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  1. This guy, PetarB, is a scammer and will take your money without sending your items. I purchased my pilots on August 21st, and I never received them. Report this guy.
  2. By "awhile," how long would you say?
  3. Seriously? I already made a purchase. Hope he follows through on this.
  4. Yeah, thanks. I'll let him know. I'm really happy how this turned out, along with the Strike Valk.
  5. Captn'. Wouldn't 390 CAD be roughly 298 USD? I wanted to make sure the numbers are correct so as to not scare the crap out of prospective buyers in the US.
  6. How many are there now? Would you consider leaving it up for another few weeks past the 28th? Perhaps you can ask EXO to post this thread on MW facebook and twitter. Might generate some more interest.
  7. Before the mods, the legs were straighter. The hips were modified so that the toes were pointed outwards. This gives the Glaug a more impressive stance.
  8. Hi Macrossworld fans, Bought Moscato's Glaug from Viceland awhile back, and I got it painted by my bro, Luca Zampriolo who brought you the beautifully painted Club M Strike Valkyrie, which can be found here. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42575 This time, he has tackled the Glaug, and he does not disappoint. Check out the AMAZING built of this kit. Notice the modifications he's done to the legs and the backside. The back was a bit plain, so he decided to spruce it up a bit. We were both inspired by the old Arii box art. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. If you wish to contact Luca Zampriolo, please check him out here. Website: http://kallamity.com Facebook: https://www.facebook...116662718397904 email: info@kallamity.com
  9. Just in case anyone is interested in knowing how these kits look built.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Yup, I have done that awhile back, but hopefully with pics, someone out there will remember that s/he has them in a closet.
  11. Hey all, I finally got my hands on three wonderfest kits that are hard to come by. They are the aiming battroid resin kits. I'm looking to complete this set, so I'm wondering if anyone out there has this kit that they're willing to sell? Please PM me. Thanks. Tom
  12. Hey EXO. My bad. No, this was painted by another person. The Ultimate Strike Valk was done by Luca Z.
  13. Hi, All, I had an old wave resin kit recently painted by a highly professional kit builder, Dave Tarron (UK based). He does excellent work, is very responsive, and exemplifies professionalism. If you're interested in his work or would like to have something commissioned, you should check him out. You can check out some of his work here: http://rageofachilles.deviantart.com/ PM me if you are interested in contacting Dave Tarron. Kind regards, Tom
  14. Mike, If you are still selling the 1/48 Regult, I, too, would love to purchase one of these kits from you.
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