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  1. yep, but there is no choice for me, maxs 1a from the series is literally my least favorite vf1
  2. Anyone knows if theres still somewhere to preorder the 1S at a semi reasonable price? Tranks
  3. mandio222

    1/48 decals?

    ok i understood how to see the pictures, look like what i was looking for
  4. mandio222

    1/48 decals?

    Hi, i just got an offer i couldnt refuse for a yamato vf-1s 1/48, but i really dont like the stickers dindnt find any option other than buying ahasegawa kit, anyone knows if theres something else out there? Thanks
  5. THANKS!! Yes this thing is great, im doing paint details, much more than yamato did on the bouild ane, but not full paint or paneling, i dont want it to stand out to much from the rest of the collection, or be afraid of scratching it when transforming it.
  6. Thanks, maybe i wasnt clear, dont need the fisical manual, just scans or even photos of the manual to have a gide to put it together, and yes 1/3000
  7. Hi, i just got one of this but im missing the instructions manual, can anybody help me with this? Thanks
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