this part to be painted white inside and have the turbine blades painted in alclad stainless then fitted and removed easily while the nacelle are assembled and masked. They can slid in and removed in seconds while still clicking into place seamlessly No masking needed this way... bonus!!! Next mods tonight include removing and reinstalling all control surfaces and folding up the lower fins on one model as well as extending the Arrest or hook and compressing one side of the rear landing gear to show it at the moment of trapping
  12. Wait until you see it chained down on the deck...
  13. More pics up in the work bench thread
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