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  1. yep. me too...still waiting for another one
  2. me too, they are crazy
  3. I hope they should be like you said and I believe they would do it but I think they gonna try to sell the super parts separated to all the people who already reach the PO for Roy VF-1S too
  4. hlj frozen
  5. amiami and anime-export apparently crash too, impossible to reach both sites now
  6. Same here, only in nin-nin for 2 seconds, add to cart and crash!
  7. same here, crash
  8. Ninin cartjacked too
  9. Yeah, Roy's valky seems smooth and cool, Hikaru's valk seems too much weather effect. Hikaru's was released before Roy's, maybe Yamato improved the weathering effect later We have to check on VF-1S Max DYRL because was the first special weathering version
  10. The only problem I ever had on a rainbow canopy was the Super VF-1J Millia because I've already brought in that condition. All others I have are perfectly fine.
  11. I don't have any issues with the canopy rainbow paint, as you see on the pictures they are well preserved. I think you must check the condition before buying them to avoid any future problems.
  12. There are 4 more weathered VF-1 v2 1/60: 1) VF-1A Max DYRL, 2) VF-1A Kakizaki DYRL, 3) VF-1S Hikaru DYRL & 4) VF-1S Max DYRL. Someday I will have them all
  13. I like the VF-1J v2 1/60 too
  14. I agree because they have more tampo and looks better than the old 1/48
  15. I agree because they have more tampo and looks better than the old 1/48
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