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  1. I just received a box containing all of that minus the metal build. Today will be a good day :-D
  2. Could it be that this is the first pre-order for a DX VF-31 since we actually got one in hand. People may have been waiting on reports of what the toy was like in hand before commiting to buying Hayate's or Messer's.
  3. still can't find it on the standard search, HLJ is strange sometimes Got my confirmation, i can get on with my work now
  4. Got one at HLJ, no drama no fuss, the site even ran smoothly! Thank you for the links chyll2 and cinello!! Now the long wait for order confirmation.
  5. is it bad that i am sat there F5'ing this page?
  6. Made it to work on time, ready for 8 am GMT when pre-orders open! I feel sorry for all those of you up at 2am!
  7. They must have some form of licence for SDFM as they are releasing the Lancer in 1/60.
  8. I think that the armours only arrived with retailers in two batches. My hlj payment request came this Friday where most people got theirs the week before. It may be why NY took so long to ship, they were waiting to have all the product in hand. That said, if thats true why didn't they say?
  9. Its gonna be more crisp and less floppy and a joy to own. Until the legs fall off....... Absolutely going to preorder one and then repaint my Yamato ones in Soviet colours.
  10. Should i be worried that I haven't had a payment request from hlj yet??? I know they have had server downtime but i got the one for my hmr dougram.
  11. About this time last year they showed a premium finish YF-19. That came with a weathered finish. If it is the same here colour me interested. If not, I can't see the difference either!
  12. Yes there is, they have been known to cancel peoples accounts when they have tried to order more than one.
  13. Got one at HLJ, thank you for the link! Edit: and causally snagged a spartan afterwards as well, today is a good day.
  14. I have a slight QC issue with mine. There is some kind of burr/paint/lump on the inside of the double hinge for the shoulder which stops it from moving more than a few degrees. Anyone have any good ideas? I have applied more force to it that any other valk part i have encountered and i am very worried that i will destroy the parts around it before it moves. I can still get some passable battroid mode poses but they generally have to be quite aggressive. It certainly has knocked my enjoyment of the toy which otherwise has been excellent.
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