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  1. It really is, isn't it? i can't stop staring at mine either....
  2. I actually had two Kairos as well. Snagged them off AmiAmi during a big collection dump from corona. I paid way over MSRP but I still sold it for more than I paid and that money went towards the 0D so it was worth it. It works because its the alpha and omega. The progenitor and top of the line. They both have delta wings too so I think they fit together quite well.
  3. You know for a second there, I forgot where I was. Good to be among friends with equally empty wallets
  4. Thank you so much! Though you have no idea man I've spent way, way too much on this hobby. Totally worth it tho
  5. So my thoughts? It's awesome. This Valk surpasses its predecessor and almost every valkyrie after. No overly tight or loose parts everything felt great to transform no paint chipping or anything. Most of all it is GORGEOUS. Get it if you can.
  6. IMO the VF-0D has one of the best, if not THE BEST looking Gerwalk modes of any Valkyrie.
  7. Yep that was me I grabbed the last one. I'm pretty happy I did. Looking forward to putting this baby on a yeti stand
  8. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    its extremely close aside from the landing gear and leg covers in fighter mode the transformation is almost step for step.
  9. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    I meant things like swapping the entire canopy out for a heat shield. The fighter mode leg covers I get but I mean those are pretty minor cosmetically though that is just my opinion. and landing gear I do not count again my opinion. I guess i should have been more specific.
  10. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    Ok so I got it all transformed and my final thoughts are. Honestly despite my momentary problem with it the figure itself is kind of incredible. They managed to shrink my beloved Arcadia/Yamato down with no part swapping at all. the tampo is lovely the posing is great with nothing sacrificed from its larger brother and I just love it. Little jerk managed to mangle my fingers first with the cockpit sinking and right after I transformed it to battroid the sharp bit on the side of the leg stabbed my finger and extracted the blood price from me. so my final review is 10/10 sacrificed my blood
  11. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    yeah i managed to get it to pop loose but boy was that hard!
  12. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    Here is an image I literally cannot push down on the cockpit it will not budge no matter how hard I try. Even with the fin removed from the back of the nosecone Edit: I FIXED IT i just put consistent pressure and it popped down. YACK DECULTURE! That was hard the last time something took this much effort was the VF-0Ds Feet extensions
  13. Carceroth

    Hi-Metal R

    Got my copy today from amiami and I love it aside from the glaring flaw that the canopy section will not sink at all like the videos and instructions tell you to. It's like it is glued into place and no matter how hard or gently I apply pressure it wont sink. So i guess no battroid for me.
  14. i recommended your stand to basically the entire gundam subreddit yeti. Consider this an even bigger thank you for solving the headache that was having my VF-0D fall over for the millionth time and giving my VF-4G a gloriously sexy place to soar I will keep buying from you whenever i can. Love your stuff dude
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