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  1. https://robotech.com/news/big-west-co.-ltd.-studio-nue-inc.-and-harmony-gold-u.s.a.-announce-expansive-agreement-for-the-future-of-macross-and-robotech-worldwide?fbclid=IwAR0D9sRrCcYEWEEaucFnFl2HWklbgZYhBaj8auoURZKv2_ns56Culc0jqGw
  2. https://robotech.com/news/big-west-co.-ltd.-studio-nue-inc.-and-harmony-gold-u.s.a.-announce-expansive-agreement-for-the-future-of-macross-and-robotech-worldwide?fbclid=IwAR0D9sRrCcYEWEEaucFnFl2HWklbgZYhBaj8auoURZKv2_ns56Culc0jqGw
  3. Yeah, Nippon-Yassan captured my money and I have posted in the wanted section...
  4. Looking for a VF-1 DX 1/48 TV Super parts set
  5. Anime Export is reliable
  6. Just picked one a few minutes ago...
  7. Santa come over early and gives me these fantastic toys!
  8. I've recently got an e-mail super parts tv version release date change from 12-31 to 12-23
  9. Happy to see that Anime-Export has shipped my Roy using DHL to US!
  10. VF-1S Focker available on Okini Land for 234 euros: https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html
  11. Patience my friend, at least we've found the way to get them through!
  12. Got one VF-1S Roy DX at Anime-Export, I'm very happy!
  13. Speaker Pods for the VF-31 DX??? It will be cool!
  14. 1/48 Bandai DX VF-1S Strike Hikaru DYRL 1/48 Bandai DX VF-1J Hikaru TV with GBP 1/60 Yamato VF-1J Hikaru TV with GBP 1/60 Yamato VF-1S Strike Valkyrie DYRL 1/60 Yamato VF-4G Lighting III Flashback 2012 1/60 Arcadia VF-0S Roy Focker with Reactive Armor 1/60 Arcadia SV-51 Ivanov 1/3000 Yamato SDF-1 Macross DYRL 1/60 Bandai VF-25S Ozma w/Armored parts 1/60 Bandai VF-31S w/Armored parts
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