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  1. I'd probably do as Kajnrig says and spray the kit white and mask those areas off first and then spray your solid colour (blue or red depending on who you are modelling). The only time I wouldn't bother is the round Macross emblem (too fiddly to cut round masks then again I have done it so if you want a challenge go for it).
  2. Damn another kit I'm going to have to buy! Cheers for the review. I like the design alot and it kinda is Macross-ish.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has brought this kit and what did you think of it? Not Macross I know but it is designed by Shouji Kawamori so I'm thinking it kind of is Macross as it shares the same creator. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/has52116.htm
  4. I'm spewing I missed this. Now they are like mental prices on ebay. Just got to hope Hasegawa re-release them.
  5. I got two on the way now and cant wait to build them.
  6. Cheers. I agree. The level of excellence is high on this board. It keeps me inspired to build more macross.
  7. Ok I'll do the above scheme for the version without boosters and do the standard scheme for the booster version.
  8. Like this maybe? Excuse my mad photoshop skills.
  9. Ah of course I didnt think of that. Hmm I'll need to get a line art of it and colour it in to see what it looks like first. Different green is doable. Maybe something darker?
  10. I'm kind of partial to the 'green' scheme but if there is something else around I'll consider it.
  11. Well I'm surprised that this actually DOES fit. My initial test fit showed it wasnt going to sit right but it looks ok so thats a relief!
  12. Well its finished and I've posted photos in the model kits section.
  13. Funny you say that. I was looking at the VF when I was photograhping it and said the same thing to myself. The rear gear is waaaaay too small IMHO to support all that extra weight at least I think it couldnt hold it. Cheers. I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Cheers. Cheers. Oh, I meant my photography wasnt that great but I do think it turned out pretty okl.
  14. I would go with the 1/48. I've always felt they were more varied although that does mean more decals.
  15. I love the idea of 'roll-out' livery. Looks great by the way.
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