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  1. I've fixed my SV-51 because the ankles came inverted but took me a lot of time to remove the screws because there is not too much room to move the screwdriver.
  2. VF-25G DX Renewal & Gallia 4 Fold Set
  3. My VF-25 DX Renewal version Collection, the SMS Squadron 1/60
  4. VF-25F DX Renewal version & Super parts + Alto Saotome Ex gear
  5. Sheryl Nome S.H. Figuarts & Alto Saotome Ex gear
  6. Same here!
  7. This is impossible!
  8. Darotower

    Macross figures

    Some pictures of the upcoming 1/6 scale Hikaru Ichijo TV by Kids Logic
  9. Me too, I will pass, I already have the VF-1A Max TV in my 1/60 Yammy Collection, my wallet will survive a little longer...
  10. Zentraedi Repression!
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